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1000 point-ish Bretonnian Army

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Hi All,So I finally finished those Bretonnians I was working on for the Old World Army Challenge. If the article isn’t at the top of the page anymore, you can read it here. I suggest you go over there if you want a full break down of the points cost. W…

Jan Žižka: Blandford Warriors Episodes 5, 6 & 7

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Jan Zizka, Taborite Infantryman and Teutonic Knight for WarhammerJan Zizka, Taborite Infantryman and Teutonic Knight for WarhammerIf you’re into Czech action cinema you might already know Jan Žižka as the titular hero of the upcoming Jan Žižka film from director Petr Jákl – the man famous for films such as Pterodactyl and Born Into Shit.  If you’re not,…

Oldschool gaming and a french Oldhammer Event !

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A bunch of handsome french and belgian oldschool players !
Those last 2 weeks have been pretty packed with hobby in all its forms, from painting to modelling and even more gaming !
I’ve played a great number of games of all kinds from old to new, quick to long, small to large and all were simply brilliant !
Be warned, this post will cover many games with a stupid amount of photos !
This all started 2 weeks ago when I had the pleasure to fly to Ireland to visit my good friend Sho3box/Cheetor. Seeing him was already delightful but you know how it goes, when in Rome…

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Paint Table Saturday 236 – Those trees and Camp Followers

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Hi All,Still working on cleaning up the hobby lair and trying to finish up some things so I can take my final army pictures for the Old World Army Challenge. If you haven’t already you should really check it out.All the tree bases are finished. I just …

Citadel Miniatures JD1 Judge Dredd

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With a Strontium Dogs game on the horizon from Warlord Games, my mind is all a-flutter with 2000AD miniatures.  Games Workshop had the licence in the 1980s and put out a sweet range of figures just before creating the seminal Warhammer 40,000…

Paint Table Saturday 235 – Trees and Baggage

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Hi All,A quick one before we rush out the door to go see Infinity Wars.The trees just need flock and static grass on their bases and the metal ones need some foliage.I started building my wagon out of balsa. I want to use Bamboo skewers for posts and a…

Paint Table Saturday 234 – Odds and ends, finished Bretonnians

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Hi All,A quick one before we rush off to the last regulation meet of the season.Just trying to tie up loose ends. Safari giant is now primed. Peasants and Monks are just about ready, but I still need to build the wagon and War Altar. Broke out me old t…

Mapping Progress

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Hi All,Just wanted to share some minor progress I’ve made in mapping of late.I think you’ll all recall my Mighty Empires campaign.Monfel is the area I want to map more closely to give more fluff to the Bretonnian army I’ve been making for the OWAC.One …

Terrain Tuesday 6 – One Tile at a Time

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Hi All,The terrain builds have ground to a very slow pace as I’m trying to finish up the Old World Army Challenge. You should check it out if you haven’t already. There is lots of great stuff and the participants will be posting up their finished army …

Hundred Years’ War: Blandford Warriors Episodes 3 & 4

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oldhammer ex-citadel blandford warriors hundred years war in grenobleoldhammer ex-citadel blandford warriors hundred years war in grenobleArch-rivals from opposing sides of the Hundred Years’ War.  Each of them a talented medieval commander, but with a great respect for the other’s skills and abilities.  Presenting two classic Citadel Miniatures  – Sir John Chandos and Bertrand du Guesclin. English commander…

Paint Table Saturday 233 – Bretonnians in the home stretch

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Hi All,Well, today was supposed to be the day I finished these.But I encountered a slight problem.Three out of the four knights did not fit their horse, I should have dry fit them before painting.After some expletives and a little bending by hand, I de…

Paint Table Saturday 231 – Must stay focused

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Hi All,Well I had to take my Mulligan in March. The track meet and the Easter Holiday just sucked up my time and wore me out. Minimal progress this week, but closer to the end. I’m starting to feel the pull of other projects and got sucked into the ide…

