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Goodbye WFB…hello Kings of War!

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The announcement came early this week that the US Masters circuit will now be changing to Kings of War. All of the regions voted and KoW won handily with a 7-1 vote. Personally, I’m extremely happy the community is moving…

Extreme Mauler

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Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III

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Here is my Lord Carver I painted recently. He was my entry into a local paint competition, in which he took second place in small fig category. I took tons of WIP photos along the way to get feedback from my buddies as I progressed.So, here is a photo …

WARMACHINE Mercenaries Dougal MacNaile…

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Oh Dougal. Such a cool utility solo if you are running certain lists. He has a ton of cool abilities and has awesome synergies with certain models and lists. I usually use him in my out of tier Butcher2 list … Continue reading

Khador Iron Fang Kovnik 2…

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I decided to paint up my second Iron Fang Kovnik. I just made his shoulder pad black and still left off the cape. Nut sure If I will ever use him, but might as well finish what you got, am … Continue reading

Privateer Press October Releases

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Warmachine: Cryx: Deneghra, the Soul Weaver: Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warcaster $69.99   Deneghra, the Soul Weaver takes to the skies to terrorize her foes. Atop her nightmarish winged necromechanikal mount she blots out the sun, casting a long shadow over those destined to die by her command. She gathers the souls of those slain […]

LVO 2016 February 5th-7th: Warmachine

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In 2016, the Las Vegas Open (LVO) will take place the weekend of February 5th-7th at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. This event is still in it’s infancy, but has become a staple event for the West Coast. The event mainly started out being for Warhammer 40K, but each year has added more and more events. This year they have even added an X-Wing Tournament on Friday/Sunday and Magic The Gathering on Friday night. Tickets for the event officially went on sale August 28th and the Warhammer 40K Championships has already sold out. 286 players.
LVO also offers Warmachine and Hordes events over the 3 day weekend. Here is the list of the Warmachine/Hordes events for 2016:


  • Open Play all day: starting 10 am
  • 8 Man Scrambles: available starting 10 am.

Iron Guantlet
  • Check In: 10:00 am, Start 11:00 am
  • Playing till we have 4 undefeated. Cutting at that point and those 8 play the Guantlet round.
  • After this cut there will be a break and the team tournament will start.

Warmahordes Team Tournament:
  • Check In: 5:00 pm, Start 5:30 pm (estimated start time)
  • End ~1am
  • Formant:
  • 50 points
  • 2nd List Optional, No duplicate casters on teams.
  • 3 Man Teams (WTC Style pairings)
  • We can help make teams for people that are looking for a team at the event.


  • Open Play all day: starting 9 am
  • 8 Man Scrambles: available starting 10 am.

Warmahordes Masters Qualifier Tournament heat 1 (Players are randomly assigned to heats):
  • Check in : 8:00 am, Start 9:00 am
  • End: ~7:30pm
  • 64 Players cap
  • 50 points
  • 2nd List Optional, D&C 1, ADR
  • 5 rounds
  • Top 8 qualify for Sunday Masters

Warmahordes Masters Qualifier Tournament heat 2 (Players are randomly assigned to heats):
  • Check in : 8:00 am, Start 9:00 am
  • End: ~7:30pm
  • 64 Players cap
  • 50 points
  • 2nd List Optional, D&C 1, ADR
  • 5 rounds
  • Top 8 qualify for Sunday Masters

Spell Draft Tournament:
  • Check in : 8:00 pm. Start 8:30pm (or after end of 50 point Tournament)
  • End ~1am
  • 35 points
  • 1 List


  • Open Play all day: starting 9 am
  • 8 Man Scrambles: available starting 10 am.

Warmahordes Masters Finials
  • Top 16 players qualified previously
  • Check in : 9:30 am, Start 10:00 am
  • End~ 6pm
  • 50 points
  • 4 rounds
  • WMW Qualifier* (We had one last year and should have one again this year.)

Warmahordes 35 point Who’s the Boss? Tournament:
  • Check in : 10:00 am, Start 10:30 am
  • End~4:30pm
  • 35 points, one list. Make a list without a warcaster/warlock assuming +5 jack/beast points
  • Who’s the Boss point scoring, Death clock timing.

Closing ceremonies and prizes 6:30-7:00 (at the end of Masters)

