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Here’s Negan A walking Dead board game from Mantic Games

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Here is a brand new, standalone board game set in The Walking Dead universe. Here’s Negan tells the story of what happened to everyone’s favourite tyrant before he became the bat-wielding leader we all love. Due for release direct to retail this November, you can read the announcement here. Plus, make sure you pre-order now […]

DREADBALL EPISODE 1 – Team presentation: Marauders

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Until Monday, July 9th 2018, Mantic is giving a 25% discount on all Dreadball teams. For us enough reason to launch a series of Dreadball focused articles, where we will introduce some of the teams and review both editions of the game. We`ll start with…

Nedeljne vesti 22.6. – 29.6.2018

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Izgleda smo prošle nedelje malo prenaglili kada smo se poradovali letu. Umesto da pričamo kako se hladimo sokićem, napolju ptice cvrkuću i sunce previše sija, ”uživali” smo u danima koji više podsećaju na jesen. Ali, dobro, to što je kiša n…

Mars Attack Review- By Drew Wood

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I now have my shiny copy of “Mars Attacks – The Miniatures Game”- here are my initial Thoughts – the Plastic Material – not a fan, it holds the detail ‘OK’ – but not as good as Restic – I … Continue reading →…

Widgets and Wonders Ep 114 – Dungeon Terrain Crate by Mantic Games

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Mantic Games has released a new line of products for you to accessorize your RPG or other miniature Dungeon Crawling session; the Dungeon Terrain Crate! With 73 pieces of terrain in pre-coloured plastic it’s ready to go for the Dungeon Master that wants to always have that pit trap or wizards study ready to go! […]

Mantic Games Studio 2018

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As mentioned earlier, we combined Salute in London with a day trip to Nottingham. First stop on friday morning was Mantic Studio. As with the Warhammer World, this wasn’t the first time visiting Mantic. It was quite impressive to see, how Mantic has gr…

Kickstarter April 26: Hellboy, Growl, Homesteaders, Pacific Victory, Factory Funner & Bigger, Nothing Personal

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Hellboy konačno dolazi na tablu. Za to je zadužen Mantic Games u saradnji sa Dark Horse Comics. Tasty Minsterl Games sprema za desetogodišnjicu novo izdanje života na divljem zapadu – Homesteaders. Cwali Games sprema igru posvećenu radu u fabrici…

Intro to Salute

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Last thursday, on April 12th, Operation Sealion 2018 started. We went to Cologne Bonn Konrad Adenauer Airport, for our four day trip to the UK for Salute and a brief day trip to the Leadbelt. There are a couple of ways to get to London. Two years ago and before that, we did the Salute as […]

Battle Report – The Walking Dead: All Out War – Ep 01

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  Jay and I ramp up the action with a 301pt, 2 Mat game of Mantic’s The Walking Dead: All Out War. I lead Rick’s group of survivors out into the wastelands to compete for supplies against Shane and his Scavengers. Advertisements

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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Some Warpath: Firefight news from Mantic Games…——————Get tactical, Marines!The galaxy spanning might of humanity is on a war-footing. Calling themselves the GCPS, these humans fight not for valor or survival, but for greed and material ga…

Mantic Games – Easter Sale

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An Easter sale courtesy of Mantic Games…——————-Happy Easter from Mantic! To celebrate the holiday, this Easter weekend we’re offering 20% off purchases on the Mantic webstore! Just enter the code EASTER20into the checkout.Here’s…

Captains in Dreadball

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All teams no matter what sport need that one dynamic player to lead from the front or pull the team back together when the going […]

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Martovski noviteti 2018

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Dok nas Baba Marta časti poslednjim snežnim padavinama za ovu zimu, mi vam donosimo novitete koji tokom marta stižu u prodavnice širom sveta. Nove edicije, ekspanzije kao i potpuno novi naslovi su tu da vas zagreju pred početak sunčanog proleća. Dreadb…

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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Dreadball second edition available Monday…——————–DreadBall Second Edition Available from MONDAY!DreadBall Second Edition is available from Monday! All this week, we’ve been celebrating the upcoming launch with videos, blogs and one …

Star Saga: In space everyone loves a dungeon crawler!

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Arriving around the globe over the Christmas period was Star Saga, Mantic’s latest release funded through Kickstarter. Last month I got to take it to […]

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Battle Report – The Walking Dead: All out War! Ep 01

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Switching out Equipment and Survivors Jay and I play our first custom 100pt game of ‘The Walking Dead’!

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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Free Shipping from Mantic Games until Monday…——————–FREE SHIPPING on orders over £10/€15/$20 until Monday*Uh oh, Crazy Bobby’s been tinkering with the website again. Until 9am (UK time) on February 26th, we’re giving you, yes YOU, f…

Nedeljne vesti 9.2. – 16.2. 2018

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Ako nas pratite duže vreme, znate da vas svake nedelje zatrpamo najavama. Ovoga puta, imamo malo manju listu ali je zato dobro probrana ”ekipa”. Dizajner igara Brass i Steam je najavio novi projekat, ekipa koja pliva u lovi posle Exploding …

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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New from Mantic Games…——————–Take part in the Vanguard beta test!This is YOUR chance to take part in the Kings of War: Vanguard beta test! We want players to try out the basic warbands to make sure they’re balanced and fun. Set…

Let’s Play! – The Walking Dead – All out War by Mantic Games

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  The Walking Dead are upon us! Today Jay and I check out Mantic Games miniature skirmish based on Robert Kirkman’s hit comic The Walking Dead (not to be confused with the show!). We break open the core game and run through the basic mission at 100pts, with myself taking command of Rick and Caurrlllll […]

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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More new The Walking Dead Miniatures Game releases from Mantic Games…amongst other things of course…——————–At Woodbury, Rick and the survivors will be Made to Suffer…The Walking Dead Wave Four, also known as Made to Suffer or Woodbur…

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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Some new Walking Dead miniatures game releases from Mantic Games…——————–The Governor is coming…THE GOVERNOR IS COMING…Wave Four of The Walking Dead: All Out War is available to pre-order now. These new sets for All Out War …

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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A special offer from Mantic Games…——————–Beat the price rises…BEAT THE PRICE RISES!At the beginning of every year, we do a review of our prices. This year some will be going up (but a lot will be going down too). So that you don’t miss…

Mantic Games – Newsletter

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New from Mantic Games…——————-Clash of Kings incoming…CLASH OF KINGS 2018The new Clash of Kings 2018 is available to order now! Inside this 72-page supplement you’ll find new units, new formations and lots more. Check the Mantic Blog nex…

Nedeljne vesti 29.12. – 5.1. 2018

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Dragi čitaoci i prijatelji po miplovima, stigosmo mi tako u 2018. godinu. Srećna Nova godina, Božić i novi prolazak kroz Start (obavezno pokupite 200 dinara na prelazu). A kako nam je tek počela godina! Scythe sa novom ekspanzijom dobija priču i donekl…