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The dawn attack..

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This is what it felt like to the troops.

British patrol attacked at dawn.

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Here are some pictures of the surprise attack on the patrol.   The attack was launched at dawn.  All full account of this unwarranted attack can be found here :Duplicity-aboundsOne regular unit (yellow) in the middle artillery unit, the far u…

Exploring the Island of Vectis Neulandia campaign continues. The boat patrol

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Having made a the expedition base at the large Port on the west side of the island.  The British forces set forth on exploring the lands by using the rivers.   This decision was made to rapidly explore the land.  Part of the mission was …

Reinforcements from the Queen for Neulandia

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It seems the American have recruited an Auto bod.  The British expedition has requested help. The first will mechanical men is show below.Also there is a request pending addition money from the Parliament to have the below walker be purchased from…

Neulandia British campaign. Part 1

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THE ANCIENT AND SECRETIVE LAND OF MALAGASSY      Founded uncounted centuries ago by the losers of a dynastic struggle on the mainland the island kingdom of Malgassy has long shunned contact with the outside world. The people dis…