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Milestone reached: 60.000 hits

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So its another milestone which this blog breached: 60.000 hits since I am tracking. Maybe you ask yourself why I am not waiting for the 100k mark for making a happy dance. That’s easily explained: I just count this mark more like 50.000 hits because re…

Hordes: Legion of Everblight: All-in-One Army Box

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Hordes: Legion of Everblight: All-in-One Army Box $129.99 The quickest and easiest way to storm the battlefields of HORDES! A perfect entry point for new players and an amazing value for seasoned vets looking to start a new faction, this All-in-One Army Box contains everything you need to quickly field a complete and competitive army […]

NEWS – New Hordes Gargantuans…

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As expected by most, Hordes got their second wave of Gargantuans just like Warmachine had their second wave of Colossals. All of the new sculpts/sketches look amazing. I personally think it’s really cool that they are mostly all new model … Continue reading

P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 5 Paint trickery!

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Edit – sorry for missing last week – I had this all cued to go and somehow screwed it up and forgot to hit the publish button… oh well back again!So when last we left off – I had painted and mortared the back wall, base coated the floor, rust coated …


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P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 3

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With the wall and floor established and an antagonist/protagonist relationship realized it was important to address the room “décor” that will tell the rest of the story and provide supporting information about the characters and events.

Gorman is an alchemist whose abilities in game are basically defined by his grenades rather than his swordsmanship. If we look at the figure this is also clearly on display where the blade is held up defensively to keep opponents at bay while his right arm is flung back in preparation to throw, causing the cape to wave dramatically and revealing the arsenal slung on his belt. The grenades are the real threat and the basis of the stance of the model.
In the game, Gorman carries smoke bombs, impractical here as he is making his presence clearly known (not hiding), bombs which create instant rust and the dreaded blinding black oil. The use and effects of both of these could definitely be incorporated into the scene with clever use of paint and a few fun tricks. Used correctly they should also add a sense of power and gravitas to our protagonist.

Having conceptually established the criminals as being dangerous and well equipped, it made sense to include a light warjack in their personal armory – certainly useful in most aspects of their shady daily business. Having a firepower heavy warjack in a warehouse full of goods and at close quarters seemed less than completely sensible so I grabbed a Talon (mercenary light warjack) armed with a Stun spear and boasting a shield it seemed to make a great logical bodyguard/enforcer/labor ‘jack.

It was also a target that Gorman could believably shut down in his own special way.

you can see that it is still in pieces here as I “mocked up” the pose and arrangement. 

SO:  How to wreck a Warjack in a believable Gorman-esque fashion.

close to the final pose – time to cut a bit and fine tune.

This warjack would have to be defeated by alchemical process moreso than by brute violence – so it shoud remain realtively intact. The damage and manner of its defeat would be evident in the paint and finish rather than in heavy modification.  I took some time to monkey around with the pose and in the end did a little bit of cutting and pinning to lay this big guy down. I wanted the lines of his body to draw attention in the same direction as the action of the scene so that he became a dynamic compositional element rather than just a piece of scenery or a major character in and of itself. Using the paint to tie its colors into those of the criminals and using additional paint effects to make this defeated wreck harmonious with the overall environment were also very important – but we will come to this in the next installment ;P (ooh a hook!) 

With a bit of work on detailing (strip styrene, granst line rivits, watch parts, brass and wire) and hinging the door to fit it was time to move into primer and finalize the little details for the piece. It was at this point that I nearly made a very costly error. I added alight by the door which looked super cool, but I did so without consideration that it was a GW brand part and that it would be against the rules of the competition. This would come back to haunt me later, but would also give me an opportunity to do something even cooler……

For priming I tried Vallejo’s Black Airbrushable primer  that I borrowed from my buddy Erik, with an overspray of Ammo Of Mig Jimenez Grey Primer. I REALLY prefer the finish of the Ammo brand primer and 
will be picking up their black instead for future work. (you think I would know by now just to default to this stuff in the first place but In the moment I am super glad that Erik had the black to lend me either way!)

Note the extra light being suggested around the lower window and coming from through the doorway as well as directly under the thrice acccursed lamp….. Now the painting was really ready to begin!

Cya next time to show you some really cool paint tricks!

Ranked Attack + Forward Kommander + VASSAL = WIN!

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I’ve been a fan and advocate for using VASSAL to play WMH for years. The only slightly painful bit of using VASSAL is the selecting of models to make up your army. I’ve always found it to be a slow … Continue reading

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P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 2

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Welcome back to my articles on building my P3 Grand Masters Competition Winning Diorama! Having gathered my plans and reference, and roughly laying out my key pieces to help me visualize  and plan the overall size/spacing of my elements the next s…

2015 Gaming Calendar

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With January rapidly coming to a close I thought it was worth taking a closer look at the Wargaming Calendar for 2015 and coming up with a bit of a plan. Also I need to clear the plan with the Master Scheduler (in other words, my wife) so that I don’t get into hot water.

Battlecry – Tigers in the mud
Traditionally one of my favourite events of the year as in the past it was hosted in a big gymnasium and it was filled with people playing a wide variety of wargames, as well as board games and card games. It also had the biggest turn out of retailers of any of the events I would normally go to. This resulted in some good games along with a few ways to be parted from my money. This year they are moving to a new (smaller) venue and dividing the event up over a couple of weekends. Hopefully it will still retain the flavour of previous years and luckily I only have a few weeks to wait to find out!
As for the gaming I am taking a slightly unconventional approach (at least by my standards) and dividing the weekend up in to two events – one day of X-Wing and one day or Hordes (first chance to roll out some Trolls).
Ides of March
Yeah, this is the big one! 40-50 Warmahordes players and a chance to get in a bunch of tough games (that I will of course loose). Ideally I will be taking the Trolls along for their second outing but IOM does have a fully painted requirement (which I am really pleased about) so I might have to put down a backup list with eBaldur and/or Bradigus Thorle and lots of constructs. Super excited about this event
Ides Of March – Sweet trophies!
To go to the NZ Nationals or to not go… that is the question?
This year the New Zealand Nationals will be in Auckland (yay!) but I am really struggling to find the time and enthusiasm put a 3 day weekend into gaming these days. Ten years ago I would have gone in a heartbeat but with more responsibilities comes more hard decisions… not going will definitely put a dent in my efforts to take out the Romanian spot in the NZ Flames Of War Rankings though! I might end up just having to put in a days friendly gaming somewhere instead?
The North Island Convention is on another long weekend (just like the Nationals) but in this case it is in Thames (which is a short-ish drive away from the in-laws house) which might make it a bit easier to get away for a couple of days. Whilst it is too far away for concrete plans, Flames Of War is definitely on the cards.
Panzerschreck – Road Trippin’
Panzerschreck is the ancestral home of Flames Of War tournament gaming and traditionally takes the form of a doubles Late War event. 
Definitely keen on this as we normally hire a big mini-van for a nice team building 9 hour drive! I’ve been chatting to Phil about pairing up for a bit of low stress gaming. 
Assuming I get my act together I’ll either be taking an Atlantik Wall Puma company or Romanian StuGs so that could be quite a lot of fun.
Lords of Ruin – More sweet trophies!
Lords of Ruin
I am working on the assumption that this event is happening again this year as it was an absolute blast last year. Sean Lincoln organised a fantastic event in a local pub (down in Wellington). This is my drop dead target for having the fully painted Trolls in action!

Looking forward to this one day W/H event here in Auckland. All the usual suspects will be there, and it will be a low stress event!


We still need to get out ducks in a row with FlamesCon but my assumption is that it is happening… so much for insider knowledge eh! Either way, Romanians all the way baby! Currently thinking that it would be fun to play Early and Mid War, just not confident that I can get an EW Romanian army painted for it…

Well, there we have it, but 2015 event plan… throw in a few 1 day X-Wing events that pop up over the course of the year and it is feeling pretty solid to me.

Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws (AKA Bearka)

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Horgle Ironstrike

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Dozer & Smigg

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Still Alive…

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Yes, I’m still alive.  After a good year and a half I’ve picked up the brush again…this time to paint a few more Hordes miniatures that had been sitting on my wall for a good three+ years.First up, some Trollblood Fennblades…And an Earthborn D…

Year of the Trolls: Designing My Meat Mountain

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2015 has finally come around and it is time to start thinking about what I am going to paint if I am going to make “The Year Of The Troll” a reality.First up how do I build a list that is going to be fairly competitive? Looking around the forums it is …

Privateer Press February Releases

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Warmachine: Cygnar: Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane – Warcaster $17.99   A professional soldier with more field experience than virtually any other warcaster in the Cygnaran Army, Major Markus Brisbane is famous among Cygnaran troops for his ability to lead from the front and infamous among his enemies for his ability to triumph. It has been […]

Warmachine: Cygnar vs Farrow

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There has been somewhat of a resurgence in popularity of Warmachine and Hordes at my local game store. This has given me a chance to play my first games since the Mark 2 rules came out a few years ago. So far I have been able to play about 3 games with…

Base Quadrant Marking

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If you play as many games as I do you will know that some rules require you to be able to identify a figures facing; whether it’s front and back, left and right or both (Warmachine is a good example). … Continue reading

Thinking about 2015

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I’m on the last day of my Christmas holidays and before I call them over I wanted to take a few minutes to think about what this year would hold for me on the hobby front!

Flames Of War
I can already feel myself going down the proverbial rabbit hole with FOW this year. The impending release of Nachtjäger has me keen on building two different companies. First up is a German Panther / Jagdpanther company – this has been on my “to-do” list for many years but I’ve just never gotten around to it. With the new plastics coming and the IR gear I think it might be time to take the plunge and paint up a really late war company. The British are pretty exciting too with the ability to build plastic Comets, supported by plastic infantry, riding in plastic M5 half tracks. My current plan is too keep the list tight with 8-10 tanks, a motor platoon and a carrier patrol.

Following on from this I have a small pile of Israeli Jeeps that are undercoated and ready for pin washing. I’m really enjoying the look of the Sayeret list from Fate Of A Nation and whilst I don’t have much to paint to field a Jeep company I am worried about how I will fit it in given all the other projects competing for hobby time this year.

During the break I’ve also taken the opportunity to tidy up my garage and I came across a pile of Soviet ISU assault guns that I bought during the River Of Heroes play testing, so many years ago. Given how much I love playing tank destroyers in World Of Tanks, the idea of building a small focused ISU company is very appealing!

Last but not least, I’d like to make an effort at qualifying for the NZ Masters this year. I already have a feeling that I wont have the time but I will leave the thought sitting in the back of my head and see what my chances are looking like come the middle of the year. Of course I want to have a little side challenge… I want to do it using Romanian tanks! With the release of the StuG and Panzer IV plastics I can build most of the army using these new kits. Throw in some infantry in 251s, heavy artillery, recon and maybe a Stuka and I might have a fun list!

Dust Tactics
I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus on painting my Dust models after getting the first 100 points completed, but playing in the tournament at FlamesCon has gotten me pretty excited about pushing on and getting the next 100 done. I just need to make a call as to what it will be. I’ve completed all of my Steel Guard models, so I need to turn my focus to either the SSU heavy tanks, or Red Guards infantry. Both are tempting and will look great when done. I guess I need to schedule in a tournament to help me focus my energies!

WarmaHordes – aka The Year Of The Troll
Yep, 2013… I mean 2014, no wait, 2015! The Year Of The Troll… This year I am making a serious attempt at putting a fully painted, 50 point, Meat Mountain on the table! I’ll explain the Meat
Mountain later in a future post, but suffice to say it involves lots of Trolls, with lots of hit points. To help me achieve this lofty goal I’ve enlisted the help of local WarmaHordes painting guru, Chris Baker. His ability to paint to a high standard, at an exceptional pace has become legendary round these parts. Of course no matter how hard he tries I wont be able to paint as well, or as fast, but he has shown me a few tricks that I have been trying over the Christmas break. More on that later too!
X-Wing (and Armada)
I don’t really need to say much on this front. There is nothing to paint, you just put the models on the table and away you go. Of course there are some exciting releases that FFG have already shown off that I really like the look of. It is nice to have a distraction that does not require any brush time.

