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Guildball and the Erskiri Wolves Come Down With World Cup Fever

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From the 19th June to the 19th July Steamforged games are hosting an SFG Homeland Cup Event. They’re giving you the option to follow along […]

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King Albert I of Belgium, the "warrior king"

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When Leopold the second died, the Belgian throne passed on to his nephew, Albert I.While the previous monarch became infamous for his role in the Congo aquirement, this king would become famous for completely different reasons.When the First World War …

King Leopold II, that one by the Perry’s

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The second Crisis entry model we did, waaaaaaay back in 2006, was one of two (the first year Ambiorix wasn`t either) miniatures not sculpted by Paul Hicks for us.No, he was sculpted by none other then the Perry’s, you now, those (in)famous twins ;-)Leo…

They where the terror of the woods…

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So this is it, the final wednesday entry for the AHPC8, and what a journey it has been!This challenge is great fun, and very, very motivational on the painting front.As has become a bit of a habbit for myself the past weeks, I’ve been painting up one o…

Dulle Griet marches onwards!

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The next model I completed from the line of Crisis entry figures to kick off this weeks entry of mix and match figures, we have De Dulle Griet.She was the first “non real” person that was released for the range, as she is based on the figure from the p…

Peter Minuit and the Rapiers

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Okay, so that might sound like some 80s coverband if I look back at the title…Actually, it`s the combination of two sorts of entries I have been focussing on this week, namely trying to include one Crisis wargame show entry figure every time, as well…

Tijl Uilenspiegel Crisis 2017 LE

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A bit of a special set of figures for this round, as it is the limited edition entry set from the past Crisis wargame show we organised at TSA.  And it is a character that has a great influence on school children of my generation… The mo…

Wild West Exodus Pin Badges

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Now for something a bit different! Warcradle are pleased to announce that they will have a limited edition collectors pin available exclusively during Adepticon 2018. […]

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Love is in the Air: Valentines Releases from Guildball

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Steam Forged Games have announced that celebrate Valentines Day they are releaseing three special Limited Edition Sculpts for Guildball. A new alternate ball token kicks […]

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Brattish authority – Leader and Juve

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Painting is like riding a bike it seems, it comes back pretty rapidly even after a long pause. To get a bit of motivation back I had put all chances on my side though : Goodwin models, a sculptor I enjoy and whose work I’m familiar working with, Confrontation models, one of my first loves and limited edition ones on top of that. 
Well it worked out exactly like planned for once. Pleasure was here. Oh yeah , sweeet sweeeeeet pleasure, my hair caressing their… erm… Good fun, if you see what I mean.

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