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Kenneth’s Heroes – building the board, Part I

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Dave Luff and I are putting on a game for Operation Market Larden 5, a wargaming event being held in Evesham in a few weeks time. We are once again running a Big Chain of Command game in 15mm. The scenario is an adaption of a scene from one of Dave’s favourite war films, which meant that we needed a small town with high walls – something which we didn’t have. Rather than buy buildings and walls, we decided to scratch-build the vast majority of what we needed for the game. Work has been delayed on the project due to my fractured wrist, so we only really started the building work last week. I had, however, managed to  gather together a reasonable supply of the usual material that is required for a job like this: 3mm & 5mm foamboard A4 MDF sheets matchsticks several hundred coffee stirrers As it turned out, we also needed several sheets of embossed plastic, which I obtained from Antics Online. One of the first jobs was to build a large number of high walls (10′ high in 15mm scale) – I’ve built 18′ in total, which will (hopefully) be enough. The walls are built from 3mm […]

Runewars Miniatures Game – Opening the box

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Thanks to bad planning, I wasn’t at home to receive my delivery of the Runewars Miniatures Game (RMG) when it was released on Thursday, and thanks to the Bank Holiday in the UK, I wasn’t actually able to pick up the parcel until Saturday, so I have been somewhat delayed in posting about it. RMG is the brand new game from Fantasy Flight Games and marks a new venture for FFG as they move into mass battle miniatures wargames for the first time. Their previous miniatures games (as opposed to boardgames with miniatures) have been X-Wing and Star Wars: Armada, both of which are essentially skirmish games (low model count, moving models individually) so this is something brand new. First thing of note is the box size – this is one of FFG’s large square boxes, much like games such as Star Wars Rebellion or Imperial Assault. This usually indicates that the game contains a lot of stuff. The box weight isn’t as heavy as some of these titles, but this is because it does not contain quite the same volume of cardstock, which tends to be quite heavy. Opening the box reveals the rule books for the game – of […]

The best laid plans…

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With Test of Honour from Warlord Games due for release at the end of next week, I had been planning for a while to produce a series of articles in the coming week on collecting Samurai – reviews of miniatures, rules and terrain. And then, a couple of weeks ago, I managed to break my wrist. After resting it for the first week, I wondered if I had the manual dexterity to assemble some MDF kits, so I tried with a set of Original Laser Design buildings, which I managed OK (see here for more details). “Fantastic” I thought, “Shouldn’t be a problem to crack on with my plans”. However, I think I was being a little too ambitious. Whilst it was easy to assemble the OLD kits, these were very easy to put together and didn’t have any small pieces that required careful manual manipulation. My next attempt was with some kits from Sarissa Precision. These are very nice models, but they do contain many more small parts which require a certain amount of manual dexterity. Whilst I managed to assemble their Torii Gate without too much trouble, I hit a major issue when working on the Bridge – my cast restricted […]

Samurai – what scale of warfare?

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When it comes to gaming in the period of the Samurai, one thing is certain – we have a wide range of miniatures to choose from, whether it be large battles or small skirmishes.  I’ve tried to gather together a selection of ranges in a number of scales, so no matter what your preferred level of gaming, you should find a range of models to your liking (or perhaps, suddenly realise that this is a period you might want to game in multiple scales!) I’ve aimed this primarily at the Sengoku period, though some earlier periods are referenced. 6mm Baccus 6mm – Baccus have a relatively small but comprehensive range of Samurai miniatures. 8 packs in total, but they cover all the main troops you will need. Their ‘Medieval Samurai’ range also include miniatures suitable for Ronin and Warrior Monks, plus a pack of Pavises. Irregular Miniatures – Irregular also cover the main Samurai troop types (7 packs), although their range does include a light cannon for very late period battles 10mm Irregular Miniatures – Irregular have a small range of 10mm Samurai in addition to their 6mm range, though the poses and armaments are limited. Magister Militum – Another small […]

A happy accident

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In history, it’s amazing how many discoveries are made by accident: Telfon, Play-dough and every modeller’s tool – Super Glue. All were discovered / invented by accident. In my previous post, I gave an overview of my weekend at Barwell Bodyworks Airbrush workshop. (BTW, if you want another opinion of the weekend, take a look at the Battlebunkerblog, written by Mel: Day 1 & Day 2) I mentioned that I was disappointed with the effect of a particular paint – Oil Discharge. Having chatted with Steve (the course tutor) I was expecting this to act something like a dark ink wash, which it didn’t. At the time I thought it had spoiled what was otherwise looking like a half-decent paint job. However, the following morning I was driving to work, and noticed the paint effect on my thumbnail (yes, I didn’t bother wearing gloves, so I had a green/brown thumb by the end of Sunday). The Oil Discharge had completely covered my thumb, and as it caught the light it looked like…well, surprise, surprise, it gave the same visual effect that you get when you look at patch of oil on water – a shiny iridescence. Now, this is not the sort […]

Barwell Bodyworks Airbrush / painting workshop

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I had the dubious pleasure earlier this year of turning 50. My wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and whilst the idea of driving a tank appealed, getting stuck when attempting to climb in the turret didn’t, and so I looked for an alternative. I bumped into Barwell Bodyworks at a couple of wargames shows last year, and I was aware that they ran workshops to learn how to airbrush – a skill that I’d always thought looked somewhat complex, and perhaps beyond me – but the requirement of finding a birthday present led events into a conjunction, and so it was that I found myself on a somewhat damp Saturday morning arriving at the home of Barwell UK Airbrush Supplies, which had the added bonus of being a mere 25 minutes drive from my home. Day One There were five of us on the course for the weekend, with people coming from all over the country to attend. The day started with an introduction to the airbrush, including a chat about the mechanics of how they worked plus the chance to have a look at various different models of airbrush and compressor. Pretty soon it was on […]

On the painting table – 31st January 2017

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With one thing and another, I didn’t quite keep up with my 30-minute-a-day painting schedule like I’d hoped – I only managed a couple of evenings last week – which meant that I played catch-up over the weekend. However, progress was made and my Ground Command Helix for my Terran Alliance force is about 70% complete. I just have the Infantry to finish, the basing on the vehicles, plus matt varnishing to do. The Slepnir Command Barge is a big chunk of resin, which has been fun to paint. I should finish these over the next couple of night, which leaves me with the decision of what to paint next. Should I move back to my World War II forces, break open some more Planetfall boxes so that I have a complete Terran army, or make some terrain?Filed under: Painting & Modelling Tagged: 10mm Gaming, Planetfall, Sci-Fi Gaming