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Back to the Brushes 105

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Some working in progress pictures for this year’s Analogue Painting ChallengeFirst up are the horses from the stand of prodromoi that are currently being painted for a Basic Impetus Army. The figures are from A & A Miniatures and have been good so …

Plans for 2016

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Simply put would be to achieve more painted figures than 2015 and game more. The reality is with a 9 month old son, will be lucky to achieve targets already set for the year. These include:Macedonian Basic Impetus armyDrop Ship Troopers for ARC forces …

Back to the Brushes 104

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A quick couple of pictures of the first work started on the Basic Impetus Macedonians; shown here are bow armed skirmishers and prodromoi. Figures from Foundry and A & A Miniatures respectively.The archers are from Foundry’s original range of Greek…

To the Strongest Gaming mat

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Now then,I have had a productive few days, firstly I have made a gaming mat for to the strongest, and ive also re based and reorganized my 10mm Ancient British army.The army is compatible with Impetus as well, although I have reduced the depth of the m…

A beginning is a very delicate time.

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Know then that it is the day before the 6th Analogue Painting Challenge begins and the preparatory work is complete. The brushes are primed and the painters are in the starting blocks. In the picture below lies the target for the next 3 months – a 28mm…

Light Troops for the Crusaders!

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Now then,I have just finished off my Turcopoles and light infantry archers for my crusader army. That pretty much finishes the project off, both armies are now well over 500 points (for Impetus) so not much more needed….2 units of Turcopole light cav…

For sale page news…

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Some new miniatures on our for sale page…15mm late Medievals based for Impetus…if you like them, ask for infos…more images on our for sale pageAnd Happy Wargaming to All!

Ashigaru w/ Nagae-yari

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Doing this unit reminded me why I took such a long break from adding more units to my Shimazu clan project…….because they are extremely hard to paint!! Granted the finished effect is very satisfying because of the pay off which is if you put the ef…

Late Romans(West) vs Early Anglo Saxon

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The battle in full swing!Nick and I had a very nice fun little Basic Impetus bash last Saturday featuring Nick as the Late Romans (west) vs myself running the Early Anglo Saxons. Nick has played little to none in regards to Impetus so I thought playing…

Roman Around

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Recently, Pete’s been very excited by tiny elephants.He painted up a couple to go with his 15mm Carthaginians, which were part of our Impetus project from a while ago.Fortunately, I have a 15mm Republican Roman army for Impetus from even longer ago, so…

Punic Wars Impetvs

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Yes, that right, had my first crack at the full version of the Impetus Ancient Rules at the weekend with Roundie (Wayne Steward) down at the AWC. I have been meaning to get into these for a while as they

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Fury of the North 12

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Another Gripping Beast Viking painted for SAGA and Lion Rampant. This figure was painted and completed just after the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge finished in mid March. Sometimes things can take a while to reach the final based figure seen belo…

Crusades update

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Now then,I got these two bases done a little while ago for my Crusades army for Impetus. I have rebased the 2 command stands that I made up for Hail Caesar as ive decided that Impetus is the game that ill be playing.Here is King Richard, based as Crusa…

The Order of St John

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Now then,I have actually done some painting, for the first time in months!I have painted up an additional unit of Hospitaller Knights for my Crusades Impetus army, and while I was at it I re-did the flag on the original one to match,  the old one …

Dance of Bronze 9

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This is the start of Macedonian and Greek armies in 6mm with figures from both Baccus and Rapier Miniatures.These figures will provide the skirmish lines for both armies, although there may be more peltasts and Agrianians for both armies in the future….

Back to the Brushes 98

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Here are a few work in progress pictures of a variety of different items that are being worked on at present:First up is a command stand and three attack drone stands for Critical Mass. The figures are all from Ground Zero and will hopefully all be com…

Back to the Brushes 96

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Well after just over two months with only one singular post here are a few work in progress pictures of some of the first pieces for this years Analogue Painting Challenge. Below is an objective piece from  Critical Mass Games with crew from Groun…

Richard the Lionheart, revisited..

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Now then,I have spent the last few days re-doing King Richards standard. It looked passable before, but you know when you look at something and it bugs you?Heres what it looked like before…. 3 demented monkeys……Anyway, I have re-done it, and im m…

Crusades Update!

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Now then,I have finally completed my Muslim army for the 3rd Crusade, its taken far longer than I thought due to dramas with dip, and finding a workable alternative. I ended up using Ronseal oak woodstain/varnish.Arab LancersHere is the result of putti…

Pilgrims of the first Crusade

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With the publication of SAGA Crescent & Cross plans erose to beef up my Norman SAGA armie with some Crusader elements. First addition are the pilgrims. I have chosen to paint armed and umarmed pilgrims and some models from other blisters of the Per…

Impetvs: Totally historical batrep.

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As a break from all the Infinity, Jason and I did something completely different: Impetvs 300pts in 28mm using our Roman civil war (take your pick) formula. 300pt armies, one command, half maxima and minima and we both used the Middle Imperial Romans l…

Legio Crusius (Warmongers)

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Now then,I have been busy painting up Muslim Cavalry for my Ayyubid army to take on the crusaders, but needed a break so painted up a warhound Titan, to support my epic scale marines.The colour scheme chosen is that of the Legio Crusius, or more common…

Back to the Brushes 95

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As September draws to an end, so hopefully does painting Moorish Spearmen for a few weeks or so. Pictured below are figures from Gripping Beast as they progress to being ready to base. A couple of Iman to inspire the faithful and lead their follow…

Impetvs Batrep: Palmyra vs Rome

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The Palmyrans  have managed to engineer an uprising in the cold northern frontier, left their camels behind, and struck Maximus’ camp in Germania! Or rather Andy gave me a rematch of Impetvs at my place and I only have snow terrain! Impetvs is a f…

A return to the Holyland

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Now then,So I ran a little poll, to see what people would like to see get painted next, and the clear winners are the 15mm Crusade armies. Fair enough.I have placed an order with Legio Heroica for some more bits, namely more Crusader Knights and some T…