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Review: Scum of the Earth

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Rating: Scum of the Earth (Black Powder gaming for the rest of us) is a set of rules developed by Ivan Sorenson & Matthew Sparkes and published by Nordic Weasel Games. The introduction to the rules goes a long way toward letting the gamer know what they are in for: “We all have extra figures sitting around that we bought because we liked the look of them, we got 13 of them painted up and then our attentions drifted. They’ve been sitting on that shelf ever since, waiting for us to paint up another 200 to field an army. With these rules, you’ll be able to grab those dusty old figures and get them on a gaming table.” The game, somewhat intentionally, has no hard and fast scale – the authors ask the players to have the mindset of a TV director attempting to film an epic battle on a very limited budget: Bring the camera in close and hope that goes some way to make 30 men look like 300 or more. (You have seen Sharpe’s Waterloo, haven’t you? It’s a bit like that). You can play the game on a 2′ x 2′ or 3′ x 3′ table. […]

Bavarians circa 1809 – Part 1

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If you have been reading the last couple of posts you will have gleaned the fact I am going to undertake a very large project, and build myself a full Bavarian Corp. I now have the first batch of lead in my grubby hands and have started the project by …

General d’Armee released by Reisswitz Press

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General ‘d’Armee – a new set of rules for gaming in the age of Napoleon, written by Dave Brown – have been released by Reisswitz Press. The rules are available to purchase from Too Fat Lardies, and come in both softback and PDF editions. Over the last couple of weeks, Dave Brown and Rich Clarke have presented a number of videos on how to play the game – these are a great watch, and take the viewer through all aspects of the rules, culminating in an example battle.    Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: Historical Gaming, Napoleonic

The Coptic Legion, Egypt 1798-1801

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Finally a fresh unit, recent weeks seems to have been filled with the occasional hour here and there and the odd table filler such as bystanders and shock markers, but a free day today and a fresh detachment arrives on the table top. I had some spare…

French Casualties – Shock Markers

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I picked these up from Perry Miniatures back in March and finally grabbed some time to get them painted up after the last outing I have a feeling they will be needed.To keep the number of markers on the table down I have added two dice holders to these…

Back and making plans for the year ahead..

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Sorry for my absence, work pressures and dealing with my own health, have kept me very occupied for many months. As those who have been following my You tube account will have seen I have not updated that for many months. I have been working though on many work related projects. Forager a new set of Napoleonic skirmish rules, has and will be keeping myself and Kevin at Brigantes Studio for many months to come. I have also been painting Aztecs for another customer, who will be releasing a full range of buildings to accompany them as well as rules, but I am unable to divulge any more information at this time. I have also been commissioned by the authors to paint two very large Napoleonic armies each around 25 battalions plus cavalry and artillery for upcoming supplements to the increasingly popular Over The Hills rules .

This means I have had to make some hard choices, and those affected will be contacted by me directly as I really can not find the time to fit any other work alongside the current commitments listed above, try as hard as I have their are not enough hours in a day and I have struggled to work everything into the time I have, losing even more time as my head got messed up trying to resolve the problem myself and it just will not work out. So I am going to have to bite the bullet swallow a huge dose of pride and let a couple of people down.

Now having said all the above I have decided to commit to a personal project: It is not going to be without issue as time is going to be a major factor that will slow this project down significantly but I am happy for this to run over a couple of years if need be or is more likely to take. Its my own retirement present.

I want to make have a nice 28mm Napoleonic force again, and this time something that I have never owned, so no Saxons, French, British, Russians because I have had them in the past. Austria and Spain are also a no go, with both of these armies being painted on commission by me I do not relish doing either for myself far too much white..

That leaves Prussians, Minor nations, Italians and Wurttemburg but I have dismissed these in favour of Bavaria..

