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Knight Models: Finally painting some Marvel!

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As on saturday, i managed to paint these two Marvel minis in between drying coats on my next ten Bloodreavers:Ant ManDakenAnt Man isn’t the best, he is a conversion from a spare cyclops and a spare Star Lord head i had planned, unfortunately the scale …

Knight Models: More DC Supers

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Whilst im tackling 20 Bloodreavers i have managed to get five more DC Universe superheroes painted up haha:Professor Zoom (Reverse Flash)DeathstrokeCatwomanAquamanSupergirlI really enjoy painting the iconic superhero models now, they are up there with …

Battle Report – Marvel/DCU Miniature Game – A Crisis of Infinite Earths Ep 01

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Knight Models: Killer Frost

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A quick paint up of Killer Frost as i needed the 50 levels of Injustice League ready for wednesday as im demoing the game to a couple of people:Not the best by a long shot but good enough for now!Back to the Khorne now….

Widgets and Wonders Ep 70 – Superhero Tokens by ‘TheRandyDewback’

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Brian Alan’s Etsy Shop has some handy token sets for all your Superhero Skirmish games! Check them out HERE:

Weekly WIP: Playing Bolt Action and Building Models

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While I haven’t been painting miniatures, nor posting the resulting WIPs, I haven’t been completely lazy this last month.

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Knight Models: Harley Quinn

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Finished this today, really tried to get her to look like the Suicide Squad movie Harley!Just waiting on Killer Frost to arrive and i can use 50 Lvls of Injustice League in my games 😀

April starts with a bang!

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After a particularly savage week at work i was able to get back on the painting yesterday and completed all of these:SinestroEmpire FlagellantsMechanicum ThanatarYep a proper mixed bag! Sinestro is part of my Injustice League team for the DC Universe g…

Table Top News: 24th March 17

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Hello and welcome back to this weeks news round up which surely can’t be as exciting as last week right? Lets begin with Games Workshop […]

Knight Models: Lex Luthor and Black Adam

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I’m branching out into the super villain side of the DC Universe game with these next two models painted today:Luthor is solid at Lvl 11 but will be overcosted unless your really facing superman i think, and Black Adam joins Sups/Sentry/Hulk/Thanos in …

Knight Models: Green Lantern and Kid Flash

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Yep two more recruits for my growing Justice League force ready for my next game on Wednesday:Green LanternKid FlashKnight are starting to ramp up the releases for the DC Universe game, these next three are out at the end of March:If you’ve not tried t…

All Spider-man Miniature Game rules

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As Knight have removed all of the Marvel content from their website, I am trying to gather it all together so people still have access to it.Today is the rules for the Spider-Man Miniature Game. An expansion to the Batman Miniature Game.The ones I have…

DC Universe gains Supergirl, Aquaman and Catwoman

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Knight Models have just posted up the new releases for the DC Universe Minis GameCatwoman, Aquaman and Supergirl.Catwoman is alos part of a new Multiverse line which will have rules for the DCU and the Batman minis game.Check them out below.There …

Episode 196

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On the Paint Table -Malifaux, DCU Miniature Game, Hordes

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Let’s Play! – DC Universe Miniature Game

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