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Our Ships Were French Oak And Hearts of Oak Our Men

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Contre-amiral Thierry Victore’s ad-hoc squadron has been in pursuit of an enemy Royal Navy ship heading towards the safety of its waters. Aboard the ship was a passenger carrying vital intelligence of great importance to The Directoire. Capitaine Géroux’s mission

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When The Fog Lifts

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Capitaine de frégate Josepe Aurèle Géroux had been pursuing the English frigate for several days now, but finally he had outthought his foe and was almost upon them. His command, the Dryade (a 36-gun Frigate of the Republic) was in

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Setting Sail With Sails Of Glory

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Ahoy there shipmates, we’re setting sail with Sails of Glory! That’s right, hopefully there is finally a playable, fun, Age of Sail ruleset – and it features ready painted ships for those who just want to get into playing… After

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Perry Miniatures Brunswick Mounted Infantry Officers.

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From left to right: Leib Battalion, 2nd Light Battalion and 3rd Line Battalion.

Perry Miniatures Duke of Brunswick and Staff.

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An opportunity to paint something with a little more colour…. even if it is mostly black.

28mm Prussian Napoleonic Cavalry

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Here’s a commission we did of the Napoleonic Prussian cavalry for a customer. He does his own basing so we finished everything up to that point, so they are appearing here still on their painting sticks.The first unit is the Brandenberg Cuirassiers:The…

Murawski Miniatures Polish Napoleonic Officers

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Just a small post today, I was asked by a fellow blogger if I would paint some napoleonic figures in exchange for some reference material. Like I am ever going to say no to more books! So a deal was done and I waited expectantly for a package from Mura…

Sharpe’s ‘Sharp Practice’ Practice

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Matt breaks out his skirmish troops from his Napoleonic forces again, but this time to play a rule set that he’s just bought, ‘Sharp Practice’ by Too Fat Lardies, rather than his home-brewed ones. It’s a character driven set of rules, with the ‘Big Men’ being all important in managing the troops.

From Furness Wargamers in Shakos

Tel, Dave M and Jim are the Honourable French. Keiron, Tony and S.O.Else, the Perfidious Rosbifs. A ‘Big Man’ each, plus one extra to command the forces, Kieron and Dave M doubling up respectively.

With only Matt having the rules, and himself having never played them, he took on the role of refereerules lawyer. A simple scenario, capture and hold the four buildings on the table, with those holding the most winning.

We went through the process of rolling the Big Man attributes in full, but ended up not really using them, a good job as could barely read Dave M’s writing. Most of the French must have been related as they were almost all big and ugly.

The first major incident was when fire from Jim’s unit took down a British Big Man, who rolled a 1 failing to avoid becoming the casualty for the unit. A further roll found him to be Badly Wounded, effectively out of the game. His unit now relying on other Big Men to command it, the limited action of the ‘Sharp Practice’ card (available only to the British) or wait for the free ‘Tiffin’ actions available to unactivated units.

A couple of rounds of fire were traded between the parties, and then the crib sheets were disposed of as it became apparent that the shooting table differed from that in the rulebook! These were a set Matt had downloaded independently of the rules and not from the Lardies site.

At this point we also learnt that the main Big Men could greatly improve the firing by adding their command level to it a extra dice if you can get them to activate before the ‘Tiffin’ cards end the turn.

After advancing close to the enemy to get the benefit of cover we decided to charge the two riflemen who had been left out on a limb. Not sure if we were doing the formations accurately enough, but couldn’t immediately find rules on spacing between skirmish troops, so Tony’s force was effectively split into three bits of terrain. Despite being vastly outnumbered they still managed to repulse us. Rolling better on their 4 dice than our 11!

Meanwhile the main British Big Man, who had a strong resemblance to another fictional Rifleman, had made his way to the leaderless unit and was getting them firing with effect again. The other French continue to move up, but at this point the game ended with two buildings each.

A quick review of the rules at the end showed we were still doing a number of things wrong, including not accounting for the deduction in movement caused by Shock points remaining on the unit. Plus the ‘Tiffin’ cards might not have been done correctly, with us using separate ones for each side.

