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What About DBMM And ADLG?

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This is a follow up to both this year’s survey about Art de la Guerre (ADLG) and my previous survey about DBMM v1.

In 2009 I ran my first ever online survey about wargaming.  The subject was DBMM v1 and examined all the things you might expect.  As I’…

Helverin Autocannons

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My conversion for the Armiger Helverin Autocannons seems to have gone down well! I kind of just made it up as I went along making the first one and it turned out well. This was on Friday night. Imagine my horror when at midnight when I’d created …

ADLG: UK Survey Results (Part 3)

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This is the third, and final, part of of my look at the results from my recent online survey into ADLG.  The previous posts in the series dealt with:

Basic information like age, favourite periods, etc.
Views about the rule book and the use of the rule…

ADLG: UK Survey Results (Part 2)

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To recap: this survey was run to uncover the reasons behind the current growth in popularity of ADLG in the UK.  After one week the survey had gathered 135 responses of which 81 were from the UK.

Part 1 looked at the basic information like age, favour…

ADLG: UK Survey Results (Part 1)

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Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who took the survey both in the UK and elsewhere. My thanks also go to Henry Hyde & Tim Porter for their help in publicizing the survey. 

Our combined efforts have made the 2018 Art de la Guerre (ADLG) survey a…

CQB: Draft Rules for 8th Edition Zone Mortalis

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A recurring theme of this blog, in addition to my fondness for Space Elves in all their various forms, is that I rather like the void war aspects of 40K. […]

ADLG: A Quick Survey

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A recent blog post from Tim Porter entitled “Who’s Playing What – The 2018 Update” highlighted the increasing popularity of the Art de la Guerre (ADLG) rules amongst competition wargamers in the UK.  A trend also evident in the 2017 Northern League.


My Hopes for the Sisters of Battle

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Variance Hammer was on a temporary holiday while I was in Zambia, but a free morning in the hotel and an announcement I’ve been waiting for for years spurred the desire to […]

Review: Asset Drop Monthly Painting/Female Miniatures Boxes

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There’s been a lot of reviews on this site recently, primarily because real life has been keeping me fairly busy (and indeed, out of the country) enough that longer form […]

Blackstone Objectives

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I have a little hobby today for you. In the form of Objectives. With all this talk of Blackstone, I thought it would be a good idea to make some fitting Blackstone Objectives. The idea was simple, get some bases, get some cheap craft style gems and glu…

Doors and Corners: ‘Deadbolt’s Derelict’ by Deathray Designs Review Part 2

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Not long ago I reviewed the Deadbolt’s Derelict set by Deathray Designs, exploring the concept of building a massive Zone Mortalis-style board out of MDF for a price…slightly less ruinous than […]

As Time Goes By

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There’s snow on the ground here in sunny Warrington and therefore today was a hobby day. There was lots of varnishing and basing and a little bit of painting. There was also a little bit of repair work too.

I am contemplating which of my medieval arm…

Zone Mortalis on a Budget? Reviewing ‘Deadbolt’s Derelict’ by Deathray Designs

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Void war was my first real love in Warhammer 40K. It was Battlefleet Gothic that sold me on the grandeur of the setting and the scale of the battles that […]

So Very Tired…

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  Evening folks, Abe here.  So I know it’s been a little while since I posted and there is a very simple explanation for my absence from the blog; laziness.Sloth, both my favourite creature and favourite deadly sin   But seriously f…

Musing on Basing

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I’ve always been a fan of basing. I’m not sure why – maybe because basing responds really well to thinks like washing and dry brushing and those early techniques you […]

Cant find it, make it!