I am using the Ebelsberg 1809 Order of Battle as my reference for this project, which when completed will give me a very sizeable force to use in future games.
I have a thing for the Foundry Range of Bavarians so they will be making the bulk of my force, with some additions coming from the Perry miniatures range, although the latter are a little taller the elements I need from them are going to be on their own bases so should not look out of place.

VII (Bavarian) Corps

Marshal Francois Joseph Lefebvre
  • Artillery Reserve: Colonel Calonge
    • Three 12-pdr position batteries (18 guns)
  • 1st Bavarian Division: Lieutenant-General Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria
    • Brigade: General-Major Rechberg
      • 1st Habermann Light battalion
      • Leib Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 2nd Prince Royal Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Brigade: General-Major Stengel
      • 4th Salern Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 8th Duc Pius Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Cavalry Brigade: General-Major Zandt
      • Minuzzi Dragoon Regiment (2 squadrons)
      • Prince Royal Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
    • Artillery: Two 6-pdr foot batteries, 6-pdr horse battery (18 guns)
  • 2nd Bavarian Division: Lieutenant-General Karl Philipp von Wrede
    • Brigade: General-Major Minuzzi
      • 6th Laroche Light battalion
      • 3rd Prince Karl Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 13th Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Brigade: General-Major Beckers
      • 6th Duc Wilhelm Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 7th Löwenstein Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Cavalry Brigade: General-Major Preysing
      • König Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
      • Leiningen Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
    • Artillery: Two 6-pdr foot batteries, 6-pdr horse battery (18 guns)
  • 3rd Bavarian Division: Lieutenant-General Bernhard Erasmus von Deroy
    • Brigade: General-Major Siebein
      • 5th Buttler Light battalion
      • 9th Isenburg Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 10th Juncker Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Brigade: General-Major Vincenti
      • 7th Günter Light battalion
      • 5th Regiment (2 battalions)
      • 14th Preysing Regiment (2 battalions)
    • Cavalry Brigade: General-Major Seydewitz
      • Taxis Dragoon Regiment (4 squadrons)
      • Bubenhoven Chevau-léger Regiment (4 squadrons)
    • Artillery: Two 6-pdr foot batteries, 6-pdr horse battery (18 guns)

    I will use a 50% reduction to represent each artillery battery, so 3 guns and crew each. The infantry battalions will all be 24 figures. Cavalry will be in 12’s, brigade commanders will be based singly while the divisional commands will have 2 or more figures. I have the total figure count at 1104 currently, counting mounted as 2 figs, guns at 3 figs, and infantry/ artillery crews singly
    That leaves me now working out which version of Cornflower blue I prefer, the non historical wargamers light blue or the more accurate darker blue as shown in the image below..

    Well that’s all for now and thanks for reading.

    Goat Stew… A French in Egypt encounter.

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    As a warm up to the Dawn and Departure Campaign whilst I get a few troops painted up.I wanted to see how the points would balance up using Sharp Practce 2 and what troops combination would work best to blunt the French advance.We rolled randomly for th…

    Haul Report 80

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    Hello everyone to another episode of my weekly hauling series!This week, it has been one where I took full advantage of a lovely promotion over on the Warlord website.I am investing in rulebooks at the moment, the one thing that didn`t really stood the…

    Paint Table Sunday.

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    I have done very little painting over recent months everytime I see light at the end of tunnel it always seems to be somebody witn at torch bringing more stuff to do, work, training – essay writing (its been 25 years since I last had to do this….), h…

    General d’Armee available for pre-order

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    One of my (many) failings during Salute last weekend was totally failing to grab an interview with Dave Brown about his forthcoming ruleset General d’Armee. Luckily, Richard Clarke of Too Fat lardies had done all the hard work several days ago and published an interview with Dave all about the rules on the Too Fat Lardies blog. If that wasn’t enough, the rules are now available to pre-order from Too Fat Lardies, complete in two bundles – with or without tokens. You can find all the details at Too Fat Lardies The rules are released at Partizan on 21st May 2017Filed under: Hobby News Tagged: Historical Gaming, Napoleonic

    Maida 1806.

