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Brilliant Botanics #1 – Manfruit Tree

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The mystical Manfruit tree, a pregenerated supernatural plant for Dice & Glory that adds a legendary element to a campaign. Especially if it’s revealed as the ultimate treasure or final goal. Also these trees are extremely tough though like mundane trees they are unable to take offensive actions. Additionally they are physically tough and can take certain passive […]

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Postscript on Elves, Dwarves, & Trolls

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I’d noticed the odd relationship between the Elves, Trolls, and Dwarves concerning their evolution through mythology and into fantasy roleplaying as it stands today and decided to explore these commonalities and divergences. This is what led me to write Tabletop Meditations #11 through #13. However, there are few things that I’ve not said about elves, […]

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Blood Rage board game review

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Viking settings and Viking stories and legends are very popular nowadays – just look at the Thor franchise by Marvel comic books! Blood Rage by “Cool mini or not” is about Vikings too. They are furious and courageous warriors who are well-known by Scandinavian legends and tales and you are going to be one of […]

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