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Leodis Games – Harry Potter Game News

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For those of you interested in such things….——————-The new and exciting Leodis Games Newsletter.It’s Here!You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this game :)Anyone who has been keeping up to date with the Harry Potter Adventure G…

Knight Models: Dark Avengers and Venom

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To mix things up a bit yesterday i painted some of my large stack of Marvel minis:Dark Avengers Starter SetVenomThis five combined with the Dark Avengers Team Card will get me going with a 50pt force to play my mates again!

Painting Poison Ivy

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The Batman range from Knight models is currently my favorite range of models to paint. I am even more fond of them now they have […]

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Batman new releases

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This is a huge month for new releases for Batman by Knight Models. Knight models seem to be really upping their releases since 2nd edition, […]

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Batman miniature game Movement

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In the last Batman article, we took a brief look at the new changes to the Batman miniature game. Now, we are going to take a […]

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Batman Miniature game 2nd edition

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This week, Knight models released the second edition rules and compendium for their popular Batman miniatures game. We have been expecting these for a while […]

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Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VII (belatedly)

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Oh crikey, is it June already? I started drafting this post weeks ago, and just never got around to finishing it…Here’s my belated wrap-up on what I managed to get painted during the Seventh Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, running December 2016 …

Weekly WIP: Playing Bolt Action and Building Models

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While I haven’t been painting miniatures, nor posting the resulting WIPs, I haven’t been completely lazy this last month.

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All Spider-man Miniature Game rules

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As Knight have removed all of the Marvel content from their website, I am trying to gather it all together so people still have access to it.Today is the rules for the Spider-Man Miniature Game. An expansion to the Batman Miniature Game.The ones I have…

DC Universe gains Supergirl, Aquaman and Catwoman

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Knight Models have just posted up the new releases for the DC Universe Minis GameCatwoman, Aquaman and Supergirl.Catwoman is alos part of a new Multiverse line which will have rules for the DCU and the Batman minis game.Check them out below.There …

Marvel Rules for Doc Ock, Superior Spidey and Goblin Knight

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Over the weekend, these 3 cards appeared online from a Facebook profile called MUMG Leaks.Rules for the final 3 metal KM models that never got a Marvel game release.While I probably shouldn’t say this, these rules are almost identical to the ones I wro…

ALL Marvel Universe Cards to Download

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As Knight Models have removed all of the Marvel content from their website, I have posted ALL of the cards on Dropbox HERE.Thanks to the MU Facebook group for putting these together.Enjoy!Hendybadger

Knight Models Drops Marvel!!!!!

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Sadly it’s true.Knight Models have dropped all Marvel related products from today onwards.What are your thoughts?Will you still play the Marvel game?I know I willAs all the cards are now gone from the site, you can find them all in Dropbox HEREHen…

Is the Marvel Universe Game Dead?

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Is the Marvel game from Knight Models dead?The question on many players lips at the moment. Especially those in the MUMG Facebook Group.So, why do people think the game is done?- The last official Marvel mini release was the Dark Avengers back in …

Marvel Universe Miniature Game – Thanos, Loki, Elektra and Venom

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These character cards appeared just before Christmas, however they are subject to change as they have not been officially confirmed by Knight Models yet. Furthermore a Doctor Octopus was also mentioned, however a character card has not yet appeared. On…

Knight Models December Releases – The Dynamic Duo, Black Adam, Lex Luthor and More

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These are the releases from Knight Models for December. They are available for purchase now from retailers and online. DC Universe Miniature Game ReleasesBlack Adam and Lex Luthor Warsuit are the first standalone models for DC Universe M…

New DC Universe Rules, Marvel Updates, Scenarios and Character Cards!!!!!

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Knight Models have just posted up TONS of stuff for the SuperHero Universe Games.These new files (linked below) include the DC Rules with new scenarios and 24 Batman Game to DCU character cards and a team card.Marvel FAQ, new rules updates, new scenari…

Batman vs Superman Trinity Rules for DC Universe

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Hey folks,With this new BvS set being the launch of the DC side of Knight Model’s Superhero Universe, I thought I would point out a couple of things on the rules sheets.(which have now been added to the Team Builder HERE)First off, these model wil…

Knight Models November Releases – BvS, Freeze, Flash Villain and More!

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Knight Models have posted up a huge release for November. All sorts of goodies due for release from the 17th.First up is the Batman vs Superman Trinity Starter for the DC Universe Minis Game. Coming in at 40 Lvls they will be great to face some of…

New Batman FAQ and Tournament Rules

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Knight Models have recently update the FAQ and Tournament Rules for the Batman Miniature game.Both can now be found on the KM webite under the Batman Rules section as free downloads.Just go to the page a click on the link called “Product Data Sheet”Or….

A Harry Potter Minis Game?

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Yes, that’s right.Knight Models are working on a Harry Potter minis game for release next year.What are you hoping to see?

Catching Up

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Wow, I have been slack here. No new posts since February. But I have done a ton of painting and completed several projects, not least of which is my Tallarn army for 40K. This is basically going to be a big photo dump of all the things I’ve been working on since then, with a […]

Brainstorming Batman Crews (Batman)

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I still have no real idea how to play BMG but that will never keep me from one of my favorite past times…..list building. All minis in the following lists will be minis I own in some state of assembly. I’m currently working on my Red Hood (Joker) cre…

Been Too Long

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Hey y’all! It has been too long since I have posted anything and need to get back in the swing of things. I recently stopped working the night shift at work and have been getting used to “human hours” once again. I have been relatively inactive in the …