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Ever wanted to do something thing and to do it you may have needed to buy something that cost more than you would like for what you want to do Or you just cant find anything that would do the job well I did and thought I might as well make it!!So …

Bolt Action – Polish Airborne

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Many of you will have seen the slow progress I have been making on my 1250 point German Afrika Korp force. I have been building […]

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Stretching My Hobby Muscles: Wargame Hobby Bingo

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I don’t really do monthly hobby challenges anymore. While the first Hobby Progress Challenge from the Independent Characters I did pushed me to work on my army, my life and […]

Under New Management: Reviewing the LVO Team Narrative

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Despite writing a lot about competitive 40K, I’m a narrative player at heart. For me, 40K is about telling cool stories with neat models, and competitive gaming is a little […]

40K in 2017

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You thought you had escaped, hadn’t you? Surely, by the 22nd, all the various New Year introspectives would be over. Oh no my friend, you vastly underestimate my ability to procrastinate. […]

La Danse Macabre – Venom WIP

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Hey folks. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a happy new year too! Sorry for the delayed best wishes, but as usual at this time of year, life is just super busy with family, visits, work etc (the usual stuff). Fortunately I have m…

2017 a hobby review.

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Wow its been a year! And what a year it has been! CSM getting a reboot in the first quarter, and then 8th ed drops for Warhammer 40k!I was just sorting out my photo album, well primarily trying to find photos to keep or delete and I was surprised what …

WIP: Blood Angel Sanguinary Priest on Bike + 20 Tac

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Just found some old pictures in my phone and thought I would share them with you guys! Sanguinary Priest on bikeLoads of BA Tacticals but don’t know when I’ll use them if ever

Ashes & Dust – Monsters of Malifaux

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Have gotten around to painting my Ashes and Dust for my Outcast faction. Really good fun putting this model and painting it. Here are some highlight photos from my journey! Big believer in putting as many models together as possible, even terrain!…

Hobby Management part 2- Smaugs Hoard

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So, what about the stuff you don’t or can’t get rid of? What about those models that scream “BUT BOSS, THERE MIGHT BE A NEW EDITION IN FIVE YEARS, USE ME!!!! USE ME!!!!!”

The horror, the horror Well it’s all about the storage isn’t it? I always think there are a few watershed moments in a life as a hobbyist, one of these is storing your figures correctly. It stops chipping as often, you don’t need a tube of superglue everywhere you go for those inevitable breakages (after all most figures are plastic now) and you can store more stuff if you store efficiently. NUMBER ONE- Hobby cases,  look after your stuff, protect your figures, respect your work. Most of us put a fair amount of time into what we do. In fact I was once part of a brief look at how long we spent painting vs gaming in a group of GW staff (I was young and needed the money…). Turns out that regardless of whether someone saw themselves as a painter or a gamer, everyone spent more time painting, other than one guy, who realistically did neither! You need a good case (or cases), there are many brands; GW, KR, Figures in Comfort… I could go on. I go for KR, they’re cheap, easily accessible to me and I can store them easily, but more on that in a bit. I tend to try and use 1-2 cases per army, this is fine for infantry and tanks, scales have increased in size over time and some oversized models are harder to store, boxes and your own custom packing seem to be the way forward to me, you can never plan for universally shaped larger models.

You can always go with the odd makeup case- JB is a fan

NUMBER TWO- Display cabinets show off your best work, store those awkwardly shaped figures, guilt trip yourself into painting undercoated models. Display cases are good, I used mine to show stuff off, from epic single models like Primarchs, to whole armies. Ikea was my choice for this, I paid about £150 per cabinet. They also do CD racks with glass shelves which you can mount on the wall. Obviously other retailers are available, but I like my cabinets.

NUMBER THREE- I have loads of cases! What do I do with them? Eventually you get here…”What are all there cases?” “Why are they here on the floor?” “Why has the cat got a lasgun coming out of its mouth?” I’ve heard the lot, again plan ahead, have a safe space, somewhere a case fits well, ideally a few fit well, maybe a level of organisation, maybe….Ikea again. So, turns out Ikea do some low level units which store exactly 2 KR cases (or GW) on a shelf. So I have two of these, all full of cases, with all the cases labelled for organisation and to satisfy any level of OCD I’m feeling that day. Again any retailer is find, but be thorough in your choice here, you may need a fair amount of storage over the years and it will need to be durable.

Mine looks like this but it’s on it’s side