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Return to ancient graves

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After a long hiatus I’ve recently returned to Ancient mythology. My interest got reignited by the current hype about Osprey’s “Frostgrave”. Despite my admiration for the figures and terrain people have come up with already (just have a look at the Frostgrave sub-board over on Lead Adventure Forum), I couldn’t afford to start yet another collection of (very) specific terrain and figures for this trademarked setting. Also, I’ve yet to determine if the game is a keeper.
So I’ve begun to scratch-build some random ruined terrain, which will fit in with my existing Mediterranean pieces. I could use it as ancient remains in settings up to the present day.

Essentially it’s all built from a 3mm polystyrene sheet and based on very thin plastic card. The two pillars are made from a tube containing vitamin tablets, which was cut up; the tube also provided a ‘stopper’ which was repurposed as a fancy metal decoration on top of an altar.

So far I’ve refrained from playing any game which involves zombies. The concept and people’s fascination with it is, for some reason, completely lost on me. However, “Frostgrave” (like many other fantasy games) calls for zombies – so I tried to add a twist at least: I’m repurposing some Foundry Mycenaeans for the role of “undead ancestors”, “earthborns” or other restless spirits that can be called upon.

Still experimenting with colour schemes. These two got a greenish grey skin tone; Foundry’s Granite works quite well. The next ones might have a more brownish complexion. And some I might even paint as ghosts – we’ll see. For their somewhat decayed or simply ancient equipment I used brown and green hues (Foundry Rawhide & Vallejo Green Grey/Khaki, Foundry Teal Blue for patina effects). Their simple bases are to match my Argonauts, as seen here before.
More to come soon, I hope.

The End of (Norse) Days

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You’ll all be pleased to know I managed to grab sometime today to start work on Batman and the Penguin. Both are based, undercoated and initial basic paint work on Batman started. Hopefully the Dark Knight will be finished this week and maybe Oswald.Th…

Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Characters Expansion

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Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow Characters Expansion $12.99 SRP Many months have passed. The crops are tended, the livestock is healthy, new villagers have moved into town, everything is back to the way it was before. Until last night, under the pale light of the full moon, a howl in the distance pierced the crisp cool […]


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Ever since Foundry released their Ancient Greek range many years back now I have had an itch that needed scratching. No, not hoplites or the 300, but Centaurs. I’m not 100% sure why, I would guess it might originate with the Centaur model that cam…

Guess who’s coming for Christmas

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As kind of a last dance to end our latest gaming weekend I brought out once again our beloved Argonauts. Instead of just another run of the four scenarios played at the Tactica show, I came up with a completely fictional encounter, loosely based on Gre…