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Another Trollkin Axer #1

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The very fist miniature I ever sculpted was a trollkin axer, it was late 2011 (I finished it in april 2012) and I was quite very happy with the result. Now I can a lot of flaws in it but it was a lot a fun and it gave me confidence to go on and […]

101 Things to Do with Craters #2

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Terrain Making – I finally had a chance to get back to the series I started a few weeks ago. As I mentioned then I have a mold I made for craters back when they were a thing needed for Warhammer 40K. As such i don’t want it to go to waste so I’m …

A trollkin skinner with colours

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A painting of a casting of my sculpture of a trollkin skinner. I enjoyed a lot painting different leather tones on this one. The base is a Secret Weapon Miniature base. Une peinture d’un tirage de ma sculpture de trollkin skinner. J’ai beaucoup aimé peindre différents types de cuir sur celle-ci. La base est une […]

Wrong Eye with colours

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I just finished this guy, I had a lot of fun painting a casting of my sculpture.
I hope you like it.

And the most important : the bro shot.

I Feel the Need….the Need for Speed(painting)

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In my last post I showed you the wolds I assembled last weekend at my parents house. Well I decided I needed to bang these guys out in short order just because. So here they are painted in about ~6-8 hours total spread over a couple sessions over two d…

Gotta be Some Kind of a Record (for me)

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Over the weekend we headed back to my parents house to spend a few days. This typically turns into a zero percent hobby time weekend but for some reason this weekend things just “clicked”. In my last post I showed the GenCon pre-releases I was able to …

GenCon Pre-release Unboxings

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How’s it going y’all long time no post. Things have been pretty busy here and I haven’t really had much to blog about. After getting back from the Southern Ontario Open I had a pretty big lull on the gaming front for no real reason other than life I su…

Ravagore 2

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This is my second ravagore one of the older metal models. I went for just after/before shooting his spit of death with the green stuff flames rising from his mouth. Hopefully it works…

Snapjaw in colors

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Fist painting of my sculpture of Snapjaw.    

Nephilim Warrior

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An odd model and I am not sure if I will use him over other Nephilim types but willing to give him a go.

Trollkin Sorcerer

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WIP : Aleksandra Zerkova #1

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My own version of a Warmachine Character. The official miniature can be seen here Ma propre version d’un personnage de Warmachine. La figurine officielle est visible ici. A step by step in pictures. Un pas-à-pas en photos.  

Painted Rotterhorn Griffon

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These are the prebased pictures of the Rotterhorn Griffon that Katie from Crippled System ( commissioned me to paint. She gave me a picture of a black eagle to try to replicate and I think it came out rather well.This is …

Skull Altar Terrain Piece

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A few weeks ago I was getting a lot of packages from various places all with tons of geek goodness. One of the boxes I received was from Dragonforge which had a few more 30mm bases I plan to use for my Cephalyx and a couple terrain items I was curious …

Kriel Reinforcements: Bearka, Dozer & Smigg, and More

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Yesterday was a big day in the cave as it felt like Christmas in June. In my last post I showed you all my pretty new Cephalyx and today I will hit up my newest trollblood minis.The fancy convention black box… exciting! Hopefully there will be a …

Privateer Press Lock & Load 2014 photo dump…

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It’s been awhile since I posted, but here’s my pictures from Privateer Press’ convention Lock & Load 2014 so stop screaming at me! Enjoy!Filed under: Blog, News Tagged: Hordes, IABN, lock & load, lock & load 2014, lock and load, … Continue reading

WIP : a Trollkin Skinner #6

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Well, it needs some smoothing but it’s pretty much done. Bon, il manque encore un peu de lissage mais il est quasi terminé.  

A Lock N Load Ninja Strikes…..Borka2 Spoilers!

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Well my buddy Mickey is out at LnL having a good time and putting some minis in the painting competition. Last night during the Iron Painter challenge it was announce that Borka2 would be available for sale in the store this am. While I was at the boys…

WIP : a Trollkin Skinner #5

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The end is near for this one. I don’t know yet if i’m gonna put a knife or an axe on the other hand. Celle-là est bientôt terminée. Je ne sais pas encore si je vais lui mettre un couteau ou une hache dans l’autre main.  

Dozer & Smigg: Color Me Surprised

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Well I am sure many of you have already seen this but Dozer & Smigg spoilers hit the web last night. Those that have not see them yet here is the back of their card:The front of the card hasn’t been seen but it is reported he is standard blitzer st…

Southern Ontario Open Recap Part 2

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So after our night on the town the alarms woke us up earlier than any of us really wanted. After rocking the free breakfast at the hotel and the mandatory (should be for all convention goers) shower we threw on the Team Spite shirts (except Tim who for…

New Releases from Privateer Press – June 2014

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It looks like June will be an exciting month. Goreshade the Bastard & Deathwalker – Warcaster & Character Solo $24.99   The abomination called Goreshade the Bastard was once known by a different name. Only decades ago, Ghyrrshyld ruled one of the most powerful houses of Ios. He was obsessed with the decline of his [...]

WIP : a Trollkin Skinner #4

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An update of my work on this sculpture.
Une mise à jour de mon travail sur cette sculpture.

Southern Ontario Open Recap Part 1

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I’m well overdue on writing this post so lets just get at it. Last weekend was the Southern Ontario Open (SOO) which was a masters event which was also a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier. The event was open to 96 players and the final count at the beginnin…

WIP : a Trollkin Skinner #3

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My today’s work on the little guy.
Mon avancée du jour sur le p’tit gars.