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Mantic unleash their Secret Weapon!

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Mantic is a hobby company – we make good quality, affordable miniatures, and simple to play games. We offer incredible customizable scenery, and now we’re pleased to be working with Secret Weapon as their exclusive distributor for the Tablescapes Gaming Tiles in the UK and Europe! What are Tablescapes Gaming Tiles? Tablescapes Gaming Tiles are […]

Tale of a King: Clash of Kings Road Trip: Part 3

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Part 3: It’s all about the Base! So I’ve chosen the Faction, written my first army list, bought the models… now I need to start building my army! Everything in Kings of War has a base which is it’s Footprint. Infantry take up the smallest area so are represented on 20mm or 25mm square bases, […]

The Writing’s on the Wall

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Yet another not-very-interesting post today I’m afraid, serving to document what I’ve painted as opposed to entertaining the reader.

Another set of Tamiya 1/35 brick walls assembled and painted to add to the scenery pile in readiness for March’s Big Game (Burley Gate, Herefordshire, Saturday, 14th March).

Speaking of which, we’ve had a couple of players drop out recently, so if anyone’s interested in popping along, then please let me know (cost will be £10-£15 which includes buffet). More details here.

Tallarn Valkyrie/Vendetta

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Well, here’s a great big photo dump showing the start to finish WIP on the Valkyrie/Vendetta I built for my Tallarn. The cockpit was fully painted before being put into the fuselage and then masked off, to prime the rest of the model. I also painted the interior of the passenger compartment. You can’t see […]

Fake Plastic Trees

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No, I’m not starting a Stereophonics tribute act.

As mentioned in a previous post, my modest collection of scenery was terribly lacking in trees. Luckily ‘Eric the Shed’ had blogged about a very nice orchard he had produced using some cheap trees from an eBay seller in China.

I thought I’d give them a try and ordered some packs, which duly arrived a couple of months ago after a very short wait.

Finally getting around to taking them out of their Jiffy bag the other day, my first impression was that, while they looked very nice, the foliage seems to be falling off quite readily. Cue several coats of hairspray to firm things up a bit.

I decided on the whole to base them individually and, after using up my small supply of mini CDs and coasters, helped Giles to bulk up an order he was making with some round 80mm plastic bases from Hurlbat.

Basing the trees was easy. The trunks are soft plastic, and the bottoms were easily flattened, before drilling a small hole into each one. I then glued a drawing pin onto each base and, once set, dripped a little glue on the pins and poked them up the bottom of the trunks (oo-er). The trunks were then washed with shade.

This contrivance was then covered/strengthened with putty and the base painted, covered with scatter and liberally hairsprayed. I also glued on the odd bush, pile of boulders (dried offcuts of putty) or larger stone slab (drybrushed bark chips).

While not massive, the trees scale up rather well with 28mm figures and so my need for woodland is sated!

Ooh, I’ve just noticed that this is my 200th post on this blog – go me!

“When we looked back again, that dark thing was not to be seen…”

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An ancient and jagged stone stands deep in an old English wood. Steeped in legend and dark warnings, the place is shunned by all right-thinking locals, for it is said to be haunted…
Just who is the mysterious figure lurking on the periphery? Has Canon Albrecht returned to reclaim his scrapbook? Do the remains of Abbot Thomas still guard his treasure? Has Professor Parkins blown that whistle again?
Recently I’ve been re-reading the works of one of my favourite authors, M.R. James – in my opinion Britain’s foremost writer of ghost stories.
This set me in the mood to do something different, and so taking a break from my terrain-fest, I dug out a figure from Blind Beggar Miniatures’ Dark Clergy set – kindly sent to me as a freebie (thanks Mason!)
The trees you will read about in my next post, the standing stone is a piece of bark, the boulders just bits of left-over putty and the figure a vengeful spirit from beyond the grave (or possibly some silly blighter poncing around in a bed-sheet.)

Hedging My bets

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With the next Big Game looming ever closer, I needed to crack on with some more hedges, as despite Giles’ prodigious output and willingness to part with ready cash (unlike stingy old me), we never seem to have enough hedging to dress the three huge tab…

Going to the Wall

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Last year I treated myself to some goodies from Fenris Games, including a rather nice drystone wall set, which recently found itself at the head of the painting queue.Well, I say painting…The pieces came in a greenish-grey colour, which I thought loo…

Italeri Church

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Following on from my last post (Italeri Country House With Porch) the other model I picked up from Kieran’s cancelled commission project was the Church (Italeri Kit 6129). This includes an attached (custom made) cemetery and is an outstanding model (if

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Italeri Country House With Porch

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Back at the start of 2013 I posted about my gaming buddy Kieran building some Italeri Kitsets for his WW2 Normandy Games – and that as he did such a great job I might need to get him to build

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Pining For Something

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Ah January… That magical time of year when Wargamers of all ages take to the supermarkets, garden centres and sundry shops in search of half price Christmas decorations that they can turn to their own nefarious purpose.Whilst running a few errands I …

Mantic hobby in 2015!

