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{T}Rolling Along – Long Riders come up short……

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When I decided to pick up a small Trollblood force (HA! I should have known better…my friend Erik and I now own almost the entire faction worth of models between us) one of the units that enticed me to make this leap was the Long Rider Cava…

For the Kriel! Chapter 2

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The next step from assembly was basecoating, or which color in the scheme is most numerous and will be airbrushed? The armor it is!Once I had that out of the way. I knew the only way to keep my sanity and good pace on this job was to bre…

For the Kriel! Chaper One

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It feels good to get back to the trollbloods. I haven’t added any to my own collection in a while, but they are a very familiar territory, so I was very happy when approached with this commission. Also that this client wanted to go for a very…

The math behind Mk3 Tough

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The world as we know is ending, or so you may think if you have lately visited the privateer press forums or the faction facebook groups. One of the changes that have swept the board is the change to tough. Namely, the fact that if a model is knocked down it does not get to do a tough check anymore. This seems like a huge change, right? I mean, a model that passes her tough check and its knocked down will get killed by the next attack. However, tough checks were already rare, believe me, they never work out on my games! So I decided to check the math on it, specifically: “how many more attacks it would take to wipe a

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Kingdom-Con 2016 photo dump…

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Here’s some pics from Kingdom-Con 2016. I had a amazing time once again!Filed under: Blog, News, photo dump Tagged: 2016, Hordes, kingdom con, KingdomCon, san diego, socal, southern california, warmachine

Picking a Warmachine or Hordes faction

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So there is a new version of Warmachine/Hordes coming out and it has intrigued me enough to consider playing again. There are some interesting rule changes being made and it seems as if some work has been done to streamline the game. I won’t say ‘simplify’ as I don’t think that is the intent but […]

A Kindred Spirit in the Chop Shop!

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If you have been enjoying my little updates on converting my troll models you will probably love this post!

If you want to do an Epic Troll conversion first you have to remove the head….My friend Ruin here will show you how!

Kommandant Sanders gonna need a
big bucket for this Chicken!

In the spirit of all the conversions I’ve been showing recently, I thought I would take the chance to point you at one of my favorite blogs about converting and making super cool Warmachine models.  Tom Mennes build incredibly cool armies with a great flair for super dramatic conversion work (which he follows up with really solid paint in really personal and creative schemes). His output is equally impressive given the quality of the work.

Fun models – dramatic poses, and great creative work. I’m watching this one and hope you will too! Definitely worth reading back through his posts as well!!!!!!! LOTS of great tips and Step by step builds!

His Khador army is full of really creative conversions and I absolutely LOVE his paint scheme. Supurb techniques and great unity mean that even with the wild conversions everything is identifiable, cool and harmonious. So well handled. Most of his work is converted – using plastic stock, tubing and a little greenstuff – but really isn’t beyond the realm of others to learn from and attempt on their own. He is really good at showing key steps and materials and explaining his process from concept to creation.

Robo Seraph with Gatling Blight…. AWWW YEAH!

His Everblight army is one of the craziest full army conversions I have seen in Warmahordes. It is simply brilliant! And the paint style on it makes me REALLY want to paint my trolls all in moonlight and glow…. This guys plays to the rule of cool and defys expectations – but always keeps opponents, recognition and playability in mind. A true kindred spirit, I hope I get to meet him at some point because I can think of few armies anywhere or in any game that I would rather see across the table from me.Keep up the amazing work Tom!

Hordes/Warmachine new MKIII Battle Boxes

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As promised I continue to follow the Hype Train and collect more of the rumours and facts about the new edition for Hordes and Warmachine.
One big thing for me are the new Battle Boxes because they always help to draw in new people and normally should also provide older players to get into new editions by providing the rules and stuff for a reasonable price. Most of us will buy the MKIII rulebook nonetheless, but for testing it out those should be perfect.

So lets see what the new boxes will offer us:

  • MSRP $40 for a battle group (1 caster and at least 2 large or 3 medium models)
  • All necessary cards
  • Quick rules
  • A paper battlemap and terrain
  • A paper ruler, dice and tokens

Additional information to these boxes:

  • The caster will be Battle Box only (at least for the first time)
  • The material will be the same PVC as today (although precolored)
  • The paper battlemap is most likely 24×24″, which would perfectly fit for introduction games

My impression so far: 

The paper ruler is garbage (it was already in the current box), the battlemap and terrain I don’t need (but are nice for beginners). But still I hope that you get more than only this stupid wall, maybe some markers for woods or so.

The rest sounds awesome! If they really will stick to 40$ (which will most likely be 40€ because they always do it 1:1) sounds like a perfect price for a starter box. Also you get a hopefully useful battlegroup. For me the Legion one is somewhat 50:50 because I already have half of the stuff, but maybe I can convert some of the Shredders. For me, at this point, it is a must buy (and maybe I will also get a second faction now).

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More information about MKIII

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Nearly a week ago, Privateer Press anounced the new edition for Warmachine/Hordes. Slowly information is trickling into the public and to be honest: I am quite hyped about the bits and pieces that are made public now and are collected in the different …

Privateer Press launches new edition of Warmachine/Hordes

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So today when I read the tabletop news I first had to double check if it is not the 1st of April. But no…
Privateer Press anounced that on 29th of June 2016 they will release a new edition of Warmachine/Hordes!
It will come with new rules, new casters, new cards and new starter boxes. For us Warroom users there shall be a discount on the faction decks, because they will be incompatibel with the old MKII rules.

