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WIP: (Another) Night Goblin Boss on "Flying Carpet" #2

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Been making some good progress on this guy. Since my last post I added a few more bits to him, primed him and slopped some paint on the little bugger.More after the jump »

WIP: (Another) Night Goblin Boss on "Flying Carpet"

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It wasn't too long ago that I completed this guy. As I was painting the checks on him I thought up this guy and last night I got him assembled to this point.More after the jump »

Forest Goblin Test

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Here is my test Forest Goblin, I even managed to do the base. I am not 100% convinced yet on the basing. It is more or less what I usually do but so far so good, eh? As for the model itself I am happy. The green is the same as the Night Goblins. With s…

Horrible Spiders

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I think the weirdest thing about the Forest Goblin Spider Rider’s mount is that at a distance of two or so feet in a darkened room they look all too convincing.However I managed to get forty of these models I don’t know. Even though it would look aweso…

Night Goblins done… for now

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I finally managed to finish my second regiment of Night Goblins. I manage to snatch about half an hours painting every evening after work and some longer stretches at the weekends. These thirty were easy enough to paint too as the models while excellen…

Warhammer Quest – Base Set Complete (Monsters)

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It seems like it has been too long since I’ve made a post, and it’s probably because I underestimated how long it would take me to finish the Models for the base set of Warhammer Quest.  I will say that my goal was to not paint or work on anything…

Showcase: Orcs & Goblins, Night Goblin Boss on Arabyan Carpet

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I have had very little paint time for past two weeks and this one guy took up all of it. Totally worth it! He was a blast to work on and the finished model is just the right amount of silliness.More after the jump »

Yet More Night Goblins

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I am slowly working on my Night Goblin Arrer Boyz at the moment. Work is once again busy and combined with good weather and a few beer festivals I am supplying I really don’t have as much time as I would like. I do get to squeeze in about an hour a day…

Miniature Monday: Savage Orcs greenskinized!

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Strange title but if you saw an post I made a while ago (found here) you understand what I mean. I have made my ungreenskinz green, not by that much though in my opinion and I do think I like this version better and I think it will make the the whole a…

WIP: Orcs & Goblins, Night Goblin Boss on Arabyan Carpet

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Lately, in my games with my Night Goblin army I have been taking a Boss with the Arabyan Carpet (either Warboss or Big Boss depending on the points limit). They add a flexible, fast moving warmachine hunter, or in some cases — a cheap piece of chaff….

Nasty Night Goblins

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I finally finished the last model in this horde. Forty night goblins can take a while to paint.I still have to make sure that I didn’t miss any detail. There is always something left out I find. I also need to decide what I am doing with their bases.I …

Night Goblins

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I have absolutely no time at the moment for just about anything especially keeping this blog up to date. I have been slowly painting of an evening and here is the current WIP of my Night Goblins.I am going to get my long neglected Orc and Goblin army t…

Poll: Should I paint my ‘un’greenskinz green?

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I haven’t done anything with my Orcs & Goblins for a long time, and part of it is because I got tired of colorscheme and in this case mainly that they aren’t green. In my opinion they do look good in the skin color I have, but they may look better …

Batrep: Skarsnik vs Morathi

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Really glad that Defeng has joined the Blood in the Badlands Campaign held at Titan. He put a 2000 point force and off we went to Titan Games for our game. Added 3 Trolls, 2×5 Wolves to my list from the extra pointsI didn’t actually bring the NG S…

Ork and Forest Goblins – green wave of WiPs

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This week I haven’t had much time to paint again. I’ve managed to sneak 30 minutes of hobby time here and there, and moved slightly forward with my green projects and built some other stuff, which I’ll show on a different occasion ;) Ork Stormboy #2 is …

Forest Goblins batch painting – part 1

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All the gobbos come from the Arachnarok kit. Below you can see the airbrushing part, a base for skin. It was suppose to be quick and easy batch paint job, but it took a while, mainly because I gave the paint some time to dry – I used a lot of thinner t…

Batrep: Night Goblins vs High Elves

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I played this battle last week and meant to put it up sooner but work took the better part of my time. Here it is. I played a 1800 points of Night Goblins led by Snarsnik against the High Elves of Alarielle played by Dennis Sng. This was part of the Bl…

Forgeworld Orc Warboss

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1800 Points of Night Goblins

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Just got back from a 2 week break to Japan so have not really been working extensively on my models. I did however get some time yesterday evening to break out my Night Goblins for an upcoming campaign called Blood in the Badlands. The only except…

Nontraditional Goblin Skin Part 2: Old School Edition

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Goblins have been on my mind lately.  I know that’s an odd thing to say but it is true.  I have been contemplating goblin weapons, goblin society, goblin raiding tactics, even goblin intelligence (or lack thereof).  But mostly I’ve been …

Night Goblin Battle Standard, Shaman, and 2 other Big Bosses

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Troll Hag

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Grimgor Ironhide

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Orc Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer

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Night Goblin Squig Gobba

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