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Knights Templar in Basic Impetus 2

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Now then,I dont like to blow my own trumpet too much, im not the greatest of painters by any stretch but its always really nice when someone publishes a picture of your miniatures.So Lorenzo Sartori, author of Impetvs, Baroque and now Basic Impetvs amo…

Successor Impetus Army

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Another resurrected project completed this year my Pontic army for Impetus, mostly plastic with a few metal units. I failed to shoot progress shots so you get the whole thing at once.

Gothic/Germanic Noble Cavalry

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I’m back on the brushes! I’m beginning to shake off the summer drowsiness and get back to applying some paint to figures. Generally speaking September to March are my most productive hobby months and this looks to be no exception as I’m already working…

Impetus Sudanese/Berber Spearmen/Archers (15mm)

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Well it looks like I missed the whole of July, but this was mainly do to catching a nasty summer flu which pretty much sapped all desire to hit the painting table except when I could summon the energy to paint for a little bit. I’m feeling better now, …

Impetus game and the state of the hobby on the hill

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Spanish Christians vs Andalusian MoorsLast month Nick and I played a double header of  big battle Basic Impetus and as often is the case the pictures didn’t come off as well as I would have liked, but I’ll share them anyways. It of course was grea…

Tarentine Pike Phalanx

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I’ve been meaning to come back to my Pyrrhic project for sometime now and finally got around to doing so with some Tarentines. The Tarentines are famous for their cavalry, but they did need infantry as well. These represent some of those citizen soldie…

Ashigaru w/ Nagae-yari

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Doing this unit reminded me why I took such a long break from adding more units to my Shimazu clan project…….because they are extremely hard to paint!! Granted the finished effect is very satisfying because of the pay off which is if you put the ef…

Late Romans(West) vs Early Anglo Saxon

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The battle in full swing!Nick and I had a very nice fun little Basic Impetus bash last Saturday featuring Nick as the Late Romans (west) vs myself running the Early Anglo Saxons. Nick has played little to none in regards to Impetus so I thought playing…