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Maratha Maul

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The ‘Road to Waterloo’ rules get a reprise and numerous modifications for use in the Indian theatre where numerous British Generals (and fictional Riflemen) cut their teeth. In this trial run a small force of elite British, Sepoy and the not …

Francuskie okręty liniowe. French Ships of the Line.

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Kolejny ukończony projekt, który od dłuższego czasu zalegał w mojej szufladzie. Na początku tego roku wziąłem udział w konkursie malarskim forum Strategie (w obecnym też wziąłem udział, ale o tym napisze w innym miejscu). Mój okręt HMS B…

French Dragoons.

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Gained these Front Rank dragoons from Chris ( a member of the Southern Strategists) a few weeks back. They were already painted by someone unknown. The basing was rather rough, some sort of filler right up to the horses knees! The green coats were a gl…

Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 128 – Operation Market Larden 2 & Flintloque

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Download Episode 128 Welcome to Episode 128  of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   In this show, I am joined by Mike Hobbs & Mike Whitaker, and chat about our recent visit to the home of Wyvern Wargamers for the ‘Operation Market L…

Look What I Found

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Yesterday I has hunting around in a cupboard for something when I came across this:What a blast from a time when typed, photo-stated foolscap booklets were the best you could get.  Just look at the details:Strangely, I’ve now idea how I ended up with …

Deep Fried Lard – Musselburgh 2014.

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As last Thursday we had another game with Firefly, the  boardgame and I did not made any pictures at all, I have something different instead. At the beginning of this month I took the part in the venue called Deep Fried Lard. Around twenty wargame…

6mm Napoleonic update, and a bit of EPIC too!

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Now then,I have been generally plodding on with various bits and bobs this week, normal score really, im totally unfocused and cant stick with one project at a time….First up I have done the movement trays I got from warbases a few months ago.I have …

Recent Projects

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New posts have been a bit scarce since early May. This is partly because I’ve been busy: Painting the Turkoman cavalry and Persian shot for my Safavid Persian army for Field of Glory Renaissance. Writing another article for Miniature Wargames which sh…

Brigade Games – French.Generals and Flag Dude Flags.

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Recently I seem to have painted an awful lot of ‘Green’I received a prompt from Lon at Brigade Games a few days ago of his latest releases which reminded me that I had been neglecting one of the other projects that I had ear marked for progress this ye…

2014-06-01 Partizan in the Park

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Lovely sunny day out with some excellent games on display. As promised in my earlier post here are the piccies. As always at Partizan there are lots of games full of little details for the viewer to spot:The queueIn defiance of the blazing sun a very n…

Essex Regimental Museum

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Monday was a Public Holiday here in the UK and we (the family and I) made good use of the time to visit Chelmsford Museum. We have been making a point of visiting smaller ‘local’ museums in the Essex area and have found that many are really very good a…

Sheffield Triples 2014

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The annual trip to Triples has been made and I’ve enjoyed myself and spent the last minute rustled up funds. It was warm in the venue but all the doors were open to give some air circulation. The main thing I noticed was that it was quite quiet. There …

Fuentes de Onoro

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The belated St. George’s Day took place on Saturday, as 10 players, plus the GM and onlookers participated in a re-fight of Fuentes de Onero. The goal of the French assault was to either force a way through the village or find a way around the British …

Fuentes Warm Up

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The final test of Matt’s Frankenstein style home-brew rules, before their first big outing at the much delayed St George’s Day game.A small affair between the French and the Spanish, who were instructed to hold a built up area. The Spanish had the…

St George’s in May

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In case anyone has not heard, the much delayed St George’s Day game in on next Saturday (May 10th).Game of the day is The Battle of Fuentes de Onoro, fought during the Peninsular campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. A closely fought battle in real life, it…

Southern Strategists demo game

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Over the Easter break the Southern Strategists ran a demo game at the New Zealand Nationals.The battle of Polotsk 1812.A full report here plus photos from some of the other games on during the weekend.A great way to spend a few days.

Road to Waterloo – Again

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Another play test of the ‘fast-play’ rules for next years Waterloo game, as the rules finally settle down after about five iterations. Again it is an hold the village scenario, set in the Peninsular (Iberian, not Furness)Two brigades of British and Por…

Nothe Fort

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One of the first places we visited while on Holiday in Dorset was Nothe Fort. This was one of the Palmerston Forts built to protect Britain from invasion during the latter part of the 19th Century. Commissioned in 1872 it is located at the entrance to …

More British

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Last week I finished a few more British models for my growing Napoleonic army.  Now my collection is at a grand total of 14. 

A Spanish Village near Waterloo

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In a Spanish Village somewhere between Quatre Bras and Waterloo, in Belgium, Napoleon’s advanced guard clashed with rearguard elements of Wellington’s retiring British & German allied force. My detachment of dragoons were in the vanguar…

Climbing back into the saddle

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I have had a break from all things blog and painting related save for my commitments to Warbases these last couple of weeks. I had a few things to square away around the home and generally get caught up with other matters. I apologise if I haven’t comm…

Road to Waterloo

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Another test game of the proposed ‘Waterloo’ rules, with the French, consisting of Tel and Tony, assaulting a village defended by the British and Spanish of Martin and Jim. The village spans a river, crossable by troops but with a bridge in place …

1866 And All That

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1866 And All That is the blog of well known New Zealand Wargamer & Sculptor Mark Strachan. Mark has been involved in Historical wargaming since 1972. He is most well known as the sculptor behind many (or most) of the…Read more ›

Cant see the wood for the trees?

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Now then,This weekend has seen me in a frenzy of terrain making (or just making a mess, if my wife is to be believed). To be fair I did drop my flock tub no less than 3 times, once spectacularly covering myself and everything else in the stuff….Being…

Terrain tiles

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Now then,Waiting for stuff in the post can be frustrating. Especially when your on leave, and have planned to get loads of painting done, and forgotten to order bases….. So my projects have stalled a bit. My own fault, My options are to punish myself…