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Scots, part 5

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Finally, some finished figures!  Two elements of Islemen, and one element of Scots schiltron:

These fellows put the Scots army at 20% complete (roughly).  I have two more elements of Islemen waiting along with some more schiltron, then a …

Bolt Action Jagdpanzer 38(t), Flammpanzer 38(t) and 2cm Flak auf Hetzer

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To finish on 38(t) week, I cover today the Hetzer kit by Warlord Games. As this kit covers quite the broad variants, I’ll base the review around the Hetzer Zug kit, so I can build all three variants; the Hetzer, the Flammpanzer and 2cm FlaK 38 Hetzer r…

Rubicon Models Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

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You can’t talk about the 38(t) series without mentioning the Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, and that is why today I cover the kit by Rubicon Models in this review. As the tank destroyers Marder based upon the Panzer 38(t) were more of an industrialized “fiel…

Citytrip Oostende 2018

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Slightly over a week ago, me and Noshi went for a weekend out to sea.  We took the train to Oostende, “pearl of the Belgian Coast”. So we left straight after I came from work, and had booked a room in Les Paquerettes, a lovely BnB run by two …

Bolt Action Sd.Kfz. 139 Marder III

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Continuing the Panzer 38(t) themed review week, with the Marder III Ausf. H tank destroyer based on the Panzer 38(t) chassis. Based upon the chassis of the Sd.Kfz. 140 Panzer 38(t), a tank destroyer called Marder III was brought into service. The whole…

The Musketeers season 2

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Me and Noshi finally finished the second season of this BBC series (she got distracted with Black Sails, my girl definitly has taste) after a few weeks, and it had some big changes.For example, Richelieu (Capaldi) is dead, because well, Peter had to go…

Bolt Action Panzer 38(t)

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Let us begin this themed week of reviews around the Panzer 38(t) with the tank itself, in this case the new plastic kit by Warlord Games. The Panzer 38(t), registered as Sd.Kfz. 140 in Germany, was originally a pre-world war II pattern from Czechoslova…

Playing Flint and Feather

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This post is a short Battle Report that quickly discusses playing Flint and Feather. It goes hand-in-hand with the article
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Test of Honour demo day

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So today was the Test of Honour demo day at the store and it certainly generated quite a lot of interest. In fact I would say that it easily had the most interested gamers of anything we have demoed in the store in several years. And not only interest from miniature gamers but also from […]

Samurai almost done

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The Test of Honour demo day at The Sentry Box is Saturday so I have been working like a lunatic to finish my 24pt warband. I think I will manage to get all the figures done but I have to say this they have received probably the worst paint job I have done in decades. […]

Unboxing Hot and Dangerous Rebecca the Red Coat

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A range of 28mm and 54mm pin up models produced by polish company Wargamer Games Studio LTD (the guys from the 15mm By Fire and Sword range) that I backed on Kickstarter, I’m opening the sets and making short unbox video’s on them.The second figur…

Micro Art Studios Brick Walls

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Micro Art Studio has widened their range of mostly bases and licensed Infinity terrain to more “franchises” and settings. Some of them belong to Wolsung or grim dark sci-fi settings, others are for historical games. I did show you some items from the g…

Pegasus Hobbies Russian Houses 7703 + 7704

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Pegasus Hobbies is an American model kit company that offers quite a broad selection of kits in different scales. Some of them are marketed as 1/72 scale, others as 28mm. For this unboxing and build review I bought these kits a while back online. They …

Da Vinci’s Demons season 2

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The second season of the historically inspired series about a young Leonardo Da Vinci, huge events take shape.We take up where we left off in this rather ingenious series, and while Leonardo looks for the Book of Leaves, Italy shakes.PlotWhile searchin…

Buying into samurai

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There are times when I think that I have a problem. That issue is exemplified by the large pile of 28mm Samurai miniatures that currently sit in the huge pile of unassembled and unpainted figures next to my painting table. The store I work at us doing a demo of Test of Honour from Warlord […]

Meadow’s Pine 1863, the TSA American Civil War megagame 2018

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The next megagame that was held at TSA, this weekend the North and the South clashed in the fictional battle of Meadow’s Pine. Organised by Glenn and making use of Rudi’s homemade fastplay rules “Brand op de Mason-Dixon Linie” (freely downloadable, in …

Resinarium building bridges on Kickstarter

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Launching today at 1400GMT (all going to plan) Resinarium will be opening their Kickstarter to launch their range of Bridges. Scenery is something that I […]

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Atlantis Found

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In this 2016 documentary from History channel, dr Martin Pepper is “waging all his money” that he found the location of Atlantis.With the help of modern technology and Plato’s writing “hidden clues”, he travels to Santorini to prove his theories.PlotUs…

De Tachtigjarige Oorlog – Roel Tanja

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Translated as “A short history on the Eighty Years War”, this dutch book takes a look at the war that shaped and reshaped Flanders and the Netherlands.From the Geuzen to the legend of Willem of Orange (who wasn`t actually that great a general btw), it …

88th New York

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The fifth and final regiment for my Fredericksburg OrBat Irish Brigade, and ready right on time for the Big Battle we are running this weekend at TSA.I will be commanding my 5 regiments as such along the 85+ on the table…The regiment is made up for n…

Rubicon Models British CMP 15cwt Truck

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In addition to the Northern Africa campaign week in November, I want to cover the British CMP 15cwt Truck by Rubicon Models in a review today. The CMP stands for canadian military pattern. This truck was build in Canada and used by armies of the Britis…

Warlord Games Stone Bridge

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Before the Coastal Defense by Warlord Games is released in the next month, I’d like to present the Stone Bridge. It is part of the cooperation of Warlord Games and Italeri and added to the Bolt Action plastic terrain range. Warlord Games sets the price…

Chariots of Rome Review

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Chariots of Rome is a spiritual-successor of the 1979 classic Circus Maximus. I, perhaps shamefully, never had the pleasure of playing the original. I would take an interest at convention tournaments, peering over the barricades into the tournament cor…

Hold the Line! ACW Shenandoah Battle Report

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Initially, I hadn`t had anything planned tonight at TSA, but I rolled into an ACW battle never the less.Using the houserules written by Pat and Eddy, this would be a scenario based on the 3rd day of the Shenandoah campaign.  The Union army, arrivi…

The Last of the Kerns

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Well, not that they where the last in history or so, but these two guys where the final figures from the boxes of Dark Age Warriors by Gripping Beast I bought for Dux etc…And so I painted them up, and with that the final ones of the GB plastics for n…