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Panzerfaust terrain painting guide – Mushrooms & houses!

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When I was over at the Derby show earlier this month I was asked by Rob if I could some terrain for Panzerfaust and gladly agreed,I was given a bag full of mushrooms and four buildings to sort out and thought I’d do a “how to” as I was going to try and…

15mm Panzer IV painting log: free-hand tri-tone camo

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I risk multiple nervous breakdowns trying to obtain a convincing soft-edged free-hand tri-tone camouflage pattern on 12 tanks. Unfortunately, the MXpression DVD mention in the vlog is no longer in production but someone has thoughtfully uploaded a cheeky copy here.  Fill your boots

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Panzer IV painting log: masking and modulation

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Thought I’d have a go at painting 12 Panzer IVs for an upcoming game.  10 Days.  12 Panzers. 1 airbrush and some oils.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Painting A 1:300 Renaissance Galley

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I’m excited for the Pacificon Game Expo that is coming up on September 4-7.  One of the big games I’ll be co-running and playing in is a battle of Lepanto game done at 1/4 size (that’s a heck of a lot of ships!).  I’ll be bringing my 46-50 sh…

Warzone Icarus ready for deployment….

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As soon as the Icarus was available for order from prodos it was in the shopping cart and paid for you could blink….When the model rocked up I was really happy with it and couldn’t wait to get in on the table and strafing the unwashed masses, however…

Salute 2015, The AVP temple build & Demo table

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Well now that the whole world has seen what we rolled out for salute I suppose I should really post about it!So way back last year the Prodos guys approached the Phat cats demo team about doing the AVP board for 2015, so it took us about a millisecond …

Barwell Body Shop – Wargamers airbush course

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So last weekend I wandered over to Sunny Barwell in the depths of Leicestershire for a 2 day course at Barwell Bodyshop.I went in with a fairly open mind and a harsh choice of either I crack this airbrushing lark or stick to the traditional brush techn…

Painting 7th Cavalry (Dead Man’s Hand)

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Hello all,I’ve started painting my 7th Cavalry gang for Dead Man’s Hand so I figured I would so a “step-by-step” painting guide to how I’m painting them.  I decided to use my phone to take the pictures … I think it works (and is fast … I’m alr…

28mm Moroccan Infantry – SCW Painting guide.

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I didn’t get as much completed Sunday as I had hoped, but did complete the first fire teams and a support element (Tank Hunters) completed for Chain of Command Espana, I am happy with the yellowish platte for the Moroccans and the various tones for Tro…

Too Fat Lardies – Chain of Command – Soviet Platoon.

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It’s amazing what a little bit inspiration can do to spur you on.Back in September last year, I reorganised my Late War Germans for Chain of Command, I had every intention of revisting the Soviets which were at that stage a section strong, but simply r…

Guest Post – Nigel Bartlett’s ‘The Sky Raiders’ Painting Guide

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Some time ago a talented local painter by the name of Nigel Bartlett did a painting guide for me on his wonderful Craftworld Mymeara paint scheme and now he’s kindly done me another one.——————–Painting the Sky Raiders.The Sky Raiders …

Warzone Brotherhood paint scheme

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Way back at the end of May at the Expo I picked up a significant amount of brotherhood for warzone, reasons for the new faction pick up was the new resculpts and I’m not really feeling the as a test paint I put the following unit up on t…

All quiet on the martian front, how to paint the humans

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So it was bound to happen… game, new models and some hobby time resulted in the starter set for the humans being from this to…to this…so how did I get this lot painted so fast?well here’s my “how to”start off with priming your ent…

151 paras & a petrol pump: a 13-step speed painting work-out 2/2

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With 9 days to go before our first FoW participation game, I last left you with 151 British paratroopers primed with Vallejo Surface Primer German Green-Brown, a few thoughts on so-called ‘speed painting’ and promises of a step-by-step guid…

Flames Tutorial

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For my first article as resident painting bloke, I thought it would be best to do a tutorial on how I did the flames on my Imperial Knights! I took these to Throne of Skulls in March and I was lucky enough so be selected as one of the best looking eight armies. Below is […]

Deadzone Terrain sorted!

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So after some grafting for a day or so I managed to get my deadzone terrain done, Par one barricade that some how managed to escape the whole process and I found when looking for something else!so as this one contains an awful lot of pictures you might…

Black Undercoat Technique Tutorial

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Slightly converted wasteland bikers from TheSceneWelcome to another recycled-from-instagram tutorial!These were some Rough Rider models from TheScene that I wanted to paint up for Post-apoc gaming. I left off the cannons that are supplied with the mode…

Fast Wash Painting 15mm Tutorial

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I don’t do a lot of tutorials because they are basically a pain to photograph. Sorry about that. To make some small amends, here is a tutorial I bashed out via Instagram as a series of posts that I have collated here for you today. The photos suck…

Deadzone terrain and faffing about with modelmates products

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I decided to start on the deadzone terrain that I’ve been playing over for a couple of reasons…1. Because its on the “challenge”list2. I’m playing quite a bit of dreadzone and with two painted forces I decided to crank on with the terrain3. After see…

Starship Troopers – Welcome to the Roughnecks

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 It’s an ugly planet, a Bug planet!I have always had a hankering to game this movie, in particular the defence of Whiskey Outpost, it has touch of Zulu about it… These have been languishing in the draw for a number of years, I thought it was hig…

Warzone Jungle terrain table the begining…

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After doing the bolt action board my scenery building mojo has be lapse until warzone turned up and reading the fluff the jungle of Venus got my creative juices flowing again, so to put you in mood….Jungle!! As this board was for my personal use I wa…

Brigade Games Sailors – Yet More Russian reinforcements….

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A slow month on the painting front and with Christmas just around the corner I am running the risk of missing my painting targets for this year, but I did finish the Naval detachment for the RJW project, based on the crew of the Battleship Retvizan who…

Guest Article – Craftworld Mymeara Painting Guide

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An excellent local painter (Nigel Bartlett) has written this handy guide to how he painted these amazing Forge World and Warhammer 40K models. Hopefully this will be the first of many such articles…I’ll try to get him to take more pictures next time….

M2E Rasputina Painting Guide – Part 1 – The Icy Bits

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I had several requests about the colours and techniques used on my better halves Rasputina crew so I got her to list them for me in some kind of logical order.

1) First they were base coated black and then given a lighter base coat of white which…

Brigade Games – Cossack Cavalry.

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More reinforcements for the Imperial Russian Army. This time Cossack Cavalry from Brigade Games and their WW1 range. The photo on the website really does not do them justice.  I have had my eye on these for quite a while, I know cavalry will have …