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LVO Las Vegas Open 2016 photo dump…

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Daily Chronicle: ‘LVO 2016 Friday-Sunday February 5th-7th Recap’

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I thought I was going to have time at the end of each day to write up a daily recap of the LVO Warmachine, but that did not happen, so I am going to try and recap all 3 days in one post.    Friday February 5th, 2016 For my son and …

Daily Chronicle: ‘LVO 2016 Thursday February 4th Travel Day’

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Thursday February 4th was my son’s and I travel day up to the Las Vegas Open 2016. We left Phoenix, AZ at 9:00 AM and arrived in Las Vegas, NV around 2:00 PM local time.
Since we arrived a little early for hotel check-in, I decided to get some shopping done for my family at the M&M’s store. Once we finished with that, it just about time to check-in.
After check-in at the Bally’s Las Vegas we rested for a little bit until 6:00 PM when badge pick up and registration opens for the event.
We headed downstairs to the events center to check out the venue. Once we picked up our badges we walked around the hall for a little bit and snapped a few photos.

Warmachine Final Table




After walking around for a little bit, my son and I headed next door to Paris and enjoyed dinner at their buffett.


Once dinner was completed we headed across the street to Caesar’s Palace and my son and I walked the Forum shops to close out the evening.


It was now getting late an we headed back to our hotel so we can wake up early Friday and hit the Privateer Press store for some new releases.
Stay tuned for the official Day 1 of the LVO.

So what about that 2015 eh…

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Looking back 12 months ago I can see a year filled with a measure of confidence and a hint of common sense. Did I manage to achieve anything from my plan?

Flames Of War 
Yeah, let’s cut to the chase there and say… no. Most, if not all of the items on my list did not progress very far at all. I still want to do my British Comets and got to see how good a list they can be when handled well at FlamesCon last year. The Masters were a wish that I never even came close to achieving after only heading out to a handful to tournaments. I feel a bit guilty about that given I work for the company but I do get to spend my days thinking about all sorts of Flames Of War goodness that it’s nice to have other things on the go.

Dust Tactics 
The hiatus continues on the Dust front. I have my extra Steel Guard units now (Thunderbolt and Lightning) but haven’t had the enthusiasm to get them primed and painted. I blame Victor for not organising some games for Andrew and I.

WarmaHordes – aka The Year (Decade) Of The Troll.
I actually did a decent amount of painting last year! I didn’t finish my 50 points but I made more progress on it than any preceding year. My friend Chris Baker gave me some wonderful pointers on airbrushing 28mm figures and I was able to do a pretty decent job of remembering some of his tricks. Certainly the army (half finished) looks really good and given a concerted effort I think I could push my way to 50 points for the next big tournament that I am likely to get too (in August/September). I also took the half-finished force out to Lords Of Ruin in Wellington last year and it was excellent. Almost every game ran the full time on the clock making for hard fought, exciting games where I felt like I had a chance to win – unlike most of my WarmaHordes games. The recent nerf to Warders has dented my enthusiasm a little, but being competitive in WarmaHordes is not a priority so I am sure I will bounce back.

X-Wing (and Armada)
Loving it. Having less hobby time now than in the past I am really enjoying the casual nature of the game and the low requirements (i.e. zero) on my hobby time. I took 3 Phantoms to the NZ Nationals last year and had a blast. It was not a very competitive list (could have been the Squadron Leader?) but it really surprised a few opponents. The NZ meta is quite variable with a good mix of lists, so vs low pilot skill hordes it was awesome, whereas elite high pilot skill squadrons it suffered. Taking such a wacky squadron made the day loads of fun. Looking forward to seeing what 2016 brings after the release of The Force Awakens.

Building Battlefields
Yet another year went by on this front… in the middle of 2015 BF moved offices and we lost our massive gaming/hobby space and I have not been organised (or incentivised?) enough to make a space at home where I can leave everything laid out for a while as I paint and flock up a pile of stuff. I still want to tackle all my Battlefield in a Box product though and get them all flocked up as the roads and forest bases (especially) look better with a little flock on them. I did spend some time on my Tablescapes Urban Tiles and the sample tiles are coming along nicely!

