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Fantasy Skirmish Warband

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I know right? Rumours of my demise and all that but hey, I’ve actually gone and posted something!Despite the near deafening silence hereabouts things have been happening. Admittedly mostly spending money and going places but some work has been going on…

Battle Report – Mordheim: City of the Damned – ‘Hidden Treasure!’

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Seth is back for more Mordheim, with the Kurgan Marauders once again taking to the streets against Graco’s Privateers! Advertisements

[EN/PL] C.L. Werner "Witch Finder".. and the new miniatures! / "Tropiciel Czarownic" … i nowe figurki! (Witch Hunters Zealots #1)

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Hello everyone!Today, I invite you to a review of the book combined with the presentation of new models to my Witch Hunter band.I will start with models that I will admit I’ve been waiting for a year to paint. Long, but I think it was worth so much to …

Battle Report – Mordheim: City of the Damned – Chaos Marauders vs. Dwarf Treasure Hunters

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[EN/PL] Troll Slayer! / Zabójca Trolli! (Alien Lab Creator Dwarf Kingdom Square Base 50mm)

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Hello to all of you cordially next weekend!I was telling and painting a few historical figurines recently, which is why today something fantasy for a change. Fantasy in the spirit of good oldhammer.The main inspiration for today’s entry was the dwarf b…

Mordheim background

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Every now and then you follow someone on Facebook that you should have followed a looooooong time ago. This morning’s discovery is Tuomas Pirinen, the author of one of my favourite games/settings…. Mordheim.His facebook is full of nostalgic bits, suc…

Kublacon 2018 – Mordheim

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Hi All,This one is the game of Mordheim we played, a massive 4 on 4 battle with all the war bands supplied.I decided to stick with the saturated look for these pictures as well. I’m not sure if it makes them too warm for the grim dark aesthetic of Mord…

[EN/PLN] The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures / The world of LORE. Potworne Istoty (Mordheim Flagellant #2)

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Hello to all visitors!The main impulse to create today’s entry was “The World of Lore: Monstrous Creatures” book by Aaron Mahnke, author and host of the best-selling LORE podcast.The book appears like a medieval grimoire, a book in which all the known …

Battle Report – Mordheim – Skaven vs. Lizardmen ‘Breakthrough’

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  Luke is back with his Lizardmen for another game against my Skaven, this time attempting a Breakthrough against the scurrilous ratmen! Advertisements

[ENG/PL] About how the Hobbits celebrate. Part I / O tym jak Hobbici świętują. Część I (Warmonger Miniatures)

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Hello everyone!After a week’s break due to a visit to Poznan at Blog Conference Poznan, I invite you to a new entry. Today I come back to the subject of the hobbits and halflings and would like to introduce the Honorable Visitors and fans of prose J.R….

Battle Report – Mordheim – Skaven vs. Lizardmen ‘Skirmish’!

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  Luke brings his Lizardmen all the way from Oz to face my the Stone Runners in a game of Skirmish! Advertisements

Mordheim Road Warden

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As mentioned last post I cleaned up and undercoated the Road Warden along with the Freelance Knight.  As I also mentioned last time I wanted him to be a Sancho Panza to the Freelance Knight’s Don Quixote.  I painted him with red and yellow tr…

Widgets and Wonders Ep 107 – Pre-Painted Medieval Village from Urban Matz!

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  UrbanMatz has developed a new pre-painted Terrain kit of 6 Buildings and a Bridge; perfect for all your Fantasy gaming needs. Check them out HERE: Advertisements

[ENG/PL] Under the surface of the world. A Skaven and the black death history / Pode powierzchnią świata. Historia Skavenów i Czarnej Śmierci (Oldhammer Skaven #1)

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“You can not hear them?” “That scratching?” “That shit?” “That squeaking?” They’re just under our feet! “- Crazy Bort.Hello my friends!It’s Sunday and I invite you to the last entry on DwarfCrypt this month. I remain for a while in a climate of fantasy…

Mordheim Freelance Knight

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I’ve took a break from The Classical Era and painted up a Mordheim Freelance Knight as a diversion, change is as good as a rest as they say.I got the figure from a forum sales board along with the mounted Road Warden, the figures on foot weren’t p…

[ENG/PL] About Don Quixote of la Mancha / O Don Kichocie z La Manchy ​z Anna Fit- Kulturalny Blog (Mordheim Freelance Knight)

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“… And never, never stop dreaming, but watch carefully what you dream about…” – The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La ManchaHello everyone!Today, a unique entry about one of the most expressive characters in the history of literature – Don Qui…

Hermanas de Serens

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Ya están aquí las Hermanas de Serens. Fieras guerreras de la fe, que luchan en un mundo sumido en la oscuridad. Os enseñamos estas estupendas miniaturas con las que podréis jugar a Mordheim Ciudad de los Malditos, Frostgrave o cualquier juego de escaramuzas. Ya disponibles en nuestra tienda online. Para los que llevamos en […]

[ENG/PL] Night Goblins #1 / Nocne Gobliny #1 (Rotten Factory War Sickles & Shields)

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Hello everyone!Today, a complete novelty on DwarfCrypt. The history of literature, fantasy games and movies is full of various fairy-tale creatures – and yes, in addition to elves, dwarves or unicorns we also have a second pole – beings of the dark one…

Battle Report – Mordheim – Throwback Thursdays Ep 131!

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  Josh takes one final trip to the Underworlds of Mordheim with his Lizardmen to return to his arcane transporters and back to Lustria in a Breakthrough! Advertisements

[ENG/PL] Sacco di Roma / The Sack of Rome / Złupienie Rzymu (1527)

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Hello everyone!And invite you to the next dose of less known facts from history plus the first two completely new painted metal Landknechts models, about the history of which I wrote in THIS place.I also think seriously about the use of the soldiers pr…

Battle Report – Mordheim – Throwback Thursdays Ep 129

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Josh and his Lizardmen return to the sewers beneath Mordheim as they are hunted in the dark by the Skaven of Clan Eshin! Advertisements

[ENG/PL] Flagellants and extreme worship of God / Flagelanci i ekstremalne wielbienie Boga (Mordheim Flagellants)

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“Oh, full of scorpions is my mind…”Hello everyone!I return to one of my favourite Witch Hunters project today. In previous parts, you had the opportunity to follow my story of the Witch Hunters Institution (Sigmar’s Order), you met Johann Van Hal an…

Battle Report – Mordheim: City of the Damned – Lizardmen vs. Dwarfs

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  Josh brings his Lizardmen to the underworld of Mordheim to battle the Founding Forge Fathers beneath the city streets! Advertisements

[ENG/PL] Burn the Witch! (MoRdheim: Witch Hunter #2) / Spalić wiedźmę! (MoRdheim: Łowca Czarownic #2)

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Hello everyone!Today I invite you to meet another witch hunter whom I had the opportunity to paint. I must admit that the model waited on its turn for well over half a year.During this time he waited calmly watching the next entries on historical topic…

Battle Report – Mordheim – Throwback Thursdays Ep 125

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The Founding Forgefathers face the Orcs and Goblins once again in Defend the Find!