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On the Paint Table – Deathwatch, Idoneth Deepkin, Reaper Bones and more!

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Check out what I painted this week and have a look at upcoming projects!
To see the Deathwatch Battle Report go HERE:

Thor’s Workbench: Work in Progress on Basha (Orruk)

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A short update today for my latest work on Basha, an Orruk for my Shadespire warband. Basha WIP Let’s start with some pictures. These are shots I shared on social media, so nothing fancy, just showing the work. If you saw my previous work on Hakka then…

On the Paint Table – Deathwatch, Van Saars and Witchborn!

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Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects.
Watch the Corvus Blackstars in action HERE:

Learn the Feathering Painting Technique for Blending on Miniatures

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There are a handful of ways to go about blending on your miniatures. The feathering paint technique is just one of them. It also happens to be my favorite technique and I’ll explain why. If you want to skip through the explanations then jump on down. W…

On the Paint Table – NEW Deathwatch, Hero Quest and More!

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Hitting 40,000 Subscribers on YouTube this past week I thought it only appropriate to mark the occasion by starting a NEW 40k Army, the Deathwatch!
Check out my Review of the upcoming Deathwatch Codex HERE:
And watc…

11 Simple Tips That Will Make You a Better Miniature Painter

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This article idea was sparked by a recent video that Games Workshop posted the other day on color theory. If you haven’t seen it, definitely watch it. It’s going to help you become a better miniature painter, but more on that below.…

On the Paint Table – Daughters of Khaine, Malifaux Ten Thunders, Cygnar…

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Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects! To see the models I painted in-game check out the Battle Report HERE:

Miniature Painting Supplies That Every Hobbyist Needs

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If you’re new to the miniature painting hobby then you’re probably wondering what you need to get started. It can all be a bit overwhelming at first as everyone tells you that you need this, that, and the other thing. So, I’m aiming to put together a c…

Thor’s Workbench: My Improved Painting with Hakka (Orruk) WIP

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I had recently mentioned that I’d be keeping my WIPs to social media. However, Castigator moved me to put some of that WIP love on the blog. Anyone who runs a blog probably runs into the same issues I do of balancing the blog with social media and what…

On the Paint Table – Idoneth Deepkin and ARENA REX

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I spent the week painting up my first 1000pts of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar’s newest faction – the Idoneth Deepkin and adding a new Ludus to my ARENA REX Collection – the Morituri.
To see the Deepkin in action go HERE: https://y…

On the Paint Table – Idoneth Deepkin, Warmachine Cygnar, Infinity Onyx and more!

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Take a look at what I’m painting this week and check out upcoming projects!
Check out the Idoneth Deepkin Lore Summary HERE:
Check out the rules-review HERE:


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Other Pat is currently running a one-of DnD dungeon crawl for our weekly game night, so the next couple weeks won’t feature many table top photo ops. In the meantime, I managed to get some color on the first of the ZONA ALFA demo figs. A Military crew with a Guide, a Medic, and a … Continue reading “ZONA ALFA Crew”

Khorne Bloodreavers Painting Showcase for Shadespire

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I picked up Shadespire in February of this year (2018). I’ve been having a blast playing it, and since then I have slowly, ever so slowly, been working on painting up my Khorne Bloodreavers warband, Garrek’s Reavers. Granted, it’s only 5 models, but I …

On the Paint Table – Arena Rex and Relic Blade

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  Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects! Advertisements

Monster March 2 – Marching to Completion (Part #4)

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Eldar Wraithseer Story Excerpt (the farseer after being interrupted tells the whole tale of the wanderer) The tale of the wanderer is a sad reminder of the fall of the Eldar race. A smaller craftworld that was known as the bastion that seeks the moon w…

Pix from last night’s game in the new war room.

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A NEW WAR ROOM Moving the hobby game room down into the basement took a while, what with preliminary clean up and then physical transfer of well, everything. But it is more or less complete. I’m pressed for time today but here are photos of last night’s Zona Alfa game in the new digs. Here’s … Continue reading “Pix from last night’s game in the new war room.”

Monster March 2 – Nearing Completion (Part #3)

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Kingdom Death Monster – Bird of paradise Phoenix Paints Used Undercoat: white Yellow: P3 cyngas yellow, washed with Vallejo yellow ink. Brown: GW mournfang brown Drybrush Gw Doombull brown, Washed with GW agrax earthshade Blue: P3 trollblood base, GW d…

Monster March 2 – Smooth Progress

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Continuing with my coverage of my progress on my pledge for monster march. Bonus In kingdom death, survivors kill creatures and then make armour and weapons from their remains. As, when we have been playing, I have a very powerful twilight sword user w…

On the Paint Table – The Walking Dead, Sylvaneth and Dracula’s America

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On the Paint Table – GodTear, Wild West Exodus and Warmachine

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Check out what I painted this week and take a look at upcoming projects!

Miniature Primer – What to Use and Tips for Spraying

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It still amazes me how many hobbyists forgo primer and will instead either paint directly on the surface, or will use a matte spray paint as their base coat. I’m no expert. I can’t tell you the exact science of what makes a primer effective at what it …

On the Paint Table – Hero Quest, Fallout, Infinity Steel Phalanx and TWD!

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  If you want to grab a T-Shirt for the drive to pre-order Fallout: you can nab them HERE: Advertisements

Chaos Daemon Prince Painting Showcase – Darktide

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As with some of the other old models I’m taking pictures of, at the time of painting this model (2012) I didn’t have a setup for pictures that would accommodate it. Now that I do, and I had some free time, it was time to rectify the problem. I also upd…

Chaos Cultists Painting Showcase

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Here we have yet more units I painted years ago that I never took pictures of. Nothing fancy here, just the fodder of Chaos, Cultists. Cultists Squad #1 Thoughts Believe it or not, this is one of my favorite units I’ve painted. I like the aesthetic of …

Chaos Defiler Painting Showcase – Ragefist

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I got this Defiler for free from a gaming buddy 6 years ago. It was in decent shape, but I did have to tear quite a bit of it a part to fix some issues. So, things aren’t exactly how I’d like them in a perfect world, but I can’t complain about a free m…