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Well my stuff from the Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter arrived last week and of course I had to put at least ONE together…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Jet Bike from Ramshackle Games (the head is from Hasslefree Miniatures).

Of the 20 I ordered, 6 were for the kids (3 each) and 4 were for Amanda and John (2 each – which I’ll be painting for them), then I get 10 more just for me! Woo!

I should probably also get making some more terrain for these to dodge around…

Looks like they’ll fit right in with the other two I have.
Before I get to assembling any more of these, however, I have to get cracking on next weeks entry for the Lead Painter’s League. It’s another theme round – ship crew. I’ve been back and forth about whether I should do a couple of sci-fi ship crew or a handful of Pirates I have on hand… I’ll probably go with the Pirates – just because they’ll be quicker and easier at this point! 

I also have a fair bit of ECW stuff lingering near the workbench (a couple units of dragoons, a unit of gallopers, two more individual cavalry to finish off a unit, some more club men, two more units of Irish, loads more Highlanders, more English pike and shot).

And then there’s Rick’s robot (I’d actually set aside an afternoon last week to finish it off… but then the jet bikes arrived… GAH!?). After the Pirates are done, I’m going to finish it off before I do another Jet Bike!!! 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Well… now that I have three bikes – we should have a RACE!!!

Or maybe I should finish the robot. 

Hobby update – 24/4/17 – fates entwine!

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Hobby update blog header

Greetings all – welcome once more to the inner workings of my hobby station.

This week I’ve mainly been working on commission projects, hoping to finish my current workload so that I can concentrate on the Dusk Knights prior to my doubles tournament in June.

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Montrose’s Irish Shot

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This was my entry for round three of the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League. It’s half a unit of shot for The Pikeman’s Lament. This week’s entry is a mix of Pike and Shot to finish up this unit as well as the previously posted pike. I’ll have pictures of the complete units next week.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Irish Shot from Warlord Games.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:


Something old, something new, something chaotic and something blue!

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Greetings all, this is going to be something of a different hobby update post to normal, as the bank holiday here has yet again messed my internal clock mechanisms up (I’m currently on my first day back at work after the break, so feel like it’s Monday, when in fact it’s Wednesday and I’ve realised I’m two days behind my normal schedule!

So, basically I’ve got my normal hobby update stuff, followed by a generic news update – aren’t you all so lucky!

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Montrose’s Irish Pike

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This was my entry for round two of the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League. It’s not a complete unit of twelve for The Pikeman’s Lament because I didn’t have enough figures for a  complete unit at the time I painted them. This week’s entry is a group of Shot (about half a units worth – for the same reason) and next weeks entry is a batch of four Pike and six Shot to finish off BOTH units.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Irish Pike from Warlord Games. The flag is hand-painted and based off one of the paper flags included with the Warlord Games Montrose Irish box set.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Perhaps the Irish Shot…? Or an assortment of other odd and sundry items that have crept onto the workbench and ended up with paint on them…?

I didn’t do a Boardgame Roundup for March – so I’ve been working on one for March AND April (but I won’t be posting that for another week and a bit – It’ll be a big ‘un, as I’ve been playing a LOT of boardgames lately!) 

English Shot

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After playing that second game I got motivated to finish up another unit of Shot for The Pikeman’s Lament.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

This unit of shot – as with all of the units I have to paint up – are made up of quite a mix of figures from different manufacturers. This unit includes figures from Dixon Miniatures, Perry Miniatures, Old Glory, and even three of my own home-cast figures. The homecast figure is one of the earlier miniatures I modeled and cast (and seem to have lost both the original model and the mould!?). Painting htem up got me thinking: “I could probably do better now…” and seriously considering modeling a couple of pikemen and musketeers for giggles…

The Girl HAS been bugging me to show her how to make models for casting miniatures…

The Shot with their matching unit of Pike. I still have a unit of Musketeers in red to finish up and then units of Pike and shot in green and Orange planned.

Perhaps if I did a few figures of my own I could expand the forces into four complete companies of Red, Blue, Green, and Orange jacketed troops…? I guess I’d have to come up with some cavalry as well. Never made a horse model before…

Of course then I’ve have to run a campaign or something…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a solid block of painting time set aside on Friday and I think I’m going to have to just sit myself down and, despite all the toys I’d LIKE to be painting, I think I’m going to  try and finish that darned robot for Rick… I’d like to get that done before the Jet Bikes show up and I totally switch gears and get obsessed with those (I did get a notification earlier this week that mine are in the mail!)