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    Last Thursday in our club we refight the Battle of Maida, which took place 4th of July 1806. It was great disaster of the French and Allied. For that purpose we used Over the Hills rules.
    W ostatni czwartek w naszym klubie odtworzyliśmy bitwę pod Maidą, która miała miejsce 4 lipca 1806 roku. Była to klęska sił francuskich i sprzymierzonych. Do gry użyliśmy zasad Over the Hills.

    UMPIRING/PROWADZENIE GRY: Angus Konstam, Bill Gilchrist
    MODELS/MODELE: Angus Konstam, Bill Gilchrist

    1. Forces. Siły.

    Gen. Reynier
    1st Brigade     Gen. Compere
    (Campbell Hardie)
    2 x Light Battalions
    2 x Line Battalions
    Skirmish Detachment

    2nd Brigade  Gen. Digonet
    (Bill Gilchrist)
    2 x Light Battalions
    Light Cavalry Regiment
    HA Battery

    3rd Brigade Gen. Peyri
    (Bartek Żynda)
    2 x Polish Battalions
    Swiss Battalion

    Gen. Stuart

    Adv Guard  Col. Kempt
    Light Battalion
    Skirmish Detachment

    3rd Brigade Col. Oswald
    2 x Line Battalions

    (Angus Konstam):
    1st Brigade  Col. Cole
    Grenadier Battalion
    Line Battalion
    RHA Battery

    2nd Brigade Col. Acland
    Highland Battalion
    Line Battalion

    2. The game. Gra.

    Originally that battle not finished for the French very well and even worst for the Polish troops, who after destroying the French brigade, panicked and escapes from battlefield. I was determined to not repeat that disaster. Our battle started exactly as the original battle. French forces under Campbell, after discovering that long range firing do not give any results, decided to charge British units under command of Peter. It wasn’t very good idea as soon almost all French battalions were destroyed…
    Historycznie ta bitwa nie skończyła się zbyt dobrze dla sił francuskich i nawet dużo gorzej dla oddziałów polskich, które na widok rozbitej francuskiej brygady, spanikowały i uciekły z pola walki. Byłem zdeterminowany aby tej katastrofy nie powtórzyć. Nasza bitwa zaczęła się dokładnie jak bitwa prawdziwa. Siły francuskie pod dowództwem Campbella, po odkryciu, że na strzelanie na duże odległości nie przynosi żadnych rezultatów postawił zaszarżować oddziały brytyjskie pod dowództwem Petera. To nie była zbyt dobra decyzja, ponieważ już wkrótce większość francuskich batalionów została zniszczona…

    My forces, who was in the centre of the battlefield cannot prevent Campbell’s disaster. However I managed to keep them in good order and they not panicked and not retreated from the battlefield. I managed to move my forces to support rest of Campbell’s units and gave them  protection. 
    Moje siły, które znajdowały się w centrum pola bitwy nie mogły zapobiec katastrofy oddziałów Campbella. Jednakże udało utrzymać się mi je w dobrym porządku i nie spanikowały ani nie uciekły z pola walki. Udało mi się zwrócić moimi oddziałami by wesprzeć resztę oddziałów Campbella i dać im ochronę.

    The most unused forces was those of Angus and Bill. First Angus did not charged my troops and decided to shoot them on long distance and finally, when he deploy all of them decided to keep them in place. The same happened to Bill, who also wait for the outcome of the fights on our left flank. Finally when Angus decided to move his forces, but Bill decided to charge them with his cavalry. In return Angus did an emergency square and Cavalry withdraw on their previous positions. Finally they did nothing and the battle was over. It still finished with British victory, but French forces did not get broken and majority of them was still in action. So we managed to get better result that the historical.
    Najmniej użytymi oddziałami były te Angusa i Billa. Wpierw Angus nie zaszarżował na moje oddziały a jedynie zdecydował się na ostrzał z dalekiego dystansu i ostatecznie gdy udało mu się wprowadzić wszystkie swoje oddziały trzymał je w jednym miejscu. To samo działo się z siłami Billa, który czekał na wynik walki na naszej lewej flance. W końcu Angus zdecydował się ruszyć swoje oddziały, lecz Bill zaszarżował na nie swoją kawalerią. W odpowiedzi Angus utworzył czworobok i konnica Billego powróciła na swoje pozyvje wyjściowe. Ostatecznie nie udało im sie nic osiągnąć i bitwa została zakończona. Brytyjczycy znów odnieśli zwycięstwo, jednak francuskie oddziały nie zostały złamane i większość z nich wciąż była zdolna do dalszej akcji. Udało nam sie więc osiągnąć wynik o dużo lepszy niż ten historyczny.