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As we dive into a new year all us hobbyists get that overwhelming desire to set ourselves an oath! If you are new to the hobby this may be your first oath, if you are a long standing veteran then you may have a large back catalogue of successful (and unsuccessful) oaths! These can be […]

Lucca C&G 2014: more robots [part6]

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More robots in Lucca C&G: exhibitions and action figures for sale. Patlabor. Waiting for the revamp following the live action version in 2015. Biped tank. A must: Ma.K.s A knight robot with lots of mechanical parts. A Luca Zampriolo’s creation. This year he was a Lucca C&G official guest. Godzilla in a church exhibition. Yes, […]

I need a drunk – How to turn Willy Pewken Rogue trader ?

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You know what? this world is far from perfect, and I’m trying to make it better any time I can. Today I ‘ve realised we are in dire need of drunks in Rogue trader, why don’t we have any? WHY?Warhammer has got some :Taken from SolegendWell that’s enough…

Mutant rescue

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After enjoying one of those week ends where some shitbags decide to break into your house to rob you of all your technological possessions with the photos of the kids and music they contain I somehow felt like changing my mind with something relaxing. …


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All this recent talk of scarecrows got me in the mood to scratch build another one, seeing as it’s nearly Halloween and all…While my previous effort was a stuffed effigy of a BUF bloke, this one is a simpler construct mocking the pious Anglican Leagu…

Get the most out of your bits!

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Over the past few years miniature companies have been releasing more and more historical miniatures in plastic.  These plastics have helped mitigate rising figure costs and allow for the customization of figures with different weapons, head-gear and a…

Genestealer Cult – Hybrid Aberration Heavy Weapon Servitor

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I’ve had a notion to do a large hybrid servitor as an addition to the squad for a while now. This guy has been cobbled together with blu-tack and left at the back of the paint station for months now, so I thought it time to put him together properly. A…

The Helpful Hobby Guide – How to store models ?

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We hobbyists all have one thing in common, no matter what game or range we use, no matter if we're painters, collectors or gamers mostly. STORAGE. That's right storage. This hobby has an unavoidable problem : it takes space. The more models you…

Genestealer Cult – Aberrant 2nd Generation Hybrid

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My hobby has been intermittent lately, due to this, that and the other thing. I did get a few hours in recently though, and I managed to finish putting together this guy, the melta-gunner for the squad of hybrids.He’s not your standard bald bloke with …


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Zombies. The brain-dead scourge of mankind have returned to wreak havoc, feasting on the flesh of the living.  And if you order them NOW, you can have them in time for Halloween! Available in 20 or a mega 75 pack! New and affordable multi-part hard plastic sci-fi zombies! The new 28mm scale Plague Zombies combine military-themed […]

Dreadball Ultimate and Season three…

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I’ll be honest and say that I’ve yet to arrange a game of Dreadball Extreme, though I live in hope. So, instead of just telling you what it says in the manual, I thought I’d hand over to the guys at Beasts of War and let you decide what you think. The Season three teams…. The […]

Dreadball Ultimate and Season three…

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I’ll be honest and say that I’ve yet to arrange a game of Dreadball Extreme, though I live in hope. So, instead of just telling you what it says in the manual, I thought I’d hand over to the guys at Beasts of War and let you decide what you think. The Season three teams…. The […]

Dreadball Season Two overview

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Much like my earlier overview of Season One’s teams, Season Two’s teams are just as great! A little about the Season Two book first Along with the other four teams, there are additional rules introduced in the Season Two book, including Cheerleaders and coaches.     Four more new teams Human (Void sirens) Agile, nimble […]

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is back in stock in October!

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DreadBall is the Futuristic Sports Game set against a backdrop of glitz and glamour. Intense rivalries brew as teams play ball on the neodurium pitches of the far future. The game is famous for it’s deft dodges, stinging strikes and last-gasp action. The game is a 2-player affair, where you take on the mantle of […]