(of course I got a notification that my Mike Bravo Miniatures were in the mail over a month ago now and I haven’t seen them yet, so…) 

Hobby update – 10/4/17 – Woodworkers anonymous

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Greetings all, welcome to my usual weekly glimpse into the depths of the hobby from my perspective.

Not too much painting progress this week, but there are a couple of significant bits of news to bring to you!

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Santa and His Helpers

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I thought I’d try and get in on the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League this year. This was my entry for round one – which was last week.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

“Santa” and his helpers – more post-apocalyptic types from Lead Adventure Miniatures.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Lots of things on the go… More ECW stuff seems most likely, but who knows!?

More Scots Covenanteers for The Pikeman’s Lament

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With those couple of Jet Bikes out of the way, I’ve returned to finishing up a few more English Civil War units for The Pikeman’s Lament. – starting with the Scots Covenanters (mostly because they had the fewest to do).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The lot of them… mostly from Dixon Miniatures.

Dismounted Covenanter Horse – from Dixon Miniatures. Four of these are entirely freshly painted. A fifth one I did a bit of repainting on. These will most likely be fielded as a “Forlorn Hope” in The Pikeman’s Lament.

A unit of Shot completed with the addition of the Dixon Miniatures. Others in this unit that were already done are from The Assault Group.

A not-so-completed unit of Pike… (figures from Renegade Miniatures, Dixon Miniatures, and The Assault Group). I don’t know what happened here – the whole purpose of the order to Dixon Miniatures was to order EIGHT Covenanter shot and SEVEN Covenanter pike to finish these two units, so I’d have two complete units of shot and two complete units of pike… Then somehow I didn’t end up ordering enough Covenanter pike!? GAH!?

I need to swap out the skinnier pikes on the older figures… but as the unit is not yet complete I wasn’t feeling a huge rush to do so… 

Covenanter Casualties. One is from Dixon Miniatures, the other is from Perry Miniatures – neither were specifically Covenanter casualty figures – I just painted them that way…

The entire Covenanter force (so far). With two units of shot, a unit of pike, and a Forlorn Hope, I have only 18 points… Well, it’s enough to get started. As I did in the First Game of The Pikeman’s Lament, I could always add elements from the Covenanter DBA army – Including additional units of Pike and Shot, the Cavalry I used in the  First Game of The Pikeman’s Lament, and a small artillery piece.

I should probably get a picture of the complete DBA army at some point – as a few more elements of Horse have been completed since that last post.

I also finished up a cavalry casualty… I guess it could be a Scot… figure from Perry Miniatures.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Jet Bike Racing?

Rick’s Lost in Space Robot?


More Pikeman’s Lament?

Micro Sci-Fi (wait… WHAT!?) 


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I was going to title this Jet Bike #2… but technically it’s #37…

Regardless, I have finished up the second jet bike I bought in January just to have some jet bikes to start playing with before the Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter bikes arrive. I may even get to PLAY with these before the kickstarter bikes arrive, as long as they don’t arrive today… in the early afternoon. (I have to admit, I wouldn’t be too sad if they DID show up and I didn’t get to play with these before the is shows up… though I might end up NOT playing and end up spending the afternoon ASSEMBLING!).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

As with the previous Jet Bike, this is another “Purple Shark” jet bike from Prodos Games.

This one I have actually painted purple.

Because… PURPLE!

This one seems a bit more… plain than the other… I got to thinking maybe I should add some sponsor logos and stuff – either to the bike or the rider’s racing suit…? 

Racers! Start your Engines!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Scots Covenanters, Rick’s Lost in Space Robot… or maybe MORE JET BIKES!? 


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No this isn’t one of the jet bikes from the Jet Bike Construction Kit Kickstarter. Around the time the kickstarter ended I was feeling very anxious about trying out Faustus Furious and I happened to notice that North Star Figureswas selling off a bunch of Warzonesuper cheap (well… I think these were 50% off… which is a pretty good deal – £7.5 for a pair of them…? Not bad…). Anyway I picked up a pair and then… got busy with other stuff (the Vimy project, mostly…)… and never got to finishing them up.

