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Impressions: Under Fire Miniature’s West German Polizei

Posted on November 17th, 2017 under , , , , , . Posted by

As much as I love many of the established companies, I’m always keeping my eye on what else there is. One company that has caught my eye is Under Fire Miniatures. They have a wonderful range of 20mm figures but more exciting for me is their small but rapidly growing set of 28mm stuff. At […]

Initial Impressions: Knights of Dice Tabula Rasa

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  In my overview earlier this year looking at Adobe buildings, I briefly talked about Knights of Dice and their MDF buildings. Since then, I’ve picked up the rest of range and I’m now ready to talk about all the various buildings you can purchase from the Tabula Rasa desert range. In this post, I’m […]

Impressions: Spectre’s September Releases

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September saw a pretty big set of releases for Spectre. With 5 separate sets covering a selection of collections, there really was something in it for everyone. More importantly, it added some more female figures and filled some capability gaps.  Tier 1 Operator – Delta   We start with a new Tier 1 Operator. She […]

Initial Impressions: Tiny Terrain’s Figures

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So far most of this blog has been filled with models from Empress, Eureka and Spectre. Today however, I’m going to take a look at Tiny Terrain’s current offerings – in particular his law enforcement pack (that was released a few weeks ago)and the two man JTAC team released earlier this year. This is just […]

Impressions: REDvectors’s MDF Buildings

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You may have noticed some MDF buildings lurking in the background of many of my impressions pieces. I’ve had some comments on them and so this reminded me I really should get my impressions up before they get ruined by my slap-dash painting style. I picked up these buildings after bouncing a long chain of […]

Impressions: Empress August Releases

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Empress did a rather cool thing back in July and put out a list of things they planned to release. When I first saw it, I assumed we would see them dribbled out over a period of months. Empress instead dropped them all at once, leading to a rather exciting day watching the Empress Facebook […]