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More Tallarn Armour

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TWO more tanks rolled off the assembly line this past week. Both of these I picked up used, assembled and partly painted. I did a bit of converting and repainted them entirely.First we have #201 – The vanquisher belonging to the commander of 2 Squ…

Hobby update week 18 – a wanderer returns

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Hi all! Turns out I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth after all (though I do spend most of my days now below sea level).

In truth, I’ve been finding less time for hobby related stuff with my new job, and the blog is the thing that’s taken the hit I’m afraid, so posts will be more sporadic for a while I think.

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I finally finished up the Shadowsword! I had picked it up on Boxing Day and started assembling shortly thereafter, but then, y’know, got distracted… Or, perhaps, realized I had other things that were higher priorities…?Shadowsword – from Games Work…

More Tank!

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As I mentioned at the end of the previous post I got briefly excited about participating in an Apocalypse event at Dragon’s Den Games (my FLGS) next weekend (not, like, tomorrow, that’s International Tabletop Day, NEXT weekend, like 5 May 2018…) but …

Sisters of Battle

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I finished up the Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters Squad in time for Amanda’s Birthday!Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters Squad from Games WorkshopOf course just after I bought this they announced plastic sisters are coming in 2019… Ah, well…The Sister…

Adeptus Sororitas Canoness

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My partner does play miniature games with us. She even likes having her own force. She can’t be bothered to paint anything and very rarely buys anything – usually only when I say “well, if you want your own, I’ll paint if for you, if you buy it…” I p…

Hobby update week 12 – Is it purple, or is it blue?

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Greetings all, another big gap since my last post, I think I’m going to have to accept that I won’t be able to post as often as I used to, with a more responsible job and more time commuting to and from work.Still, I’m getting plenty of painting done, …

Tallarn Command

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Just two more Roughriders to do before the weekend after this lot…The Command elements I finished up over the last few days… (all from Games Workshop!)This finishes off:Company Commander and Command Squad. I decided the officers needed a bit more “…

MORE Tallarn Infantry Squads

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In the past week I managed to finish up TWO more squads of Tallarn Infantry….Two Infantry Squads of Tallarn Infantry (miniatures from Games Workshop)One SquadThe Other SquadSo now I have six Infantry Squads. This is enough to now field “Brigade Detac…

Hobby update week 10 – Devastation

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Greetings all! Another week goes by and another week without a game (insert sad face here). I did manage to get some decent painting progress done this week though, which was nice!Read more »

Two More Weeks

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Just two weeks away from my first ever 40K tournament. Painting is coming along. In three and a half weeks I needed to assemble and paint a Leman Russ tank, paint three Infantry Squads, a Heavy Weapon Squad, a Command Squad, two Officers, and assemble …

Hobby update week 9 – Clad in iron

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Greetings all, welcome to my latest glimpse into my hobby world. This week’s a fairly quiet one I’m afraid, mainly because I don’t want to repeat all the pics from Squaduary that I posted last week.

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Leman Russ Punisher

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The Astra Militarum Codex refers to this tank as an “unsubtle built hose” due to it’s Heavy20 type – with the new Grinding Advance rule that’s 40 (FORTY!) dice to throw at one unit. I… couldn’t resist putting one together for my Leman Russ troop.As m…

Eldar and Other Assorted Sci-Fi Goodies

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Just a few last items I’m finishing up before the Shadow War Campaign Weekend begins this evening.  actually two of them were finished ages ago, I just didn’t want to include them in posts about other stuff… I don’t know..Eight Eldar Guardians f…

Eldar Dire Avengers

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The Eldar were my very first 40K army. That was 30 years ago. I sold them all off about 25 years ago. For $40. Canadian. Still kicking myself. In reality it was probably only a few dozen of those original Rogue Trader era Guardians, a Lascannon and cre…

Hobby update week 6 – I need to paint something other than purple!

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Greetings all, welcome to week 6’s hobby update for 2018! I’m still all about Squaduary at the moment, and I’m still settling into finding a new routine for posting and painting, so please bear with me for a while as the blog settles down with my new job. Given my ridiculous pledge for Squaduary though I’ve found little time in the evenings to write new posts and get myself prepared for the week ahead so you’ll have to make do with this kind of thing for a bit!
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Hobby update week 5. All about Squaduary

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Greetings all, back into the swing of a new week, and it’s Squaduary taking the limelight for the next 4 weeks! Hopefully you’ll have all seen my pledge last week for this event, and are looking forward to lots of painting updates on the Swords of Dawn in the first instance.
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Tallarn Roughriders

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One more painting update for January…I finally finished up the first squad of Tallarn Roughriders!It’s really freaking cold outside today (where I always take pictures – because the light is so much better!) – so I didn’t mess around with setting up …

Hobby update 2018 Week 4

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Greetings all, welcome to week 4 of the year and my hobby update! It’s been a quieter week this week I’m afraid due to real life – I’ve changed jobs and started at my new place today. What that means is I spent much of the weekend either celebrating with people I’ve know for as many as 15 years, or recovering from those celebrations/preparing for commuting to work for the first time in my life. Still, things progressed and continue to do so!

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Tau Ethereal

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Hot on the heels of the Tau Pathfinders, I finished up a Tau Ethereal….Tau Ethereal from Games Workshop.This figure has been in a half painted state for months. Like the Pathfinders I wasn’t really sure what colours to use. I didn’t want to use just …

Tau Pathfinders

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I’ve been working on these Tau Pathfinders, on and off, for some time now. I finally got a chance to finish them up this weekend. I’d originally had five I picked up years ago – just to have as a team that could be used in an encounter in Rogue Trader …

Tallarn Special Weapon Squads – with Meltaguns!

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The local 40K league (Hunters of the Warp – which I signed up for this season, but have yet to play a game…) has monthly painting challenge/contest and this month’s was “Elites”… Which is really the only reason I painted MORE Special Weapon Squads …

Hobby update 2018 Week 3

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Greetings all, it’s that time again where I like to collate all the hobby progress I’ve made from the week before, updating on both painting and gaming progress. This week I also even have some more built stuff to include!

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Rogue Trader Personalities

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After finishing up the Khorne Bloodbound Warband for John earlier this week, I concentrated on getting a few miniatures finished up for the Rogue Trader campaign I’m starting up TOMORROW!!These first three are from Hasslefree Miniatures. Options for As…

Hobby update 2018 Week 2

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Greetings all, that time of the week again, when I update you on all the lovely hobby progress going on in the Burning Eye domain! This week is a bumper week in some ways, got lots done (well, that’s how it feels at the moment, I guess we’ll see when it’s all laid out won’t we!

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