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Battle Report – Mordheim: City of the Damned – Chaos Marauders vs. Dwarf Treasure Hunters

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Battle Report – Company of Iron – Grymkin vs Cygnar ‘Scorched Earth’

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Jay returns for his finale as the Lantern Man is hunted down by Gwen Keller and the Gravediggers in ‘Scorched Earth’!   Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Nighthaunts vs. Idoneth Deepkin

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Mike brings in his Idoneth Deepkin to face my Nighthaunts in this Battlehost level Matched Play game! Advertisements

Let’s Play! – Star Wars: Legion by FFG/Asmodee

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  Let’s check out FFG’s latest offering to the Star Wars Universe, the Ground Combat version of their family of games. Big thanks to Clarence for bringing in his set and to Battle Kiwi for the awesome terrain! Check out Battle Kiwi HERE: Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – 3 Player Free-For-All

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Guillermo and Dorothia bring their Warbands to face my Stormcast in a three-player game of Warhammer Underworld’s: Shadespire!   Advertisements

Battle Report – Company of Iron – Grymkin vs. Cygnar ‘The Lost Patrol’

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With Anson and his men MIA, Gwen Kellar follows the advice of their errant Master Gunner and launches a search. What has become of the Gravediggers and what will Gwen and her Stormblades encounter as they search for ‘The Lost Patrol’?   Advertisements

Battle Report – GORECHOSEN – Ep 03

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Andy brings in his GORECHOSEN Champions for the most metal gaming experience in board games. We play a 2v2 with Redgar and Heldrax take on Tark and Fexgor!   Advertisements

Widgets and Wonders Ep 112 – 3D Printable Tanks from 3D Wargaming

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  3D Wargaming is back with a bunch of new printable 28mm tank designs perfect for your favourite Wargames. I paint up a Sherman and you can see prints of the Panther, Pzr4, Stg and T-34! The Designs are available HERE: Advertisements

Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Sylvaneth vs. Death Eater Courts

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  Jared brings his Death Eater Courts to face my Guardians of Alarielle in a 2k Malign Portents game! Advertisements

Battle Report – ARENA REX – Ludus Magnus vs. Legio XIII

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  The Gladiators of the Ludus Magnus defend their condemned brother against the executioners of Legion XII in this game of ‘Damnatio’! Advertisements

Battle Report – The Walking Dead: All Out War – Ep 01

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  Jay and I ramp up the action with a 301pt, 2 Mat game of Mantic’s The Walking Dead: All Out War. I lead Rick’s group of survivors out into the wastelands to compete for supplies against Shane and his Scavengers. Advertisements

Battle Report – Malifaux – Misaki vs. Pandora

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  It’s time for another Gaining Grounds 2018 Encounter as I take Misaki for the first time against Pandora in this 50ss Encounter! Advertisements

Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard

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Not a lot of photo ops from our recent DnD sessions, altho we last left our heroes carrying an injured old man with dementia to safety while his family farm burned  in the distance. (the goblin bard swears he had NOTHING to do with that. He only set the pig pen ablaze.) That was after … Continue reading “Dusk Wardens and a new Wizard”

Stal! Stal! Stal!

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“Steel! Steel! Steel!” The radio-signal, attributed to Lieutenant General P. A. Rotmistrov, launching Soviet armour into the infamous July 12, 1943 tank battle known as “Prokhorovka”. Warning: The author of this post is a victim of ‘Kursk Poc…

Keep on Truckin!

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Truckin’ to Victory!The GAZ AA truck is one of the ‘Weapons of Victory’ in The Great Patriotic War.  A licensed copy of the Ford -AA model 1929 truck, the first GAZ production models built in Russia hit the dusty Soviet byways in 1932.This wa…

Radio, Radio….

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Respect for Moonlite Modelwerks Calling all gamers!This broadcast is for anyone who appreciates gaming with a finely made mini, great value and awesome friendly service.I’m talking about the quality products of Mr. David Reasoner, the talent behind ‘Mo…

From Strength to Strength

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To have a project -a plan- and at the same time to feel like you are part of a group enthusiastically  working together to complete the job will further anyone’s ‘Stash-Reduction-Programme’. At the end of last year I had the good sense to c…

My Liebster is calling…

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This thing is gone Viral!I’m honoured that Close The Ranks saw fit to tap me for this darling award. The best thing about Liebster is that I get to draw attention to a handful of blogs that both genuinely deserve notice and have yet to gain a strong la…

Soviet Saga Continues… Heavy Support!

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Needs More Weapons!Woah. Long post. Best get the kettle on… SO the groundwork had been laid for my Soviet force with the infantry company. We even got down to playing some games, which turned out to be important.Over on the workbench my wet pallet wa…

Lip Beating – Severius hammers Thagrosh

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Where I live the loser of a fight is often described as having “the lips beat off of them”. This happened on Saturday night when Kenoth of Menoth brought a dead hard 50 point nSeverius list to the throwdown in St. John’s. His list had 5 jacks (Reckon…

Gaming Progress

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Von Moltke the Elder said that no plan will survive first contact with the enemy. And so it was. After initially playing 2 or 3 games with Menoth lists (nSeverius and Vindictus), and making the usual renewbie mistakes that have to be expected with a …

Back in the saddle again

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Colleagues,So, after a long hiatus due to overwheming work and other things I am ready to start playing again. My main focus will be getting back into Warmahordes. My plan is to play multiple factions on an ongoing alternate continuous basis in the f…

Initiative, Activation and Interruption

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Who goes first? How are they chosen and what can I do about it? Those are always key issues for any group of people about to play a game, friendly or competitive. These are the questions that tell us not only who is pouring the first cup of tea, more i…

Gruntz 15mm After Action Report

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Chris from the Trumpeters Society dropped by the other day to play Gruntz. We cooked-up a  patrol scenario featuring a mid-tech force trying to move past a smaller group from a much more advanced civilisation. The setting is tropical (surprise!) a…

They Hijacked The Dropship!?

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Dropship Horizon Hijacked!?Well, not exactly…It’s true that nature abhors a vacuum. A case in point concerning the 15mm Sci-fi scene: the void created just days ago by the departure of The Dropship Horizon and her crew (Mark, Master Chef and the enig…