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Jacobite Flags – Lord Bellews and The Lord Grand Prior’s

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 4 flags plain and simple all made by my fair hand with a little help from the computer!The first two are for Lord Bellew’s regt and the two below are forThe Lord Grand Prior’s regt. Both units fought in King James’ Army against the…

King James’ Foot Guard Flags

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 Here’s some flags I made up for King James’s Foot Guard, I included some that I didn’t use for my units, but you may find them useful…..or you may not!

NYW Flags – Danish Foot Guards 1690

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Here’s my take on the flags for the Danish Footguards during the NYW, the flag can be seen flying high, in one of my previous posts here. I’ve leaned heavily on the flags pictured in “The Danish Army 1699-1715″ by Sapherson, for these two flags, but I’…

NYW Flags – Dutch Guard du Corps

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I’m back at work tonight after 12 days off, so I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself, what makes it even worse is I’m working with that miserable git Francis…………but at least England won!!!!!!!! Come on ENGLAND!!!!I had a request from Mark, on the…

NYW/Jacobite Flags – Earl of Tyrconnel’s Horse

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Not a lot I can say about these flags, that I haven’t said already in my previous post. The flags are my interpretation of the flags of the Jacobite Horse regiment of Richard Talbot, the Earl, later Duke of Tyconnel. The symbol on the flag is that of t…

NYW/Jacobite Flags – The Earl of Antrim’s Foot regt

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This flag can be seen in one of my previous posts on The Earl of Antrim’s regt, that fought at The Battle of the Boyne, in 1690. I can’t claim this one to be 100% my work. I used the flag made by Dan Harper on his blog Sixteen Ninety as a tem…

NYW Flags Jacobite Earl of Clanricarde

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This is my version of the flag for the Earl of Clanricarde, that fought at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. The flag can be seen in action in my last post. here.Up next for my Boyne project are the Earl of Antrim’s foot regt and Sarsfield’s H…

NYW Flags – King James’ Lifeguard 1690.

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Just a quick post today. As I painted up and posted King James’ Lifeguard on my blog earlier in the week, I thought I’d share the flag as well. So here it is!!!! So copy, print and do what you will with it!!

NYW Flags – Jacobite regt Marquis de Boisseleau 1690

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1st Battalion The Marquis of Boisseleau regtI’m planning on painting up some of the Jacobite units that fought at The Battle of the Boyne and at the Battle of Aughrim. One regiment that I will be painting is that of the Marquis de Boisseleau’s regiment…

NYW – Huguenots Flags revamped

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There’s been a lot of discussion recently on Huguenots flags and uniforms on the League of Augsburg Forum . Clarence is or has made a big selection of flags for the Battle of The Boyne, including Danish, Dutch, English, Irish and&nb…

NYW – Danish regt Prince George Flags

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I’ve still not decided what way to paint Prince George’s regt, I’m still leaning towards the green, cuffed orange I’m afraid. While the idea was ticking away in my noggin I knocked up the three flags in this post. The three flags appear in the Sapherso…

Free flags, NYW – Dutch Blue Guard (Garde te Voet) Flags

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As promised, two flags for the Dutch Blue Guards for the Nine Years War, thanks again to Bill & Barry for their help and sharing their ideas, not a lot else to say really that I didn’t say in my previous Blue Guard post!!hope you like the…