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AHPC VIII Reflections – Part 2: the Pics

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I’ve been all at sea lately (quite literally) but I’ve finally gotten to photographing my AHPC VIII totality.  Like many I suspect, it seems more when under the brush than when tallied, but regardless it is a satisfying chunk of hobby happiness.

Back to the Brushes 157

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First real painting session since the end of the Challenge saw some time spent on a few varied pieces, some un-started some partially painted, some just needing a new base.During the Challenge a solitary elf was painted, based and finished. The fact is…

Fantasy Hero 12

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The last of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VIII entries below including some Alternative Armies Ghouls and Dixon Miniatures Ninja. Achieving a good tone on the tone black is to say the least a sod and often ends up requiring knocking back…

All Hell Let Loose 14

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The first painted WW2 vehicles in over a year and hopefully not the last this year.  All three vehicles come from Britannia Miniatures – now Grubby Tanks – and have painted well. Shown below from left to right there is:SDKFZ 140 Flakpanzer 38…

Back to the Brushes 156

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So the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has finished for another year and 76 hobbyists have put down their brushes for a while. Below are the finished figures and models for this years challenge totalling 306 points just 6 points more than the …

Fantasy Hero 11

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Yet more 15 mm Undead as recently submitted to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. The figures are from Alternative Armies except the stand of 6 wraiths from Essex Miniatures.Cheers for now

AHPC VIII Reflections – Part 1: Facts and Figures

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Another Painting Challenge comes to a glorious end this week.  I’ve entered my last submission so while there are a few days to run, its time for me to tally up:

AHPC VIII: Target Acheived!

Challenge target: 500
Total Points Achieved: 679 – Ta…

DAK ’88’

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My ‘Monstrous’ themed round for AHPC 8:

For WW2 Allied tank crews in the Western Desert (and beyond) there was nothing more monstrous than a German ’88’. This famous FlaK gun with its high velocity and flat trajectory became one of the most feared ant…

Back to the Brushes 155

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As this years painting challenge draws near to completion so do the three pieces of WW2 German armour that will be a part of my final submission.20mm WW2 vehicles have become a constant part of the challenge submission as this the seventh that I have b…

Fantasy Hero 10

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The forces of Undead continue to grow with the following additions. These will see use for Basic Impetus Fantasticus and HOTTThe Grand Wizard – Major Hero standThe Champion – Minor Hero StandThe Knight Captain – Major Hero standThe backbone of the army…

Fantasy Hero 9

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A couple of retro fighters from Citadel; both of which have recently appeared in the Analogue Painting Challenge.First is Sir Cador Celestor a Lawful Knight from the early days of Citadel.Below is Cedric who originally appeared in the third Citadel Com…

Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch 6

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Another two retro Chaos Warriors from Citadel that have recently been submitted in the Analogue Painting Challenge.Had originally thought about changing the colour of the cloak on this Chaos Warrior, however, now that he is off the painting table the c…

Back to the Brushes 154

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Some more work in progress as the Analogue Painting Challenge moves into its final weeks.The Chaos Warrior and Lawful counter part above and below are now waiting on basing being completed.The Skeleton Chariot moves closer to completion and has only th…

AHPC8 Submissions – almost there!

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My weekly submission on the heavier elements of my DAK force, and the Childhood Bonus theme round.

DAK Pz IIIs and Transports (82 points)

Building upon my Recon vehicles and light tanks of last week, this week I focused on heavier armour and tr…

Empire Reiksgard Foot Knights

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Just a quick post about my latest AHPCVIII entry…This time its a unit of 24 Reiksgard Knights on foot. Happy to have these off the workbench as they’ve been hanging about, taunting me relentlessly with their half-finished state for some time now.More…

Back to the Brushes 153

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Some work in progress pictures for this year’s Painting ChallengeThis one is now completed C01 fighter from Citadel.Two groups of Hearth Guard for SAGA with figures from Gripping Beast’s Romano British. Across this warband will be using a very limited …

Painting Challenge – DAK Light Forces and and Orc Drummer

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Its been a busy few weeks with work travel etc so my pace of AHPC8 submissions has slowed.  Nice to get a few in this week after a bit of a dry spell.  Here they are:

15mm DAK

Last week Alan unveiled the start of his 8th Army project f…

Grape Ape and Green Stuff

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Hi All,I think I’ve passed the 24 hour window so I can share my four armed Ape with you.He is a resin affair from Bombshell miniatures that no longer appears to be available. I took the opportunity to use my Mesh roller from Green Stuff World for his b…

AHPC VIII – Ev’s Challenge, Day 57

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Greetings friends and followers!It’s been a while since I’ve delivered a progress report on what has been a moderately productive Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge (at least by my admittedly leisurely standards), so here goes.I had a bit of a re…

Back to the Brushes 152

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A variety of pictures of work in progress at present as the Painting Challenge reaches its 6th week.The painting table at present, from top left to bottom right:Finished awaiting varnishing and photographingCitadel C01 fighterFoundry PeltastsVarious Ci…

Australia Day and AHPC entries

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Couple of small terrain entries this week.  For the second year in a row I have set aside the figures carefully prepped before the challenge in order to follow (willingly, it must be said) Alan into another project of opportunity 🙂 So just a few…

Fantasy Heroes 6

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The second part of the first entry to this year’s Painting Challenge – 15mm Undead Skeletons from Alternative Armies. Sabot bases beckon for these guys and others from the same army; had thought of rebasing then remembered how much I grudge the ti…

AHPC 8: "BFG" Bonus round – FIW 12 pounder

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My entry for the BFG round is an emplaced Royal Artillery field piece to support my British FIW army that I painted in AHPC VII.  Now Alan’s French and Canadiens will have to contend with bombardment, ball and shot while my ranks of Redcoats advan…

Blood and Souls for my Lord Arioch 5

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First entry for this year’s painting challenge saw a return to 2015’s challenge and retro Chaos Warriors from Citadel’s heyday – personal opinion there.Opted for a limited pallette with both of these guys to let the figures to do of the work.For sculpt…

AHPC 8 – Week 3 Terrain submission

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This week I have laboured to complete the Ukrainian village of Ostrog for the Battlegroup Barbarossa Campaign that Alan and I are enjoying:  3 more small houses (1 damaged) plus a wonderful partly destroyed church.

The fruits of my labours this…