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Dark Angels – Ravenwing update

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Painting the feathers on the Ravenwing should not be my priority. I seem to be saying that a lot actually. The bikes themselves are but the wings should really be done after I’ve finished the metals and the black because I’m clearly going to screw it u…

Wallet Takes a Hit

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I am forging ahead getting things ready for Tuesday night, I received my little extras from Colin at Charlie Foxtrot Models so I managed to roof my last building along with completing the little outbuildings which I hope will enhance my wargaming experience. I swapped the roofs which came with the models for some corrugated tin from 4Ground, this stuff is great and looks even better with a rust wash, I think you will agree.

Shed, log store and WC’s.

Out building and those telegraph poles along with the extras.

That is it for my buildings at the moment, I do want to eventually get the beautiful school building from Colin and maybe get enough others to put a ‘street’ together but that is for the future. I want to concentrate on finishing off my British and German forces now, the plan being to get up to around 1000 – 1500 points for both. I now have the basic starting force for both sides, a platoon of three squads along with HMG, mortar, sniper and anti-tank support, I had forgotten the spotters for the mortars but have painted them up this morning, I also have a choice of recce vehicles for both sides although I am still waiting for the British armoured car from Blitzkrieg.

I now have to turn my attention to all the lovely vehicles I can get before beefing my infantry squads up to ten men and maybe adding one more. I am going to give my troops the choice of transport vehicles so that means mainly trucks with maybe one halftrack for each, M5 or M3 or SdKfz 251/1, now this sounds easy but the price of these things is frankly expensive. The cheapest truck I could find was £18, I eventually went with two at £21 because along with a couple of other things this got me free postage, £42 for two bog standard trucks!

Nearly all the motorised stuff comes in at these prices, even the tiny jeep is £15 on average. OK you don’t have to get all this for Bolt Action but being a wargamer you pretty much will want it to complete your forces. I am looking at up to three jeeps, three trucks/halftracks, an anti-tank gun and tow and a choice of tanks/SP guns or AA vehicles or maybe an SP howitzer or tank killer, and all this for both sides. Four hundred of your English quids at least. This suddenly looks like a long term project, birthdays, Father’s days and Christmas’ are now all sorted.

On the bright side I have the beginnings of two decent forces already and they can only be improved upon as time passes.

MOAR Vortex Templates

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Despite the arm pain I actually managed to do some bits. In fact because I took the day off to see the doctor I had some free time and in a moment of madness I just decided to knock out a couple more Vortex templates. Having enjoyed the fun of them in …

Lizard riders

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I finished up a few more 15mm lizard riders from my Battlelore pile. I am excited to be almost near the end of the goblins.Up next: I have a bunch more foot and some dog or wolf riders and the goblins are done. Then onto the remaining dwarves.

Update on the April Painting challenge

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Now then,So I managed to get a cavalry regiment and a foot regiment done already this month,as well as a light gun. Im going to try and get another cavalry unit done and a command base, I think ill do King Charles I, with a small command group.Its not …

Experiment: Paint a miniature just by washing…

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…and one drybrush for highlights.So jep that is exactly what I wanted to do today. “Painting” a miniature with only washes and one drybrush step. Why? Because I did read quite a lot of fast painting tutorials who exactly did that for armies like Skav…

New house, new painting/hobby room!

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Now then,I thought I would throw a couple of pictures up of my new paining room, its still a work in progress, as I intend to get some proper shelving and a glass cabinet for some of my armies, but for now it certainly does the job.Boxes of painted min…

A Kindred Spirit in the Chop Shop!

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If you have been enjoying my little updates on converting my troll models you will probably love this post!

If you want to do an Epic Troll conversion first you have to remove the head….My friend Ruin here will show you how!

Kommandant Sanders gonna need a
big bucket for this Chicken!

In the spirit of all the conversions I’ve been showing recently, I thought I would take the chance to point you at one of my favorite blogs about converting and making super cool Warmachine models.  Tom Mennes build incredibly cool armies with a great flair for super dramatic conversion work (which he follows up with really solid paint in really personal and creative schemes). His output is equally impressive given the quality of the work.

