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WIP Ironjawz

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I’ve finally made a start on my Orruk Brutes. These are interesting models. This one is at least thirteen pieces to put together but the result is great. The detail is sharp and crisp and the effect is very layered, something impossible only a few year…

Ironjawz, how did that happen?

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It seems I’ve started a new Warhammer army… I’m not sure how that happened. It’s been nine years since I really started a new army for Warhammer. Actually I suppose the Stormcast I got count as a new one too. I’ve been eager to get some Ironjawz sinc…

The PROPAINTING challenge goblin

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The other night, a couple of the WIPsters and friends gathered for a little video chat painting session with the silly idea to paint a model in a single session with the most horrible brush of their collection.
You’ll get the full report on the Scale Creep with everyone’s fantastic results.

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Warmaster: Rock Lobber and Giant

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Quick post having completed the Rock Lobber and Giant for my client whose orc and goblin army i painted a few weeks back: