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Nephlilm bolt thrower

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Quick picture of the bolt thrower as mobile artillery is just better..  

Trollbloods know how to Rok…TO THE EXTREME!

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Might as well start with an EXTREME pic! And yes, I do need to yell when I refer to how EXTREME this model is…So yeah.. EXTREME Rok. Since I already bought the extreme mauler just to get the base for my MEGA Mulg, I found myself with this great …

May Releases for Warmachine and Hoardes

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Warmachine: Cryx: All-in-One Army Box $129.99   The quickest and easiest way to storm the battlefields of Warmachine!   A perfect entry point for new players and an amazing value for seasoned vets looking to start a new faction, this All-in-One Army Box contains everything you need to quickly field a complete and competitive army […]

Introducing Frank & Stein – my Dire Troll Bomber Team!

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This started out as 40% inspiration and 60% joke but in my mind has ended up 100% awesome!!!!! (ok 96% awesome and 4% still a joke – makes me smile like crazy!)hehehe the hands are SO MUCH BIGGER than this… but dang this looks cool!Once upon a time I…

Lock & Load Registration is Open

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Lock & Load 2015 Event registration is now open. To plan your days out, check out the full event descriptions on the Lock & Load website. You can’t register without a badge, so buy yours today!   Don’t miss Lock & Load GameFest 2015, held June 5-7. It’s the ultimate Privateer Press gaming experience!

Warmachine/Hordes: Batrep Nr.2 – Legion vs. Khador

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Since my Legion of Everblight 2-Player-Box arrived some time ago, Numbdice and Me met for a gaming session and sent our wives on a party :) After scanning through the rulebook and all my stuff, we decided to start with a Mangled Metal match so that I c…

Play it Painted 1: Cygnar in a week

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So as many of my readers know, I supervise a games club for local kids with board games (like Zombies Keep Out!), card games (like BANG! – ONE OF THE BEST GAMES I HAVE EVER PLAYED!) and miniature based games (like Super Dungeon Explore and DUST:Tactics)  and regular leagues for my favorite miniature game(s) Warmachine/Hordes aka “WARMAHORDES!”

Speed painted Menoth

I find that it is the miniatures games that bring in the most kids and the most attention. Seeing cool tables full of beautiful scenery and cool armies really appeals. I collect starter forces wherever I can get a good deal and have used my promotional support from Privateer Press’ Press Ganger program to ensure that all kids interested can get a start in this game/community regardless of financial standing or ability to collect their own forces. That being said, many of the students have indeed, purchased their own models to supplement the ones that I have so that they can tool up the club forces and/or build their own preferred forces over time! It has been pretty awesome to see the growth and interest in this hobby through the eyes of these kids.  One now has a Cephalyx army in progress, another Cryx, 2 student owned khador forces, 1 menoth, 1 legion and one circle are all now in the works!
As they paint up their models I will be featuring many of them here on the site for all to see.

Ditto for Khador – Impressive big Jacks but I think we can do even better…

The trick/problem on my end is that in gathering up enough starter armies for everyone to play it becomes extremely difficult to ensure that everyone has some nicely painted stuff to feel proud to play and to develop a connection to in those first days of trying things out. I have the Khador and Menoth starter box models all painted up (Pictures/articles about doing them HERE, HERE, and HERE ) but now I am looking to find ways to get plently of my other faction forces together and looking good to fuel young imaginations. So I have decided to start “speed painting” a variety of forces that I have – using all the coolest tricks and shortcuts that I have learned over a lifetime of figure painting. The goal is to crate models that, while they wont win me any awards, will look as good or better than the majority of armies seen on gaming tables (remember we are looking to inspire!) and can be done FAST!

My weapons of choice for this project….

Up first are the boys (and girls) in Blue – Cygnar, bastions of humanity, technology, tolerance and civilization in the Iron Kingdoms. While this may be overstating it a little, Cygnar are generally cast in the hero/good guy role – as such I will be painting them in a clean and bright manner with minimal battle damage and a strong colour palette. Inspired by painters like Schnauzerface, I will be tackling these guys mostly with my airbrush followed by a few keen shortcuts to a good looking finish.

From a friend I got a good deal on a trade for some Cygnar, specifically a Morrowan force based around Constance Blaize and precursor knights:
1 Full Precursor unit, with UA
Charger light warjack
Lancer light warjack
Captain Jonas Murdoch (character UA)

Murdoch is the real star of this list as he allows Merc units to become full on Cygnar units.  This way, despite the narrow focus of the rest of the army, my students could try out a variety of different unit/playstyles in conjunction with this. They have almost exclusively decided that Ogrun Assault Corps is the unit of choice – giving necessary fire support while also being beefy enough to take a beating. That Murdoch gives them the assault special rule just makes them a beautiful place to park some list points and terrify opponents….. I hope to add an additional caster and unit (long rifles or stormblades perhaps) to this sometime during the coming year and I already have a firefly and hopefully a couple heavy jacks coming from a friend in the near future. I also have some Gun Mages in my merc. collection that help round out the options for the kids.

