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Chosen Men – Mark Latham

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Part of the Osprey line of wargame rules, Chosen Men is meant for skirmish battles in the Napoleonic age.And these rules aren`t to difficult at all!The base system is the use of action points, the TAC, of which every figure in your band has 2.  No…

Cantabrum Indoctum Iuga Ferre Nostra

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“Cantabrum indoctum iuga ferre nostra – Cantabria, that won’t bear our  yoke”, Quintus Horatius Flaccus. Continuing the ancient SAGA projects, more cavalry arrived for the Iberians. I had a bit of trouble continuing this part of the SAGA warbands, as Victrix is a bit of a problem to get your hands on. Some sets, like […]

Haul Report 86

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Welcome all to another weekly oversight of stuff I obtained, and this week it’s a big one, but not really an expensive one.Because fleamarket season is in full swing, and some other bargains where found along the road as well…It started last saturday…

63rd New York Regiment (Irish Brigade)

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The first of my Union corps that I`m restoring, I finished the 63rd New York, one of the regiments that make up the Irish Brigade.I elected them to become the “skirmish” part of the II Corps, 2nd Brigade, for not really any particular reason, the Flags…

TSA Clubnight 16th of June 2017

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It’s been more then a month, and it’ll be another month before I get back there, but yesterday the calendar allowed me an evening to spend on the sacred ground.I didn`t went to play a game myself, that will be for the 14th of july when I jump in in a g…

Turn: Washington’s Spies season 3

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Now that I benched through the third season of Turn, I`m all set for when the new series starts in a few weeks time.And this year had some serious changes going on…The main character, Abraham Woodhull aka Culper, is restricted to Setauket due to the …

Bolt Action Campaign Battle of the Bulge

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The first campaign supplement in the new edition is Battle of the Bulge, the battles in the last winter of world war two. Along with Duel in the Sun this is the thickest campaign supplement for Bolt Action at 124 pages. It covers a specific campaign instead of an area, therefore the scenarios etc. are […]

Rubicon Models Allied Stowage Set 1

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As a counterpart to the German Stowage Set, Rubicon Models released the Allied Stowage Set 1 in late summer 2016. So now you’ll be able to add luggage and equipment to your allied vehicles in 28mm. The set covers two identical hard plastic sprues, containing a sum of 94 parts. On the back of the […]

More Japanese terrain

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More small pieces on a budget featuring chopsticks! The first piece is a small torii arch that the other three form a classic Samurai tent. These were used in the Gundam game at Nashcon.

Medieval Forces

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These guys I painted for the conquistadors game. However, I did not use them. The first pic is of three ladies from a pack I got years ago. I really like how they came out. Their dresses seem like something out of a technicolor movie. The second group …

Napoleonic Uniform Templates – Reference for Wargamers, Modellers, Collectors

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A very “happy to find back” moment today, as digging through my old wargame stuff, I unearthed this little beauty:I actually have no idea anymore WHERE I got it like a decennia ago, but it`s more then welcome.This disc contains literally map after map …

Honours of War – Wargame Rules for the Seven Years War

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The 11th volume in the Osprey wargame rules series, Honours of War takes us, as the title says, to the SYW… and only that specific one.It doesn`t include options for the “about that war” periods like the French Indian or the American Indepandence war…

Nashcon: A haven of thieves and looters

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For the record, the title is misleading. The Nashcon folks are great and good people. Nashcon has come and gone this year and it was an awesome experience once again. This year, I opted to offer more games than in the previous years. ConquistadorsT…

Black Powder – Warlord Games

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One ruleset I immediatly rebought after getting back in the hobby, and I must admit, finally read through decently, is Black Powder.Produced by Warlord Games (if you order it directly from them, you get the highlander from the cover as a bonus), this d…

Crowdfunding Spotlight: 28mm Renaissance Skeleton Army Miniatures Kickstarter

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It might not surprise you that, here at the Grinning Skull, we like all things skeletal. So, it would be rude to not include these babies here in Crowdfunding Spotlight. These figures are brought to you by Skull & Crown, a name that’s apt considering the subject! As you can see the inspired skeleton designs, […]

Turn: Washington’s Spies season 2

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The second season of the AMC historical drama series, set against the background of the American War of Independance.Telling the tale of how a group of friends became involved in an espionage ring, and how they reshape the working of intelligence for t…

Haul Report 84

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Hello everyone to another overview of stuff I`ve added to my piles this week.Again a bit of a mixed boat, as it includes second hand finds, new stuff and even a price I`ve won…The first thing I`ve obtained was when i made a trip to the local used boo…

De Quaeye Werelt anno 1477 – 2017 visit

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Like every year, my hometown hosts a large 1442 reenactment spectacle, showing the life of those days, but also a large battle, some merchandising of course, and more of those things.Standing in the field around the Sterckxshof castle, this is a great …

The Burning Land – Bernard Cornwell

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The fifth book in the history of (fictional) Uther of Bebbanburg, published in 2009, is part of the Making of England series.I just advise NOT to read the part about the Making series at the end, because it tells how the story ends after the series…I…

Inca Army

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Long ago, I bought a series of miniatures on EBay, labelled as “Aztecs”. However, turns out these boys are Incas! I painted these guys into three different units. The Purples are the king and his immediate command. The Whites and the Yellows are a ba…


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Hailing from 2010, this film details the adventures of Quintus Dias (Fassbender) and the fate of the 9th Legion.Now, the film didn`t do to well at the box office, even though it received mixed positive critics, and actually it ain`t bad at all.The stor…

Aztec Jaguar Knights

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More for Nashcon… This time two units of Aztec Jaguar Knights. They have similar colors, except for the leaders who have unique colors. They are easily differentiated tho using the square vs circular bases. I used a little creative license with the…

What I painted in May 2017

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The first full month back in the painting hobby, and it was quite a decent production, in general thanks to a couple of long weekends and a heat wave from which I hid inside.And all that resulted in no less then 65 miniatures getting painted.Now, for t…

ScratchBuild Log Part 5: Final Pics 1915 Curiasse "Fortin" Aubriot-Gabet

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So here we are at last and the project was finally done! I am pretty proud of this build. It is not perfect by any stretch but it was a lot of fun and a really new and unique experience for me. I think the finishes on the tank are great and it is a rea…

Turn season 1

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Set against the background of the American War of Independance, Turn follows the story of spies in service for Washintgon, in order to fight off the british from the colonies.This prestigious series by AMC counts 10 episodes in it’s first season, and f…