So What Happened?
I was sitting on the train heading home one night last year and found myself getting annoyed at how little gaming and “hobby stuff” I’d done over 2015 and I realised that there were a number of things getting in the way.

1.    “Life” –The average week day looks like this; Get up, shower etc, organise breakfast for my son, walk to train, catch train, walk to work, work, walk to train, catch train, walk home, have dinner, play with my son, bath (for my son), put him to bed/do dishes and tidy up, and bang, its 9pm at night, watch TV or play some World Of Warships to decompress after the days activities and it is off to bed. Another day done. Weekends have more time spare but 70% of the week looks like this.

2.    “Laziness” – Looking around my traditional gaming group (which goes back over 20+ years to university days) that instead of gaming we tend to sit round playing Clash Of Clans during our usual catchups. Instant gratification, no effort, and when you are all playing in the same Clan you get a similar feeling to tabletop gaming where you can discuss raids, plan for Clan Wars etc. Our “group” decision was that this year we will make much more of an effort to put down the tablets and play a game or two a month. So far it has worked.

3.    “Kids” – My son is three and a half and loves playing with dad so there is plenty of time kicking footballs, playing with lightsabers, watching Thomas the Tank Engine etc. We have also recently added another member to our family and as time passes I am sure he will want to do the same thing. Bottom line, less time and less energy for hobby stuff.

4.    “Work” – Some (or more than a usual amount) of my blog energy last year seemed to be directed towards stuff for work. Whilst there was no one project that consumed it all, it was a thing here, an article there, and some painting for that. 

I am envious of my friends that have similar constraints on their time but still seem to do it all. Guess I need to train up the kids to paint.

So Whats The Plan?
I’ll cover this in another post but I am heading into 2016 with a realistic take on things, but still deluding myself that I’ll get a lot done. Team Yankee, Terrain, Trollbloods, and US Marines are all on the schedule for this year and that’s taking into account an almost four week old baby at home.

However the one New Years resolution I plan on keeping is that this year there won’t be so many posts on the blog starting with “So its been a while since I posted anything…”

NEWS – What’s in store for 2016…

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2015 was a pretty good year for for me regarding tabletop gaming. I still have a big backlog of pics to take of finished miniatures, but I’ve been enjoying being a slacker too much. So what’s in store for me … Continue reading

Hordes: Minions Bloody Barnabas (Warlock)

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Now it is official, my Minions Blindwater Congregation are finished. The ‘Bloody Baranbas’ Warlock my son purchased for me for Orthodox Christmas was completed Monday night (was to busy with work yesterday to post any pictures). It feels real goo…

New Year…New Games

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It has been roughly 6 months since Games Workshop stabbed me in the heart. The Old World is dead. In its place, a new “game” and setting called Age of Sigmar was introduced. I played it. I hated it. If you played…

Hordes: Minions Gatormen Posse 2 & 3 (Unit)

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The last 2 Units for my Gatormen Army are now completed, 2 more Units of Gatormen Posse. To speed things along with these guys, I elected to paint both Units at the same time. With all the same colors, it was a no brainer. The Leader of each Pos…

Daily Chronicle: ‘Barnabas and Steamroller Objectives’

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I do not have any painted models per se to post today, so I thought I would do one of my ‘Daily Chronicles’, it has been awhile since my last one.  I am Orthodox Christian and yesterday was our Christmas. So last night we gathered at my Mom’s hou…

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Impaler (Warbeast)

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After finishing my Trollblood Troll Whelps the other day, I was debating if I really liked the way the bluish color came out. I was thinking it was a bit too dirty for my liking (though I usually like the dirty look, I wanted my Trollbloods to be a bi…

Hordes: Trollbloods Troll Whelps (Solo)

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Well it has been 5 years since I first purchased a Trollbloods model till the time I actually painted some. I always wanted my Trollbloods to be painted in the ‘Winter’ (bluish) scheme and I was always afraid that my painting style would not look to g…

Hordes: Minions Gatormen Posse 1 (Unit)