Stop playing with unpainted figures

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Hi All,No terrain this week, I’ve been too busy with various things and don’t have any progress to show.What I’d like to talk about today is the tendency of people to play with unpainted figures. What with the spate of pictures from Adepticon shown on …

Undead chariot

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Easter time kinda seems perfect for bringing some dead back to the world, so I’m more than happy I’ve finally managed to get onother Undead chariot done.So I got this placcy set recently: back in the old days always wanted to see it on the table (…

Mordheim Road Warden

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As mentioned last post I cleaned up and undercoated the Road Warden along with the Freelance Knight.  As I also mentioned last time I wanted him to be a Sancho Panza to the Freelance Knight’s Don Quixote.  I painted him with red and yellow tr…

Paint Table Saturday 230 – I wish I were done. (Bretonnians)

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Hi All,Somehow the week has gotten away from me and I am perilously close to using my Mulligan for the month of March.I got a little farther than this picture last night, highlights on all the red, white, blue, black and yellow. As you can see I still …

Light Wizard Duo for Silver Tower

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oldhammer warhammer talisman empire silver tower light wizards and blue horrors of tzeentcoldhammer warhammer talisman empire silver tower light wizards and blue horrors of tzeentcMove over Penn & Teller, move over Siegfried & Roy – a new magical double act is in town.  Coming all the way from the pyramids of the Old World are twin brothers Lapis & Lazuli  – fantastical Wizards of Light. Masters…

Terrain Tuesday 4 – Still Coaching Inn

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Hi All,Not a whole lot done this week. Somehow I am doing a lot of fiddling but it doesn’t seem like a lot of progress is being made.Here’s what we have so far.In this photo I’m trying to show you how I’m taking care of the valleys in the roof.Here are…

[ENG/PL] Under the surface of the world. A Skaven and the black death history / Pode powierzchnią świata. Historia Skavenów i Czarnej Śmierci (Oldhammer Skaven #1)

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“You can not hear them?” “That scratching?” “That shit?” “That squeaking?” They’re just under our feet! “- Crazy Bort.Hello my friends!It’s Sunday and I invite you to the last entry on DwarfCrypt this month. I remain for a while in a climate of fantasy…

Paint Table Saturday 229 – What else? Bretonnians.

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Hi All, Ok, not a lot of progress this week. I’m not really sure where all the time went. A few more colors slapped on the Bretonnians, but I need to get my rear in gear.The Knights in the background are there to remind me of color scheme and what…

Alan Horseman: Blandford Warriors Episode 2

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Oldhammer Blandford Warriors Alan Horseman and Late Imperial RomansOldhammer Blandford Warriors Alan Horseman and Late Imperial RomansAs names for ranges go, “Blandford Warriors” is a little … underwhelming.  Rather than conjuring up images of medieval warlords on their bloodthirsty rampages it puts me instantly in mind of the sleepy Dorset village – Blandford.  Blandford’s top tourist attraction is…

Herr Carstein has just arrived

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Hello again,It’s been a while and I really missed posting. And painting.But recently reality has thrown ‘uuuge lump of shit into my life fan so hobby had to wait.Anyway the previous post was about idea of building 2500 pts 5th ed Undead army. Since tha…

Paint Table Saturday 228 – Brets, Random Fantasy and Coaching Inn

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Hi All,I know, it’s Sunday, but I was busy with track and Corn Beef eating yesterday.Important note. This photo was taken on my phone and edited on my phone with Snapseed. Airbornegrove recommended it and so far I like it a lot. I haven’t done any of t…

Mordheim Freelance Knight

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I’ve took a break from The Classical Era and painted up a Mordheim Freelance Knight as a diversion, change is as good as a rest as they say.I got the figure from a forum sales board along with the mounted Road Warden, the figures on foot weren’t p…

Return to Caraz-Lumbar

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Hi All,Remember the sample scenario in the back of Warhammer Siege? The Defense of Caraz-Lumbar? I think I only ever cursorily glanced at it as I longed to play out sieges in my Mighty Empires campaign. You know the one that never really went anywhere….