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Nontraditional Goblin Skin Part 2: Old School Edition

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Goblins have been on my mind lately.  I know that’s an odd thing to say but it is true.  I have been contemplating goblin weapons, goblin society, goblin raiding tactics, even goblin intelligence (or lack thereof).  But mostly I’ve been …

Night Goblin Battle Standard, Shaman, and 2 other Big Bosses

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Troll Hag

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Grimgor Ironhide

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Orc Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer

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Night Goblin Squig Gobba

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Savage Orc Big Boss

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Analogue Painting Challenge Review

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The 4th Analogue Painting Challenge has come and gone and its now time to review what was achieved against what was set. An ambitious target was set comprising of the following:Twenty-one Citadel Orcs from circa 1984-5A Lawmen Gang of nine figures for …

Back to the Brushes 86

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Despite all best intentions very little painting has happened here over this week. This means that regretfully the entry for the Last Stand bonus round of the Analogue Painting Challenge has not been completed in time to submit. Hopefully, the stand wi…

Dead Man’s Hand 2

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Here the Earp Brothers that will be used a part of a Lawman gang in Dead Man’s Hand. The figures are from Artizan Design’s and were great to paint. They have been sculpted based on the characters as portrayed in the Kevin Costner film Wyatt Earp and th…

Back to the Brushes 85

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Some work in progress pictures as promise of the current stand of Mycenaeans that are being painted. This stand will be part of the last submission for the Analogue Paining Challenge this year as well as being the centre piece for the infantry element …

Showcase: Night Goblin Characters

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First, I need to apologize to everyone for utterly failing on the third part of my tutorial on how I painted these models. I am not going to post the photos as they are just too poor to be much help to anyone. This was my first attempt at a true step…

And Now for Something Completely Different 17

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Another seven retro orcs from Citadel and Ral Partha taking the total so far to twenty-one. These have been painted avoiding brighter colours as is common with many figures from their modern counter parts. These have recently been entered into the Anal…

Back to the Brushes 84

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Well things have been up and down here over the last three weeks. The phrase “Your post has been made redundant but there are other alternative posts you can apply for” has been used. What this means and when it  will be resolved will take some mo…

Tutorial: How to Paint Night Goblins, Part 2 – Robes

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This is the second part of my three part tutorial of how I paint my Night Goblins. The first part covers how I do the skin. This time I will cover how I do the robes and checks. At the end of this step your models will look like those above.More after …

Tutorial: How to Paint Night Goblins, Part 1 – Skin

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I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of emails and comments I have received asking for a tutorial on how I paint my Night Goblins and their skin. Since I was going to finish these guys up to take to the Las Vegas Open it is the perfect opport…

Warlock and Farseer on Jetbike WIP

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Added more layers to the Warlock on Jetbike. I have also added the colour block-in for my banner. Added in the highlight for the jetbike carapace with Pink Horror. I was surprised because I used a simple drybrush technique and the end result was actual…

And Now for Something Completely Different 16

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A recent submission to the Analogue Painting Challenge The figures are all from the Golden Age of Citadel Miniatures, back in the early eighties. Well ‘eighty-four to be precise or there about. The Orcs are all 28mm in scale and vary greatl…

Showcase: Night Goblin Horde

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This was the first 50 count Night Goblin Horde I painted as part of the army. Armed with hand weapons, trusty shields, nets and full command. They followed the bow boys and I was making good time on them now. Even so they took over a month to paint fr…

Back to the Brushes 83

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Some work in progress pictures of a few things on going at present.More of the retro Citadel Orcs that will complete the Orcs of the Black Shields warband for Songs of Blades and Heroes.Some more from Artizan Design, with the Earps for Dead Man’s Hand….

Showcase: Forge World Night Goblin Shaman

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Over the next several weeks I will be sharing with you all of my Night Goblin army unit by unit or in this case character by character. To keep it from getting too boring I will be mixing up the order since I did most of the big rank and file units lik…

Back to the Brushes 82

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Well, things have been a bit hectic here over the last ten days and are likely to get more so over the next few weeks. There is a restructure going on at work and everything is starting to become very real. that includes the prospect of significant cha…

Starting up in 2014

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Well, 2014 has started and like so many other plans everything has gone amiss on first contact. The carefully constructed plan for the 4th Analogue Painting Challenge has already been scrapped and a revision drafted. Progress on the first group of orcs…

Rounding up 2013

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As 2013 draws to a close in sunny Scotland its a time to reflect before the Hogmanay celebrations start. The year started with the 3rd Painting challenge and progressed  from there.  A new Impetus army has been started and hopefully early nex…

Back to the Brushes 81

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Progress has been slow over the last week with Christmas and all it brings. Hopefully the next few days will allow a bit more painting to be done on a variety of different elements for the Analogue Challenge.The first set of Orcs are now painted but wa…