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An Lushan and Imperial Guardsman – Blandford Warriors Episodes 8 & 9

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If you’re into your medieval history you WILL NOT have heard of these models.  That’s cos they’re not medieval at all.  Welcome to my next two classic Citadel Miniatures from the range based on the 1987 Medieval Warlords book. An Lushan and…

Jan Žižka: Blandford Warriors Episodes 5, 6 & 7

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Jan Zizka, Taborite Infantryman and Teutonic Knight for WarhammerJan Zizka, Taborite Infantryman and Teutonic Knight for WarhammerIf you’re into Czech action cinema you might already know Jan Žižka as the titular hero of the upcoming Jan Žižka film from director Petr Jákl – the man famous for films such as Pterodactyl and Born Into Shit.  If you’re not,…

Hundred Years’ War: Blandford Warriors Episodes 3 & 4

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oldhammer ex-citadel blandford warriors hundred years war in grenobleoldhammer ex-citadel blandford warriors hundred years war in grenobleArch-rivals from opposing sides of the Hundred Years’ War.  Each of them a talented medieval commander, but with a great respect for the other’s skills and abilities.  Presenting two classic Citadel Miniatures  – Sir John Chandos and Bertrand du Guesclin. English commander…

Alan Horseman: Blandford Warriors Episode 2

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Oldhammer Blandford Warriors Alan Horseman and Late Imperial RomansOldhammer Blandford Warriors Alan Horseman and Late Imperial RomansAs names for ranges go, “Blandford Warriors” is a little … underwhelming.  Rather than conjuring up images of medieval warlords on their bloodthirsty rampages it puts me instantly in mind of the sleepy Dorset village – Blandford.  Blandford’s top tourist attraction is…

Stable Genius

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After finishing the three little cottages on Saturday, I decided to do something slightly different on Sunday and made a building that could serve as a stable or other outbuilding for a manor farm on my ECW/English pulp tables. It’s 3″ deep and 4″ wide, so actually larger in footprint than the little hovels. Horse … Continue reading Stable Genius

BSC 2018: Correcting some too thin errors

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As I am fairly new to 3D printing, I am learning a tonne about what not to do. One of the biggest issues I have discovered is that things that look good in CAD can look absolutely terrible once printed, given the resolution of the printing or the limitations of FDM 3D printing. Today I … Continue reading BSC 2018: Correcting some too thin errors

BSC 2018: First print of 1956 PANG

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The new printer board for my 3D printer finally showed up, so I got to printing the first print of my 1956 PANG. It was less than a full success. As you can see in the pictures below, I have a bunch of work to do. As can be seen on the build plate, a … Continue reading BSC 2018: First print of 1956 PANG

Late Imperial Roman Comitatenses

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Late Imperial Roman Comitatenses in 28mmLate Imperial Roman Comitatenses in 28mmWith Britannia on the telly, I’m fired up for Roman Britain.  The Emperor’s finest stabbing druids has given me the focus to paint these eight Late Imperial Roman spearmen. “Hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy, hurdy gurdy gurdy,” they sang. Late Imperial Romans?  Late…

BSC 2018: PANG print layout

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I finally got around to laying out the 1956 PANG for the first printing. As you can see from the pictures below, I am trying to remove the need for supports which will mark the surface of the final print. I chose not to break out the rear section or the bins for initial printing. … Continue reading BSC 2018: PANG print layout

BSC 2018: 1956 PANG first printable draft

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Build Something 2018 continues and I have been pretty quiet for the last week. Part of this is because I am waiting on the warrantied printer board, so motivation is low. Also been busy with other things. But today I kicked myself into gear and go the first printable draft done of the 1956 PANG. … Continue reading BSC 2018: 1956 PANG first printable draft

BSC 2018: 1956 PANG continued

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Well, Build Something 2018 is well underway at Lead Adventure. You can follow all the entries, including at least two other 3D printed things, over on the subforum. And what of our 1956 PANG tricycle truck? Yesterday saw a lot of work on the back end.  As of two days ago it looked like this: … Continue reading BSC 2018: 1956 PANG continued

Bucellarius of Majorian: Blandford Warriors Episode 1

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Oldhammer Bucellarius of Majorian Late Imperial RomanOldhammer Bucellarius of Majorian Late Imperial RomanThis is “Biscuit Dude”, and he’s come to fight you with his sock dragon.  He’s my first painted miniature of 2018, and it’s exactly thirty years since he was released. Rock out with your (dragon) sock out. “Biscuit Dude” is a Late…

Finished English Civil War Figures

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Not the greatest photographs going, but so far the only ones I’ve gotten of all of my recently completed 28mm ECW figures all together! Starting top left, the dark yellow coats belong to six firelock musketeers (in Pikeman’s Lament terms, either a Forlorn Hope or Commanded Shot). Clockwise we have two troops of regular horse, … Continue reading Finished English Civil War Figures

Happy New Year!

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Slightly belated Happy New Year to all! After months of doing absolutely zilch on the gaming front I saw the year out in some style, at least, with a whole bunch of English Civil War 28mm figures pushed through from “almost done” to actually finished in my time off between Christmas and New Years. This … Continue reading Happy New Year!

Back To Painting, Finally

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I’m fairly sure the last time I touched a paintbrush was back in July. Maybe August. As posts here will show, all wargaming activity of any sort coasted to a stop sometime in the first week or so of September, mostly due to a brain- and free-time-destroying family health crisis and associated astronomical levels of … Continue reading Back To Painting, Finally

Dark Ages Church

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Saint Augustine arrived in Britian AD 597 to revitalise Christianity.  For the next four hundred years, crudely constructed churches like this one appear across the island. A humble friar takes a stroll around the Saxon minster at sunset. “But Curis,” I hear you cry, “Friars didn’t exist until centuries after the Dark Ages ended.  Your …

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Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck

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Friar Tuck, legendary tonsured companion of Robin Hood, joins my miniatures collection. “Praise the Lord!  And pass the tax rebate!” Friar Tuck was an impulse purchase whilst acting as Nottingham cultural attaché for visiting family members.  Warlord Games (a Nottingham company) have a small range of Heritage Miniatures they’ve slipped into local tourist spots like …

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Preslotta Citadel Miniatures Gnorman Gnoll Reinforcements

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Decades of exposure to Games Workshop’s marketing materials has conditioned me not to paint individual figures, but regiments, and then armies.  There was no stopping at just one Gnorman Gnoll.  Gnot on your gnelly.  eBay trawling has turned up two more preslotta gems from 1981–3. Lord Tisserand with his hawk Antonius, accompanied by two Gnolls. …

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The Assault Group ECW Artillery

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The Assault Group (TAG) has a huge range of Thirty Year’s War/English Civil War/general Renaissance figures that I’d heard good things about, including that they were fairly compatible in size and style to the Warlord figures that make up the entirety of my TYW/ECW collection so far. The only major piece missing from my 17th … Continue reading The Assault Group ECW Artillery

L’Art de la Guerre (ADLG) Batrep

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Impetvs seems to have, sadly, run its course. What killed it for me was the pages of amendments. However, I remain an Ancients gamer at heart. I started out with DBA but 12 thin strips, and some pieces of felt, on a coffee table didn’t really capture t…