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Another beautiful Sunday.

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Hello again.It has been a beautiful day and it was decided that after the necessary food-shopping trip, we would go to the beach… which was stunning:Click the Pic!This week has been a pretty good one… apart from the exhaust falling off the car… b…

Midweek Post.

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Hello everyone.I am posting today to alert you to a charity event that I will be embarking on very soon.I will be ‘Baldly Going’ on May 5th:Click the Pic!Please click the link below and donate if you can:BALDLY GOING LINK!Thank you for looking!See you …

Veterans assembled…

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Hello again and welcome to Inso’s World on a chilly but bright Sunday Morning.This week has been one of… not very much, really. I have done the usual chores and have pottered around a bit but I haven’t embroiled myself in any shelf building or renova…

Retreat and regroup time.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.This week has been another slow one on the hobby front, with visits from family and shelf building taking priority over my hobby… especially seeing as my hobby mojo has left the building at the moment.Fortunate…

A Dwarfy problem.

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Hello again and welcome to Inso’s World on a fine Sunday morning.I will quickly sum up my week:Chopping down a tree.Chopping up tree into logs.Disposing of logs.Building shelves (still WIP).St. Patrick’s Day drinking and karaoke.Six Nations rugby… an…

A family week.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.

This week has been all about family. My son, daughter and their partners were down in Cornwall for the week so I spent quite a lot of time in their company. It was my son’s 21st birthday this week so we decided that it was a good idea to both get tattoos to celebrate. We have taken a long time to decide which tattoos we would like but eventually settled on a raven each. It was all booked in for Wednesday but last Sunday, we were made aware that the tattooist no longer worked at the parlour. I popped in to the parlour on Monday, had a chat with the owner and she agreed to do the tattoos instead and I am so glad that she did because, not only was it my son’s birthday present but she also did an absolutely fantastic job.

So… me and my son now have matching tattoos… a raven that watches our backs:

Click the Pic!
That means that I have had a tattoo with both my children now.
Spending time with family this week has meant that my hobby hasn’t even had a look in. The only vaguely hobby related thing I have done this week is buy this:
Click the Pic!
It was £8.00 in a local factory shop and is currently in a box in component form, with all of the electronics removed. The main reason I bought it was for the legs. but I think there are a few other bits that may come in handy.
Well, that’s it for today.
See you from the spiritual home of the piskie!

Party week.

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.This week has been a blur and I can’t work out where most of it has gone.After a ‘no sleep Sunday’ and another night of restless sleep, I started the week a little jaded. I was due to go to a friend’s leaving par…

Monetizing a Miniature Gaming Blog

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To begin, I would like to start by setting the frame. This article is about my experience monetizing my Blog. It is a long post that includes information on what I have done to monetize the Blog, my thoughts on the subject and my plans for the future.F…

A brief interlude.

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Before I start… Welcome Dave Kelly! I hope you enjoy pottering around the grounds and hopefully gaining a little inspiration here and there… but be warned! Don’t stray too far from the paths or you may become lost.This week has been pretty bad for …

Beep! Beep!

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Hello again.Time is flying by and everything is slowly falling into place. All I need to do is start getting a bit more enthusiasm but my lingering chest infection is still slowing me down… otherwise I would be a wood-working, storage building monste…

Have you ever heard of XOLK?

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Have you ever heard of XOLK? Before Saturday, I had not. I came across this company’s products while “Window Shopping” at one of my Friendly Local Gaming Stores (J&J Cards in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada). There I saw a shelf of MDF Terrain by a compa…

Shout Out to RAINN Studios – Thanks for the TerraTiles!

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RAINN Studios is a company comprised of two Brothers who got their start in the gaming industry by Kickstarting a Board Game called War of Kings. Since then, they have successfully Kickstarted another Board Game and a Terrain Tile System. It is this Te…

Shout Out to Cigar Box Battle – Thanks for the Mats!!!

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Cigar Box Battle produces fantastic battle mats for Miniature Wargaming. They were the first to answer my call for terrain and I couldn’t be happier. After some emails back and forth, they gave the choice of any two mats for them to send to me for…