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Miniature Primer – What to Use and Tips for Spraying

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It still amazes me how many hobbyists forgo primer and will instead either paint directly on the surface, or will use a matte spray paint as their base coat. I’m no expert. I can’t tell you the exact science of what makes a primer effective at what it …

On the Paint Table – Hero Quest, Fallout, Infinity Steel Phalanx and TWD!

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Chaos Daemon Prince Painting Showcase – Darktide

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As with some of the other old models I’m taking pictures of, at the time of painting this model (2012) I didn’t have a setup for pictures that would accommodate it. Now that I do, and I had some free time, it was time to rectify the problem. I also upd…

Chaos Cultists Painting Showcase

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Here we have yet more units I painted years ago that I never took pictures of. Nothing fancy here, just the fodder of Chaos, Cultists. Cultists Squad #1 Thoughts Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite units I’ve painted. I like the aesthetic of …

Chaos Defiler Painting Showcase – Ragefist

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I got this Defiler for free from a gaming buddy 6 years ago. It was in decent shape, but I did have to tear quite a bit of it a part to fix some issues. So, things aren’t exactly how I’d like them in a perfect world, but I can’t complain about a free m…

Chaos Rhinos Painting Showcase

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I painted these Rhinos 6+ years ago, but at the time I didn’t have a good setup for pictures so I never took any. This past fall I did a little updating on them with some sponge weathering, and adding snow to the Rhinos to tie them into everything else…


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Working on a few miniatures

On the Paint Table – Northkin Trollbloods and Adeptus Custodes

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Huron Blackheart and Hamadrya Painting Showcase

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I’m revising this article to update it with better pictures (relatively speaking), and to include shots of the Hamadrya, which I didn’t have when I first made my counts-as Huron, who I’ve named Psykill. Oh, I also updated the snow basing on Psykill to …

On the Paint Table – Sylvaneth, Stormcast and Shadespire!

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Paint Removal Tutorial

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Hello everyone! Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver bringing you a tutorial on a process that most of you modelers have definitely stumbled upon. As you may probably have seen in my previous article, I am back on the modeling train and this time I am get…

Chaos Possessed – Paint in Progress #1

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I built these Possessed a few years ago. I had a list idea at the time for a big local tournament with them, so I put these together. Pictured below are 4 of the 7 I built, the other 3 haven’t got paint on them yet. These were hobbled together with ass…

On the Paint Table – Stormcast, Steel Phalanx and Trenchers

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Citadel Painting Handle Review – Is It Worth Buying?

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Games Workshop put out a very simple product recently, the Citadel Painting Handle. It was released at the same time as some other related painting products, like the water pot and painting mat. So, it seems obvious GW has decided to throw their hat in…

Chaos Land Raider Painting Showcase

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This Chaos Land Raider project has been in progress since May of this year. I had bought it years prior to starting on it as well. So, I guess you could say this has been a project for quite some time. Well, it’s finally done and the Chaos Land Raider …

On the Paint Table – Dark Angels, Malifaux and Necromunda

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On the Paint Table – Malifaux Hamelin, ARISTEIA! and Onyx CF

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Dreadtober 2017 – Corrupted Nurgle Redemptor Dreadnought (Part #3)

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The painting process begins. I intend to try to imitate and corrupt the colour scheme used by one of my gaming groups armies. The main dreadnought will be painted like his black templars only rusted and corrupted to serve a darker purpose. The Painting Time to experiment with weathering powders. Not bad for a first pass. I kinda like the way this looks. Painting the first coat on the fleshy parts. I have painted the ‘eye’ mutation and had a go at the beetle carapace pieces. The spine has been basecoated. The extra pieces currently in progress. I have drybrushed…continue reading

Abaddon the Despoiler (Chaos Master of Crusade) Painting Showcase

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I have been plastering social media with WIP shots of this model, the Chaos Master of Crusade (counts-as Abaddon the Despoiler), over the past few weeks. Well, there will be no more WIP shots because I have finally finished painting him! Counts-as Abad…

How to Paint a Warhammer 40K Power Sword – Technique #1

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This tutorial is a bit specific to the power sword being painted, which you’ll see below, however the technique and concept is universal. While being an irregular weapon, this is how I approach quite a few things when it comes to create glowing effects…

Chaos Gods, Metal, Bones, and Tentacles – Painting Continues

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I’ve been posting some progress shots of the Land Raider on social media, so I figured I’d consolidate them here for posterity. The Last of the Gods I did some work on the Nurgle pustule-thing on the door, and the Slaanesh claw on the lascannon sponson…

Chaos Land Raider – Painting God Details & Looking for Suggestions

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After the previous update where I did a lot of flesh work, I slowed down to work on some details that I was excited to play with. When I did the sculpting work on the Land Raider, I intentionally put in details for each of the four Chaos Gods. My warba…

Converting and Painting a Rogue Trader Mutant.

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I had just enough time this week to sneak in an entry to the Beware Mutants Competition on The Emporium of Rogue Dreams.  The entries were generated using the random mutant rules in the original Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader rulebook and unp…

Focused work: Noh Empire Assembled!

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Beautiful!Now that I’m picking up the hobby again, one strategy I’ve decided to follow is Focus.  Us gamers love to try the latest board game (Star Wars Rebellion or Star Wars Destiny?) or follow the latest Kickstarter (Relic Knights 2.0?), and wh…