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Blade Runner-esque City Scape

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Terrain Building – Blade Runner really set the tone for me as to what a
dystopian future would look like. Dirty, crowded and dark. Ultimately
that’s the look I’m going for with my city table. Ideally this terrain will
be “useable” across several different rules sets like 40K, Necromunda and
Batman as well as any other random “near-future” sci-fi games I might find
myself interested in. 

Welcome to Chinatown – MDF Terrain

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Terrain Building – Last Christmas I received several buildings from Knights
of Dice in their Sentry City Chinatown Range. For some reason I had shelved
these with some other “rainy-day” projects. I pulled these out while I was
looking for another box and decided to make some time to get a simple paint
job on them and assemble the buildings so I can use them for some games.

MERCS: Recon – First Impressions

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It finally happened, a large box was delivered and it contained the two core MERCS: Recon boxes – Counter Threat, containing EU and CCC, and Assassination Protocol, containing KemVar and Keizai Waza. There are of course a lots of stuff still missing as MegaCon elected to send out the core games as soon as they were ready to get people playing. The second wave, containing everything else, is on

Templecon……Nearly Here!

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Hey y’all! Well it has been a little while since I have posted but I am still trying like hell to meet my challenge painting goal. The idea of having three fully painted lists and being able to play in IG is long gone but I am holding out hope that I c…

Templecon Painting Log Update #8

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Merry Christmas Eve y’all. I’m writing this blog post while I wait for the little guys to be fully asleep before Santa puts stuff under the tree. I had a fairly productive beginning to this week. It was fortunate I was able to get stuff done early as t…

Templecon Mercenary Musings (List One)

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As Templecon approaches and my pile of unfinished mercenary models continue to pile up I need focus my time on banging out only the models needed for Templecon. I intended to have my cephalyx force be my Templecon painting challenge army but I may have…

Templecon Painting Log Update #7

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I keep trucking along taking baby steps to my fully painted merc goal. Once again I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I would like but I did travel out of town to play in a tourney with my mercs so I guess that’s acceptable, right?’Cause Im all about…

Templecon Painting Log Update #6

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The song remains the same progress nothing completed. I’ve done some work on the galleon, restarted Ossrum, worked on Durgen, Drake, Damiano, and a few other things along the way. I decided no photos just gonna get back to work as the time is flying by…

Templecon Painting Log Update #5

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Same song as previous update…..progress nothing complete. This week the progress was even less significant due to the Thanksgiving holiday, travel, and starting my week of work two nights early. In theory the latter should allow me to be more product…

Templecon Painting Log Update #4

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Computer is buck up and running so I have some WiPs once again. I still haven’t finished a minis but we are making progress so I’m hoping all of a sudden I will have a bunch done and start to feel like this is doable. I realize the Cephalyx are all I r…

Nomad Conversion

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In my last Templecon painting log post I showed pictures of a nomad warjack I plan to include in my Captain Damiano list. This warjack had a small conversion so I figured I’d show what I did. I was never a huge fan of the original nomad’s arm positioni…

Templecon Painting Log Update #2

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Week two in the books and still not a single model finished…..great start, eh? Once again despite not finishing any models I did get down to the cave for a couple quick painting sessions. The majority of the work came from one session and with the ai…

Templecon Painting Log Update #1

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Week one is in the books and I didn’t finish a single model so I guess that would be a “rough start”? I didn’t really get a lot of painting time despite it being my week off from work. I didn’t finish any models but I did work on a few so lets see wher…

Durgen vs Gaspy2 (battle report)

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Hello all. I am going to try out something new today and see if it is something I’d like to do more often on the blog. I found an app which is suppose to help with battle report so I figured I’d give it a go today at the FLGS. I have been wanting to tr…

Cephalyx Skin Test

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After putting my painting log to paper I decided it is time to start testing out some paint for my Cephalyx army. I took the bloat thrall as the test piece for my Cephalyx skintone. The bloat thrall is one of my favorite models in the PP range. I’m not…

Templecon 2015 Painting Log

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If you look at the Templecon website you can see by the countdown clock that there are only 101 days (at the time I wrote this) prior to the beginning of the convention. If I take out the few days leading up to the con that leaves me 14 …

Kickin’ the Tires on Mercenaries

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Last weekend I borrow the wife’s minivan and drove the gaming crew drove down to Gamers Gambit in Danbury Connecticut for the Dark Omen Invitational Qualifier (DOIQ)……and hopefully the Dark Omen Invitational (DOI) itself. The Saturday DOIQ was…


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I has been a while since I have posted anything but I’m back and hopefully should get back to being a little more regular. While I haven’t posted anything it doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing any hobby stuff. I have been focusing on my latest obsession…