In the end to try it out I rebased a couple of regular Motor bikes to have a go at the rules and see if they worked out.

Anyway, now that I’m done with the Vimy Project ( for now)  – and with the Kickstarter jet bikes coming soon – I thought I’d best get these done. I’d feel awful silly having bought these, just to get a few jet bikes before the kickstarter ones arrived… and then not actually have them painted and played with before the kickstarter jet bikes arrive!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Jet Bike from Prodos Games. I think it was called a “Purple Shark”. The other one I have I am actually painting purple… I’d thought about painting it pink-ish… but then thought it would look just a little TOO much like a giant flying penis.  

The head is actually a post-apocalyptic conversion head from Lead Adventure Miniatures

I have no intention of ever playing Warzone. I just picked them up because they were cool-looking jet bikes and I’m building up a jet bike collection to play some big crazy games of Faustus Furious

The dark green turned out a bit too dark at first, so I tried adding a little highlight line along the edges of the panels and on some of the bolts – like I’ve seen some people do on Warhammer 40K vehicles – to make them “pop” a little. Not sure I quite got the knack of the technique, but it does look a little better than it did originally. 
The bases are 40mmx60mm MDF bases that I make myself (same as the ones I use for DBA foot – except oriented in a different direction). I marked out and drilled a hole in the center and added a bit of a bamboo skewer. I drilled a similar sized hole in the bottom of the bike. I plan to use the same size base for all of them and I’m not gluing the bike to them – at least I’m not planning to at the moment. The fit is snug enough that if you pick up the bike the base comes with it. I had thought I might make separate “Crash Bases” to put them on to indicate when they have crashed.

I’m also going to make a bunch of measuring sticks that will also be 40mm wide – so it can simply be lined up with the front of the base and if it comes into contact with any other bike – a collision occurs!

Maybe If I get the other purple Purple Shark done I could have the kids do a little race to try it out again.

I wouldn’t mind tracking down a few others for giggles – like an Eldar Jet Bike…? I don’t know. Who else makes jet bikes? I so wish I still have the old Harlequin one I had back in the day… I do have a pair of Imperial ones, but need a rider for one – and they look a bit goofy as there is no apparent steering device. Perhaps it’s all done by gyroscopes and the rider leaning to turn…? I also have an old Grenadier Star Wars scout speeder bike… but they’d look tiny by comparison.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Scots Covenanters

Or Ricks Robot…? 

Irish Shot – for DBA-x

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More English Civil Warriors – but this time and element of Irish for my Scots Royalist DBA-x army!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

These guys are all from Warlord Games.

I’ve got enough for four more elements like these. I have some Irish Pike for the force as well, although I messed up with the math – originally I’d intended to have two elements of 8 figures each (like I’ve done for all the other pike for the ECW) but I had a bit of a brain-fart and the packs I thought would cleverly add up to 28 (12 for a unit for The Pikeman’s Lament and 16 for two 8-figure elements for DBA) turned out to only have 24…. Dagnabbit! So I’m short four… Ah well, it’ll probably be a while before I get to all of these anyway.

I’ve been having a hankering to play some DBA or HotT lately – maybe even a CAMPAIGN of sorts?! I have enough figures for FOUR English Civil War armies – Scots Royalists, Scots Covenanters, English Parliamentarians, and English Royalists. Only the Scots Covenanters are done – and I could cobble together enough English for one army. They saw action against each other a couple years back at the Battle of Black Adder Moor.

I have an entire English army to paint up, and there’s almost as much to do with the Scots Royalists. In addition to this element, I have the aforementioned three other elements of Shot, two elements of Pike (whether I do them with eight, as originally intended, or just go with the six per stand that I have remains to be seen), and three or four elements of Highland clansmen (I think they are listed a Warband), a Knight element, and Artillery element and an element of Psiloi. I do have ONE element of Highlanders done, and and element of Light Horse…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably not another DBA element for a while… I’m trying to focus on the forces for The Pikeman’s Lament!

