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We had another bash at Gaslands last week with some of my newly designed a laser cut Gates. These are defiantly a better design than my first two attempts and they are much easier to put together. I tried out an unarmed Performance Car for the first time to see if its speed would help … Continue reading Gaslands

A loft full of lead 2018-03-02 12:07:39

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Some time ago I started on a design for an MDF landing craft. This needed to be big enough to take a standard 1/56 scale tank and a 80mm Dust base, two if possible. So after the initial concept test (above), I have now cut a more complete prototype. There is still some work to … Continue reading

EBMA hobby bottle stand. Review/unboxing.

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Got this at the Bolton Show thought you all might be interested to see it.This comes in a little Ikea flat pack, so you will need some wood glue (or any glue)Base.First side added.Other Side.One of the front plates.Other side added.And all togethe…

Inking The MDF House

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I have inked my prototype MDF house. Although the final design needs a few tweaks, which have now been done, the prototype was still a usable model, I don’t like waste. It has basically been inked with reds and browns. The first floor is removable, hence the hole for sticking a finger into! I googled … Continue reading Inking The MDF House

Deck Case

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After several tweaks, the cards case is finished. I have cut a version that has a hole in the case so you can see what deck is inside. Not sure if this will be retained yet. The drawer will take a deck on cards in its original box, or the cards can be loose. Without … Continue reading Deck Case

Walls And Fences

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Walls are always good and I wanted a 40mm high wall to block line of sight for standard sized models. These sections can be used to make various shapes and there is a gateway section in progress. This next railings section was not as good and needs more design work to make is feasible. I … Continue reading Walls And Fences

Industrial Tower

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Apart from the mdf house I have designed, I am also working on a laser cut industrial complex for sci-fi games. My first piece is a tower using a Pringles container as the core. The idea is to have multiple pieces linking together with walkways and ramps. This first attempt looks okay when put together, … Continue reading Industrial Tower

MDF House

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Over the last couple of months, I have been trying my hand at some laser cut MDF things. I am getting better with the design software and have created my first house! A basic house is easy enough as it is basically a box, but that is not say that there are still some tweaks … Continue reading MDF House

Laser Cutting

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One of the new things I am getting into is designing my own laser cut MDF accessories. I am not ready to start with any large and complex pieces yet as getting to grips with the terrible software used to create the cutting plans is proving to be a challenge. My first bits have been … Continue reading Laser Cutting

Inked MDF Houses

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MDF just soaks up paint, so inking seems to be the way to go. These have been inked with Red Earth ink on the brickwork and Burnt Umber on the roof. A few random bricks were picked out with more ink. I think the painted white window frames work better than the Burnt Umber ink … Continue reading Inked MDF Houses

Warbases Silo/Dice Tower

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A recent episode of the Meeples and Miniatures podcast mentioned a new range of sci-fi buildings in 15mm from Warbases ( Of particular interest was a silo that doubles as a dice tower. I’d been thinking about terrain that could…

Mad Mecha Guy Skiffs on the Dropship

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I recently bought some of Mad Mecha Guy’s new 15mm flying skiffs and wrote an article about them on Dropship Horizon.Without giving too much away, I like them.Read all about it here:…

Review: WarMage MDF bases – Part I

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Yesterday the postman brought me a small package which surprised me because I didn’t expect one. As he gave me the package with the comment: “This is no package, this is a letter” i was really curious what is in there. But as soon as I opened it and sm…