People thought it was an enjoyable game despite our inexperience, and it started to flow a bit better towards the end as we got use to the all important activationcommand choices and what they meant.¶

28mm Portuguese 23rd (2nd Almeida) Regiment (Elite Miniatures)

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My first regiment of Portuguese for my Anglo-Portuguese Army.  This is the 1st Battalion, 23rd (2nd Almeida) Regiment. I have the 2nd Battalion of the same regiment on the painting blocks now. These are nice animated Elite Miniatures cast up by Nathan Vinison at Elite Miniatures Australia.  The flag is from Warflags and is probably … Continue reading 28mm Portuguese 23rd (2nd Almeida) Regiment (Elite Miniatures)

Aiming for an easier life…

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Since I began writing the blog life has changed a lot through it. The road has been somewhat lumpy though I have made and met a great many new friends which is a really positive thing. The downside is my continued poor health, I wont be dwelling on tha…

Riflemen and Voltigeurs, 54mm scale

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A quick look at some new 54mm Napoleonic figures for my man to man skirmish game set in Napoleonic Europe Continue reading

Getting my geek on – Black powder & Beyond the gates of Antares

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Well its been a action packed week in the land of the Anton!Last Sunday Ed whom is buggering off to the mighty RAF asked a few guys if they fancied a game of black powder.I thought it’d be rude not to and so we got a few models out and shoved them arou…

28mm 23rd (Royal Welsh) Fusiliers (Connoisseur Miniatures)

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I had these guys for almost as long as I have had my son who is twenty next birthday.  They were the first British infantry I ever tried to paint and I gave up after about ten minutes and they have sat in a box semi painted ever since. At the start of the year … Continue reading 28mm 23rd (Royal Welsh) Fusiliers (Connoisseur Miniatures)


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The Battle of Wavre, quite a significant battles of the Napoleonic era. This holding action by the Prussians helped the main body of Bluchers army escape and reach a rather more well known battle, taking place just to the west, at Waterloo. It also den…

28mm Royal Navy Landing Party (Brigade Games)

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My first unit completed this year. Finished them last week but only just got around to posting.  Another beautiful summer day at the Woolshed. A unit of Royal Navy Sailors on shore duty. These figures are from Brigade Games and are wonderful little miniatures. I only wish I had the skill and patience to do … Continue reading 28mm Royal Navy Landing Party (Brigade Games)

Capitaine Gerard and the Convoy. Kapitan Gerard i konwój.

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When you play the first game of the year, it must be something silly. This time we return to our old friend Capitaine Gerard (this is the favourite hero of Donald Adamson). You’ve already met him once, however it was some time ago (so to remember the story check this link).  This game was played last Wednesday at Hugh Wilson’s with a decent number of players. We used Black Powder rules with new break test prepared by Bill Gilchrist.
Kiedy rozgrywasz swoją pierwszą grę w roku, musi to być coś nie do końca poważne. Tym razem powróciliśmy do naszego starego znajomego, Kapitana Gerarda (ulubiony bohater Donalda Adamsona). Mieliście okazję już raz go spotkać, choć to było już jakiś czas temu (dla przypomnienia sprawdźcie ten link). Ta gra została rozegrana w ostatnią środę u Hugh’a Wilson’a z dość przyzwoitą liczbą graczy. Użyliśmy zasad Black Powder z nowym break testem przygotowanym przez Bill’a Gilchrist’a.