    3. Something about shooting. Coś o strzelaniu.

    I was asked long time ago by the game creator, what I would change  in the way of shooting in the rules. I would only resign from linear line of shooting and changed it for 45° range of fire, Similar to that used by Black Powder or By Fire and Sword. I think it is much more historically accurate than solution from the rules. Also I would allow to shoot to the units, who partially are covered by a friendly unit (let say I would allow to those, who are covered less than 50% but with the half result). That’s all I would change in the rules.
    Jakiś czas temu zostałem zapytany przez twórcę gry, co bym zmienił w zasadach ostrzału. Na pewno zrezygnowałbym z liniowej linii strzału na rzecz 45°. Coś podobnego do tego co proponują nam Black Powder czy Ogniem i Mieczem. Wydaje mi się to dużo bardziej historyczne niż to zaproponowane w zasadach. Również pozwoliłbym na ostrzał jednostek będących częściowo zakrytych przez nasze oddziały (powiedzmy ograniczyłbym to do tych zakrytych w mniej niż 50%, jednak rezultat byłby dzielony przez dwa). To wszystkie zmiany jakie bym wprowadził.

    4. Links. Linki.



    Campbell (SESWC):

    On The Road: Episode 8: Cold Wars 2017

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    Episode 8: Live from Cold Wars 2017Huge podcast from the “Roadies”…. Mitch and Sean head to Lancaster PA for Cold Wars 2017. A very jammed packed episode since we had so much to talk about!We speak to the Flames of War crowd about Version 4 that came…

    Antony Barton’s painting guide.

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    AB miniatures to me are the Best miniature in 15mm around.   I can look at his figures for hours.   Basically marvel at the detail of his work.  Lately I have been collecting his excellent 20mm WW2 figures.  This is an outstanding l…

    Battle of the Rocks 1793 – Sacré bleu!

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    Another Sunday and another game in the shed-o-war with Posties Rejects, but this time we had a couple of trainee Rejects in attendance. My own young Padawan joined me to see what a large wargame looked like, up to now she has only played 6mm wargames o…

    Command & Colors: Napoleonics

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    After my very enthusiastic reaction to Command & Colors: Ancients, Virago and Sigur decided to expose me to another variant of Richard Borg’s ingenious series of games. This time, it was to be Command & Colors: Napoleonics. As another mate…

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    A Rule set too Far: Salute Shopping list.

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    First, don’t worry ,this isn’t going to be me honking on about how much to spend and what to spend your money on. I think […]

    Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 200 – The War of 1812

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    Download Episode 200 Welcome to Episode 200 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast   In this show, hosts Neil Shuck, Mike Hobbs, Mike Whitaker and Dave Luff catch up with what they have been doing in the hobby over the past week. For our main feature, Mike Hobbs changes chairs and chats about developing his War of 1812 campaign guide for Sharp Practice At the start of the show, the Welsh Wizzard does his best Judith Chalmers impression as we chat about his recent visit to Iceland, which includes visiting Reykjavik’s most famous museum – you have been warned… We hope you enjoy the show Show Links The War of 1812 campaign guide The September War Travel Battle Najelwitz 15mm Desert Scenery Total Battle Miniatures Filed under: Meeples & Miniatures Tagged: Historical Gaming, Napoleonic, War of 1812

