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Catch My Work in Progress Stuff on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

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Once upon a time I would routinely post work in progress stuff here. However, for a little while now you’ll have noticed that I haven’t been doing that. One of the reasons for that is SEO (search engine optimization). The long and short of it is, when …

Blog Playground – Thor’s New Blog about Blogging

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If you aren’t aware, I created a new blog in February called Blog Playground. The premiss of the blog is to be a resource for fellow bloggers. So far I’ve created 15 articles covering topics like monetization experiences, a headline analyzer tool for a…

Monster March 2 – Nearing Completion (Part #3)

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Kingdom Death Monster – Bird of paradise Phoenix Paints Used Undercoat: white Yellow: P3 cyngas yellow, washed with Vallejo yellow ink. Brown: GW mournfang brown Drybrush Gw Doombull brown, Washed with GW agrax earthshade Blue: P3 trollblood base, GW d…

Monster March 2 – Smooth Progress

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Continuing with my coverage of my progress on my pledge for monster march. Bonus In kingdom death, survivors kill creatures and then make armour and weapons from their remains. As, when we have been playing, I have a very powerful twilight sword user w…

Monster March – The Planning Stages

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For Monster March, run by Swordmaster over at Path of an Outcast, I thought I’d put forward one model that has been sitting in my projects pile for too long (years at this stage) and one newer model. An Eldar wraithseer and the Phoenix from Kingdom Dea…

Warscribe: Wargaming Campaign Software

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My wargaming journey started with Warhammer Fantasy, 15 years ago when I was a young lad of 10. Pretty early on in my gaming career my FLGS ran a Border Princes campaign with somewhere around 8 players. Every week, we’d have to meet up, write down our …

Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #48

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Another long in the making and very delayed Wargaming Bloggers Showcase! The Most Powerful Daemon God Discordian from Sepulchre of Heroes wrote a very interesting article about the Chaos Gods. More specifically, a particular Chaos God that has since disappeared from history – Malal. He has a great theory behind The Emperor, Grey Knights, Cypher, and Malal. It also happens to be a fun read as well. Well worth checking out. Magnetizing the Big Mek in Mega Armor Joe put together a short, yet very useful tutorial on magnetizing the Big Mek’s Kustom Force Field backpack, or the Kustom Tellyporta Gun….continue reading

AFK for Tequila – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Some of you may recall that last year around this time I had disappeared for Mexico. Last year it was Cabo San Lucas, but this year it’s Playa del Carmen. My wife earned a trip again this year from the company she works for – all expenses paid. So, fro…

#communityhobby Fourth Edition – It’s a Big’un!

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So, #communityhobby is plugging along. One thing to note is my lack of comment to each submission below. It’s nothing personal. I figure I’ll leave my responses on the social media platform you sent it on instead of here. Plus, it saves me time putting…

#communityhobby Third Edition – We’re Gaining Traction!

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Here we are at the 3rd outing of #communityhobby and it’s starting to gain some momentum. This is the most submissions we’ve had yet, and they’re all from Twitter. Let’s dive in! @JohnPepsDay Afternoon off so what better way to spend it than painting monkeys! #2000ad #Judgedredd #communityhobby #warmongers #monkey #Wargaming John had shared this in time for the last #communityhobby, but I completely forgot to snag it. So, it’s late but here it is! Anyway, those are some cool looking monkeys. @macantsagart Starting laying in all the yellow for my Iron Warriors Breachers. Some great progress by Rory on the group. The yellow looks…continue reading

#communityhobby 2nd Edition – Show Us Your Hobby!

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A very slow start with #communityhobby, but I haven’t lost hope yet. I only have a few hobbyists to showcase today, but that’s fine – they get more attention that way 🙂 Remember everyone, to get featured in #communityhobby you just have to share with …