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Battle Report – Infinity – The Kurage Crisis – JSA vs. Nomads ‘Safe Area’

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  Wherein I still for some reason think Oniwabans have smoke (I’ll figure it out after this, promise). Deal with it! 🙂 I’m joined by Owen from Gaming with the Cooler for an assault on the Johnny-5 area, taking the fight to the Nomads! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – JSA vs. NEW Tunguska Nomads – Deadbolt!

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  It’s that time of year again! Infinity takes over Fridays for the next few weeks as Owen and I participate in the KURAGE CRISIS! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity – Nomads vs. Yu Jing

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  Owen from Gaming with the Cooler brings his Vanilla Nomads to face my Yu Jing in a Limited Insertion game of ‘Frontline’! Advertisements

Battle Report – Infinity N3 – Bakunin vs. Steel Phalanx!

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  Travis from Hot Dice Miniatures brings his Nomads to face the Steel Phalanx in this mid-tier game of The Grid from ITS Season 9! Advertisements

Menage et Trois?

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Hello people,So, completing the set Nigel dropped by last night for a game of Infinity, to kickstart us both back into the game. He’d recently picked up the Onyx Contact Force set and I just wanted to get back to it with some table time.As such I went …

Riot Grrls

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Journeyman Leagues, Nomads and Stuff

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Firstly, some apologies (damn I hate doing these all the time). Life has generally got in the way of blogging over the last few months. This is likely to continue for a bit, so please bear with me, or follow … Continue reading →

Infinity May new releases

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Infinity new releases are out! Seems like Corvus Belli is on a roll right now. The May line up includes minis for the following factions: PanOceania, Haqqislam, Combined Army, Nomads and Aleph. And boy, do they look great.PanO gets a new release this m…

Tools of the trade.

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Engineers and doctors in Infinity don’t have to rush out into the middle of a gun battle to try and repair/heal someone. They cunningly use technology to get shot in there place. Carlota Kowalsky last week had her Zondcat, Moriarty, but for other miniatures in the Nomad force there are the Zondbots. These little fellows […]

You wait ages for an engineer…

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…and then two show up at once. Hot on the heels of Carlota Kowalsky from Wednesday’s post comes the Clockmaker, the standard Nomad engineer. How cool does he look with his super flared trousers and flat top hair. The OSL glow around his eyes came from the fact that I hate painting eyes (if you […]

Death From Above 2189

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A double whammy today in the form of Nomad Tomcat engineer Carlota Kowalsky and her Zondbot – in this case Zondcat – Moriarty. Tomcats have the ability to arrive on the board via Airborne Deployment at any time in your turn by spending an action and then rolling to see if they land on target. […]