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The Painting Tally: May 2018

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May has been a much better month for painting, with a number of miniatures painted, as well as some scenery (mainly trees) Painted: 40 Painted 19 Ashigaru and 21 Samurai for the Seven Spears game I am running at Operation Market Larden #6 in a couple o…

Plastic bonsai trees

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I’ve been creating a lot of scenery for Sengoku period Japan recently, and I was looking for different ideas for trees, other than using plastic bamboo to make bamboo clumps (they look effective, but are a bit of a pain to construct) or using che…

The Painting Tally: April 2018

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April has not been a good month for hobby output. I’ve been messing around with a few MDF kits, but haven’t really got much done – certainly no miniatures painted. Painted: 0 Purchased: 27   What A Tanker! has proven to be my dow…

Pimping ‘Half Moon Jacket’

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I backed the Kickstarter for ‘Full Moon Jacket’ last year. If you aren’t aware, Full Moon Jacket is a boardgame that has US forces fighting Werewolves in Vietnam – if it were a film, imagine Platoon meets Dog Soldiers. Whilst I …

Star Wars Legion – an inspiring day of gaming

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One of the joys of our hobby is the social aspect of getting together to game. I can’t remember the last time I had a game with Rich Jones, so when he suggested getting together over Easter for a game of Star Wars Legion, I leapt at the chance (e…

The Painting Tally: March 2018

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March was a good month for painting, as I constructed and painted this entire terrain table for Test of Honour, which included over 4 feet of walls, corners and gates, a Temple Shrine, Temple Bell, Temizuya, Bridge, two ponds, several trees and a large…

The Painting Tally: February 2018

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It’s been a very meagre month for miniature painting… Painted: 2 I only managed to finish two figures this month – a couple of Japanese Monks from Perry Miniatures. I have several more ‘in progress’, but these don’t …

Town Planning

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There is one thing that as miniature wargamers we cannot get away from – we all need terrain over which to fight. Luckily, we seem to be in a golden age for terrain. Gone are the days when we were forced to scratch build our battlefields from old…

Bringing Rome to life

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It is perfectly possible to play our wargames on a table populated with roads, buildings and vegetation. However, it looks so much better if the terrain has a ‘lived in’ look – which is why scatter terrain pieces are so important. It&…

The Painting Tally: January 2018

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Last weekend I finished painting my first figures of the new year. After tweeting a picture, one of my followers, @NeilHughes71, came back to me with the following question: Now, to explain, Neil has been keeping a log of what he has painted vs what he…

2018 Painting Project Plan

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“Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Winston Churchill It’s always dangerous when planning painting projects for the coming year, considering my track history. However, I am forever the optimist and have the bes…

Miniature painting in 2017

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It’s fair to say that my painting output in 2017 has been somewhat sporadic. It started off well enough – I received a number of units for my Planetfall Terran Army for my birthday early in the year, so started off painting those. A Ground …

‘Rebel’ warband for Test of Honour

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You may remember that back in September I painted a warband for the Test of Honour Warring States day with an Star Wars Imperial theme. Well, thanks to #hobbystreak I have finally managed to get my backside into gear and paint an opposing force for them. Keeping with the Star Wars theme, which was inspired by Tiny Hordes warbands for Ronin, it was time to paint the Rebel forces. As you might expect, the Rebel forces have the potential to be more character-heavy than the Imperial equivalent, and I wanted to give myself a few different build options when putting together a 24-point force. First off we have the rank-and-file Ashigaru. Spearmen are the foundation of most ToH forces, and I added Archers to provide some missile troops, but using older technology than the Imperials as befitting a Rebel force. The Sergeant is a good synergy with the Archer group, and the odd single Spearman simply gives you 1 point to play with when building your warband. I wanted to try something a little different (plus I wanted to slot in uniform paint for a Rebel pilot) so added a mounted archer to the warband – it’s quite expensive at 3 points, […]

Review: Asset Drop subscription box

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Rating: I recently ran a news item about a brand new subscription box service – Asset Drop. Andy from Asset Drop very kindly offered me the November box to review – here are my thoughts… First off, the presentation of the box is very good. It’s well packed to carefully protect all the contents, and comes with a bag of sweets and a voucher for Wargamer Online. Open the black crepe paper wrapping and the contents are displayed: The November box contains the following products: 2 AMMO of Mig Metallic acrylic paints: Old Brass and Brass – effectively a base coat and highlight pair. 3 Secret Weapon acrylic paints: Rubber, Rubber Highlight and Tyre Black – a Triad of paints shade/basecoat/highlight Coat d’arms Brushscape: Muddy Green – textured paint for basing Broken Toad Pigment: Grimy Dirt weathering powder Coat d’arms brush. Painting guide. From a product point of view, I have never used AMMO, Secret Weapon or Broken Toad products before, so these are of interest to try things out. It’s a nice touch that products have been grouped together, rather than just supplying some random assortment of colours. I’ve previously used Coat d’arms Brushscape – although I found it to be OK for […]

Hobby Streaks – accountability on Twitter

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We have spoken in the past on the blog and podcast about ‘painting mojo’ and various ways of trying to maintain hobby output – back in 2015, Henry Hyde wrote a piece on this very subject. The problem is that not many of us are particularly good at sticking with things – this is where accountability comes in. It seems that if we make ourselves accountable to someone else for what we do, we are better at keeping our promises – perhaps it’s the guilt of not doing what we said that keeps us in line – I’m sure that is a subject that would lend itself to several thousands of words of discussion… Anyway, recently MrTummus1987 started the following thread on Twitter: Hobby Streaks. The rules are quite simple: If you want any help/encouragement in keeping up with your hobby, perhaps making yourself accountable to the Twitterverse is added incentive? It’s an interesting idea – let’s see how long I can keep my streak going…Filed under: Painting & Modelling Tagged: hobbystreaks

Test of Honour – Painting a warband for Warring States event

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It’s fair to say that my painting has been somewhat stalled over the past few months – I haven’t really done anything since building scenery for our ‘Kenneth’s Heroes’ project back in June. I’m hoping to correct that somewhat over the Autumn, and of course nothing concentrates the mind more than an approaching deadline – in my case, the Warring States Test of Honour Event, which is happening at Warlord Games HQ on the 30th September. i.e. Next weekend! When I attended the ToH boot camp earlier this year, I managed to borrow one of the Warlord shop armies, based on the excuse that I had broken my wrist so couldn’t have painted a force in time. I didn’t think that I could get away with the same excuse four months later, so I really had to get a warband painted. My initial thought was to use a fully mounted warband, using Takeda cavalry as my inspiration. I was almost committed to this – and had indeed purchased the Daimyo’s Retinue box set in order to get the mounted retainer cards – when I saw an article on the Tiny Hordes blog about him building a couple of retinues for Ronin, based […]

Series 7,30 months later…

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Back in February 2014, approximately 30 months ago, I wrote up my first impressions of the Windsor & Newton Series 7 paint brushes that my most excellent wife bought me for the Christmas before. These were not a cheap investment, … Continue r…

Journeyman Leagues, Nomads and Stuff

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Firstly, some apologies (damn I hate doing these all the time). Life has generally got in the way of blogging over the last few months. This is likely to continue for a bit, so please bear with me, or follow … Continue reading →