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Corum and Jhary – The eternal champion and companion

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The eternal champion, if there ever was universes that inspired the warhammer setting, Michael Moorcock’s epic saga has got to stand on top of the list !
Now some time ago, Colin suggested that we could have a game at BOYL including different incarnations of the eternal champion. That idea did hit bull’s eye in our minds and like the others I saw the perfect opportunity to tick a few boxes from my ever growing “to do” list.
A little while ago, I was even mentioning something about Corum and the other champions

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Tokens of Appreciation for Helping with Challenge VII

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As some of you may know, we’ve just wrapped up the 7th Annual Painting Challenge.  This year I had the pleasure of being assisted by eight wonderful people, who by tradition are jokingly referred to as ‘Minions’, but whose efforts are pivotal in k…

AHPC VII Reflections

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I thoroughly enjoyed AHPC VII and am still lamenting its conclusion. It has easily been the best sustained hobby productivity I have had in at least a decade.  Modesty aside, I also think its some of the best quality 28mm painting I have ever prod…

Fantasy Heroes 3

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Some recently finished Rangers from this year’s Analogue Painting Challenge. From left to right, a Citadel Ranger of Ithilien, Lone Wolf and an AD&; ranger. All from the early and mid eighties.When times allows the remaining figures from the Ranger…

YO HO HO and a can of Spook ! – Dave the Space Pirate

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Just a quick one today after the very heart warming response to my Inquisition band. I’ve decided to paint a space pirate for fun because pirates are cool and space is so space pirates have to be extra cool right ?

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AHPC VII Reflections – Part 1: Facts and Figures

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While not a mathemagician anywhere of the calibre as the redoubtable Mr Miles, I have found myself tainted by his interest in some of the stats around AHPC.

So here are some completely self indulgent figures and graphics that will mean little to an…

The Emporium of Rogue Dreams – The Abdul Goldberg Challenge

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Hi All,Approximately a year ago the Facebook group, The Emporium of Rogue Dreams, ran a little competition to come up with your own Abdul Goldberg miniature. For those who don’t recall, Abdul is mentioned several times in the scenario generator in the …

Painting Challenge VII – final submission

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Times up – brushes down! AHPC VII has come to its inevitable conclusion

Major Brinkworth leads from the front with his Impressive Weapon!

To complete my AHPC VII submissions and add to last week’s submission of Major Brinkworth and his redcoats…

International Brigade Maxim HMG and crew

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Just getting this in before the end of the challenge to fulfill my requirements in the SCW side dual of a squad, command and support piece for a game of Bolt Action although it won’t be enough to pass either Nick the current leader or Curt so my congra…

Sergent Trepas and acolyte

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Alright, after a quick and silly group painting session, it was time to get back on my Inq28 painting challenge.
Since I’ve already built 6 of them (and am in progress on the 7th because even numbers look odd… well strange, you know what I mean), I just had to pick a couple I could do rapidly and here are the guys I picked.

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The PROPAINTING challenge goblin

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The other night, a couple of the WIPsters and friends gathered for a little video chat painting session with the silly idea to paint a model in a single session with the most horrible brush of their collection.
You’ll get the full report on the Scale Creep with everyone’s fantastic results.

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Fighters, Lancers and Layabouts

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This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.Like many of you, I jump from project to project and this week’s entries represent miniatures from three of my current projects.Star Wars ArmadaOne of my goals for the Challe…

Painting Challenge Week 12 submissions

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Present – Fire!