We have been doing a lot of lunch time X-Wing at work and the ability to power through a game in 2-3 lunch breaks has been really good. We are also really lucky to have a vibrant tournament scene here in NZ thanks to a couple of local organisers and some pretty outstanding local stockists. Which reminds me, I have to go and check out the new store that just opened – sadly here in Middle Earth that is not a statement that we get to make very often! I hear that they are running quite a few 1 day events that would be fun to get involved with.

Building Battlefields!
A bit like the Year Of The Trolls, this is something that has been on my Christmas “to-do” list for a number of years. I have bought a lot of the Battlefield in a Box range of products because they are the perfect combination of pre-painted and well priced! That might sound like a sales pitch but I really believe it when it comes to these items. I generally cannot be bothered building terrain from scratch, let alone painting it (I’d rather be painting miniatures) so the range ticks the box for me. What I would like to do though is put a little flock on them and spruce them up a bit. I’ve picked up some storage tubs in the Christmas sales and will get everything sorted out and hopefully at some point this year I’ll get them all finished.

I also came across a blog post from my friend Pete over at The Fields Of Blood and I am pretty envious of his finished Tablescapes Urban Tiles! 

His painting guide was really good, and most importantly made the task sound really easy… so it looks like I will need to make an exception to my “not painting terrain statement”. Somewhere on the 2015 painting plan I need to find time to knock these out. He said it only took about 12 hours, how hard can that be to find!

So, that is my 2015 plan… 1 week into the year and I am feeling confident! 

Good luck with your plans and hopefully the new year treats you well.

2014 Wargames Audit

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Here we are at the start of a New Year and time for another ‘Wargames Audit‘ to assess how I’m getting on with my various gaming and hobby activities. 2013 was a very good year and as you’ll see below … Continue reading

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SNOW BASE TUTORIAL – Little Red Wagon of DOOOOM! Part 2

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You asked for it so I’m Bringin’ the snow!In honor of the holiday – whether your Christmas was white and snowy or not! How to make Really nice snow bases, quick, easy and inexpensive (to be followed by another post on ways that are more …

First Warmachine/Hordes game

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So Saturday I had my first game of Warmachine/Hordes. A friend of mine plays both games and invited me to a introduction game of the gaming system. So we met for a standard game and he gave me a brief crash course in the rules and stuff. But theory isn’t the only thing, so we started a 25 points game where he gave me his Khador Winterguard troops and he used his Blindwater Congregation crocodiles (which he never played before). I tried to make some pictures while we played but please don’t expect a fully fledged battle report because most likely I can’t tell you what exactly we did, because it was really lots of stuff to think to learn and to do (and to drink!).

But it was enough to get me very interested in the game and I ordered the Hordes 2-player starter box yesterday. And already found some people in my area who play Warmachine/Hordes instead of WHFB/40K. Pretty interesting. Don’t want to spend too much money on the game so I will try to boost the both starter troops with the least money effort possible.

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New From Privateer Press in January

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Trollbloods: Kriel Warriors: Trollkin Unit with 3 Weapon Attachments (13) $64.99   Kriel warriors are the heart of the armies of the trollkin. These bands of warrior brothers march to war in defense of their people wielding shields, hand weapons, and an indomitable spirit. They are often accompanied by mighty caber throwers, who put their […]

Quick Model Review: Hordes Trollkin FennBlades

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So, as reported I have stumbled down the path of madness adding another faction to my regular play stable – in this case branching out from my tried and true Warmachine Mercs into Hordes Trolls! The weird thing with the troll models I have worked …

OCD … Yeah you know me

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Terrain Building – Ok I’ll admit it I’m obsessive about many things to the extreme. One of my major projects that keeps getting back burnered is my Space Marine Company. Part of the reason it’s taking so long is that I do a unit at a time and tak…

Bendy Boards Battle Board Review

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Today I will be having a look at the new Battle Boards (cue thunder and lighting) from Bendy boards , you may remember when I looked at the crew boards which are suitable for Malifaux and other small skirmishers.. Well Mr Leee has expanded his scope an…