MODELS&FIGURES/ MODELE I FIGURKI: Donald Adamson, Bill Gilchrist
1. Forces. Siły.
(Bartek Żynda, Bill Gilchrist, Martin Gibson, Hugh Wilson, Dave)
4 units of infantry
1 unit of light infantry
1 unit of hussars
1 unit of dragoons
(Tim Watson, Jim Conquer, Ray Neal, Colin Jack)
6 units of infantry
2 units of light infantry
2 units of cavalry
2. Orders. Rozkazy.
In our game French and British was going to clash about incoming convoy. Both sides want them for their own, however the French were quicker and prepared the ambush. All units had to deployed in seven forests. They could only been activated by Capitaine Gerard, however they were able to defend themselves. We had no idea of where the Brits or the convoy will enter the table. According to this I (as Capitaine Gerard) placed all our infantry in three forests on the possible entry points of the convoy. Our cavalry was left in the middle of the table, to activate them when we will know where the convoy is. That was the plan…
W naszej grze Francuzi i Brytyjczycy zamierzali stoczyć walkę o konwój, który chcieli zatrzymać dla siebie, jednak to Francuzi przybyli wcześniej i to oni przygotowali zasadzkę. Wszystkie oddziały musiały zostać rozstawione w siedmiu lasach. Mogły one być aktywowane przez Kapitana Gerarda, jednak mogły samodzielnie się bronić. Nie mieliśmy pojęcia gdzie Brytyjczycy i konwój wejdą na stół. Zgodnie z tym rozstawiłem (jako Kapitan Gerard) naszą piechotę w trzech lasach na przeciw trzem możliwym miejscom wejścia konwoju. Nasza kawaleria pozostała na środku stołu, aby zostać aktywowana w momencie wejścia na stół konwoju. Taki był plan…
Capitaine Gerard.
The convoy. Konwój
3. The game. Gra.
Everything started exactly as I supposed. We stopped infantry, but the British cavalry broke through our blockades. But we did not worried about this – to stop cavalry we had our cavalry. That what we thought. Bill, who lead our cavalry hadn’t good day that day. He lost both of his units and now our situation wasn’t very good as we cannot support Dave, who unexpectedly found himself closest to the convoy. He was outnumbered by Tim’s and Jim’s forces. After the long fight his forces were destroyed and the convoy get into British hands. On the other side of the forces French stopped the British soldiers, however they weren’t able to change the score of the game. So the first defeat during this year…
Wszystko zaczęło się dokładnie tak jak to przewidziałem. Zatrzymaliśmy brytyjską piechotę, jednak wroga kawaleria przedarła się przez naszą blokadę. Nie martwiliśmy się tym jednak, ponieważ jej zatrzymanie to było zadanie dla naszej kawalerii. Tak myśleliśmy. Bill, który dowodził naszą kawalerią, nie miał dobrego dnia. Utracił oba swoje oddziały i nasza sytuacja stała się bardzo nieciekawa, ponieważ naszymi oddziałami nie mogliśmy wesprzeć Dave’a, który niespodziewanie znalazł się najbliżej konwoju. Został przygnieciony przewaga liczebną oddziałów Tima i Jima. Po długiej walce, jego oddziały zostały wkrótce rozbite i Brytyjczycy opanowali konwój. Po drugiej stronie stołu Francuzi powstrzymali Brytyjczyków, jednakże nie byli w stanie zmienić wyniku gry. Zatem pierwsza porażka w tym roku…
Gallery on the Flickr:
Galeria na Flickr:

Blücher By Sam Mustafa

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Early this year Sam Mustafa will be releasing his latest game system in his “Honour” series, Blücher, which provides the ability to fight grand-tactical type games in the Napoleonic Wars. One units, stand, or counter, represents a Brigade or Regiment (incorporating multiple-battalions)

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Austrian Landwehr

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Now then,The first painting of the new year!Carneville Friekorps.Carneville HussarsThe Carneville Freiorps were the smallest unit in the Austrian army, I have boosted them up, reasoning that I havent got enough militia units, so it doesnt really matter…

20mm Napoleonic game.

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A couple of us got together for a little Napoleonic game the other day.An encounter game with both sides entering opposite each other. We gave one side an extra cavalry unit and an extra infantry unit and the other side got an extra gun battery.  …

Ice Berg Ahead

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I have been chilling out this is my last week on the brushes before I take a proper holiday and spend 2 weeks, getting things in order that have been languishing in my to do list but almost certainly get forgotten about. So time to sort the paperwork e…

Richard the Lionheart, revisited..

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Now then,I have spent the last few days re-doing King Richards standard. It looked passable before, but you know when you look at something and it bugs you?Heres what it looked like before…. 3 demented monkeys……Anyway, I have re-done it, and im m…

Cigar Box Battle Terrain Mats and Sam Mustafa’s new game “Blucher”

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We are really excited about Sam’s new Napoleonic game! He has been doing some great podcasts on “Blucher” that have whipped us into a Nappy frenzy! We are especially looking forward to playing the game with the “Scharnhorst&#822…

Conwy Wargames Club 15mm 1812 Bavarians vs Russians

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There were 2 choices of game at the club meeting to be played side by side. The first to be set up was the 15mm Napoleonic game put on by Mel set in 1812 using the General De Brigade rules.The scenario involved roughly equal forces of brigade strength….

Wargames Fashion Police A.K.A. you need to get a life buddy! ( RANT WARNING )

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Right I know this is going to cause a bit of a do but I have had it with this type of wandering goon.Last night I completed a couple of fellas I had been working on for some good friends in the Blogging community. I took some snaps and sent them direct…

Playing Sam Mustafa’s new Napoleonic rules with a CBB terrain mat!

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We are  very happy to announce a partnership with Sam Mustafa, author of the excellent rules – “Longstreet”,” Honour”, “Maurice” , “Grande Armee’”, “Might and Reason” and “LaS…