After cleaning the models up, I hit them with a chaos black primer from below followed by light Grey Primer from AMMO of Mig Jimenez  (This stuff goes on thin and beautiful) and finally a spray of VMC Foundation white across all upper surfaces to create basic highlights and shadows on the models.

After this I cracked open my Badger Freak Flex Tints (basically the same thing as the Ghost Tints that Schnauzerface and Mathieu Fontaine have been singing the praises of for some time now but in an older packaging line)  I used teal and blue to blend in some simple layers of a transparent colour over top of the preshaded primer coats.

The result is a great series of colour transitions that are rich enough to pop and which blend into my desired apex white colours in various areas. Look at these (admittedly crappy) phone pics to see what results are possible with this method and try to tell me that it isn’t pretty darn cool.

First colour passes – still a few more layers to go.

Here you can really see it starting to come together on the Charger

Weapons and skin were base coated with a brush, white was tidied up and a bright lime green colour was gently airbrushes on gems/arc nodes/glowy areas etc. for a little pop of colour

 Here is one with the shield attatched, skin tone was given a wash, weapon and armour each with one dry brush and washed with the same AMMO of Mig tracks wash that I washed the skin with.

Here is a small selection of the final washed and highlighted  pieces – completed over my lunch hour in less than 2 weeks (16 figures in about 7 lunches/probably 5 hours total including basing):

A great little force for the students to throw down with! I have also ordered the trencher master gunner solo to use with season two of the Riven Bonds campaign and I hope to expand it soon with another caster and a unit (preferably a shooting one – probably long gunners and/or black 13th for character!) If anyone out there has good suggestions please let me know :)

WARMACHINE Mercenaries First Mate Hawk…

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Hello out there! It’s been a too long since I have gotten to get into the groove of posting miniatures I’ve finished. Take my word for it though that I have painted a ton of minis. I have enough pics … Continue reading

Hordes: Reinforcements arrived

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Doppelpost today! Okay so I still have my big package flying around with lots of fancy stuff I want to use in the future for my Legion of Everblight force.In this picture you not only can see the All-in-One army box. But also the UAs (unit attachements…

WTC 2015 – Accommodation (Video)

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// I made another video for the WTC – this time covering the excellent accommodation players can expect at the Killarney Convention Centre. Until next…

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MMM – Farewell T.P. and Melting the Ice

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© The Smiling Grouch

Welcome back to another Monday Music and Musing episode! Before I really want to start my musing, I have to start (again) with some mourning: Last week one of my favored authors of fantasy (comedy) novels died: Terry Pratchett.


Many artists made drawings and paintings to honor the creator of the Discworld and writer of many many fantastic novels. The picture shown by me is from The Smiling Grouch. On the Tumblr page you can also find some other interesting pictures.

But now let’s continue with something not so sad: On the weekend I had the chance to play two Warmachine/Hordes matches with my Legion of Everblight against NumbDice’s Khador. First a Mangled Metal with only one battlegroup to learn the rules and then a 25pts scenario game with the complete content of the 2-players box. I don’t want to spoil too much because I will try to write down some short battle reports. But since I am still owing you some music:

Power of the Dragonflame by Rhapsody of Fire (formerly Rhapsody), an Italian metal band.

The games where lots of fun and really, really thrilling. I found it absolutely interesting how the game changes in scenario play. Can’t wait for my other stuff to arrive to build a more balanced list.

Have a good start into your week!

So long,

More All in One Army Boxes From Privateer Press

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Warmachine: Cygnar: All-in-One Army Box $129.99   The quickest and easiest way to storm the battlefields of Warmachine!   A perfect entry point for new players and an amazing value for seasoned vets looking to start a new faction, this All-in-One Army Box contains everything you need to quickly field a complete and competitive army […]

WTC 2015 – Venue (Video)

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// So, I made a little video to show off the venue for the 2015 World Team Championships of Warmachine and Hordes… Until next time,…

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MEGA MULG – Part 1

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MULG SMASH!So I don’t normally share my competition entries before an event but this time I am just having too much fun not to share! I love trolls and I really love Mulg – in spirit, in rules in fluff (The NQ article on him from a  few …

Hordes 2-Player box arrived

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Finally it is here! The Hordes 2-Player Box arrived. After some (to be honest extremely long) waiting because our LGS had trouble getting the German box, I have it now in my hands. So I can start with building and painting the stuff and see how much I …

April Releases for Privateer Press

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Warmachine: Retribution: Moros – Light Myrmidon $25.99   Commissioned for Garryth, Blade of Retribution, Moros is a quick and agile myrmidon that strikes using its dual curved blades with the deadliness of an assassin. Its unique power field renders Moros invisible to the naked eye and can be manipulated to lash out and stun potential […]

