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Dance of Bronze 16

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So, something that has been completed and to be honest has been for sometime now with this being the first skirmisher stand for a Basic Impetus Macedonian army to suit both Philip and Wee ‘Eck and the Macks.The figures are from Foundry’s original range…

Dance of Bronze 16

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So, something that has been completed and to be honest has been for sometime now with this being the first skirmisher stand for a Basic Impetus Macedonian army to suit both Philip and Wee ‘Eck and the Macks.The figures are from Foundry’s original range…

Republican romans

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Finally after two years I have finished basing my republican romans for impetus, these chaps will possibly be sold in my reorganisation of my collection this year, another project off the to do list.

Colonial Impetus

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Something a bit different as Matt coverts the Baroque version of the Impetus rules to cover 19th Century action in the Sudan. Matt digs out his British and Mahdists, which are currently based for Principles of War.The British are trying to revive a for…

Knights Templar in Basic Impetus 2

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Now then,I dont like to blow my own trumpet too much, im not the greatest of painters by any stretch but its always really nice when someone publishes a picture of your miniatures.So Lorenzo Sartori, author of Impetvs, Baroque and now Basic Impetvs amo…

Successor Impetus Army

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Another resurrected project completed this year my Pontic army for Impetus, mostly plastic with a few metal units. I failed to shoot progress shots so you get the whole thing at once.

Impetvs Batrep: The Legions vs the Shadow of the East

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 At least that’s what I’m calling whatever Andy’s force actually was. It has been MUCH too long but the Legions of Germania (in their MIR incarnation) did battle once more against their preferred foes: Something containing at least traces of other…

Gothic/Germanic Noble Cavalry

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I’m back on the brushes! I’m beginning to shake off the summer drowsiness and get back to applying some paint to figures. Generally speaking September to March are my most productive hobby months and this looks to be no exception as I’m already working…

Impetus Sudanese/Berber Spearmen/Archers (15mm)

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Well it looks like I missed the whole of July, but this was mainly do to catching a nasty summer flu which pretty much sapped all desire to hit the painting table except when I could summon the energy to paint for a little bit. I’m feeling better now, …

Wars of the Roses Livery colours.

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Now then,Here is a list of livery colours for the Wars of the Roses that has been knocking about on the internet for a few years now. Its not by me, but is very useful so I have copied it here.Edward Neville, Lord Abergavenny [d.1476] – green and white…

Rebaseathon Part II (10mm Britons)

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Now then,Here is part 2 of my mass rebasing madness. These have been finished a while but, like the Romans before them were never photographed properly….So here we go:4 Units of Skirmishers6 Units of Light Cavalry6 Units of Light ChariotsI normally m…

Re-baseathon part I (10mm Romans)

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Now then,I have rebased alot of stuff recently. I thought id best get some of it photographed and get the blog updated, as ive been neglecting it of late.So a few months ago now I rebased my 10mm ancient collection off the old 40mm x 20mm warmaster bas…

Impetus game and the state of the hobby on the hill

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Spanish Christians vs Andalusian MoorsLast month Nick and I played a double header of  big battle Basic Impetus and as often is the case the pictures didn’t come off as well as I would have liked, but I’ll share them anyways. It of course was grea…

Tarentine Pike Phalanx

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I’ve been meaning to come back to my Pyrrhic project for sometime now and finally got around to doing so with some Tarentines. The Tarentines are famous for their cavalry, but they did need infantry as well. These represent some of those citizen soldie…

A day for crows, Pontics whip Romans

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Tonight Damiano and myself had a 400 point impetus game, I ran out my still in progress Pontics and Damiano put out his Romans. The extra 50 points makes a big difference as it allowed me to have three extra units in my Moab list, I opted for 1 Thracia…

For sale page news…

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Some new miniatures on our for sale page…15mm late Medievals based for Impetus…if you like them, ask for infos…more images on our for sale pageAnd Happy Wargaming to All!

WOTR parade

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After finally rebasing all of my War of the Roses onto Impetus basing I thought I would post them here for a bit of visual splendour. These are mostly front rank and were previously based for WaB.

Polish winged hussar companions

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Winged hussar companions, these were only company sized but I like the different capes and lance designs, so I have whole units of them. Foundry again, quite plain really but the lances and pennants lighten them up.Next unit also a companion unit, the …

Polish winged hussars

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Next units off the desk polish winged hussar regiments, based for impetus and might and reason. The figures are foundry. I am really happy how the leopard skins turned out and the lances.And the next unit, foundry againCheersMatt

Wargaming Overload Part 2

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I’d been looking forward to getting more figure gaming done after the move and I haven’t been disappointed.I’ve had a large 28mm ACW game using Black Powder which was fun but it confirmed my suspicions that Black powder isn’t for me. It’s great for get…

Pict Perfect

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If you were in Golem recently you’d have seen a horde of beareded men in tatty clothes. No! We it wasn’t us – the painters – it was an army of Picts.These Iron Age Celts were a commission of largely Foundry miniatures (with some minor conversion work…

A Jolly Day’s Camp

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Every self-respecting army needs baggage. And for Impetus enthusiasts it’s the best excuse to go down the diorama route even further on even bigger bases! So I had to include this piece for a reason.Actually, a camp scene had been planned from the very…

Not dead yet

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Been a while since my last posting, but time didn’t allow for blogging lately. However, as the title suggest, I’m not dead yet, and here’s proof of that. Mainly I’ve been busy hobbywise with rounding off current projects, in particular the “Fridericus …

Fridericus Redivivus: 3rd Knights

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Since I’ve started rounding off projects, it’s time for another one. Actually, there are a few bits and pieces still in the making. But it’s good to know that my first army for Basic Impetus has finally got ready to rumble!So, here’s the last unit of k…

Fridericus Redivivus: Jinetes

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Now to enter the final stages of this project, here’s the penultimate unit of Konradin’s “basic” army, a skirmish party of light cavalry or jinetes:These may come as a surprise, since the jinetes are mostly regarded as a troop type particular to the Sp…