First, you must purchase a Convention Badge to partake in any event. You then need to purchase a ticket for which day you would like to play in. For $75.00 you can also purchase a 3 day Warmachine/Hordes pass.
Earlier this year I had thought about attending LVO 2016 for Warhammer 40K (seeing how I missed on it this year, also at the last minute was not able to attend Kingdom-Con). But now with my renewed interest in Warmachine/Hordes, I decided that for 2016 that my son and I will be attending to play in these events.
Part of the reason for attending this event is that I own a timeshare in Las Vegas so I will not need to spend the $400-$500 on a hotel room. The drive is not too far (5 hours / 1 tank of gas). So the real cost for us will be the actual tickets and food for the weekend.
We had thought about just signing up for 1 day (Saturday’s ‘Masters Qualifier Tournament’) and just do open gaming on Friday and Sunday. But we elected to purchase the 3 day pass instead. We are planning on just open play or possible get in on one of the 8 man scrambles on Friday, the Masters Qualifier Tournament on Saturday and on Sunday we will be playing in the Who’s the Boss Tournament. The evening events also look to be fun, but I also want to enjoy my time in Las Vegas and just relax in the evenings.
For me, this weekend will be about just having a good time. I have not been a ‘tournament’ player for years, win or lose, I dont care. Let’s just throw down some dice and I hope to learn from old my mistakes.
With saying that, let’s move onto the list I am thinking about playing in the Master’s Qualifier Tournament. In this event, your 2nd list is optional, but if you do decide to bring one, you must play it in at least 1 game. Seeing how I am just getting back into Warmachine, I’ll stick to just bringing 1 list and learn from that.
I of course will be playing with my Khador Faction. I have a tendancy to always play my Butcher 1 Warcaster, but I think for this event I will be going with a Sorscha 2 Gunline list. I really like the feeling of this list and the Conquest Warjack will be bonded to Sorscha.

Sorcha 2 [Effigy of Valor]{Conquest Bonded}
Forward Kommander Sorscha – WJ: +6
- Sylys Wyshnalyrr, The Seeker
- Conquest – PC: 19

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich – PC: 2
Gobber Tinker – PC: 1

Winter Guard Infantry – Leader & 9 Grunts: 6
- Winter Guard Officer & Standard – Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2
- 3 1 Rocketeer’s: 3
Great Bears of Gallowswood – Volkov, Kolsk, Yarovich: 5
Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters – Cylena & 9 Grunts: 10
- Koldun Kapitan Valachev – Valachev 2
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt – Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt: 4

I am sure when Steamroller 2016 gets released, the ‘objectives’ will be different and I will need to look for a replacement for ‘Effigy of Valor’. For now this will be list.
Like I said I am going to have fun. I have never played with a Colossal before, so let’s go for it.
Unfortunately I do not own many of the models for this list, so today I had to put together an order with Discount Games Inc. This will be my first time ordering with them and they offer 30% off MSRP for Warmachine/Hordes. We’ll see how good there service is.
With having to about 90% of this list, that means I have a lot of painting to do. The next 5 months will be a very busy time getting these all painted. I am going to have to sit down and put together a painting schedule/timeline to get this all accomplished. The good news is that I paint fast when I have an event to attend.
So tonight we will start working on our ‘painting queue’.

WARMACHINE Mercenaries Cephalyx Wrecker Monstrosity…

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I really love these models. I did some modding and cut the left arm chain to make it shorter and used hot water to bend them in more to make them more game friendly. I also magnetized the arms and … Continue reading

WARMACHINE Mercenaries Ragman…

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I’ve had this model sitting around for awhile and finally decided to paint him up. He was pretty straight forward and a quick painting session since there was minimal I had to touch up. I actually still haven’t even used … Continue reading

Daily Chronicle: ‘I Think I Feel An Itch’

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I seem to always start off with “well it’s been x months since my last post”, it has happened again. It has been close to 6 months since my last post, and nearly as long since I played any kind of game. I have been really dedicated lately into my ‘cy…

HORDES Minions Alten Ashley…

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Alten Ashley is a fun little solo I usually run with my chosen anti-Hordes list at the time. I really like the model as it has a lot of character with the slow advancing while smoking a fat cigar pose. … Continue reading

Privateer Press September Releases

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Warmachine: Khador: Iron Fang Uhlans: Cavalry Unit (5) $99.99 S   Serving as the forward fighting arm of an Iron Fang contingent, Iron Fang Uhlans are often the first to ride into the enemy. These mounted Iron Fangs fluidly ride together and meld classical horselord cavalry tactics with the shoulder-to-shoulder fighting formations customary of Iron […]

WARMACHINE & HORDES Free Rules & Massive Errata…

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It was bound to happen and it finally did. That’s right boys and girls, they finally released the core rulebooks for the awesome price of FREE99! DOWNLOAD Warmachine Prime MKII Rulebook DOWNLOAD Hordes Primal MKII Rulebook They have also just … Continue reading

Tyrant Zaadesh Conversion Commission

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Here’s another conversion commission, this time it’s Skorne Tyrant Zaadesh. The client wanted the model posed like this image from Privateer Press:  The model’s original position lent itself to the pose, but only if it was mirrored. The cli…

WARMACHINE Khador Andrei Malakov…

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This was the Warmachine Tactics Kickstarter exclusive sculpt. I really dig the pose and prefer it over the official release. This also marked a point where they started to offer different sculpting styles in which some of the models aren’t … Continue reading

Privateer Press July Releases – it’s like Christmas!

