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Let’s Play! – Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse (2018) by Osprey Games

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  The dead are here! Join Jay and I as we gather our Groups of survivors to venture into a world overrun by the undead to gather supplies and try to fortify our refuges in order to survive! Eagle Ranger Station looks to have once been occupied, but now all that remains are the chewed […]

Let’s Play! – Hero Quest by Milton Bradley/Games Workshop

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It’s time to roll back to one of the most influential games in the history of Wargaming. In 1989 miniatures took their first big step into the mainstream when Milton Bradley partnered with Games Workshop for a dungeon adventure game that still stands the test of time. This was the entry point for an entire […]

Let’s Play! – Star Wars: Legion by FFG/Asmodee

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  Let’s check out FFG’s latest offering to the Star Wars Universe, the Ground Combat version of their family of games. Big thanks to Clarence for bringing in his set and to Battle Kiwi for the awesome terrain! Check out Battle Kiwi HERE: Advertisements

Let’s Play! – Witchborn: Enter Perdition

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Today we check out the Dark Fantasy Tabletop Warband RPG – The Witchborn: Enter Perdition. Enter a post-cataclysmic world overrun with evil demonic souls that possess the dead, turning them against the living. Form a War Clan (using the vast collection of Reaper Bones figures or whatever models you like) trying to survive in this […]

Let’s Play! – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition by Games Workshop

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Back to your regularly scheduled #TBT Next week; It’s time for anther Let’s Play! Today I’m joined by Chris from Lords of War Games and Hobbies for a Matched Play game between the new Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber and the Nighthaunts, featuring Malign Sorcery and the General’s Handbook 2018! Check out the top 5 things you […]

Let’s Play! – EDEN: Burnout by Happy Games Factory

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  The new Campaign Play expansion for the Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish game EDEN is now available! Packed with cardstock terrain, tokens, upgrade and exploration cards and a brand-new rulebook this expansion adds more 3D interaction and a campaign mode to this great Kitchen-Table wargame. Advertisements

Let’s Play! – #TBT – AT-43 by Rackham

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  It’s time for another #TBT Let’s Play! Today Rob and I dust off our forces for Rackham’s AT-43, the sci-fi company level battle game from the mid 2000s. Big thanks to Esoteric Order of Gamers for their efforts curating all the rules and rulebooks from this great game. Check it all out HERE: […]

Let’s Play! – ARENA REX

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  It’s time to check out Arena Rex – a kitchen-table sized skirmish game of gladiatorial combat in an alternate-history Post-Caesar Roman Empire. Advertisements

Let’s Play! – GodTear by Steamforged Games

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Steamforged is doing something Unique with their upcoming MOBA-Style miniature Boardgame GODTEAR… allowing the public to participate in the Beta-Testing. Beta Testing kits are available HERE ( and will be your opportunity to get the models in high-detail metal. Join the forums or jump on the Facebook Group ( to join the discussion and more […]

Let’s Play! – The Walking Dead – All out War by Mantic Games

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  The Walking Dead are upon us! Today Jay and I check out Mantic Games miniature skirmish based on Robert Kirkman’s hit comic The Walking Dead (not to be confused with the show!). We break open the core game and run through the basic mission at 100pts, with myself taking command of Rick and Caurrlllll […]

Let’s Play! – Scrappers by Osprey Games

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  It’s time for a high-SciFi post apocalypse in the vein of Destiny; Scrappers. Greg and I take our crews out to the Omega Zone to salvage the technical wonders of the ancients in a world destroyed by Rogue AI. Grab whatever models you want and check it out HERE: Advertisements

Let’s Play! – Dracula’s America by Osprey Games

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Let’s Play! – ARISTEIA! by Corvus Belli

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  Corvus Belli, creators of the landmark Sci-Fi wargame Infinity ( are about to launch their new tactical arena board game ARISTEIA! Based on the most popular show in the Human Sphere, ARISTEIA! is one part Overwatch, one part team building and one part deck-building in a compact fast-paced board game. Check out Owen and […]

Let’s Play! – EDEN by Happy Games Factory

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  Owen from Gaming with the Cooler an I check out EDEN from Happy Games Factory, the post apocalyptic skirmish game! Check out all the free rules and cards HERE: Advertisements

Let’s Play! – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire

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  It’s time for another Let’s Play! Today I’m joined by Chris from Lords of War Games to check out Games Workshop’s new deck and board game geared towards competitive and organized play: Shadespire. For gameplay tutorials check out the official site: …and an excellent tutorial by Watch if Played HERE: Advertisements

Let’s Play! – Adeptus Titanicus (1988)

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  Time to take a trip back to 1988 to check out the game that’s been more influential in the history of the Warhammer 40k universe and even at Games Workshop than you probably know – Adeptus Titanicus! Advertisements

Let’s Play! – Company of Iron by Privateer Press

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  Privateer Press’ upcoming Skirmish game set in the Iron Kingdoms, Company of Iron gives you a whole new way to play with your Warmachine and Hordes models! Join the discussion on Facebook to talk to the designers HERE: Advertisements