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Sunday Colour: New GW Textures Review

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So I may have gotten all excited recently about doing my Ravenwing and when I saw these new Textures were being released I had a grand plan! I decided (without any prior experience or knowledge – best way Ed.) to do a churned up battlefield, clogged with mud that had seen snow.  Similar to how … Continue reading Sunday Colour: New GW Textures Review

Weathering heights – How to clean your palette with mud

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Like often, I’ve engaged myself in a stupidly vast amount of projects at once… The good thing is that I’ll be able to show you plenty of cool stuff at some point and that things get done. The bad thing being it takes some guts every now and then to get started given the amount on the table. But hey, this is not me whining or anything, just explaining why I needed a little break.
One of my favourite ways of avoiding hobby burn outs is to actually paint. I mean paint something I don’t care much about and that can potentially provide rapid and high return on investment.
So here we are.

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Terrain Corner

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The big thing about wargaming is its a huge hobby.  Its not just spending time painting the amazing armies that we use, its also the field of battle we choose to fight on. I have to say I actually find painting the terrain to be a lot more fun that the miniatures.  I think its … Continue reading Terrain Corner

Prastok Imperial City – New scenery for 40k

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Bit of an unusual post for me today since not only have I painted 14 pieces in a WE but I’ve painted scenery !
You’ve heard me whine about my total lack of any good scenery for quite a while for the most patient of you so I thought I had to use the opportunity to have the house for me alone to paint some buildings and ruins.
A little time ago (2 years at least), I realised I had plenty of bits from now old GW kits and thought it was high time to use them to make… SCENERY !

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How to create great looking battlefields quickly with Cigar Box Battle terrain mats.

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The Gold Coast Gamers in Australia always have fantastic looking games! They often use Cigar Box Battle terrain mats and they when they do they always make them look great…

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