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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realm Quest Ep 02

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Battle Report – Fantasy Battles: 9th Age – Ep 06

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Smells like Kev Spirit

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Look, I’ve said it before but I’m not exactly a great orc lover here. I know I’ve said it a fair few times already but I keep coming back to painting some now that I’ve started a couple years back for orctober.
Thing is, I still wouldn’t want to have a huge force of them in any game nor would I even want to play them that much but for some reason I feel compelled to having a force of them for my games.
Since this year, I’ve started to make warbands of all sorts for fantasy just like I used to do for Rogue Trader. That means when I saw a sale on the Oldhammer forum with plenty of cool orcs from Kev Adams, I took the opportunity to scratch the itch.

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