Very likely the next post will be a battle report. My friend Aaron is dropping his boys off for the day tomorrow (as they seem to have the day off from school…?) and I thought I might try to set up a game for them… Maybe Lion Rampant or Dragon Rampant…? I think those would be the easiest to run… though I could possibly have a go at The Men Who Would Be Kings with my Zulu War stuff… Or I could cobble together a couple of smaller forces for The Pikeman’s Lament. They have 40K armies – which I’ve played with thema few times… and I have to admit, I just don’t love it… so I think it’s time to introduce them to some BETTER games… (Of course I’m not sure Aaron’s going to like me anymore if they come home and tell him “DAD! WE NEED ZULUS – THOUSANDS OF THEM!”)

More English Pike!

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I finished up a second unit of English pike for The Pikeman’s Lament over the weekend. As with the recently painted English pike in red four of these were painted almost a year and a half ago, but I replaced their original pikes and repainted helmets and one of the buffcoats.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

A unit of Pike for The Pikeman’s Lament. Most of the figures are from Old Glory Miniatures, but there are three in there from Warlord Games as well.

Push of Pike!

I’ve said before I hate the “at charge” pose for wargaming figures – at least on multi-figure bases (such as for DBA-X) as long pikes sticking out in front of the bases often make it difficult or impossible for said bases to actually make contact. I’m starting to come around to the point where I don’t mind it so much in skirmish games – at least when they’re individually-based and can be moved to not block to combatants from making contact. Also, actually making physical contact in a skirmish game seems less important than in most games with multi-figure bases – as long as they theoretically had the move to make the distance and you know which point from where the losing combatant would have to retreat from…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A GAME?! Maybe?! There’s trouble a-brewing in the highlands!

I have more highlanders on the workbench at the moment, and I’m just finishing up another batch of ECW Irish – which are going on a multi-figure base for my Scots Royalist DBA-X army. 

English Pike

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Another unit ready for The Pikeman’s Lament

I had thought I’d hold off on posting these and use them for a round of the Lead Painter’s League, but then I realized I’ve submitted photos for the first three rounds and the league doesn’t even get under way until April – so I don’t have to submit another team for a MONTH!? While I know some people are painting away to get ahead of the game, painting up a new batch of five figures a week is nothing for me, so…

Figures are from Old Glory Miniatures

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

One unit of Pike for The Pikeman’s Lament.

Four of these I actually painted over a year ago, but I used much shorter and skinnier pikes, so I replaced those when I painted up this unit (and ended up repainting their gloves!).

When the dust settles I should have four units of pike and four of shot for the English.

Being all part of a company they should probably all have the same colour uniform… but I’m doing each in a different colour – though there will be similar colours. The red and orange units could be in one company, and the blue and green units in the other…

Of course two units of pike and two units of shot isn’t going to make complete companies… I’ll need to add some other stuff, but I will have a couple units of  Horseand I do have the Forlorn Hopes Dismounted Cavalry… not to mention a few Clubmento pad things out where necessary…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably some More ECW Pike… or a report of some ECW action with The Pikeman’s Lament.

English Civil War Cavalry

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I have been busy painting new things… it’s just that most of them you’ll have to wait a month to see. I thought I’d try and get in on the Lead Adventure Forum’s Lead Painter’s League this year. Stuff submitted to the league cannot previously have been be posted anywhere on the internet. So…
I have been working on some more post apocalyptic scavenger types for Mutants and Death Ray Guns and some English Civil War Irish for The Pikeman’s Lament. I will post them here after they’ve been featured in the Lead Painter’s League.

I also happened to finish up a solitary mounted cavalryman – which I will not be submitting as an entry into the League – which finishes off a unit of six for The Pikeman’s Lament (the other five were painted over a year ago…).

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Solitary newly painted cavalryman from Old Glory

Completed unit of Cavalry. Could be “Trotters” or “Gallopers”. I’ll probably use them as “Gallopers”, because that’s how I roll…


Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I was planning a post to introduce some of the Dramatis Personae that will be involved in my upcoming narrative campaign for The Pikeman’s Lament.

I have a little scenario I’d like to run sometime this week, hopefully there will be a report of that little action! 

Hobby update 20-3-17 – In 40k – everyone can hear you scream!

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Greetings all!
Welcome to this week’s glimpse into my studio!

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Dismounted ECW Cavalry

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Moving on…
I’ve been obsessing about The Pikeman’s Lament since it was released a month or so ago and having recently abandoned the Vimy Project I’ve launched straight into trying to get some units together to play a game.