    Travel Battle – some initial thoughts

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    As many of you are aware by now, Perry Miniatures have a new game launching at Salute this year – Travel Battle. The game was made available for pre-order yesterday, and was generally welcomed across social media. Now, we can’t even begin to make a full judgement on Travel Battles until we see the rules; it is, after all, a game, and any game – no matter how pretty it may look – ultimately lives and dies by how it plays. My initial thoughts on seeing what is on offer are somewhat mixed. Yes, it all looks very pretty, with moulded terrain boards, scenery and miniatures, but I find myself asking the question “What does this gives us that we don’t already have?” Let’s take a step back and check what we are getting here. OK, we have some nice new plastic miniatures from the Perry Brothers – never a bad thing – but 8mm? Both 6mm and 10mm are pretty well established miniature scales, so why not go with either of those rather than creating a new scale? The obvious answer is future expansions – if you create something that only you provide, then you corner the market. There is, […]

    28mm Saxon light Cav

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    Hi guysPainted these Saxon light cav for a friend, not sure what the original figures were, maybe early French chasseurs? they had their plumes on the left side of the shako which I relocated to the front, the uniform cut and saddlery are not correct, …

    28mm Sharpe and 95th rifles

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    Hi guysI reason I take pics of my commissions/projects is to find faults/omissions, I have noticed I missed the canteen and powder flask straps on these guys, so will finish them shortly, but apart from that, this commission is finished, these are all …

    The Adventures of Claude Canard – Episode 5 – Dust Tears and Dice.

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    The return of an old favourite after a rather lengthy delay Ensign Claude Canard and his Friend and mentor Ensign Côtelettes de Mouton of the French Sloop “Le Vendeen” is back this time repackaged within Sharp Practice 2.
    Our last outing saw Claude trapped in a cluster of farm buildings as Ottoman Infantry marched on to the table looking for blood. Fortunately for our Claude a sand storm allowed him and his crew to slip away before the Ottomans closed in for the kill.
    After a number of days evading Ottoman patrols Claude stumbles into a Company of Regular Infantry but before he can relay his story Mameluk Cavalry appear on horizon.
    With deployment points at opposite sides of the table it would be a stand up fight between foot and cavalry. Using the Dawn and Departure terrain rules, the Ottoman player had the drop on the French and moved the best terrain away from the reach of the French lines.

    The French rush forward their light troops and secure the adobe building hoping to hold off the advancing cavalry.

    The Mameluks bring on their whole command and look to ride down the French Company and our hero Ensign Claude Canard.

    With the Arab horse picking up pace, the French line hold their fire, the skirmishers
    take pot shots but the mass of cavalry is large in number and the Shock Points are easily absorbed. Arab lancers on the far right start to flank the French line. Claud and the men of the Le Vendeen scramble up a dune to observe the fight having had their fill not a few days before.

    With Drummer and Doctor in toe the French line braces itself for the charge of the Mameluks.

    The French line gambled on fire power alone and instead of taking up a line formation poured a  crashing volley into the galloping horsemen, it was not enough and Mameluks engaged with the French line.

    The French company buckled and ran seeking cover in a stand of palm trees.
    Claude looked on in horror.

    Claude had to act he pulled his men together and poured fire into the flank of the regrouping cavalry.

    They had suffered a significant about of shock from the melee and Claudes volley and the reforming line Infantry was enough to break the Mameluk Force Morale and send them running from the table. Claude’s valiant actions had saved the day but it had been a close run thing.

    It was great to see Claude and the men of the Vendeen back on the table. Sharp Practice 2 does give the Cavalry player a much improved chance of taking on a formed body of troops. Some poor dice by the French failed to slow the cavalry charge they could easily have been caught in the open and would have been a far risker scenario.

    Next up a mission for Claude from the Dawns and Departures campaign suppliment.
    Until next time.