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Starting projects… that happens if you change hobbies

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After the first post earlier today of this two part opinion piece, in which I talked of the cancellation of my LEGO builds, it`s time to look to the future and make plans.My advisor proved very helpful in this…And that future is to repair, repaint an…

Britain’s Outlaws, Highwaymen, Pirates and Rogues

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A three part documentary series made by BBC Four, this looks into the three historical “ages” of crime in Britain, before the law made it impossible for people to live fully outside the system.In this series, we visit three different large “era’s” wher…

1/72 Zvezda Soviets for SCW

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With an eye towards having more variety for my Spanish Civil War Republican forces, I purchased these:

I had never owned a kit from Zvezda before, but at roughly $4 a box I thought that the risk was minimal.

Inside the box of Militia, one finds:…

Keeping busy in Spring

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There were only a few updates since mid of march, but I’ve been busy in the meantime and I want to give you a look into what I was tinkering on. I’m currently preparing a bit Bolt Action themed content, some of the new plastic kits, along with the 2nd Edition rule set and starter […]

Review: ACW Gamer: The Ezine issue 14

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Well, as I`m going back down the path of wargaming and leaving the bricky ones behind, that also means my “monthly magazine drug” is inadvertently changing.Yes, I bought a White Dwarf instead of a Blocks today for the first time in ages, but that’s not…

Tactics in Test of Honour – Part 2

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Hopefully, you all enjoyed part one of the article so let’s not beat around the bush and get straight on with the second part. Spearmen […]

Black Sails season 4

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And so one of the finest television shows of the past years has come full cycle.Now, ever since they announced that this would be the last season, everyone a bit familiar with the setting and the story would know it would all be about “character clean …

Empire of the Moghul: Raiders from the North – Alex Rutherford

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The first book in a series of 6, this series details the rise and height of the Moghul empire in medieval India.Every book details with another generation, and in this first volume of historical based books we start with Babur.Rising to the throne of F…

Book Review: The Knights Hospitaller A Military History of the Knights of Saint John by John Carr

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In an effort to kickstart my hobby work I have just read The Knights Hospitaller A Military History of the Knights of Saint John by John Carr.I have not previously had much interest in the Knightly Orders, especially with their religious connectio…

Tactics in Test of Honour – Part 1

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Due to very popular demand,  I’ve been asked to do a Tactics article.  So the how to get the best from your force sort of […]

Legends Of The High Seas

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The third of our recent pirate games was with Games Workshop’s Legends Of The High Seas rules. We had found over the last few weeks that Osprey’s On The Seven Seas was way too slow and not quite what we were looking for. Cutlass was much better with a nice dice mechanism but an activation … Continue reading Legends Of The High Seas

Test of Honour – Force Construction (Part 2)

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So I hope people found the first part of this article helpful and in most cases it’s going to have given people more questions than […]

Test of Honour – Force Construction (Part 1)

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At last Test of Honour is finally out and we can start looking through the huge mountain of cards and start working out what we’re […]

Napoleon en de Franse Revolutie

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Episode 5 of documentaries detailing historical greats, this volume is about Napoleon and his rise and fall.The volume contains two documentaries, each about an hour in length, and while the second one chronicles his life, the first one was something I…

Marching to Quinnsville

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A build that originated from two very different origin points, my first complete Company for BoBS has been recruited and stationed in Quinnsville for the defence of the town.While I “bought” the troops for the game a week or two ago, I finally came rou…

Charge of the Irish Brigade WiP 1

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It`s Saint Patty’s today… and for the first time in like forever, I`ll survive it as I`m on kid-sitter duty tonight.But that doesn`t mean I won`t fly the green flag of Erin, albeit virtually.You see, I finally got decently started on my Fredericksbur…

Bolt Action KV-1 / KV-2 Heavy Tank

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Third and last part of russian tank week is the KV-1 / KV-2 heavy tank kit by Warlord Games / Italeri. The russian heavy tank in 28mm / 1:56 scale is manufactured at Italeri and covers enough pieces to build either the KV-1 heavy tank or the KV-2 heavy assault tank. The KV series was […]

Table Top News: 17th March 17

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Hello lovely people and welcome to this weeks news round up!  A whistle stop tour of gaming news!First up  we have C’MoN announcing Eric Lang […]

Rubicon Models SU-85 / SU-122

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Next up in russian tank week is the tank destroyer / assault gun kit SU-85 / SU-122 by Rubicon Models in this review. The SU tanks were built upon the chassis of the T-34 medium tank. The SU-85 was a self-propelled gun, the SU-122 an assault gun. The SU-122 was meant to fill the needs […]

Bolt Action IS-3 Heavy Tank

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Welcome to russian tank week, comrade! Start of this short series of 3 russian tank reviews will be the IS-3, Iossif Stalin, heavy tank recently released by Warlord Games for Bolt Action and Konflikt 47. As the IS-3 is a mail order only product of Warlord Games, it is made to order and does not […]

Bolt Action M10 Tank Destroyer

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In december I already covered the Rubicon multi-variant kit of the M10/M36 Tank Destroyer, now it is time in this review to take a closer look on the M10 Tank Destroyer by Warlord Games / Italeri. This is a 1:56 / 28mm scale kit manufactured by Italeri, so much closer to a model kit. The […]

Mustering Vulfgangs Warband

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After mustering the Romans for the SAGA project, it is time to call the German warriors of Vulfgangs warband to arms. As mentioned in the article about planing a german warband, I started assembling the plastic and metal miniatures from the matching Warlord Games boxed set. As the metal torsos all wore fur, I added […]

Half A Million Views! Contest!!!!!

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Holy Moly!I looked at my view count today and realized I am likely to cross the half million mark in the next couple days!This calls for a small Contest and Prizes!!!!!So I’m going to make it simple.  Comment on this post on my blog (if you are re…

[Historical] More Pulp for your buck

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More from the Pulp plastic pile. Mix of Reaper Bones, Cobblestone and Foundry.

The Making of Middle-Earth – Christopher Snyder

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A new look inside the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, as the subtitle reads, is a hefty 300+ high gloss hardback tome.Cross the treshold to Middle-Earth in this work, which was written between the first and second movies of The Hobbit, and offers some unique …