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Deuce and Half "Krautmower" – walkthrough

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Heya,It’s been a while but recently real life grabbed my balls pretty hard and refused to release ’till now. There’s been just everything: kids, home, job, studies – friggin nightmare.Deeply hope to catch some air during summer and paint something (any…

2018 Painting Contest Winners

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Greetings! It has taken much longer than I had intended, but the judging for the 2018 Man Battlestations Painting Contest is finally complete! Before we get to the winners, I’d just like to say that this was the best year … Continue reading

US storm

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Heyah,I’ve been cooking this post for a while so it’s high time for painter’s katharsis – no more hiding pics on hard drive! Pics of painted models that is… The top picture is group shot of my paratroopers – whole team has finally been painted!…