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Guns, Dorfs and Elfs!

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The last two weeks have been a really eclectic painting line up for me. I managed to knock out some long-waiting kits and start on some others that have been sitting on the periphery of my painting queue. Adding a second Vindicator to my Imperial Fists…

Kharadron Characters

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So using some spare bits and a sale at one of the bits shops I have managed to knock up some extra characters 🙂 So the right is an Aether Khemist, with his double guns and the left is a … Continue reading →

Grundstok Gunhauler

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The baby balloon is done Made sense that the smallest of the airships was also the home of the daredevils of the force and determined to fly to the MAX!!   Advertisements

Arkanaut Company2

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Unit number 2 of Arkanauts just one more to go to have all my battleline. So who is betting Thunderers get battleline in GHB2018 just as I finish unit 3 🙂 Advertisements

Never Mind the Maneuvers, Just Go Straight At ‘Em!

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The full might of Barak O-Bomb-Ya on display.I’ve finished the first 1,000 points of of my Kharadron Overlord army for Age of Sigmar. I’ve got the next 500 points planned out, but first I want to try and get some games in! This force has been a ton of …

Kharadron Overlords Update

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The army thus far. The deep irony is that all this painting wouldn’t even be a dent in a Warhammer Fantasy Battle armyof previous editions. I love the new manageable sizes for armies in Age of Sigmar.I got another unit added to my Kharadron Overlords t…


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Well here it is the big boy himself, the Ironclad, been a long time coming. But he has been great fun to paint though.   Advertisements

Blimp Dorfs are GO!

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Another unit of Kharadron Overlords have joined the throng! This time, its a unit of Sky Wardens. These brave Dwarves ply the skyways in their lighter-than-air rigs, bringing destruction to the enemies of their Captains. Or something like that.These gu…


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Big floating ships? then you need a guy with a big bloody hammer to make sure they keep working!! When in doubt bring your own anvil as well 🙂 Advertisements

Mixed Bag 11: Mixbo Baggins

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So last week I neglected posting not because I missed out on painting anything, but mostly because everything I was working on was in various states of progress. The end of this week brought a bunch of projects to a close and should be more interesting…

Arkanaut Admiral

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The boss! Great model to paint and wish I had more reasons to pick up another one to convert. Advertisements

Arkanaut Frigate

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First addition to my navy and who doesnt love floating boats?! Plus got to play with magnets 😀 Advertisements

A Little Progress

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Not too much to share this week. I’ve lost a little momentum on projects and I’m trying to build it back up. I’m so close to having 3,000 points of Imperial Fists finished, but the last few models are feeling like a slog. First up is a unit of Breacher…


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First batch of the fly-boys done, I kept the sort of floating island look with these guys as honestly I do not trust myself with those flying stands. Too many bad memories of jetbikes going snap.. Advertisements


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Vaccum cleaner of doom!! Tis a bonkers model but I don’t think you will see an army without one or two. Advertisements

Grundstok Thunderers

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Lets face it these guys are the A-team of the Kharadrons, any gun for any occasion! I do hope they get a little help in the next GHB just so they can also be battleline if nothing else. I love … Continue reading →

Bearded Weirdos Week

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It seems like the theme of my blog this week is dudes with beards. Weird. Not the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen, but not expected. First on deck is my general for the Kharadon Overlord force that is slowly growing on my painting table. This guy is call…

Arkanaut Company

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First batch of Kharadrons, and by accident I went for a yellow scheme that matches my Stormcast. I hadnt planned too but the idea of boiler suit dwarves was too strong to turn down 🙂 Advertisements

Kharadron Arkanaut Step-by-Step

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My first unit for my Kharadron Overlords is finished! A stalwart company of Arkanauts is ready to join the hunt for Ur-Gold or whatever it is they do besides look cool as shit. I dunno. I was able to take some time to take photos for a step-by-step of …

Weekend of the Weird

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Last week, a coworker of mine named Jay picked up a crazy cool looking toy by a local designer (motleymiscreations) at Emerald City Comicon and brought it into the office. Somehow it came up that I should paint it, and I jumped at the chance. I don’t d…

Looking Ahead

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So I’ve hit a point where I’m super close to finishing up my Heresy Era Imperial Fists and now I’m trying to nail down my next big project. Or projects. Because I can’t just stay focused on one thing apparently. Ugh.Stalker 7 miniatures by Lead Adventu…

A Fun Little Paint Comp

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The Manager at my local GW runs a fun little event once a year where you reach into a bag that is filled with the entire Citadel paint range and pick out 5 random pots. You are allowed to prime your model first with the choice of Black, White or a comb…

Kharadron Overlord Ironclad Review Part 2

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So who remembers my part 1 of this review looking at the Ironclad Kit? No?!!!! Then go HERE we will wait for you. Welcome back 😉 So here she is in all her glory (minus crew for painting), as I … Continue reading