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Battle Report – Horus Heresy – M.31 Ep 39 – Iron Warriors vs. Questoris Knights

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  Chris brings his freshly painted Iron Warriors to face House Metallum in this 2.5k Horus Heresy game of Shatterstrike! Advertisements

Iron Warrior HQ’s

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Hello guys,So during the post 6k blues I went about trying to make loads of different Centurions and Consuls.So the top dude is my champion. Very pleased with him, and he usually lives with the command squad, especially given they’re meant to look simi…

Autocannon Iron Havocs

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Hello Guys,Another squad for my IW.So these were my 2nd squad ever for Heresy. At this time I was mixing marks of armour, but quickly changed my mind thinking try to keep the marks the same per army. So my IW are MK3 except for 5 melta gun marines, and…

Iron Warriors Command Squad

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Hello folks,So once you hit about 6K in a Heresy army you usually do two things.1) Plan another army with which to feed your addiction.2) Buy and make more mad stuff you never planned on having.My Iron Warriors are testimony to both, as the Blood angel…

My first Predator

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Okay so first thing is, this was my first predator…ever. Like ever. I had an old old plastic one that my dad got me when I was little, but it was unpainted, had no sponsons on account of them being snapped off, and no turret, that went walkies long b…

New Forge World Releases, Moritat, Tyrant Terminators

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Moritats and more!From Forge World:Said by some to be no less than death incarnate, and by others to be dishonourable murderers with no place in the Imperium’s order of battle, Moritats are lone killers operating outside the Legion’s usual command stru…

Forge World New Model Seminar!

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The New Model Seminar! Thanks to Battle Bunnies for their photos.  Saved me a lot of effort shooting over people’s heads!Notes:Scoria is being worked on. Dreadnought Drop pod might come back. Dorn and Alpharius are still not being w…

WIP: Tyrant Siege Terminators #2

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Here is another quick update on the progress of my Heresy Era Iron Warriors project. This week I have completed building the Tyrant Siege Terminator squad and started on the first of my Legion Terminator squads.Read more »

WIP: Converted Cataphractii Character #1

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Here is my conversion of the Cataphractii Praetor model from the Betrayal at Calth box.Read more »

WIP: Tyrant Siege Terminators #1

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It’s been a crazy week for me so here is just a quick update on the progress of my new Heresy Era Iron Warriors project.
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Project: Heresy Era Iron Warriors

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Today I’m very excited to announce my new hobby project: Heresy Era Iron Warriors! I picked up a copy of Betrayal at Calth a while ago, and with the recent release of Burning of Prospero and the growing popularity of 30k in my area, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and collect a small force of Legiones Astartes.
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