Of course I have a pile of DBA-X ECW units I COULD use… just use casualty markers… But I happen to HAVE a lot of individually based ECW figures anyway, so I shouldn’t take much to organize dedicated units for Pikeman’s Lament.

Picking some “low-haninng fruit” I painted up three dismounted cavalrymen that finishes up three units of “Forlorn Hope” – smallish units of hard-hitting elites – similar to the dismounted knights (Foot Men-at-Arms) in Lion Rampant except… y’know… with muskets and the like.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Three newly painted dismounted ECW cavalrymen. The two on the left are Wargames Foundry figures that came are part of a pack of dismounted ECW cavalry I ordered a year and a half ago (when I was last excited about the era – as I was reading about it with the kids and the release of 

En Garde!</a> was approaching!) I mostly ordered them fort the OTHER figures in the pack – which I painted shortly after their arrival. These are copies of figures I already owned and had painted… so… there was less motivation to get them done… (until now!!).

The fellow on the left tossing the bomb is from Warlord Games. He was part of a storming party I painted up previously. This fellow wasn’t painted at that time because his flimsy little scabbard broke off. I was going to model a proper scabbard on their, but in the end just drilled it out, stuck in a bit of wire and painted that… If I hadn’t mentioned it, no one would probably have noticed…

Forlorn Hope #1 – Dismounted Cuirassiers – these would be classified as “aggressive” – a 0 point upgrade that removes the ability to shoot, but increases their Stamina and Attack Value. All but one is from Wargames Foundry, the odd man out is actually a Dixon Miniatures figures from their Flodden line?! I figured it was close enough – could be some poor old chap that couldn’t afford new armour and swords and had to go into battle wearing his granddads armour…

The four cuirassiers that are identical to the newly painted one I have had for-EVAR – I actually painted them 27 years ago!

Forlorn Hope #2 – Figures from Wargames Foundryand Dixon Miniatures again. This unit doesn’t actually include any of the newly painted ones above… I just thought I’d include a picture of them. As with the cuirassiers above, a couple of these chaps were painted 27 years ago. Can you guess which ones?

Forlorn Hope #3 – figures are mostly f from Warlord Games– with one from Wargames Foundry.

The entire storming party from Warlord Games… which I guess could be fielded as a Forlorn Hope of its own – if you could imagine the petard stand as a single element thus making a unit of six. I imagine I would more likely use the petard as a “token” of sorts in a scenario that has to be escorted to the gate of an enemy fortification and left there long enough for the storming party to clear away to a safe distance… much like the critters in the foraging or rustling scenarios. 
Good to be back working on a project I actually WANT to be working on! I actually completely reorganized all my ECW figures into four DBA-X armies (ECW Royalist, ECW Parliament – with options to make an ECW New Model Army, ECW Covaneteers, and ECW Scots Royalists) and four similar Pikeman’s Lament forces – with a few options for each. I’ve ordered just a few new miniatures to finish up a couple units in each. 

Despite these English Forlorn Hopes the most likely forces to be completed first will be the Scots.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More English Civil War for Pikeman’s Lament!

Or possibly some more post apocalyptic types for Mutants and Death Ray Guns

Or possibly even some JET BIKES for Faustus Furious 3000! 

Hobby update 13/3/17 – Fateweaver!

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Morning all, another week passes and more new projects get started on my desk – I really need to try finishing something sometime, haha!

welcome again to my workstation where I let you in on all the little projects I have going on. This week is more detail on my commission work, including a finished Librarian, and work beginning of Fateweaver – the most significant model of my commission service so far.

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Countdown to Vimy – (less than) 5 weeks to go!

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A bit late (again) but I was just finishing some stuff up…

The Plan for this past week was to:

#1 Finish The Canadians!


They’re done – and with that I have finished all the miniatures I was planning to use for the project. I haven’t even bothered to post individual pictures of each battalion. I probably won’t. But I finished off the last three battalions of the 6th Brigade and 3 machinegun teams and 4 mortar teams.

Just for giggles I thought I’d set out the entire Canadian Corps (so far… I don’t have the 10thBrigade done – as they did not take part in the action on the 9th as they were being held in reserve for an attack on “The Pimple” (as strong point just north of the ridge) the following day).

#2 Finalize Terrain Plans

Well, I did get the table cleared off and the existing terrain up on it…

And I did try to make a plan of it

And started trying to figure out how to tie it all in to the rest of the ridge.

