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Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck

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Friar Tuck, legendary tonsured companion of Robin Hood, joins my miniatures collection. “Praise the Lord!  And pass the tax rebate!” Friar Tuck was an impulse purchase whilst acting as Nottingham cultural attaché for visiting family members.  Warlord Games (a Nottingham company) have a small range of Heritage Miniatures they’ve slipped into local tourist spots like …

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Preslotta Citadel Miniatures Gnorman Gnoll Reinforcements

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Decades of exposure to Games Workshop’s marketing materials has conditioned me not to paint individual figures, but regiments, and then armies.  There was no stopping at just one Gnorman Gnoll.  Gnot on your gnelly.  eBay trawling has turned up two more preslotta gems from 1981–3. Lord Tisserand with his hawk Antonius, accompanied by two Gnolls. …

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The Assault Group ECW Artillery

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The Assault Group (TAG) has a huge range of Thirty Year’s War/English Civil War/general Renaissance figures that I’d heard good things about, including that they were fairly compatible in size and style to the Warlord figures that make up the entirety of my TYW/ECW collection so far. The only major piece missing from my 17th … Continue reading The Assault Group ECW Artillery