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Nothe Fort

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One of the first places we visited while on Holiday in Dorset was Nothe Fort. This was one of the Palmerston Forts built to protect Britain from invasion during the latter part of the 19th Century. Commissioned in 1872 it is located at the entrance to …

More British

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Last week I finished a few more British models for my growing Napoleonic army.  Now my collection is at a grand total of 14. 

A Spanish Village near Waterloo

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In a Spanish Village somewhere between Quatre Bras and Waterloo, in Belgium, Napoleon’s advanced guard clashed with rearguard elements of Wellington’s retiring British & German allied force. My detachment of dragoons were in the vanguar…

Climbing back into the saddle

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I have had a break from all things blog and painting related save for my commitments to Warbases these last couple of weeks. I had a few things to square away around the home and generally get caught up with other matters. I apologise if I haven’t comm…

1866 And All That

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1866 And All That is the blog of well known New Zealand Wargamer & Sculptor Mark Strachan. Mark has been involved in Historical wargaming since 1972. He is most well known as the sculptor behind many (or most) of the…Read more ›

Cant see the wood for the trees?

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Now then,This weekend has seen me in a frenzy of terrain making (or just making a mess, if my wife is to be believed). To be fair I did drop my flock tub no less than 3 times, once spectacularly covering myself and everything else in the stuff….Being…

Terrain tiles

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Now then,Waiting for stuff in the post can be frustrating. Especially when your on leave, and have planned to get loads of painting done, and forgotten to order bases….. So my projects have stalled a bit. My own fault, My options are to punish myself…

A Summary of My Analogue Hobbies Winter Challenge this year.

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Firstly let me start this post by thanking Curt for the titanic effort he puts into organising the winter challenge each year. It takes a dedicated person to co-ordinate and steer a project like this and it could not be done without him. Thanks also ha…

Eureka Miniatures Early French Battalion 3

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The third battalion for my Napoleonic Early French project done. This time it’s a 24 man battalion plus command instead of the 36 man sized units I painted before. Our group here decided to reduce the standard battalion size a bit in the hope we can ge…

IR 51 Splenyi

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Now then,I Have got my latest units done, IR 51 a large Hungarian infantry regiment, in the 1809 campaign the regiment was quite under strength, but still fielded 3 battalions.  I have chosen to represent it with only 2 Battalions, but at full str…

Grenzer Regiment 8 and 13 Done.

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Now then,I actually finished these two units of Grenz light/irregular infantry off last week, but have been too busy to get them photographed etc…Here are the newest additions to the Army of Austria!GRENZ REGIMENT 8GRENZ REGIMENT 13Another 2 units do…

Chef de Bataillon game

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We had a blast from the past in our latest game night. […]

15mm Napoleonic Game "The Battle of Grudge Bridge"………..or is that cooking pot attached?

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After my disaster from the mornings game, Ray was feeling cocky and demanded another game and more figures and I agreed as long as I had a chance of a win this time.So I had to protect the bridge from the French (Ray)and his little gunpowder plot, Ray …

RP No 157 Napoleonic – Duke of Cumberland’s Hussar’s

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I’ve not painted any of Posties Napoleonic’s for a while?? So he thought it was about time I did!He gave me this fine looking Hussar regt to paint, unfortunately it could be said,that this is one of theworst regts in the whole war???? Well at least on …

March is Napoleonic 6mm Month

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Now then,With getting all my Bolt Action stuff finished off, I thought id turn my attention once again to the 1809 campaign, and get some more of the Austrian army done.First of all I’ve had a look at the basing, always a bloody problem, and decided to…

Miniature Addiction!

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Roundie, from my local gaming group (the Auckland Wargaming Club), has recently launched his own website & blog of his wargaming & modelling work – he’s one of our area’s most prolific modellers & painters and has built so…

Weekly round up 16/2/2014 – French Napoleonics and The run to the finish line!

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First off I am going to make a couple of apologies to you all,  Firstly because I have not been able to reply to the comments on the blog all week, I have a problem with blogger not doing things as it normally does an each time I try to comment it…

Challenge Day 68 – A nice little diversion those little Brown Feckers

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No not a racist post at all but, a gamers reference to one rather annoying unit in game.Yesterday saw me take a break from the paint table and head over to Kevs for an afternoon of much needed R & R. Working for your self has some distinct advantag…

The Battle of Grudge Bridge – A Napoleonic Batrep

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 The initial setupAs I mentioned in my last Batrep, The Battle of Fort Joseph, we managed to squeeze in a short but memorable game in after Fort Joesph, we still had a couple of hours to kill before I had to pick up the brats from school, so most …

L’Iber Toy Soldier Museum – Napoleonic figures and dioramas

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L’Iber Toy Soldier Museum – Retreat from Moscow diorama

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L’Iber Toy Soldier Museum – Waterloo Diorama

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I think this is using W H Britains figures.

L’Iber Toy Soldier Museum – Austerlitz Diorama

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L’Iber Toy Soldier Museum – Spanish soldiers 1808 – 1815

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Weekly round up 16/2/2014 – Bugger and damnation !!! (with Boobs)

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Funk, big time funk has set in at the Great Hall.Its been one of those weeks, you know the sort  you have nothing planned to interrupt your week then things just happen and really throws a curve ball at you. Things had been going rather too well f…