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My first painted models for 2016 are now completed. Sunday’s are great for watching football (NFL) and painting at the same time and that is exactly what I did (even though my Arizona Cardinals failed to show up to the game yesterday). After my S…

Battle Report: Hordes 1/2/2016 Circle Orboros vs Minions (15 Points)

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Last night my son and I played our first Warmachine/Hordes game for 2016. So I guess that’s a pretty good start to getting in 26 games for the year. Seeing how I was able to finish my Battlegroup for my Gatorman Army, we elected to give them a try and play some Hordes.
Seeing how we were just playing ‘Tooth & Claw’, the scenario we played was from the Primal Rulebook ‘Claw & Fang’.
My son who was playing Circle Orboros was Player 1, and I elected to be Player 2.
15 Points “Claw & Fang”
Player 1: Dragi
Faction: Circle Orboros
Kromac, Champion of the Wurm
– Ghetorix
– Argus
– Gorax
Player 2: Dean
Faction: Minions (Blindwater Congregation)
– Blackhide Wrastler
– Bull Snapper
– Ironback Spitter
Seeing how I have not played a game of Hordes in such a loooooooong time, this game was more of just a learning experience and getting familiar with the mechanics of the game. The scenario calls for Assination or destroy or your opponent’s Warbeasts.
Before we started play, I did a quick glance again of the card for Rask, I saw an Assination plan that I was going to shoot for (pun intended).
For the first few turns both of our Warbeasts were approaching each other. I was using some spells that was slowing his movement which helped. Bull Snapper went after Argus and finished him off in 2 turns. Ironback Spitter took a shot at Ghetorix and did some damage, but a few turns later Ghetorix might axe brought down my Ironback Spitter.
I then saw an opening on Kromac. I moved Rask a few inches closer towards Kromac and shot him with ‘Paralysis’ with a hit. That brought down the Defense on Kromac to 7. I then cast ‘Boundless Charge’ on Blackhide Wrastler and charge him towards Kromac. That was it…. Kromac went down for the count.
15 points of Minions fully painted.
Kromac goes down.

Happy New Year! What’s in store for 2016

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Happy New Year 2016! Everyone.
2015 started off really good for me in hobbying/gaming, had a dry spell half way through, and then really picked back up late in the year with my resurgence into Warmachine/Hordes.
The other day I wrote my 2015 Year in Review and I was quite amazed with the games I did and did not play. The 2 games that I thought would see little time, saw the most, and the 2 that I thought would see a lot, saw very little.
So today we work on our goals/objectives for 2016.
First off I would like to say, that I am going to try and be very reasonable with this list. Cycling in 2016 is still going to take away a lot time for me to get in gaming/hobbying. I am on a local race team for the year and I will have a lot of weekends where I will have to attend an event. So we try and squeeze in our gaming/hobbying in between.
Second, years ago a friend wrote a blog post asking what kind of gamer are you in order. Gamer, Modeler or Collector. I have always thought of myself as a Collector/Modeler/Gamer. I enjoy the collecting of the different armies, followed by the painting of them and finally getting to actually pay games with them. I still see myself as this way.
Let’s start:
Bolt Action
As I mentioned the other day and last year. Between my son and I we have 3 fully painted armies. Getting in at least 1 game in 2016 would be 1 more than 2015.
Painting Goal: None at the moment.
Gaming Goal: Play at least 1 game.
Dungeons & Dragons (Rolepaying)
Roleplaying games take a lot of commitment on a weekly basis. I honestly do not see myself getting involved with another group unless it is planned to be a short session.
Warhammer 40K
No plans at all for completing any more armies, the prices from GW are too ridiculous for me.
Painting Goal: None at the moment.
Gaming Goal: I can see myself possibly getting in a few games.
Now this is the one that I see will take up most of my time in 2016. If the year continues as it ended in 2015, it should be a good year. The big question is hopefully my son will not get burnt out on Warmachine/Hordes. As long as he stays interested, I see myself staying interested. As I mentioned the other day, I love the sculpts from Privateer Press. So even if the gaming is down for the year, the plan will still to be to collect and paint.
Painting Goal: Tough to say. I use a Painting Points system each year to track my painting progress. Not sure if I will put a number for a goal, but maybe a collection of armies. I am in the middle of painting my Gatorman Army, after the Gatorman are completed to at least 50 points, I will probably move onto my Trollbloods or continue on my Khador. My Khador Army for Warmachine is “my” army. That is the army that will be played most and I would like to try and collect all the models for Khador. So that will be my goal, to at least own every Khador model. Getting them painted will be a different story. Any ‘new’ armies for Warmachine/Hordes, unsure at the moment.
Gaming Goal: I would love to say 52 games (average 1/week, which may be doable) but let’s be realistic. Let’s shoot for half that. 26 Warmachine/Hordes games played for 2016.
I really want to get back involved with this game, realistically if I concentrate as much time as I have planned for WM/H, it may be unlikely, especially since we are ow behind on quite a few of the Wave releases. Plus the game has always been a ‘meta’ game with the latest releases.
Painting Goal: Not applicable.
Gaming Goal: I am going to shoot for at least 5 games played of X-Wing.
This is a new topic for 2016. I always enjoy attending conventions, more for the comraderie with other players than ‘winning’ a tournament. When I lived in Chicago, it was always AdeptiCon each year. Living in Arizona, attending AdeptiCon gets a little costly. We already have 2 events planned for 2016. Las Vegas Open in February, PP Lock & Load in June, and I am going to look for one possibly in the Fall (maybe Warmachine Weekend).
So to keep it simple, it looks like 2016 will mostly be Warmachine/Hordes and attending some Events/Conventions.
Time for some modeling!!!

