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Battle Report – Mordheim – Throwback Thursdays Ep 22!

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And Now for Something Completely Different 26

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A brief return to the blog this morning with a few pictures of a miniature painted in March. Think this is one of the original LOTR Orcs from the mid eighties. Great figure to paint regardless and here are the pictures:Hopefully some more finished pict…

Battle Report – Lord of the RIngs SBG – The Third Age Ep 02!

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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realms of Conflict Ep 10!

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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realms of Conflict Ep 09!

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Battle Report – Mordheim – Throwback Thursday Ep 12!

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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Realms of Conflict Ep 07!

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Age of Sigmar: Orcs

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Since the release of Age of Sigmar (AoS) I have been excited about getting my Orcs and Goblins back on the table.  I had a chance to play a game and really enjoyed it, even more playing my Grrenskins.  So I put a few on the painting table to …

And Now for Something Completely Different 25

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There hasn’t been much time over the last few months for hobby time. This is due to becoming a father for the first time in mid April to a bouncing boy. Everybody tells you to expect a change, however no-one can really prepare you for how much of chang…

Age of Sigmar

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So GW has released “Age of Sigmar” and it seems people are divided between liking it or hating it.  I will be the first to say I have not been happy with GW since they dropped all of their Specialist Games and killed Lord of the Rings.  When …

Battle Report – Throwback Thursdays! – Mordheim: City of the Damned Part II!

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Mike and I throw down another game of Mordheim, with the Orcs and Goblins ambushing the Reiklanders in a Chance Encounter!

Showcase: Night Goblin Warboss on Great Cave Squig

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Yes, I have a problem. I am hopelessly addicted to Night Goblins and Squigs. If anyone knows a 12 step program to help me get over this please post it below.More after the jump

Orcs, Orcs and more Orcs

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I have been painting…. honest I have. The thing is I have been painting Orcs, lots of orcs and they pretty much all look the same. So really there hasn’t been much point in putting up a post which would show all the same models over and over. Here ar…

Arachnarok showcase

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Another model that took me a lot of time.. When I came back to it recently I just wanted to finish it of. Why? The palanquin was a nightmare to paint! It was so annoying that in the end I tossed it back to the closet of shame and decide to build the ki…

And Now for Something Completely Different 24

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The last of the figures painted for this year’s Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, an Uruk Hai leader from Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings range. This is a metal figure that has now been replaced with its new resiny counter part in “Fine Cast.” No…

Sth ugly, sth green and sth for sale

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Hey again,This post is slightly delayed – on purpose. It was prepared about week ago but since I didn’t want to ruin the surprise (about which bit later) the publish button had to wait. Tough life mr button!As mentioned in title the post is about …

Showcase: Night Goblin Warboss with Wizarding Hat

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I painted this guy up to make a WYSIWYG Wizarding Hat Warboss for my US Masters list. He is one of my favorite Warboss models and I wouldn’t have made the alterations to the hat if I didn’t now have an extra to paint normally.
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Back to the Brushes 101

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A brief update on the progress of several different projects that are in different stages. Sadly no pictures as the camera hadn’t charged properly. Hopefully just operator error there.The next three “cats” for the WW2 Germans are nearing completion wit…

Laois Masters

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I mentioned last week that I am attending a tournament at the end of the year called the Laois Masters. This will be its third year to be run. I can’t guess what effect ninth edition will have on the format but the current composition rules are interes…

More Savages

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Here is the progress on my bunch of Savage Orcs. These are slow to paint and it is going to be at least two more months to get them done. The flesh is the problem and a complete lack of time to paint. I am getting an hour late in the evening maybe two …

Back to the Brushes 100

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Below are some working progress pictures of a few of the miniatures on the painting table at present. Firstly, another Chaos Warrior from Citadel in the mid eighties who will hopefully be completed this evening.Next are two of the nine Uruk Hai that ar…

Couple of wips

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Hey again,This time it’ssomething slightly different: wip only post.I would like to focus painting on these so I can see at least one group finished by the end of the year. It’s no painting masterplan, schedule or anything similar for sure: every time …

Savage Orcs: old vs. new

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I thought I might show you my previous painting attempts on these Savage Orcs. Guess which one is the old one? I painted them fairly simply over ten years ago. The skin was something like a Scorpion Green(GW) base coat, then an ink wash and finally a d…

Back to the Brushes 99

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A quick update on the painting progress at present – apologies for the lousy pictures. As has been the norm over the last couple of months a couple of different periods and scales have been getting worked on at the same time.First up is another retro C…

Showcase: 2000pt Orc Army

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Remember this? It’s my winning Armies on Parade army, yep you guessed it. Just like my Night Goblins I’ve listed this army on eBay as well. More quality pictures after the jump.
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