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Widgets and Wonders Ep 41 – Hand made Grass Tufts from Gamers Grass!

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Champions of Law season 2 – The titan of Solkan

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Alright people, now I hope you’re not tired of the champions of Law because I’ve decided to start the new season of the show !
I’ve been able to come up with a solid group that enabled me to play warband based games like Mordheim and Frostgrave. Now I’ve loved painting this group and I have loved playing with them too. There’s still plenty of ideas I had that haven’t seen the light of day though so I thought after a break I could start a new season of their story and see where this leads.

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Modena Play 2016: wargaming

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After the overall part in the previous post, here the focus is on wargame relate part of Modena Play. We stayed two days, the first as visitors and to speak with people. This is true even because we are preparing a new game for Lucca Comics & Games together with another editor here present. The […]

Blood Angels Land Speeder Squadron – Part 1

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Blood Angels Land Speeder Squadron – Part 1

Recently I decided to add some Land Speeders to my Horus Heresy Blood Angels collection. I was attracted to this unit as a fast way to apply some trouble to armored targets, especially since realizing I could put Assault Cannons on them! The Iliastus Assault Cannon paired with a grav gun will consistently strip hull points off of heavy armor.


I’ve never been a huge fan of the Land Speeder model. It always seemed to have a bit too much going on, a bit too busy.

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Frostgrave Tokens

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Since I’m about to go to Ireland to meet some of my WIPster buddies at Knavecon, I’d better get all my gaming accessories ready !
Since a good part of our reunion will revolve around Frostgrave I had to make some tokens. Good thing since tokens are usually handy on many games so I’m pretty sure I’ll find a use for them outside Frostgrave.
Since these are just tokens and not “proper” models (I’m sure some will cringe reading this) I didn’t really feel like spending too much time, energy nor money on them.
A quick look into my bits box informed me I’d have hard times making 6 treasure tokens…
Thing is, I actually found many interesting bits instead. That’s how an evil plan formed in my evil mind.
What things do warbands need ? Gold sure, that’s the easy one, but they also need to eat like any other guy, they need weapons and equipment, magic ingredients and all sort of stuff which they’d need to buy with the gold they find.
So why not make those things they need directly as tokens ?

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