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He is big. He is mean. and he carries a BIG axe. Its Lucky to his friends and he is the most fun I have had with a model in along time. Yes the sculpt is old, but he is … Continue reading →

Soul Splitter

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He maybe shamed as an Ice Caste member but at least his bow is nasty and he can deliver some sunder armour from a far (no-one likes sunder armour).. Advertisements

Soul Warden

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I did enjoy painting this guy up and as I am cheater painted him up so he matches both my Air and Ice caste so he can pull double duty!! Advertisements

Ice Elemental

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I love the clear resin models the CMON did for Dark Age and the Ice Elemental is no exception to go alongside my Air caste chaps! Although will be honest he probably isnt the best model to take photos off! … Continue reading →


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I will admit the older metal models are not as cool as the plastics but this guy does the job. Advertisements