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Warzone Resurrection Emancipator Combat Aircraft Finished

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Hello everyone! Cadaver here from Home Of Cadaver. I have finally gotten around finishing the Emancipator Combat aircraft for Warzone Resurrection and I would like to share it with you. I am quite pleased with the end result and it was a really fun mod…

Chaos Predator Painting Showcase

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This was a project in the works for a year or more. I bought the Chaos Predator used, and it then sat on a shelf. The release of 8th edition has given me back some of the hobby motivation that fled me in 7th, so I set to getting the Predator repaired a…

On the Paint Table – Anima Tactics, Guild Ball, Warmachine and Scrappers!

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Recent Brushwork

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Trying to change my palette if not my technique to achieve a different look on my minis. I read a ‘How To Paint Military Miniatures’ book ages ago, and settled on the ink wash/Shade Down method rather than the Highlight Up all the cool kids do nowadays. Whippersnappers! Back in my day, a real painter … Continue reading “Recent Brushwork”

Chaos Predator – Assembled and Painting Has Commenced

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Those who follow me on social media will have seen some progress updates on the Chaos Predator. However, I realized I haven’t shared anything here since stripping the paint and tearing it apart. So, picture time! Chaos Predator Gallery Modeling So, sin…

Primaris Marines and Vedros Objectives

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A root canal and a light work schedule for a couple days gave me some time at the painting desk. First, here’s my take GW’s new super-sized Primaris Marines. Stock color schemes, I have to say they paint up easily and make a table top quality painter like myself look good. Blue with darker shoulder … Continue reading “Primaris Marines and Vedros Objectives”

On the Paint Table – Dark Age, Bushido, Infinity!

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Thor’s Workbench: The Calling of Chaos

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The projects continue. I’ve been a bit all over the place with them the past few weeks. If one project needs downtime (IE: washes drying, glue setting up, etc.), I’ll jump on to the next project. So, I’ve got a bit of this and that.   Raptors A un…

New STALKER and Freedom troopers

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More on the ZP/STALKER front: a new converted Eureka fig and some old Freedom troopers. Took a bit more time with this latest STALKER, varying the paint scheme slightly, trying to capture the plastic orange look of those AK mags. I think he came out alright. I have plenty more in my STALKER-related bits box. … Continue reading “New STALKER and Freedom troopers”

On the Paint Table – 22-07-17 – Infinity and Guild Ball

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Keeper of Secrets Painting Showcase

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Lately I’ve been doing some work on old models; mostly rebasing them. Well, the Keeper of Secrets has been on my rebasing list for years – literally. With 8th edition having arrived, coupled with my desire to try him/her out, and the fact I had to repa…

Another Zone Perestrelki crew

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The 4th of July weekend is upon us so this is a short post. Another squad for ZP. I painted up five more Eureka Soviets with Pig Iron heads. A simple modification that’s easy and works well to provide loads of appropriate looking Zone denizens is no time. This squad can be unaffiliated STALKERS, a … Continue reading Another Zone Perestrelki crew

Painting Showcase: Ghostwrath (Daemon Prince)

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As I continue to rebase some of my Chaos Space Marines, I will continue to get some pictures of them if they never had proper shots done. Ghostwrath is another such model. I painted Ghostwrath 4-5 years ago. It’s not my best work, but I feel like it has held up well over the years. This was one of the first models I really took my time with, and some of my early OSL (object source lighting) work. The OSL was the big attempted feature on the Prince, and all things considered – it isn’t too bad. Ghostwrath Gallery History In…continue reading

Warhammer on Tour – Games Workshop Amsterdam, Rozengracht

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Recently I’ve had the very fortunate opportunity to do quite a bit of travelling and, of course, I take the chance to indulge in hobby […]

Chaos Spawn Painting Showcase – The Unbound

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A few months ago I redid the basing on my Chaos Spawn unit. The unit was a collection of different snow basing techniques that I had tried out over the years. I thought it was time to unify the unit. I figured since the unit was finally unified, why not get some shots using the better setup I now have for pictures? Chaos Spawn Gallery Background This unit is known as The Unbound. In my army’s fluff they were once fellow Space Marines. However, a genetic flaw in their gene-seed, once exposed to the warp, caused their mutation into what you…continue reading

Conversions – 30K Techmarine & 40K Thundergryph Cavalry Lord

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Duoboros – Alpha Legion Techmarine Part of my Alpha legion 30k army project (having 1 or more of each unit entry that appeals to me) I have been working on a techmarine/forgelord model. The base model is a space marine lord executioner. The axe head is being exchanged for a red butcher axe head to give it some heft and to make it more cog like. I wanted a myrmidon secutor axe but could not source one. The backpack was fitted with a servo arm from ebay (Zinge industries), and had one exhaust vent cut off to accommodate it. The cloak will…continue reading