But first a promotional video from Privateer Press:

So what exactly did they tell us yet?

  • We have rebalanced every model in the game.
  • Each warcaster has a unique, flavorful spell/ability. Some casters already had, some had to be added.
  • Doubled the point scale.
  • Addresses difference between Focus and Fury.

New Mechanics:

  • Power Up: Warjack are allocated a focus for starting in the caster’s battlegroup.
  • Spirit Bonds: As warbeasts die, Warlocks can gain fury “from the grave”
  • Upped warjack/warbeast points. 28-30 points now.
  • Games are still similar sized.

Change with Huge-Base Models:

  • They feel like the monsters of the battlefield like they should.

Presentation of Story

  • Time-skip! Two-year jump.
  • Flash-Point. First installment in a trilogy.
  • Story line stuff. Resolutions and new things.
  • No favorite character is safe.
Let’s see with what they come up with in the future. Looking forward to it.
So long,

Warmachine and Hordes Mark 3 Announced

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Warmachine and Hordes Mark 3 Announced

Privateer Pressed have announced that their Steampunk miniatures games Warmachine and Hordes will be getting a brand new third edition later in the year.
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{T}Roling along – Runeshaper conversion #1

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Hey folks – Back at the workbench again – Had an idea for a new rune shaper model!Now I don’t play Runes of War/Runeshaper Spam but I do have a couple lists I want to play that use one or two units of Runeshapers – my one Jarl list in particular looks …

Hordes: Trollbloods Dire Troll Bomber (Warbeast)

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Well the batteries in the painting machine seem to have faded in the month of March, but during the last week of the month I was able to get my Trollbloods Dire Troll Bomber on the painting table. I did not get him finished in March, but he will b…

{T}Rolling Along – Last of the Fire Eaters AND their new best friend!

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So I have done two posts now showing my fire eater models – and I have saved the best for last… or at least the most extreme conversion!This is one of those models where I will drop it on the table at a major event and have to hope for the best – I t…

Hordes: Blindwater Bog Trog Trawlers

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So I like the Bog Trog minis… and actually played a game of Hordes for the first time in about 6 years so that gave me a little inspiration to paint something. I actually painted my Shambler unit too but not enough light for me to take photos of them…

{T}rolling Along Nicely 2….. MOAR Fire Eater conversions!

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Man that is a pretty obnoxious title… sorry.Anyhoo the task of converting and personalizing my Trollbloods continues! As mentioned last time I have 2 units of fire eaters and I dislike duplication in my models. My first unit were pretty standard – ju…

Strange Aeons: Dave Graffam Print n Fold Cardstock Buildings

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I wanted to share these PDF print-on-cardstock buildings I picked up from Dave Graffam Models. Look, seeing and playing is believing. I didn’t think I would get such a great match for the other Strange Aeons terrain I have been building in cardstock te…

{T}rolling Along Nicely 1….. Feel the Burn! Converted Fire Eaters.

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Following last weeks peek at a couple of my trollblood conversions, I gotta admit I was having a lot of fun so the conversion train just kept rolling along! Over the next while (as the Greenstuff and Glue dries & the pieces resolve) Ill post up pic…

Hordes: Trollbloods Captain Gunnbjorn (Warlock)

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My first Warlock for my Trollbloods army is now complete. I have been slowly working in Captain Gunnbjorn throughout the week, and last night I was able to finish him up.
I still have a lot of models to complete for my 2 50 point lists, and in all honsestly do not think they will be finished by June. I am going to continue working on them and if they get completed, great, if not I will then porobably fall back and play my Gators at Lock & Load.
Debating if should tackle the Highwaymen next or work on a Warbeast…. probably a Warbeast….

Captain Gunnbjorn
Captain Gunnbjorn

Painting Points: 2

Hordes: Minions Croak Raiders (Unit)

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Nothing special with this Unit, these guys were truly just ‘speed painted’ so I can get them done and have 2 full 50 point lists for my Minions.
At least now I am ready for Lock & Load Masters with at least my Gators. My plan is still to complete my Trollbloods for this event, but it will be close to getting them done in time. So I’ll be practicing with my Gators and Khador until then.

Croak Raiders


Croak Raiders

Painting Points: 10

Hordes: Trollbloods Pyg Bushwhacker Officer & Mortar (Unit)

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I am finally quite happy on how the skin turned out on my Trollbloods. As I mentioned in my previous post, I am still trying to figure out the skin tone for this army. I think with these guys I am satisfied and will be using this technique going forward on the rest of my Trollbloods. I know it is not perfect, the layering could be better, but I like the way the color came out and it did not take too long to complete. I still have a lot more models to paint to finish 2-50 point lists for Master’s Lock & Load, so I needed to fins something that paints quickly and still looks decent.
Instead of just using the color ‘Trollblood Base’ followed with a drybrush of ‘Frostbite’, with these guys, after the base color, I then layered on ‘Meredius Blue’ to make them a bit bluer (which I prefer), then just did a few highlights with ‘Frostbite’ instead of drybrushing the model. I think it looks a lot cleaner this way.
Now I am going to slide the Trollbloods over for a very short while and get my final Unit for my Gators completed, the Croak Raiders. Once this Unit is completed I will then have 2-50 point lists for my Gatormen Blindwater Congregation. This will more than likely be my backup plan for Lock & Load if the Trollbloods do not get completed.

Pyg Bushwhackers Officer & Mortar


Pyg Bushwhackers Officer & Mortar

Painting Points: 2

Extreme Mauler

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