The FIW Campaign “Frontier Aflame” that Dux and I are prosecuting against one another is intensifying, and so is my need for reinforcements!  Here is the first detachment to arrive on the scene: a unit of British Regular Infantr…

AHPC VII ‘Character/Scene’ Bonus Round: ‘Helped by a cup of tea’

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I had planned and even completed a different character earlier in the challenge with this bonus round in mind.  Then I finally got hold of this figure so that I could  pay homage to one of my favourite ever movie scenes, from the classic 19…

Painting Challenge Week 11 submissions

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First up is a six man unit of British Light Infantry (who were blooded on the table this week and naturally suffered heavy losses at the hands of Dux’s Canadiene Milita):

These ‘light bobs’ are rather handy in the wilderness; good shots and able to screen the regular troops in more traditional formations, they became critical to the war effort (yet somehow those lessons were lost during the subsequent rebellion of the American colonies…)

I’ve painted these chaps as members of the 24th Regiment, a Regiment that would later become famous in the Zulu War for both unlikely victory at Rorke’s Drift and disastrous losses at Isandlwana.  I’ve modelled the Regiment for that war in 15mm previously and thought it would be neat to game with the same regiment in another time period and scale.  I’ve used a dark, dirty wash to reflect their irregular nature and lack of spit and polish compared to line infantry.

And a second native american canoe, the crew of which look suspiciously like the chaps I posted last week portaging a canoe through the forest.  They look far more rested in this pose! I also did up two piles of trade goods, which will be good loot to capture on the table.

And what was to be my Bonus round Character but who got replaced at the last minute. Presenting
evil mastermind and super-villain Johan Schmidt, aka Red Skull, nemesis of Captain America and founder of Hydra.

“His Skull maybe Red but his heart is Black
I bought this mini some years ago – it is the “Herr Totenkopf” figure by WhatThe! Miniatures.  I love that this sculpt mirrors a classic cartoon image, complete with the Mauser C96 pistol (because anyone can have a Luger, right?).  As a result, I have been faithful to the colour scheme of this pic. 

All that black was a bit of a sod to get right but I’m really happy with the end result.

The skull isn’t so washed out IRL, but I got the blue eyeballs done!
Interestingly, Red Skull first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (dated 1941) and is, apparently, rated No 21 in the Top 100 Greatest Villains Ever list by the people who consider such things far more deeply than I – or so Wikipedia tells me anyway.

This AHPC entry can be found at: From PaulOG: FIW British Light Infantry, a Canoe and Red Skull! (60 points)

Together these three submissions total 60 points, leaving me a bare 3 points shy of my increased 1000 point objective.  2 weeks and one bonus round to go…

Almost there…
Close but no cigar!

Painting those Marines

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I mentioned this in the previous post prior to this, I love pushing out models in large numbers with the airbrush before hitting the details with a brush later. It allows me to get them to the base colours fast, plays nicer on the table and you can alw…

Blood and Plunder Pirates: Indios y Lanceros

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Just a handful of figures this week as I make the first dent into the Blood and Plunder Kickstarter package I received a few weeks ago.After visiting the fort at St. Augustine and watching the first season of Black Sails, I decided to go with a Spanish…

Back to the Brushes 126

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This weekend saw some good progress on a few different ongoing projects with considerable work on the Undead army for Hordes of the Things or any other system for that matter.The army rises from the undercoatFigures are from or Alternative A…

Painting Challenge Week 10 Submissions

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A couple of entries this week, and first up is a native Canoe being portaged – I will be using this as a movable deployment marker in Sharp Practice 2, but have left the canoe separate so I can instead add a ladder or other ancillary equipment instead …

More Reinforcements

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So I have been deliberating my list for quite a bit. There seemed to be some ‘fat’ that I could do away with. And the recent Gauntlet Tactical Squad was too good a deal to pass so I got 2 boxes of them. They basically come with a free Rhino per box (if…

Dead Man’s Hand 9

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Another cart from 4Ground that was recently submitted to this year’s AHPC VII. More to follow shortlyCheers for now

AHPC VII ‘West’ Bonus Round: Centurion Alanus

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Presenting Centurion Alanus, Defender of Western Civilisation, Britannia, 1st Century AD.

This is a special edition Warlord model which was came with the pre-order of Hail Caesar, back in July 2011.  I traded the rulebook long ago, …

Abraham Lincoln Brigade command SCW

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Many Americans living in the west were not content to sit idle and watch events unfold in Spain and so elected to join in the fighting with most ending up in what’s is now called the Abraham Lincoln brigade which supported the Republicans although some Americans also did join the Nationalists although these were fewer in number.The Abraham Lincoln Brigade was composed of battalions from the 17th and later the 58th Lincoln battalions which were largely made up of American volunteers who were part of the International brigades( Foreign fighters in Spain) fighting on behalf of the Spanish Republican Government vs the Rebel Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39.