New Year = New Start at LITW (Yup I am back!)

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First off, Happy New Year!Second – man am I looking forward to a new year, and leaving this one in the past.Before I start rambling, posting pics of minis and slinging paint I want to shout out great thanks to all who will continue to read what I post …

Hordes: Minions Wrong Eye & Snapjaw (Solo)

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My last post for 2015. I thought I squeeze in a few more Painting Points before the year is up
My 50 point Gatorman Army is getting closer and closer to completion, all that is left is 3 Units of Gatorman Posse (I’ll probably start assembling them tomorrow afternoon and over the next two weeks they will probably be painted).
I’m also still trying to find time to squeeze in practice games. LVO is fast approaching and I still have a lot to learn with my Khador Army. Hopefully sometime this weekend I’ll be able to get in a 50 point game with them.
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
Painting Points: 6

2015 Year in Review

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Well once again it is that time of year where us gamers do a recap of our accomplishments (or non accomplishments) from the year.
I had pretty high ambitions for 2015 when it started out, but then the weather warmed up and my Cycling started to take over my life (and health…losing 90lbs from cycling). Cycling 3 times a day made it hard to get any other hobbies in for the day, then on the weekends it was usually going out riding with a group for longer rides which took up most of the day and throwing in some out of town weekend Tours.
2015 started out with my post “What’s in store for 2015“, so I will be using that original post and we will review how the year has went.
Bolt Action
This was a game I had thought was really going to see the gaming table a lot in 2015 (with having 3 fully painted armies and models to add). I had ranked this game as a Top 2 for me to play in the year. As you can see in my Sidebar, I played 0 games of Bolt Action. BUST
X-Wing was predicted to be my Top game for the year, with pre-painted models and games only lasting about 75 minutes, I thought for sure this would be played a lot. I started the year with a pretty decent start, playing 7 games…..then nothing. Not even the new movie got me re-excited for the game. I also personally feel that Fantasy Flight Games started releasing their Waves a bit too fast for me. I enjoyed it when the Waves were not one right after another and gave you sometime to collect the models. BUST
Dungeons & Dragons
With the release of D&D5E in late 2014, I got really excited for this game and jumped back into role playing. My oldest and youngest son both joined me and we found a weekly gaming group. We did finish the first 2 official modules for D&D5E. Then the group wanted to play an alternate universe that did not interest me so the roleplaying stopped.
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
Like with X-Wing, this game started hot for my oldest son and I, then died on me. We managed to play 8 games for the year.
Warhammer 40K
I had rated this game farely low (3 on a scale 1-10) for being played in 2015. The first 4 months of the year that changed. I managed to get in 8 games, paint a few models and we started a map based campaign. Then as I mentioned above, the weather got nice and I stopped all gaming from April-September.
I really do like W40K 7th Edition, but GW’s prices are extremely high, and I feel there are too many codexes out now for all the different variations you can have in the armies.
Warhammer Fantasy Battles / Kings of War
As I predicted with a score of 1, Fantasy did not see any gaming time for me, nor any interest.
This one I had scored it a 3 and that depended if the bug bite to play again. Well in September for some reason that bug must have bite me pretty hard. Warmachine got me back into gaming for 2015. Since September I managed to get in 7 games and this month I was able to paint up 32 models.
