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Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Ironskull’s Boyz

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Where there is chaos and destruction, Orruks cannot be far away. Somewhat close to the Khorne Bloodbound warbands (Reavers and Fiends) in their intention / motivation, we see what separates the Green from the Red, in this review on the Shadespire warba…

Shadow War – Hit and Stumble

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I’ve been building up a bit of a backlog of these Shadow War campaign reports. Not intentionally, I’ve just been playing games, taking pictures and forgetting about the next step. Plus, getting distracted by chronic racism and sexism in the wargaming c…

W40k – Orks Boyz

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Painting chillout – small pack of Ork Boyz!  I checked my bitsbox and found a lot of boyz corpses, heads, weapons. I decided to be a mek 😀 13 warriors and one nob – I still do not know what to do with them. This year Games Workshop will release new codex so who knows,[…]

Shadow War – The Good, the Bad and the Atrocious

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I’ve gotten a bit behind with my Shadow War updates. I’ve been playing the games, but not finding the time to post about them. So here are three quick reports in succession.Round 2 – Game 3 – Dark Eldar Wyches vs OrksThe first game, which was also the …

Behind Orky Lines

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Last Saturday, after playing a Rogue Trader rescuing and Imperial Commander from Chaos Cultists in labyrinthine caverns below her palace on Friday evening, Bruce was back to lead a force of Guiacan Commandoes to rescue and Inquisitor of the Order Xenos…

Da Bosswagon!

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I have had an unbuilt Ork Battlewagon in my model stash for several years.  The plan was to get an Ork Battlewagon upgrade sprue and really deck it out.  The problem was this project was never a priority so I never ordered the upgrade.  …

Ambush at Carf Gakl

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AS I didn’t get to play on (40K) Friday, Finnegan and I set up a little narrative scenario set on Brind’s World. Finnegan noted that I haven’t played my Guaiacan Commandoes for some time, so I thought I’d play with them. (Though I wonder if this observ…

Another 40K Friday

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It’s the last day of the school break and my friend Aaron brought his boys around to play some 40K with the kids for the day. Inspired by the fast and furious games I played a few weeks ago at the Battleforce Recon Tournament I set up a day-o-gaming fo…

40K Friday

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I’d hoped to post pics of the last two Roughriders I finished up last night and the entire force I’m planning to take to the tournament tomorrow, but I like to take pictures outside in natural light and we’re in the middle of a late-season snow storm t…

Killa Kan Reinforcements

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As I mentioned in my February Work in Progress #1, I need more Killa Kans for my Orks.  I had three more of these in my Ork project pile that I have had for years.  For this set I built a Big Shoota, a Skorcha and a Rokkit Launcha.  The …

Warhammer World GT3 – Game 2 Tyranids v Orks

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Game 2 of GT3 and Morgan Cole and I have been asked to play live on Warhammer TV! I obviously had to concentrate a lot on the game so pictures were taken only sparingly and I’m a bit shaky on what happened but I’ll be going back over the Twitch feed to…

Showcase: Ork Goff Stompa by Silvernome

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Hello Tale of Painter readers, my name is Jason Krieger (silvernome) and I’m a part of the Brookhammer crew here in NYC along with ComradeQuiche. I’ve been following this site for quite awhile so I’m beyond excited to start sharing some of my painted minis with everyone!
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Warhammer World GT3 – Game 1 Tyranids v Orks

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First game of GT3 and I’m facing the spectacularly bearded Ben Briscoe and his filthy looking Orks made up of excellent Battle Wagon – Taurox Conversions and some of the artillery guns kitbashed from spare [looted!] Tau weaponry. As mentioned my recoll…

Shadow War: Brind’s World Weekend Campaign (Part Two)

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Saturday Morning we gathered together again to play some more Shadow War: Armageddon Brind’s World. If you haven’t checked out Part One (it has all the background details) you can find it here:Shadow War: Brind’s World Weekend Campaign (Part One) …

February Work in Progress #2

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Another new unit for my 40K Orks.  This time Deff Koptas with big shootas and bigbomms.

AHPC VIII – Ev’s Challenge, Day 57

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Greetings friends and followers!It’s been a while since I’ve delivered a progress report on what has been a moderately productive Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (at least by my admittedly leisurely standards), so here goes.I had a bit of a re…

February Work in Progress #1

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After my last game of 40K over the weekend I have concluded I need more Killa Kans.  They really worked well.  Fortunately I had three more waiting to be built.

Harlequins vs Orks

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The Girl has been asking to play 40K for some time now – especially since she finished up the Troupe Master, Shadowseer, and Death Jester for her Harlequin Troupe – she’s desperately wanted to get them on the table and mess stuff up!! Brind’s World – 4…

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – Orks vs. Blood Ravens

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  Matthew’s freshly painted Orks have launched an invasion and the Blood Ravens race to stop them in this 2k matched play game from Chapter Approved 2017! Advertisements

Secret Santa has struck ! – Orkish motivators

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Last Christmas, I gave you my hear… no no no wait, sorry. Last Christmas a group of friends I have the pleasure to be part of have decided to have a little secret Santa amongst us with the very simple aim to each give and get a surprise model we’d paint in the following month !
Everybody loves surprise models right ?

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WIP: Rogue Trader Space Ork Raiders

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Yet another project I kinda stumbled into: It’s Thrugg Bullneck’s Space Ork Raiders.

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Return to Action on Brind’s World – Orks versus Necrons

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Kids are still off school so a friend came over to play some 40K and do some painting with Finnegan and The Girl earlier today. We continued our loose narrative campaign set on Brind’s World. (you can find a bit of background on the worl…

Shadow War Campaign – Ambush and Hit & Run

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Sorry it has been so long since my last update. I have still been gaming and painting, but with the run up to Christmas, I haven’t found much time for updating my blog.  Having finished my last two Kill-Teams and with a free afternoon I wanted to …

Showcase: Goff Orks Horde

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Heyhey, I hope everybody had a wonderful bunch of holid- WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!More after the jump

2017 a hobby review.

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Wow its been a year! And what a year it has been! CSM getting a reboot in the first quarter, and then 8th ed drops for Warhammer 40k!I was just sorting out my photo album, well primarily trying to find photos to keep or delete and I was surprised what …