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Arkanaut Company

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First batch of Kharadrons, and by accident I went for a yellow scheme that matches my Stormcast. I hadnt planned too but the idea of boiler suit dwarves was too strong to turn down 🙂 Advertisements

Kharadron Arkanaut Step-by-Step

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My first unit for my Kharadron Overlords is finished! A stalwart company of Arkanauts is ready to join the hunt for Ur-Gold or whatever it is they do besides look cool as shit. I dunno. I was able to take some time to take photos for a step-by-step of …

Weekend of the Weird

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Last week, a coworker of mine named Jay picked up a crazy cool looking toy by a local designer (motleymiscreations) at Emerald City Comicon and brought it into the office. Somehow it came up that I should paint it, and I jumped at the chance. I don’t d…

Looking Ahead

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So I’ve hit a point where I’m super close to finishing up my Heresy Era Imperial Fists and now I’m trying to nail down my next big project. Or projects. Because I can’t just stay focused on one thing apparently. Ugh.Stalker 7 miniatures by Lead Adventu…

A Fun Little Paint Comp

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The Manager at my local GW runs a fun little event once a year where you reach into a bag that is filled with the entire Citadel paint range and pick out 5 random pots. You are allowed to prime your model first with the choice of Black, White or a comb…

Kharadron Overlord Ironclad Review Part 2

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So who remembers my part 1 of this review looking at the Ironclad Kit? No?!!!! Then go HERE we will wait for you. Welcome back 😉 So here she is in all her glory (minus crew for painting), as I … Continue reading