But I can’t in all honesty say I have “finalized” any sort of plans. If I’m going ahead with this, I best get on with it!


At this point, I have to be honest, I’m sick to death of this whole thing. For some time I’ve just been going through the motions of trying to get it all done and posting updates on this blog hoping somehow I might get excited at that prospect and it might rekindle some spark of enthusiasm.

On one hand I just want to throw in the towel and say “fü¢k it, it’s just not worth it anymore….” There are a hundred other things i’d rather be doing. But on the other hand I feel like I’ve put so much work into it and come so far, I should see it through, right?


Seriously, that’s the only thing keeping me going at this point – guilting myself into forward motion with “What the hell did you buy and cast and paint all those stupid figures for if you’re not going to finish it now, moron!?”

Maybe I just need to take a little break (a VERY LITTLE one – as time is running out!). I wish the weather was still like it was last week – I’d take the kids and go for a day-long bike ride and get some fresh air…

Alas the weather has taken a turn for the worse… we’ve has a few days of snow – and WIND – and the temperature has plummeted from +5°C into the -20s (°C).  

Maybe we’ll just play a few more boardgames… 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Vimy Terrain!

(or… maybe something completely different…). 

Hobby update – commission work begins in earnest!

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Hi all, welcome once more to the little window into my hobby world, where I cast a light on my painting station and what wonders lie on it at the moment, haha!

This week marks the first hobby update where I’m looking at my commission painting. I’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment so I’ve decided to focus mainly on them this month.

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27th Battalion (City of Winnipeg), CEF

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Finally the last brigade of miniatures for the Vimy project are rolling off the line! This isn’t the last of the Canadian Corps. I still have the 10th Brigade to paint, but as they took no part in the attack on the 9 April 1917, I’m not going to bother with them for now… I also have  a lot of artillery pieces to paint up at some point. Not sure when they’d ever be used. I picked them up thinking if I had time, they’d have been fun to paint up and sit on a nearby table to show SOME element of the guns involved.

The 27th Battalion (City of Winnipeg) was part of the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division.

All ot the figures used for the 6th Brigade are from Irregular Miniatures.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

27th Battalion (City of Winnipeg), CEF – figures from Irregular Miniatures.

The formation patch for the 27th Battalion was a blue circle (blue for the junior brigade within the division and the circle for the senior battalion within the brigade) over the blue rectangle of the 2nd Division. 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A figure comparison of 28mm British/Canadian Great War infantry miniatures (now that I have samples from every manufacturer… I had hoped to do this today, but the lighting isn’t great (as evidenced by the crap photos above!) and it’s a bit nippier outside that I’s expected, so I may not get to it until tomorrow.

German Minenwerfer, Canadian Infantry, and Distractions

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A few more things over the last week. Not nearly as much as I’d hoped… but, there it is…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

A German Minenwerfer team from Brigade Gamesthat Jonathan Freitag of Palouse Wargaming Journal generously donated to the cause.

A battalion of my own Canadian miniatures (though the lewis gunner and officer are from Renegade Miniatures and were painted previously). Originally I’d intended these to be one of the British battalions attached to the Canadian Corps. But then realized I hadn’t done the 85th Battalion – a labour battalion that was thrown into the attack when the advance on the 4th Division’s front ground to a halt. So I’ll probably use this unit as those. I may replace the lewis gunner with a regular rifleman (not sure if a labour battalion would have been fully kitted out with an infantry battalions compliment of light machine-guns!)

In addition to the Post-Apocalyptic Soviets I finished last week, there were a few other distractions I finished up while waiting for paint to dry, etc…

Post apocalyptic KGB (to go along with the Post-Apocalyptic Soviets) – also from Lead Adventure Miniatures

A pair of Medieval-ish/fantasy warrior women. On the left of the picture is the “Warrior Woman” from Wargames Illustrated – Giants In Miniature and on the right is the Frostgrave Assassin from North Star Figures. They kind of look like they could be sisters… I think I shall make them so!

The painted version of the Frostgrave assassin was all it black, which I thought was a bit odd for Frostgrave. Being all stone and ice, I’d think black would rather stand out – so I’d originally planned to do her cloak in white or a really light grey and all her clothes and armour in light greys.

