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Finished! WreckAge Enforcer

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Another installment from the recent wave of vehicles from WreckAge. I’m not sure of the official names so I’m having fun naming them myself :)Enjoy!Gallery View

Finished! The Green Bastard

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The first on a few WreckAge vehicles I’ve been working on recently. This one is also the subject of an upcoming video with Tabletop minions, more to come on that. Enjoy!Gallery View

The Future Belongs to the Mad

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Hi folks, yes, the Fury Road reference in the title means that it is our fourth and final vehicle in the Post Apocalyptic car commission.

This one, with it’s girt hench engine, I decided was the personal transport of some important gang member and …

Die Historic on the Fury Road!

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It’s that time again! Spray yourself chrome and jam the pedal to the metal. It’s more Mad Max-esque stuff:

This time we’re going for something a little bit more ponderous in appearance. The “breacher”, as I’ve been calling it, is built for all te…

Ride Eternal, Shiny and Chrome!

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Oooorrr, Rusty and Spiked as the case may be…

The minute I knew I was doing a pseudo Mad Max project (I believe these are actually becoming some sort of cultist mobile in 40k) I had to make the hedgehog. I loved that thing and knew I could make a…

Oh What a Day, What a Lovely Day!

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Witness me! We’re delving into the somewhat high octane world of Mad Max. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about watch this, then get the film*, watch that, then come back. I don’t mind. I’ll wait…

My client had four venerable Hauler 1:43 car k…


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A reasonably productive weekend:N scale 1/160, two resin Coupe’s and a plastic VW Beetle, post-apocalypsed up and painted. Vaguely aiming for something akin to the boardgame team colours, do have a third Coupe but haven’t settled on the colour yet.Warb…

Mad Max: Thunder Road

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Like pretty much everyone in the hobby, Mad Max was a major inspiration, unfortunately practicallity meant doing the 28mm versions doing the various rounds was just too big a project to store along with everything else (besides my brother got custody o…