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When the Sky Falls Down: AD Troop Guide

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Phew! It’s been a while, comrades! Pride of Rodina is a busy man and he’s been extremely busy cooking up a few projects here and there. However, he has returned and wishes to spread the good word about airborne deployment troops. However, before we dig into the article, I would like to thank the fine folks of the Infinity Brasil Facebook page for all of their support and love so far. This article goes out to you folks.   When the Sky Falls Down Airborne deployment troops are some of the greatest troops in the game, if you know how to use them properly. Nothing like dropping an Assault Hacker out of the middle of nowhere, or bringing a HMG

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Infinity – another project!

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A few weeks ago, my oldest son was telling me about one of his new gaming projects.  He and some of his friends had taken a shining to Infinity by Corvus Belli, a game of high-tech futuristic skirmishes.  He asked if I might be interested, and I replied "perhaps."

Next time I see him, he brings me this:

Could there be some miniatures in there?

Oh yes.  He had purchased a starter set

Infinity Panoceania Joan of Arc conversion

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GMG Exclusive Infinity Preview – Nomad Gecko Pilot

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Infinity Aleph Netrod #3

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This isn’t terribly exciting, but I’ve finished the third Netrod. I was looking for some low hanging fruit to get my painting pump primed, and this was it.Pretty much exactly like the last two.Though I didn’t look at the others on purpose when doing th…

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 48

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LANtasy 2017 Photos!

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Our local “big” convention, LANtasy, was a couple weeks ago now. I participated in the Blood Bowl & Infinity tournaments all weekend, and my Infinity terrain made up two of the four tables in the Infinity tourney. We’d hoped for more players and had originally reserved space for up to eight Infinity tables, but six … Continue reading LANtasy 2017 Photos!

Infinity Panoceania Pathfinder Dronbot Remote

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The Yellowjackets get a new remote!

Battle Report – Infinity – Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 47

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Adepticon Aftermath 2017

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So my first Adepticon has come and gone! And it was simply amazing.People who were there know what I mean – the congratulatory and thankful facebook posts have been rolling through my page filled with tags for seemingly half my friends list, and dozens…

Token Post

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Malifaux and Infinity require a lot of tokens, and I wanted to do this relatively cheaply, so I recently picked up a laminator (NZD40) and got to work.Corvus Belli (Infinity) provide some fantastic official tokens on their website, I printed off the fi…

Finished! Custom Asawira

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And just in time for Adepticon! One more addition to the Green Bastards (Parts Unknown).Next stop, Adepticon and the Crystal Brush. I plan on chilling to the max and painting with all the homies, see you there!

WIP Custom Asawira

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Just a few days until Adepticon :) I have my Crystal Brush entries squared away and the only bit of painting left is a custom Asawira model for my Haqqislam force. The current versiont is pretty outdated and I don’t see an new sculpt in the near future…

More Infinity! Panoceania Croc Man

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More Infinity!

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Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 46

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Hispania Wargames: Dragon Lady

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Ya se celebraron las Hispania Wargames 2017 y con ellas el torneo de pintura. Allí estuvimos haciendo algunas fotos y queremos compartir con vosotros lo que pudimos ver. Daniel Rueda presento esta magnífica miniatura de Infinity the game, Dragon Lady. Durante las jornadas estuvimos muy ocupados con el stand de Last Sword Miniatures. Al final […]

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 45

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When normal angry space monkeys are not enough…..add in super jumping ones instead. I love these guys, although I had issues with the heads as they are sooooo small, taking advice from Wyrd for crazy model builds I think.

Links of Interest, 24 Feb 2017

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Last time I mentioned a couple of YouTube painters that had good series of to-the-point, well-edited painting videos. Victor Ques is another I should mention; his ongoing “Weekly Painting Tips” series just hit episode 100 and has lots of good content. For his 100th episode he did a really nice 15 minute video talking about … Continue reading Links of Interest, 24 Feb 2017

Umbra Legates

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The reason I have the Onyx….Who doesn’t love an evil alien with a massive sword to lead the troops around?


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I love the drones for the Combine Army….Just wish he wouldnt keep blowing up 😦

More Jungle To Rumble In

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Scored another big paper towel roll from our recycling bin, so I decided to make a fallen tree instead of another upright one. Like the other trees, the fallen tree started with a paper towel roll, scrap cardboard, some CDs, and my hot glue gun. I made the root ridges lower so the tree would … Continue reading More Jungle To Rumble In

Luxumbra: Infinity Collectors Kickstarter

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In case you hadnt seen yet :) my fellow CB judge Angel, of Studio Giraldez, has a kickstarter on the go that is looking amazing (<- click here to check it out!!!). Fully funded in minutes and working towards many stretch goals. I have been waiting f…