The greys turned out a little darker than I originally intended and once I got painting the cloak I ended up trying to do a mottled look of light greys and blues and then tried to make it look a bit dirty stained from draggin in the dirt and mud as the ancient city slowly melts… I was totally happy with how it turned out… I actuall think it looks a lot better in this photo somehow? Not about to strip and repaint it. It starting to grow on me…

Copplestone Castings Road Warrior.

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Vimy Update and then MORE GREAT WAR CANADIANS! 

Hobby update 27-2-17 – here comes the vanguard!

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Greetings all – another week goes by and we’ve reached the end of February!

There will be the usual recap of the month coming but in the meantime lets have a quick look at the week’s progress shall we?

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Post-Apocalyptic Soviets

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Another little distraction from the Vimyproject… I’ve been working on these on and off over the last couple of weeks – during painting downtime – while waiting for glue or primer or finish to dry… or at the end of a solid eveneing of painting after finishing off a unit (as a “treat”).
The figures are form Lead Adventure Miniatures  – though I ordered them from Magister Militum. I’ve been wanting to pick some of these up for a couple years now – pretty much since they first came out. From the moment I spotted them I thought they’d be perfect for a Twilight:2000game. I have a pile of the adventures. I thought I could use Flying Lead or Mutants and Death Ray Guns as a simple system for combat resolution and bolt on some skill resolution system…

 I also have the KGB pack.

I finished up a few of these a couple weeks ago and even used them in a game of Mutants and Death Ray Guns already… of course… most of them died… Of course that was just one-of game to try the system out – they will all be resurrected when we get to starting a proper campaign. And now I have a bigger pool of guy sto choose from or use as replacements as guys inevitably die…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Post apocalyptic Soviets from Lead Adventure Miniatures.

Here is the whole gang together.

I’m definitely going to have to pick up some more packs of post-apocalyptic types from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I’d also like to pick up some of their Astropolisfigures – they’d be great for a Rogue Trader campaign.

(I also kind of just backed the Dwarven Gold Fever Kickstarter – because I apparently don’t have enough Dwarves!?)

The nice thing about backing kickstarters at the moment (as opposed to ordering new toys) is I can dream of future fun, but know they won’t show up until after April and cause any further distraction…

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Canadians… Seriously… I had a good day of assembling things yesterday – gluing figures to bases, assembling trench mortars, etc… 

263rd Reserve Infantry Regiment – 79th Reserve Infantry Division

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This will likely be the last of the Germans for a while. These, along with the three regiments of Bavarians, should be all I need for the Vimy game in April. There were a few other battalions thrown into the line from the corps reserve on the day, but I figure I can use recycled casualties from the front line battalions to represent the late arriving reinforcements.
(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

263rd Reserve Infantry Regiment – this unit, as with most of the Germans, is made up of my own figures that I modeled, made moulds of, and cast myself. They’re not particularly pretty, but they are all mine.

3 Machine-gun teams from Irregular Miniatures.

The 79th Reserve Infantry Division including the 261st, 262nd, and 263rd Reserve infantry Regiments.

The division is made up of three regiments (

261st, 262nd, and 263rd) of three battalions of ten figures each, plus a command element of three figures. Ideally each regiment would have a machine-gun and mortar element attached, but I don’t have quite enough mortars at the moment (painted, that is… I may finish up one or two more, but they’re not a priority at the moment) so they are pictured here with extra Machine gun teams.

The battalions are smaller than the Canadian battalions – 10 compared to 15. This was largely a time-saving necessity, but also I figured the German battalions would have been whittled down by the “Week of Suffering” – a week-long campaign of constant harassing artillery and machine-gun barrages. The Canadian battalions, by comparison would have all be brought up to – or beyond – their established strengths with fresh drafts of reinforcements in the days before the attack (my great-uncle Bertram was one of those!), I may, ultimately, cut down the number of Canadians I end up using. With 15 figures per battalion it might get a bit crowded. Also as the Canadians have four divisions of three brigades with FOUR battalions of FIFTEEN figures each… the Canadian figures would outnumber the Germans four to one!!

I will hopefully get a few play-tests in later in March and try out different strengths for the Canadian Battalions.

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Canadians! Conveniently the rest of the Canadians I ordered from Irregular Miniatures arrived just this afternoon – so I should be getting those based up pronto and hopefully have a good chunk of the final Brigade of Canadians done by the end of the week!