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Models from the stuff dreams are made of … (plus some modelling putty too)

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I am pretty sure many of you will have already seen the following by now but if there is any chance you haven't then just check this out :Our Friend Diego (Obscure Creator on the Oldhammer forum) has been working on some VERY interesting models lat…

Genesteal Cult – Hybrid, Update 1

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Mr Saturday

At lunchtime today I received some bits and bobs in the post, namely some empire flagellant pieces. The flagellant kit is one of those utility kits, like the ghoul or forsaken kit. It’s full of useful stuff that can be applied to a myriad of modelling …

Curs’d Ettin – Update 1

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Mr Saturday

The ettin, or fomorian as I’ll be using him as, crawls along. I’ve not had much time over the last week with work, but I have gotten him mostly assembled. His lion cloth is going to be a bit of a bollox to do as it hangs loosely over his groin, well, w…

Scenery or Scatter? It’s All Objective

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During a mooch around my local Hobbycraft I came across a 1:35 Tamiya jerry can set, which consists of six oil drums, a bunch of jerry cans and some buckets. Although 1:35 is a larger size than whatever scale 28mm is supposed to be, they would do quite…

Rouge Noble trader and some pocket monster madness…

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Working on various stuff at the moment I feel like having some breaks sometimes. An what do I do when I want to have a break from painting? I do some modeling, MWAHAHA.Some quality TV time with my wife has got me the perfect occasion to do some sculpti…

Major Hobby Train Derailment

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Mr Saturday

Over the course of the weekend I’ve been inundated with hobby-based tribute to soften the blow of hitting forty years old. The softening effect was considerable.My normal steely resolve has been heavily eroded, and I’ve cleared the decks to make room t…

Experiments with snow pt1

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After posting my challenge casualty the other day, I got some nice comments about the snow asking how I’d done it. It’s been  a while since I’ve just sat down and had a play with different techniques, so here are some notes I made last year (flesh…

Steal your face – part 2

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Some conversions require dedication, yep, that’s right, dedication. The venator bounty-hunter for confrontation are not a gang you cast “resurection” on that easily…I took some plastic bits anddid some dry builds (well with some blue-tack) for them d…

1866 And All That

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1866 And All That is the blog of well known New Zealand Wargamer & Sculptor Mark Strachan. Mark has been involved in Historical wargaming since 1972. He is most well known as the sculptor behind many (or most) of the…Read more ›

Warlord North American Buildings

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To supplement my Perry Miniatures’ ACW Buildings I also have a couple of Warlord laser-cut MDF Settler’s Log Cabins – like the Perry buildings these are suitable for most North American eras from the French & Indian Wars & Am…

Fimir – New Models Spotted

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Mr Saturday

NobleWhile perusing the Oldhammer Group on Facebook the other day, I came across a post from Diego Serrate from Troll Outpost Miniatures. The post got me rather excited, as they were greens for new fimir models. Or, bog raiders maybe? Or Fenfolk? A few…

The Realm Of Chaos warband Challenge – Start

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Over the oldhammer forum, there has been a challenge launched to build Warbands in the most oldschool fashion. The idea was simple, each contestant rolls a warband and gives it to the Challenge Master who randomly assigns them between all players.You m…

Perry Miniatures ACW Buildings

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These are some ‘in progress’ pictures of my 28mm Perry Miniatures’ American Civil War Buildings – I’m hoping they will be useful for not just the ACW, but also for the American Old West & Indian Wars, some Colonial the…

Fimir – Fianna Fimm Reboot

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Mr Saturday

After finally managing to pack everything away from KnaveCon and get back on track, I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and get cracking on re-doing the fianna fimm. I’ve been sore tempted by the hobby butterfly of late, being almost lured away by ideas…

Miniature Addiction!

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Roundie, from my local gaming group (the Auckland Wargaming Club), has recently launched his own website & blog of his wargaming & modelling work – he’s one of our area’s most prolific modellers & painters and has built so…

Why stay cool when you can be obsessed ?

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Yesterday, I remembered a very interesting article from the excellent Mr Saturday's mumblings. But why is that? Well I was looking at what would appear as Junk to most people (it appeared as Junk to my wife anyway) but which appeared like a treasur…

Nice Beaver(ette)!

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Sorry – couldn’t help myself…One of those fine chaps on the Very British Civil Forum has acquired some cracking Home Guard models from the currently defunct Stronghold Miniatures. The range includes some smashing Home Guard weaponry such as the Black…

You know you’re doing right when…

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… you start sculpting sphincters.Yep, Sphincter it is. Some of you will start to think there's something of an obsession with me and this but the thing is I have thought a lot about them lately.The first reason being the excellent Steve Casey fro…

Fimir – Mud & Bone

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Mr Saturday

I’ve been doing a lot of base work of late. This is no great trial, as I love basing in general, but it’s been there have been no actual models attached to the bases I’ve been doing lately. The reason for this is that both are bases that models magneti…

70° Sbarco di Nettunia

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I was waiting this event for a couple of years. I thought that, for an important anniversary as the landing on Anzio and Nettuno beaches, great things could be done. Instead, at the noon of the day before, I was informed about the dismiss of the participation of our representative group of the national army […]

Genestealer Cult – Hybrid Bits Hunt

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Mr Saturday

After some chatting on among the bloggers the fire is once again upon me to work up a test hybrid for my cult. The fellow above is the look I’ve settled on for 2nd and 3rd generation hybrids. The bits hunt is in full swing, but I’ve hit an impasse. For…

Painty Time 2

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Mr Saturday

Last weekend I continued the tradition of getting some mates down for a bit of a painting session. We set up in the man cave and settled down for day’s clipping, gluing, painting and basing while talking shite and listening to various stand-up comedy r…

Win An Airbrush Compressor Competition

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Air Supplies in the UK are running a competition for model makers on their site. In a nutshell they’re asking you to show them your favourite model from your collection. Trains, Warhammer, Wargaming, Airfix, Table Top Gaming, etc – it doesn&#8…

DZC Army – Aurum 111th Drop Regiment “Black Scorpions”

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I have finally got my Dropzone Commander army past the starter set stage and at a reasonable level and variety for some more involved games. Not knowing how to build a DZC army, I took the default option of acquiring the “Clash” army models shown in the rulebook on page 87, with an eye toward […]

Fimir – Dirach Grunsgul

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Mr Saturday

After something of a break, the fimir train is leaving the station. The first one-eyed marsh fiend of the new year is a character, the aged dirach Grunsgul. Originally this model was merely a base extender for my meagh to giver her a 50x50mm base, but …