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Breaking Down the Horus Heresy FAQ

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The Horus Heresy has been in dire need of an FAQ for a long time – while generally a tighter ruleset than 7th Edition 40K was, invariably things come up, […]

Finished! Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor’s Children

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This is my second time painting this model, it was a fun challenge to not look back at the previous version and try to beat the CMON score..Still haven’t checked that but here he is, 2018 version.Gallery View

Epic 30K odsłona 39: Transport Niosących Słowo | Epic 30K part 39: Word Bearers transport

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Kolejna część modeli Word Bearers, sojuszników Mormegowych Pożeraczy Światów. Transportery rhino do pokazywanych lata temu taktycznych marines tego legionu i Vakrah Jal oraz dwa vindicatory – w końcu zawsze przyda się trochę dodatkowego ognia.Next…

Epic 30K odsłona 38 | Motory Pożeraczy Światów | Epic 30K part 38: World Eaters’ bikers

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Pięć podstawek motorów Pożeraczy Światów w malowaniu Mormega. Cztery to starsze modele plastikowe, natomiast podstawka z dowódcą to model nieco nowszy, wydany do ostatniej bodajże wersji gry.Swoją drogą niesamowite, jak leci czas. Ostatni wpis z tego c…

Word bearers- librarian

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Next up I need an HQ choice for the army. I had an old Severin Loth model from Forgeworld that I never go round to painting.  Given he’s in Mark IV Armour he makes a good Librarian.I decided to do a nice green fade on his sword, I did this using c…

Word Bearers- another support squad!

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Here’s another support squad. Has to be volkite this time, because what is more Horus Heresy than volkite weaponry?I decided to go for a purple glow to volkite as all the fiction depicts red lasers, however, in a red army I didn’t think this would look…

Five Random Things I’d Like To See Changed in the Horus Heresy

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When my hobby time is limited for one reason or another, I like to build army concepts in my mind, and lately, I’ve been on a Horus Heresy kick. But […]

Word Bearers- support squads

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Hello again, I decided to flesh out my troops choices with a flamer squad, good for burning all those monuments to false gods and so on. They’ll need to acquire a ride at some stage to get close enough to bring things.I think these guys could be quite …

Showcase: Death Guard Mastodon by Silvernome

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What’s better than a tank? THE BIGGEST OF THE TANKS! With 8th edition, Chaos can finally take the mighty Mastodon and Jason couldn’t wait to add it to his Death Guard forces…More after the jump

Guns, Dorfs and Elfs!

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The last two weeks have been a really eclectic painting line up for me. I managed to knock out some long-waiting kits and start on some others that have been sitting on the periphery of my painting queue. Adding a second Vindicator to my Imperial Fists…

Dino Debut

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Hey there guys! This will be my first blog post, as university term has just ended and so I’ve finally gotten enough time to work on my hobbies!As a quick intro to me, I’ve been doing wargaming since I can remember, and while I’ve been playing Gam…

Battle Report – Adeptus Titanicus (1988) – #TBT

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  Excited for the release of the new edition of Adeptus Titanicus from Forgeworld, we take one last run through the original 1988 boxed set in ‘Engage and Destroy’ between the Fire Wasps and Death’s Heads! Advertisements

Battle Report – Horus Heresy – Iron Warriors vs. Alpha Legion

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  Chris returns with his Iron Warriors to take on my Alpha Legion in a 2000pt game of Tide of Carnage from the Age of Darkness Core Missions! Advertisements

Pyrithite or Adrasite: Which Gun for the Guys in Gold?

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While the Custodian Guard have been out for Horus Heresy for a long time now, the resin weapon upgrades are relatively new – so I thought I’d crunch the numbers […]

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius – Part 3

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I can’t believe it. I had an idea and it worked!! Here he is all Blu-Tacked together for a quick photoshoot. I’m really happy with how this conversion came out. He reminds me of a Spartan with his spear, cloak and helmet crest especially in the bottom …

Showcase: Death Guard Leviathan Dreadnoughts by Silvernome

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Hey everyone, Silvernome here back with more Chaos Legion goodness. I wanted to start sharing some of my Death Guard force.More after the jump

Hail Hydra! Assembling Alpharius – Part 2

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Work on the big Man continues. I forgot to mention in the last post that I also did some alterations to his base. I added some additional details from my bitzbox to help slightly alter his pose and add a bit more height. Anyway, on with the important p…

More word bearers- Terminators

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Next squad is some cataphractii, I’ve had these lying around for a while after buying six betrayal at calths….They didn’t fit into my other armies due to legion specific Terminators or a less than terminator friendly aesthetic such as my raven guard….

Hail Hydra! – Assembling Alpharius – Part 1

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Time to dive back in after some hobby-burnout. Sorry for the radio silence these last couple of months, lots of things kept getting in the way of my hobby time and the longer this went on the harder I found it to get back into the swing of things. Well…

Word bearers and why the silence

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Hello again, we’ve been pretty quiet recently and that probably needs some explaining. Sometimes life gets in the way of toy soldiers….and other times you get challenged to paint 1500pts in a month! So, I decided to work with what I had, which was a …

Word bearers- Gal Vorbak

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Time for some signature units I think. Gal Vorbak are utterly brutal and really define the Word Bearers. I bought two packs, unfortunately one marine came without arms…so I contacted forgeworld, provided a photo and they were happy to fix it. If fact…

Warhammer Fest 2018 Download

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It’s been at least a decade since I last attended any kind of Games Workshop event, so it was was something of a novelty for me heading to the Ricoh Arena for Warhammer Fest. New venue and new format from my perspective and I had a pretty fun day truth…

Battle Report – Horus Heresy – M.31 Ep 39 – Iron Warriors vs. Questoris Knights

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  Chris brings his freshly painted Iron Warriors to face House Metallum in this 2.5k Horus Heresy game of Shatterstrike! Advertisements

Horus Heresy Word Bearers Legion

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I’ve finally have some spare time to upload some more completed miniature images from the studio. Even though we are currently not taking commissions, I’ll still be uploading images of completed miniatures from commissions as we work our way through to catching up. As such prepare for a whole lot […]

Season Three: Catch-up

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This weeks YouTube upload is wednesday’s Twitch/TV stream during which I showed the final (or thereabouts) Leviathan build ready for Warhammer Fest & Golden Daemon. On the painting table was a Word Bearers legionary, the topic being painting daemon…