IKRPG Unleashed – First Thoughts

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I haven’t RPGed in years, but the social side of gaming is one of my favourite elements. It’s probably the most important thing for keeping…

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REVIEW – Las Vegas Open 2015…

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The crew at Frontline Gaming once again hosted the Las Vegas Open. For only being in it’s infancy at two years old, the convention has grown a lot. It’s big game that draws the most players is Warhammer 40,000, but … Continue reading

Milestone reached: 60.000 hits

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So its another milestone which this blog breached: 60.000 hits since I am tracking. Maybe you ask yourself why I am not waiting for the 100k mark for making a happy dance. That’s easily explained: I just count this mark more like 50.000 hits because re…

Hordes: Legion of Everblight: All-in-One Army Box

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Hordes: Legion of Everblight: All-in-One Army Box $129.99 The quickest and easiest way to storm the battlefields of HORDES! A perfect entry point for new players and an amazing value for seasoned vets looking to start a new faction, this All-in-One Army Box contains everything you need to quickly field a complete and competitive army […]

NEWS – New Hordes Gargantuans…

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As expected by most, Hordes got their second wave of Gargantuans just like Warmachine had their second wave of Colossals. All of the new sculpts/sketches look amazing. I personally think it’s really cool that they are mostly all new model … Continue reading

P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 5 Paint trickery!

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Edit – sorry for missing last week – I had this all cued to go and somehow screwed it up and forgot to hit the publish button… oh well back again!So when last we left off – I had painted and mortared the back wall, base coated the floor, rust coated …


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P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 3

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With the wall and floor established and an antagonist/protagonist relationship realized it was important to address the room “décor” that will tell the rest of the story and provide supporting information about the characters and events.

Gorman is an alchemist whose abilities in game are basically defined by his grenades rather than his swordsmanship. If we look at the figure this is also clearly on display where the blade is held up defensively to keep opponents at bay while his right arm is flung back in preparation to throw, causing the cape to wave dramatically and revealing the arsenal slung on his belt. The grenades are the real threat and the basis of the stance of the model.
In the game, Gorman carries smoke bombs, impractical here as he is making his presence clearly known (not hiding), bombs which create instant rust and the dreaded blinding black oil. The use and effects of both of these could definitely be incorporated into the scene with clever use of paint and a few fun tricks. Used correctly they should also add a sense of power and gravitas to our protagonist.

Having conceptually established the criminals as being dangerous and well equipped, it made sense to include a light warjack in their personal armory – certainly useful in most aspects of their shady daily business. Having a firepower heavy warjack in a warehouse full of goods and at close quarters seemed less than completely sensible so I grabbed a Talon (mercenary light warjack) armed with a Stun spear and boasting a shield it seemed to make a great logical bodyguard/enforcer/labor ‘jack.

It was also a target that Gorman could believably shut down in his own special way.

you can see that it is still in pieces here as I “mocked up” the pose and arrangement. 

SO:  How to wreck a Warjack in a believable Gorman-esque fashion.

close to the final pose – time to cut a bit and fine tune.

This warjack would have to be defeated by alchemical process moreso than by brute violence – so it shoud remain realtively intact. The damage and manner of its defeat would be evident in the paint and finish rather than in heavy modification.  I took some time to monkey around with the pose and in the end did a little bit of cutting and pinning to lay this big guy down. I wanted the lines of his body to draw attention in the same direction as the action of the scene so that he became a dynamic compositional element rather than just a piece of scenery or a major character in and of itself. Using the paint to tie its colors into those of the criminals and using additional paint effects to make this defeated wreck harmonious with the overall environment were also very important – but we will come to this in the next installment ;P (ooh a hook!) 

With a bit of work on detailing (strip styrene, granst line rivits, watch parts, brass and wire) and hinging the door to fit it was time to move into primer and finalize the little details for the piece. It was at this point that I nearly made a very costly error. I added alight by the door which looked super cool, but I did so without consideration that it was a GW brand part and that it would be against the rules of the competition. This would come back to haunt me later, but would also give me an opportunity to do something even cooler……

For priming I tried Vallejo’s Black Airbrushable primer  that I borrowed from my buddy Erik, with an overspray of Ammo Of Mig Jimenez Grey Primer. I REALLY prefer the finish of the Ammo brand primer and 
will be picking up their black instead for future work. (you think I would know by now just to default to this stuff in the first place but In the moment I am super glad that Erik had the black to lend me either way!)

Note the extra light being suggested around the lower window and coming from through the doorway as well as directly under the thrice acccursed lamp….. Now the painting was really ready to begin!

Cya next time to show you some really cool paint tricks!

Ranked Attack + Forward Kommander + VASSAL = WIN!

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I’ve been a fan and advocate for using VASSAL to play WMH for years. The only slightly painful bit of using VASSAL is the selecting of models to make up your army. I’ve always found it to be a slow … Continue reading

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