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Warmachine: The Protectorate of Menoth: Anson Durst, Rock of the Faith: Paladin Warcaster $24.99   Anson Durst is the rock on which the enemies of the Protectorate break, a bulwark to the faithful who weathers tides of violence to keep blameless Menites safe. He earned his epithet fighting alongside the theocracy’s defenders to repel wave […]

Lock & Load: Outpost Germany

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Last weekend the first Lock & Load event in Germany was hosted in Frankfurt. For me as Warmachine/Hordes noob this event was clearly positioned in another world. Both in costs and players level :) Nonetheless I followed the discussion on the german Warmachine/Hordes forum and it really sounded as if the German distributor and the especially the organisers put in a lot of heart-blood to make the first of its kind a big bang and show that it pays out to do something like this in Germany :)
If you are interested in the games, they made a playlist of the main games which they also streamed on Twitch:

To give you a little impression of the event, Dominic from Phantasos Studio made a short video:

And on the German Brückenkopf Online, you can also find an article with some impressions of the event.

The only thing I am a little bit sad about is that you couldn’t get the limited stuff on the shop from Privateer Press because as soon as they went online, the shop went down for 2 hours or so. Seems like too many people wanted to have this insane plush shredder:

As said, this is only collecting various stuff I found concerning the event, but I thought that maybe some of you missed it and are interested.

So long,

Month 1 Summary: Prologue: the Gathering Storm

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Hi all,

this is my virgin post on ABO. Decided to start easy and share the fluff piece that I wrote up for the month 1 presentation.

Boss Nob: Badrux
Boyz: 18 shoota boyz including Noir, the Scout
Runtherd with 10 Grots (include Skarz, the lucky grot)
252 points

 Prologue:  The Gathering Storm
Amid the ruin of an old hive city on planet Shechem, Boss Nob Badrux sat amid his group of boyz where they were squabbling over their recent battle bounty from their skirmish with a group of strange ‘elf-dar’, led by one called the ‘Weeping Willow’.
As Badrux thought back, it was a strange battle with the strange pixelated elfdar darting through the doors and popping up amidst his boyz. Definitely very sneaky. 
There was a roar of delight among his camp, as one of his grots, Skarz, was waving his lucky grot blasta, and telling those around him who would listen (mostly his own fellow grots), how he killed the ‘Weeping Willow.’
Badrux knew the truth however, as even as the battle ended, he spotted the ‘weeping willow’ pick himself off the ground and dart back through the portal with his fellow troupe. 
Skarz – the lucky grot’ – claimed kills 3 ,  ‘weeping willow’, ‘dancing elfdar jet bike’, ‘Sgt Manny of the Blood Engles’

Whether did Skarz really did kill the ‘weeping willow’ and other characters, no one knows for sure, he’s claiming the kill anyway and letting everyone know he did!


Noir – Ork boy’ Scout/ infiltrator?

Noir was a regular ork boy except that his armour got stained by an exploding oil squig and somehow the colour never changed back. This distinctive colour difference, means he ends up being ‘volunteered’ for the scout and infiltrate missions, including the over night stay at “Titanz Gauntz’.

*Post Month 1 note: The Blood Axe klan warbosses have taken note of Noir’s actions and might have a role for him in their kunning yet brutal Kommando squad!

*image credit to Melvinus: regent of ‘Titan Gauntz’, otherwise known as ‘TG’


‘Wotz dey after?’ he wondered and more importantly he wished that they would ‘bring bigger gunz next time!’

His attention changed as overhead in the night sky, high above the planet, a whirlpool vortex of light appeared, signalling a ship emerging from the warp. A space hulk full of goodies (and baddies!) on board!
Almost immediately a messenger grot ran up to Badrux telling him his liege, the warboss wants to gather all the boss nobs for mission to loot the space hulk!

Hordes online charity raffle 2015 #WAAC

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The raffle is live for a chance to win a fully painted Legion of Everblight army! Info is below, please use the link to go see shiny pictures of the army and please spread the word Tickets are 1 for £2 or 3 for £5 payable by PayPal to releasetheminions(at) Note – please include an […]

Warmachine/Hordes: Batrep Nr.3 – Legion vs. Khador

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New day, new game, new opportunities. After my lucky win in the Claws & Fangs game the day before, we decided to play a bigger game this time. Since I only had the contents of the 2-Player-Box and a Spawning Vessel, we decided to play a ~25 po…

Nephilim protector

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Do like a light beast with an abundance of armour don’t you?

Scatter Terrain Review

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The lovely guys at SGS have recently released some scatter terrain that has a nod towards the amount of terrain expected for a Guild Ball game BUT also will work nicely with any of the skirmish level games (Malifaux/Warmachine etc.). But first a little background to the Nick and SGS. Starting as a seller of […]

Painting Nyss with the magnificent Shoshie!

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An example of Shoshie’s commission work! This week I am pleased to present a tutorial by a special guest; Shoshie from Shoshie’s Magnificent Minaiture Painting service. She is a really great commission painter that I met at GenCon and wh…

Hordes Minions Gatormen Jaga-Jaga Warlock…

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Hello all! It’s been some time since I’ve done any work on my Gatormen, but alas I was fully painted with no new models I wanted until I saw Jaga-Jaga. She is definitely one of my favorite models from the … Continue reading

Nephlilm bolt thrower

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Quick picture of the bolt thrower as mobile artillery is just better..