My son and I are also registered to attend the Las Vegas Open for Warmachine in February, and we are also signed up for Privateer Press’s ‘Lock & Load’ in Seattle in June of 2016.
With Warmachine/Hordes, I enjoy the farely low model count in the army (takes less time to setup a game). PP does a nice job with their Steamroller Rules each year with different scenarios, and with ‘deathclock’ the games are played pretty fast. For some reason, I really really enjoy the sculpts of the models, especially Hordes and I enjoy my time painting them.
Thinking this game may be a bust, it turned out to be a late hit for me.
Flames of War
Just like Bolt Action, another BUST for me with 0 games played.
Legends of the Old West
I still had no inclination to play an Old West game in 2015. I scored it a 2 and it received a 1.
Beyond the Gates of Antares
I gave this game a score of 7. I was pretty excited to see a sci-if version of Bolt Action and I really thought I may get into this game. The official rules were released late in 2015, and I did NOT purchase them. A lot of locals did purchase the rulebooks and starter sets. For now I am holding back, maybe I did not jump into it because I actually played some W40K this year (and still have plenty of armies for W40K).
That’s about it for 2015. The year started off really strong and is finishing really strong (with a hiatus in between).
Stay tuned on Friday January 1st when we find out What’s in store for 2016!

Hordes: Minions Bull Snapper (Warbeast)

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My Minions Gatorman Battlegroup is now completed. For my Battlegroup, I have my Warlock Rask, and for my Warbeasts; Blackhide Wrastler, Ironback Spitter and Bull Snapper. I am now ready for some ‘Tooth & Claw’ games.
The Gatorman really fit my painting style with dark colors, so I can quickly get them painted and onto the battlefield.
Up next will be my Solo, Wrongeye & Snapjaw. Not sure if they will be done before New Years, if not they will be one of the first posts for 2016. After they are completed, then it’s 3 Units of Gatorman Posse and I will then have 50 points completed.
Bull Snapper
Bull Snapper
Painting Points: 2

Hordes: Minions Ironback Spitter (Warbeast)

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Earlier today I had said it was good weekend for me and painting my Hordes Gatorman. Two posts in one day. After I finished my Warlock Rask yesterday morning, I had then decided to start on my next Warbeasts Ironback Spitter. Just like with Rask…

Hordes: Minions Rask (Warlock)

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It was a good weekend for painting some Hordes Gatorman for me. I actually got quite a bit accomplished and a few models prepped and waiting in queue. Up next we have the Minion Warlock Rask. For now he will be leading my Gatorman army (may even…

Hordes: Minions Blackhide Wrastler (Warbeast)

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Well I officially started on a Hordes army for myself. A few years ago I started collecting a Trollbloods army (still have them) but did not start painting them. I did finally get enough models for the Trollbloods to fill them to 50 points and eventually they will see the painitng table. Any ways a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to do a Gatorman Army for my first painted Hordes Army. So I found a nice 50 point list that is more melee based compared to my Trollbloods and purchased the models.
Since my Khador are done for now (a very short ‘now’) it was time to change it up a bit and paint some Gators this weekend. My plan is to get my Warbeasts and Warlock done first before my Units so that my son and I can practice with some ‘Tooth & Claw’ games.
So up first for the Gatorman was ‘Blackhide Wrastler’.
Blackhide Wrastler
Blackhide Wrastler
Painting Points: 5

Hordes: Minions Gobber Tinker (Solo)

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It was a pretty sucessful weekend for me, along with finishing Sylys on Friday night, Saturday I spent the day working on a Minion Solo, Gobber Tinker.