The battalion while commonly called the Lincoln Brigade was actually made up initially of  the Lincoln battalion which was later was joined by the George Washington Battalion, Canadian MacKenzie-Papineau Battalions, some Irish, Latins and eventually a small amount of Spanish. The Lincoln battalion was formed in January 1937 of highly motivated recruits which after less then two months training were thrown into action with a rifle and some bullets and then used primarily as assault troops. Obviously this lead to the battalion having very high casualty rates indeed losing some 22.5% of it’s strength by the end of the war.

In 1937 the Lincoln Brigade participated in the battle of Jarama losing 2/3 of it’s number including it’s commander in several fruitless assaults. After a short reconstitution the battalion then moved on to the offensive at Brunete where it was joined by the Washington battalion securing the town of Villanueva de la Cañada after a hard fight before eventually  attacking “Mosquito Ridge,” in series of grinding assaults that failed to remove the Nationalists. The casualties were so high including the loss of another commander that the result was the two battalions were joined together to form one unit. The brigade then saw action again in the Aragon offensive fighting well yet again. They were later joined by Macenzie-Papineau Battalions for the fighting at Fuentes de Ebro again receiving high casualties in leading the action at the front. After Fuentes de Ebro the exhausted brigade was finally given a rest. In December the brigade fought in the battles around Teruel  fighting both defensive and offensive engagements to dislodge the Nationalists before ending in a stalemate.

1938 could best be described as a disaster as the brigade was caught up in what became known as “The retreats” which was basically a series of delaying and holding actions as Nationalists forces cut the Republic in two. The brigade was dispersed and reformed repeatedly during the retreats losing it’s two highest ranking officers before finally consolidating at the Ebro river. The brigade then participated in the Ebro offensive which eventually stalled out after the Nationalists regrouped halting the offensive in it’s tracks. At this point the International brigades were withdrawn from the conflict by prime minister Negrin in the vain hope that Franco’s Nationalists would do the same with his German and Italian troops which they of course did not as they had the advantage at this point.

The brigade included 3,015 volunteers over the course of the war made up mostly of Americans and included some Canadians and small amount of Latins and Irish. Because the Americans were an independent bunch that preferred to vote on things rather then dogmatically follow orders the Spanish government  decided to add Spanish troops and commissars to the brigade for communications, but more importantly to insure loyalty to the government on the governments terms. The brigade was mostly white, but did include some African Americans making them the first American integrated combat unit. They were also mostly communists/socialists and ardent anti-fascists, but did include some who joined just for adventure or to escape a bad life back home.

The figures are of course from the excellent Empress miniatures SCW line and are 28mm. The very nice flag is from Flags of War. I painted the figures using mostly Vallejo paints, but did include some Foundry paints. They are organized for Bolt Action with a Captain/Lt. and two guards and Standard bearer and his two guards, but they can also be used with Chain of Command as well.

I still have more SCW on my near to do list to try and keep competitive in the SCW side challenge with Curt, Nick and Phil plus I’m starting to get close to a battle worthy force which is always nice!:-) I have a some more Republicans in the pipeline, but will be tackling some Nationalists pretty soon as well.

This is my latest entry for the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge Bonus theme round found here.

Thanks for viewing!
Miniature Company- Empress

ABO Gaming at Games Workshop Red House

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It was in December that Melvin and DF both had sometime off work. YC was also off work and I was clearing leave. It was a match made in heaven. All 4 of us hauled ass to Games Workshop Red House (Singapore). New reinforcementsIn time for our game&…

Back to the Brushes 125

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Been a bit under the weather the last few weeks, well we all have really which has meant nothing serious getting done on the hobby front during this time.So here are the pictures taken before the onset of the family lurgyA new edition, the Hellcat from…