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Tijl Uilenspiegel Crisis 2017 LE

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A bit of a special set of figures for this round, as it is the limited edition entry set from the past Crisis wargame show we organised at TSA.  And it is a character that has a great influence on school children of my generation… The mo…

TSA Clubevening 16th of february 2018

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Yesterday, I wasn`t playing any games at the club myself, so that meant I went to have a look around and bring another oversight of the games being played…While it was busy this week, there weren`t actually that many games being played, as a lot of p…

116th Pennsylvania… and some levies

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This weeks entry into the Painting Challenge is one of the reasons I actually got into it, to build further on my full OrBat for the II Corps, 1 Division og Hancock, as it fought at Fredericksburg.While I already finished some of the generals last week…


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The first season of a new historical drama series on History has just ended, and it`s a bt of a mixed bag for me.You see, I`m still not sure wether I like it, or dislike it, as the differences in strenghts are so wide.Based on the rise and fall of the …

Generals Hancock and Zook

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A bit less (well, far less) then I wanted to get finished this week, but big club battles took up a lot of time, as such I didn`t get as many painting hours in as I estimated.But never the less, now that my target has been achieved, I can focus more…

Bolt Action – Polish Airborne

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Many of you will have seen the slow progress I have been making on my 1250 point German Afrika Korp force. I have been building […]

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Monongahela, the TSA French Indian War big battle

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The past saturday TSA organised it’s first of the bigger daylong battle events of 2018, and the war of choice was the French Indian War (or Seven Years War).The battle that would be recreated was Monongahela, a disasterous expedition for the British fo…

Hostage Raid, a Dux Britanniarum campaign report

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The final struggle for this month for surviving in the campaign, and hopefully it would go as well as the previous two…And in order to do that, I needed to face off Joeri, who raided my lands and tried to take one of my Nobles hostage.  To add t…

White Tigers in the snow

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Currently continuing on the vehicles for my Winter germans. I started with the Kingtiger with Zimmerit, that will be covered in a review along with the regular Kingtiger, an IS-2 and the Road to Berlin Bolt Action supplement, just as a little teaser for the next weeks. The Tiger II is accompanied by the Opel […]

Defending the Watchtower, a Dux Britanniarum campaign game

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In the second part of my three battles for survival in this month, I faced Richard who raided my lands.Out to set fire to my Watchtower, I had to play the one thing I love to do… defending behind my pallisades.My army was still recovering from it’s l…

Historische Oorlogen 08: Amerikaanse oorlogen

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So yesterday evening I sat down and watched this DVD I picked up last week for a measly euro.Part of some collection of all sorts of historical characters and battles (I watched the Napoleon one as well a while ago), it contains 6 documentaries of arou…

From London to Shangai

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Well, a bit of a mixed lot for this weeks entry, as I did some work on a project I had put aside for this challenge… as well as one that probably will be in boxes stored until challenge 9 should I manage to seduce me a spot then.So let’s travel th…

Securing the Road – ACW BatRep

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Yesterday evening at TSA I joined in for the first time in the homemade rules by Rudi, to fast play the American Civil War.Now, with this being my favorite historical period, I was totally pumped up and in character for this of course ;-)The rules are …

TSA French Indian War big battle on the 3th of february

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In a few weeks time, TSA is organising a big battle in the French Indian Wars setting.During that day, the club is open for those that want to come have a look (and a drink, and a bite… at the bar, not in the figures please).The game will be played u…

Frontier season 2

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Declan Harp’s tale of the Fur Wars continue in his struggle against the HBC and Lord Benton…But as exciting as the first season was, as we binged it in 1.5 day, so boring was the second unfortunatly and we struggled yesterday to go and see the final …

The Musketeers season 1

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This BBC historical drama is based on the story by Alexander Dumas, and while I cringe every time they speak out the name of D’Artagnan “english wise”, Noshi and me did enjoy this “lighter” sort of series.Because make no mistake, while not historically…

Bolt Action Campaign Gigant – Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front

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Campaign Gigant – Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front, picks up where the first chapter of Campaign Sea Lion stopped or better said came to a hold. The german plan of invading Great Britain was spun further. As the first chapter of the hypothetical campaign Sea Lion was incredibly successful as a product, it received […]

Ersatz StuG Ausf. G and more Germans in winter gear

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The StuG is done and here are the proper picture of the third vehicle for my Unternehmen Greif / Panzerbrigade 150 force for Bolt Action. You can read about the work in progress in more detail over here, Ersatz Stug Ausf. G WIP. I thought a double sided Zeltbahn camouflage would be a nice detail […]

Bolt Action: Afrika Korp Project Part 2

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Part 1 Part 2: Supply Drop So where is this “Afrika Korp army then lad?” this was the first thing that the lovely Paul Walker […]

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Annual Review of 2017, Preview of 2018

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Wow, another year passed and what a year it was. Almost 60 updates on here, available in both English and German. A busy year for me and my family, both personal and hobby-wise. A lot of things happened. I got engaged early this year, went to New Zealand for a month in late summer and […]

The Bastard Executioner

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The final series / movie / anime I`ll finish this year, as I just watched the final episode and won`t be home tomorrow night.This series, cancelled after 1 season, was to be honest a struggle to get through though.Set after the death of Edward Longshan…

10mm Lancer Miniatures New Model Army Dragoons

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On this most jolly of days, I had the benefit of being able to paint the whole afternoon and get a third entry done for the Challenge.Not that I`m a painting maniac, those small scales tend to paint quicker then large models, but the GF is knock out…

The First Struggle for Survival: Dux Britanniarum campaign game

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Let’s cut to the chase: Clustfeinad is in big trouble. Last month, a large Raid left my army in shambles, as I lost 3 out of my 6 units for multiple campaign turns as an opposing kingdom, bolstered by Mercenaries and two Saxon forces rampaged and …

Ersatz StuG III Ausf. G Work-in-Progress

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Almost there with the Ersatz StuG Ausf. G for the 150th Panzerbrigade / Unternehmen Greif. Finished the white wash camo, decals are done, weathering with mud and cracks is satisfying. Only part missing so far is the stowage. Have to take care of the spare wheel, the jerrycans and the Zeltbahn. Actually, I’m thinking about […]

Frontier season 1

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Okay, so this was Noshi’s pick yesterday evening… and we binged the 6 episodes in a row, only sleeping between 4 and 5.While I was fine with us going to watch this, as, well, redocats, and she, well, Jason Momoa… this turned out to be a damn fine s…