That is one thing that I really enjoy about Warmachine/Hordes, I love the look of the models and enjoy painting them, especially models like Gobber that are a little different.

Gifted with an innate mechanikal aptitude, gobbers often find themselves in high demand on the battlefields of western Immoren. Almost every commanding officer can find a use for a talented gobber tinker. Armed with their tools and a trusty sidearm, tinkers can develop a reputation for solid work in harsh conditions and make considerable fortunes—if they survive the rigors of war.

Gobber Tinker
Gobber Tinker

Painting Points: 2

2016 Lock & Load Badges Are On Sale!

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Badges for Lock & Load 2016 are now on sale!

As we announced last week, Lock & Load GameFest 2016 is going to be even more unique than Lock & Load experiences of years past, thanks to changes in our annual schedule. We’ve decided to make Lock & Load the anchor for the year. This means all of our organized play seasons will begin and end at Lock & Load GameFest—right alongside our Iron Gauntlet World Championship. The annual Keynote Panel has also been moved to Lock & Load, so if you want to know about the hottest upcoming releases from Privateer Press, you don’t want to miss this event.
Badges for the event are now on sale—$72 for a will-call badge or $75 for a shipped badge. With badges now available, you should book your hotel room right away! This year, we’ve set up three blocks of rooms for the event with three excellent area hotels. As an incentive to book your room in our block, we’re offering a free exclusive miniature to anyone who stays in our block for both Friday and Saturday night! Each room reservation that spans those two nights will receive two copies of the miniature, so you won’t have to argue with your roommate about who gets it! This year’s exclusive model will be a special variant model of Colbie from the Black River Irregulars. Colbie will come complete with a stat card so she can be played in your WARMACHINE army at the show and beyond. There will be a standard release of Colbie at a later date, but you can secure this Lock & Load exclusive sculpt and start playing Colbie in June by booking your hotel with our partners.
© Privateer Press Inc. All Rights Reserved
*Work in progress, final product may change

We hope that all of you can join us this June for Lock & Load GameFest 2016. It is no exaggeration to say it is the weekend we all look forward to most each year. To all of our friends from Lock & Loads past, we’ll see you sooner than you think, and to the new friends who will make it out for the first time this year, we can’t wait to meet you!

To purchase your badge, click here.
To book your room and receive our special rate, call the listed number and mention the Lock & Load GameFest or click the listed link to book online.
Coast Hotel Bellevue—425.455.9444 or book online.
Courtyard Marriott—425.454.5888 or book online.
Hilton Bellevue—1.800.643.7907 or use group code LOCKCI and book online.
Since I just recently gotten back into Warmachine/Hordes and we are attending the LVO Open in February, I thought why not and let’s attend the 2016 Lock & Load. The other day I booked our hotel room at the Hilton (before they sold out) and today the badges were purchased for the both of us. I am not sure how many tournaments I will play at this event, I may be going to attend the seminars. We shall see when they finally release all the event information.

Hordes: Trollbloods: Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet: Epic Trollkin Warlock Unit (2)

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Hordes: Trollbloods: Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet: Epic Trollkin Warlock Unit (2) $34.99 Hoarluk Doomshaper has cemented himself by word and deed as an essential pillar of the United Kriels, preaching a violent rhetoric embracing aggression and the annihilation of all foes. He has proven that victory cannot be attained through peace, but instead requires strength […]

Hordes: Trollbloods: Glacier King: Gargantuan

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Hordes: Trollbloods: Glacier King: Gargantuan $134.99   Unearthed by Hoarluk Doomshaper, the glacier kings walk the world again as embodiments of winter and the frozen north. Localized storms laden with ice and snow swirl about their towering forms. Streams and lakes ice over at their passing, and the moisture in the air crackles as it […]