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The PROPAINTING challenge goblin

Posted on March 16th, 2017 under , , , , , . Posted by

The other night, a couple of the WIPsters and friends gathered for a little video chat painting session with the silly idea to paint a model in a single session with the most horrible brush of their collection.
You’ll get the full report on the Scale Creep with everyone’s fantastic results.

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Warmaster: Rock Lobber and Giant

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Quick post having completed the Rock Lobber and Giant for my client whose orc and goblin army i painted a few weeks back:

Warmaster: Goblins and Wolves!

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Here are the Goblin Wolf riders and Wolf Chariots finally completed:And also a shot of the entire force as it stands! My client has picked up a Giant and some Rock lobbers which i will be picking up next week to paint. I’m pleased with how the force ha…

Warmaster: Here comes Da Bosses!

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Here are the characters for the Orcs n Goblins army im working on:Chariots and Wolf riders still WIP, but hope to finish them by tomorrow!

Warmaster: Goblins! thousands of them!

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Well maybe not thousands, but three regiments haha:As before, they are done to match an existing scheme, and there is another regiment of them already completed. Next up on this project will be all the characters, two wolf rider regiments and two chari…

Warmaster: Orcs n Goblins

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Starting up January’s commission with these Warmaster Orcs n GoblinsMy client had already painted about 1/3rd of his army so this is not as grand an undertaking as some projects, and i had a scheme and style to match.On the bench are 3 regiments of Gob…