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#MiniatureMonday is FOUR Today

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Well it keeps going from strength to strength! Thank you all on Twitter who take part #miniaturemonday is four years old today :0 Starting with a random idea many moons ago that was born of the #FriskyFriday idea but more paint and geek involved. I am truly humbled that this is still going strong and […]

#miniaturemonday 10/03/14

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We approach the final leg of my Infinity models for the New Year Painting Challenge with the last three miniatures from the Acontecimento starter set. This fellow is the Bagh-Mari, apparently ancient clans of tiger hunters. These guys have Jungle/Desert/Aquatic terrain which makes me want to use different boards even more. They also have CH: […]

#MiniatureMonday is THREE Today

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Well it keeps going from strength to strength! Thank you all on Twitter who take part #miniaturemonday is three years old today :0 Starting with a random idea many moons ago that was born of the #FriskyFriday idea but more paint and geek involved. I am…

Welcome to the Jungle.

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The Shock Army of Acontecimento are a sectorial list from the PanOceania force. They specialize in jungle warfare and a number of the troops have the ‘Jungle Terrain’ ability which allows them to ignore modifiers to movement brought about by that type of terrain. The basic troops of the Aconectimento are the Regulars and that […]

#miniaturemonday 24/2/14

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It’s #miniaturemonday again and for your perusal I have the last of my Nomad models to be painted. The Lizard was a fun model to paint and I think the green/red/grey scheme works rather well. As I said that is the last of the Nomad miniatures that I had to paint so next up are […]

#miniaturemonday 17/2/14

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Monday comes around yet again and it is time for another #miniaturemonday. Today’s model is the Nomad Spektr, this version is a Hacker armed with a Combi Rifle. One of the things I like about Infinity is the way you can vary your army so much with weapons and specialist roles. Although they don’t make […]

#miniaturemonday 06/01/14

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May I present to you Mr Edward ‘Eddie’ Nygma for the Knight Models Batman Miniatures Game. I haven’t tried him in the game yet and look forward to giving him his first outing.

#miniaturemonday Don’t Thread On Me

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Back in the early days of wargaming history myself and Gavin from Tor Gaming used to play 15mm American War of Independence (or the Revolutionary War depending on your point of view). One thing I remember is Gav picking the French because their uniforms were white and would be easy to paint once primed that […]

#miniaturemonday 05/08/13

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I promised yesterday that I had something for Miniature Monday so here goes.

Nothing special I know but it’s the first time I have picked up a brush in many months. Maybe I have opened the floodgates and I can crack on with all the other project…

#BitsBoxChallenge Ogre Giant

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I made it Ok it is only a small conversion when it comes down to it just a mixture of Stonehorn bits and green stuff onto an old giant I have. But still I am pretty happy with it and now I have something that fits in the rest of my army

#bitsboxchallenge May reminder

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This is your 2 week reminder for the May #bitsboxchallenge quarterly subsidiary of #miniaturemonday. Never done it before? then why dont you have a read below. #bitsboxchallenge A little about the #bitsboxchallenge  After the expense of Christmas and…

#MiniatureMonday is TWO Today

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Well it keeps going from strength to strength! Thank you all on Twitter who take part #miniaturemonday is two years old today :0 Starting with a random idea many moons ago that was born of the #FriskyFriday idea but more paint and geek involved. We tru…


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As many know this little blog is responsible for the worldwide phenomenon that is #miniaturemonday. Well it looks like thanks to Andy aka @atunley we may have an embryonic branch of #miniaturemonday. Dim the lights, cue the thunder light the fuse&#8230…

Merry #miniaturemonday Xmas

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I thought, as a gesture of goodwill to all, that I would actually paint something for #miniaturemonday so may I present to you St. Nikolaus of the Britanan Empire from Tor Gaming.

This was a really fun mini to paint, as have all the models from the…

Pictorial evidence.

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Although I have nothing to post for #miniaturemonday that is completed I thought I would at least prove that I am actually working on some stuff.

Momma Cebeda

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More goblin pirates today, this time its one of the best “cooks” around big momma Cebeda

Abyssal Slave Orcs

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Miniature Monday – and I’ve just finished painting the studio troop of Abyssal Dwarf Slave Orcs for Mantic Games. The brief with these was to give them a much paler skin tone to regular Orcs – a mix of Dheneb Stone and Rotting Flesh.  I carried through the gold armour that Golem did on the […]

CoA Prometheus Class Dreadnought

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Well this is my Dreadnought for my CoA fleet keeping up the same colour scheme that is working relatively well still and so easier to achieve

CoA Pericles Fleet Carrier

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This thing is a monster of a carrier so much height I am almost glad that LoS is based on the size of the ship rather than True LoS

CoA Diogenes Frigates

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The little guys in my Covenant fleet the Frigates. I admit it is probably a lazy colour scheme (drybrushing) but it works for me and on the table who notices

#MiniatureMonday is One Today

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Who would have thought it!! #miniaturemonday is one year old today :0 Starting with a random idea this time last year…………………………..what do you mean you don’t remember?! Ok here is the LINK…

Bane Knights

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Finally finished my Bane Knights done in the same scheme as my other Banes and incorporeal!

Old Stuff Day – Miniature Monday

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Nearly a year a go now I came up with a little idea for people on Twitter to show off their skills and anything else they have done over a weekend relating to this hobby of ours. Miniature Monday. Little did I think it would become so popular as it has…

#miniaturemonday – Necropolis Knights

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Well better late than never people on Twitter will have seen my WIP of these guys last week at some point. So why are my Necropolis Knights riding sand waves? Simple really I am cheap. I built the stalkers but didn’t want the knights to go to was…


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A bit more Dark Eldar today everyone, this time the Scourges