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Warscribe: Wargaming Campaign Software

Posted on February 3rd, 2018 under , . Posted by

My wargaming journey started with Warhammer Fantasy, 15 years ago when I was a young lad of 10. Pretty early on in my gaming career my FLGS ran a Border Princes campaign with somewhere around 8 players. Every week, we’d have to meet up, write down our …

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #48

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Another long in the making and very delayed Wargaming Bloggers Showcase! The Most Powerful Daemon God Discordian from Sepulchre of Heroes wrote a very interesting article about the Chaos Gods. More specifically, a particular Chaos God that has since disappeared from history – Malal. He has a great theory behind The Emperor, Grey Knights, Cypher, and Malal. It also happens to be a fun read as well. Well worth checking out. Magnetizing the Big Mek in Mega Armor Joe put together a short, yet very useful tutorial on magnetizing the Big Mek’s Kustom Force Field backpack, or the Kustom Tellyporta Gun….continue reading

AFK for Tequila – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Some of you may recall that last year around this time I had disappeared for Mexico. Last year it was Cabo San Lucas, but this year it’s Playa del Carmen. My wife earned a trip again this year from the company she works for – all expenses paid. So, fro…

#communityhobby Fourth Edition – It’s a Big’un!

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So, #communityhobby is plugging along. One thing to note is my lack of comment to each submission below. It’s nothing personal. I figure I’ll leave my responses on the social media platform you sent it on instead of here. Plus, it saves me time putting…

#communityhobby Third Edition – We’re Gaining Traction!

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Here we are at the 3rd outing of #communityhobby and it’s starting to gain some momentum. This is the most submissions we’ve had yet, and they’re all from Twitter. Let’s dive in! @JohnPepsDay Afternoon off so what better way to spend it than painting monkeys! #2000ad #Judgedredd #communityhobby #warmongers #monkey #Wargaming John had shared this in time for the last #communityhobby, but I completely forgot to snag it. So, it’s late but here it is! Anyway, those are some cool looking monkeys. @macantsagart Starting laying in all the yellow for my Iron Warriors Breachers. Some great progress by Rory on the group. The yellow looks…continue reading

#communityhobby 2nd Edition – Show Us Your Hobby!

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A very slow start with #communityhobby, but I haven’t lost hope yet. I only have a few hobbyists to showcase today, but that’s fine – they get more attention that way 🙂 Remember everyone, to get featured in #communityhobby you just have to share with …