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Impressions: REDvectors’s MDF Buildings

Posted on September 15th, 2017 under , , , , , , , , . Posted by

You may have noticed some MDF buildings lurking in the background of many of my impressions pieces. I’ve had some comments on them and so this reminded me I really should get my impressions up before they get ruined by my slap-dash painting style. I picked up these buildings after bouncing a long chain of […]

Impressions: Empress August Releases

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Empress did a rather cool thing back in July and put out a list of things they planned to release. When I first saw it, I assumed we would see them dribbled out over a period of months. Empress instead dropped them all at once, leading to a rather exciting day watching the Empress Facebook […]

Impressions: Spectre SF Technicals – Initial Thoughts

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Earlier this year, I wrote a load of stuff covering Spectre’s first vehicle release for the technical. In it, I commented about miniguns which was a stretch goal from the Kickstarter that was sadly missed, as well as the illusive “Tactical Technical”. Well, it looks like it was merely being sneaky and it is now […]

Impressions: Spectre July 2017 Release

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The end of July saw a new release to expand Spectre’s MENA Militia range. These new figures are designed to give your militia a bit of an edge, either by adding some tougher guys or bringing some new gear to the party. If you’re building a militia force, these fighters are a must buy. Militia […]

SeaFall – Two games in…

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The hype was real. At GenCon 2016 the game sold out before the doors even opened to the general public. Expectations were high and everyone was talking about SeaFall in hushed, reverent tones. So here we are, almost a year after its initial release, and I have finally ripped open the shrink-wrap, punched the tokens, […]

Impressions: Spectre’s Vehicle Stowage Alfa

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Alongside the release of the Razor, Spectre also released a set of vehicle stowage. Designed to let you personalise and add detail to any form of hobby project, the stowage kit comes with a pile of things to weigh down your vehicle of choice. It also hopefully points to future plans from Spectre which are […]

Impressions: Spectre’s Razor Part 2

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Before you read this impression, I really recommend going back and reading the original impressions on the Razor. I only intend to cover the new stuff and most of what I talk about in the previous post covers building the Razor now. It’s taken a while but the Razor is now available from the Spectre […]