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Grey Knights Codex – A Review

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  One in a million. That’s how many recruits survive Grey Knight boot camp.  And if you consider that those recruits are the top percentage of those already chosen from their home worlds as being the top specimens on their respective planets, the numbers start to get a little crazy. The entire population of Earth […]

Relic Knights Unboxing: Doctrine Battle Box

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As we continue with the Relic Knight unboxing series lets take a look at the Doctrine battle box.Delphyne is apparently a little girl with some pretty big power. Delphyne’s cypher Ekhis. He is by far the largest cypher more than filling up a 40mm …

Painted Heresy-era Salamanders: Librarian and Chapter Serf

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Greetings once again InterWebs!!! It seems I am on fire with the updates recently! Well all I can say is that I have been painting a fair bit recently (every day for a bit since Xmas) and I thought I would share with you all. Paint….Paint…..Paint…..

Heresy-Era Salamanders: Librarian and Apothecary WiP

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Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! It has been a bitterly cold time here in the Rocky Mountains (we have not gotten above freezing in days) so I have been unable to spray anything so it was more build time for me. I am getting very close to having 3000…

How to Use Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius

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Chief Librarian Tigurius returned to Warhammer 40K 6th Edition with a vengeance. He’s arguably the character who gained the most from the updated 6th Edition Space Marines Codex, once again living up to his name as one of the greatest Pykers in t…

-WIP- Ravenwing Librarian on Jetbike

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HELLO and welcome back from summer holidays!!!As soon as i got back from vacation, i immediately started to work on my next model, the Ravenwing Librarian.I wanted to break out of the standard, and i decided to create a jetbike instead of a regular mot…

Battle Report: Blood Angels versus Imperial Guard with a twist

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Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! Last Monday saw a Holiday in the US, it was Labor Day, and Mordian 7th and I had the day off. We decided to celebrate with a little 1250 point battle in the morning. Instead of being a normal battle we both decided to…

New Space Marines HQ – Captain, Librarian & Chaplain

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It is clear by now that the upcoming release of Space Marines miniatures will break with the “pattern” established by the flurry of releases for Warhammer 40K in the first half of 2013. No large walker. No flyers. Lots of infantry, such as …

Astral Claws – Librarian and Captain WIP

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Working on finishing up some pieces here and there for the Astral Claws army which brings me to these two characters.  This leaves me only one more rhino to paint for the list that my brother is intending to use in an upcoming battle, should be pretty neat to field this much painted stuff!  These […]

Turmiel from Dark Vengeance

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Well, he’s finished! Turmiel from Dark Vengeance has been an interesting model to paint, for a plastic model it’s very …

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6250 points of Painted Blood Angels: ‘Knights of Baal’

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Greetings once again InterWebs!!!! So as promised in my last post I gathered up all of my painted Blood Angels 4th Company ‘Knights of Baal’ and took some photos. I had to set everything up in the kitchen on the glass table due to the size of the army …

Blood Angel Librarians: Finished

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Greetings once again InterWebs!!! I had a little free time which I managed to use up in the hobby room by finishing up the three Blood Angel Librarians that I use (not all at once) in my 4th Company Blood Angels army. You can see the paint in process (…

Blood Angel Librarium: PiP

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Greetings once again InterWebs!!! It has been a snowy couple of days lately (with more to come it seems) so I had a little time today to step into the hobby room and sit at the painting desk. I decided to work on the three Blood Angel Librarians waitin…

The Best Dark Angels Units by FoC – A Hit List

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A lot of pixel-ink has been spilled on the interwebs over the last weeks, trying to divine the do’s and don’ts of the new 6th Edition Dark Angels codex. Fortunately, the new list is surprisingly “deep”, offering a great variety of lists and builds that seem viable and fun. It avoids “no-brain” choices such as […]

WH40k – Mortifactors – Librarian WIP

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It’s time to fry xenos brain with but a mere thought, as we introduce the warlock of woe that is the Mortifactors Librarian!Smell The Glove…This guy’s been equipped with a Jump Pack and will accompany a 10 man Assault Squad to act as a strong mob…

Scouts and a Librarian incoming

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I stopped by Sentry Box yesterday to meet up with Uncle Mike and drop off some Epic Ork bits for a fortress terrain piece he is building. While I was there I grabbed a few new Marine units for the 40K Sixth Edition “warm-up” at Sentry Box next Sunday. I grabbed two boxes of the […]

And Now… Some finished Grey Knights :D

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HI ALL!!!These are some of my finished grey knights…  my friends tell me i’m a chaos addicted…. but i can paint the emperor’s slaves…….. ehm……  MARINES as well! ahahahaPS: I’ts true…. i’m a chaos addicted!!! ahaaa