Fun models – dramatic poses, and great creative work. I’m watching this one and hope you will too! Definitely worth reading back through his posts as well!!!!!!! LOTS of great tips and Step by step builds!

His Khador army is full of really creative conversions and I absolutely LOVE his paint scheme. Supurb techniques and great unity mean that even with the wild conversions everything is identifiable, cool and harmonious. So well handled. Most of his work is converted – using plastic stock, tubing and a little greenstuff – but really isn’t beyond the realm of others to learn from and attempt on their own. He is really good at showing key steps and materials and explaining his process from concept to creation.

Robo Seraph with Gatling Blight…. AWWW YEAH!

His Everblight army is one of the craziest full army conversions I have seen in Warmahordes. It is simply brilliant! And the paint style on it makes me REALLY want to paint my trolls all in moonlight and glow…. This guys plays to the rule of cool and defys expectations – but always keeps opponents, recognition and playability in mind. A true kindred spirit, I hope I get to meet him at some point because I can think of few armies anywhere or in any game that I would rather see across the table from me.Keep up the amazing work Tom!

Hobby Tray – Easing Back Into Hobby

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To skip to the Hobby Tray in all its glory click here. Otherwise read on from here for a little update from me. So I’ve got in a few games and I’m gradually getting back into the hobby after what seems like a very long time away from it all. It’s taken a lot of mental effort to get me here. Hobby had become, and still is, somewhat of a black cloud for me. I wanted to do hobby but it became what seemed like a huge chore to do anything. Enter the humble Hobby Tray, an upgrade from the Rapid Deployment […]

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George The Builder, Yes He Can.

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Considering I find it difficult to put up a shelf I have completed three buildings in as many days. I managed to get enough roof tiles to completely finish two of the three and I expect to get my latest order from Charlie Foxtrot this afternoon.  …

Awakening Derry from hibernation

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taking shape now but still plenty to do on the ground workThe nature of this project and too many conflicting priorities over the winter months meant that my Derry- Building went into stasis for a while.Lots of work to be done on the ditch and drawbrid…

Dark Angels – Tactical Squad TO DONE!

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After pushing on through I finally finished my Dark Vengeance Tactical Squad. I didn’t take too many pictures as I was pressed for time and although one of the first GW rules of taking miniature pictures is not to use natural light [a lighting setup is…

Were-bear? There bear!

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The good weather has kept me away from the painting bench these past few weeks, but I have a few pieces that I finally finished.As I was painting up the 15mm Battlelore figures, I also picked up Dragon Rampant and started looking around for a few monst…

Experimenting With Washes

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Sorry for the silence on the blog. I have been getting on with a lot of hobby related stuff despite my absence. My painting for this month’s complement of models for Tale of Wrath has taking me into interesting places with heavy use of washes. While no…

Judgement Day Post 35 – Odysseus Jones

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The Judgement Day project that Cheetor and I were working on has moved into the background over the last couple of months as other projects have drawn our attention. It is not dead, however, as both of us are Judge Dredd nuts and we’ll invariably come …

The ‘Little Tank’

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I know, I have watched too much ‘Allo, allo’ to think of the 222 as anything other than being driven by a Herr Gruber. Anyway, as usual I managed to get a few things done last night, Monday is when the missus has some friends round for a musical evenin…

Bolt Action Project Marches On

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I finished my basic German squads a week or so ago and before I completed them I built my armoured car, I could not resist it. I have painted the camo on and have given it a wash, next up is some serious weathering, well enough to show the dust of a No…

‘nids part 194 – 31 Genestealers

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I have absolutely no idea where I am in keeping you up-to-date on the 31 Stealers? But here was five of them, old skool Space Hulk with modern Scything Talons and additional carapace plates.I then stormed through the Soft Tone Army Painter Wash.Followe…

Dark Angels – Tactical Squad ‘last chance to dance’

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I’ve continued to crack on with the Tactical Squad, it’s funny how everything feels like it’s downhill after the green has been done, even if the remaining details are actually just as time consuming. The chapter symbol and company markings have all be…

More goblins!

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A few more goblins have rolled off the painting line. First up are some of the goblin lizard cavalry. The sword turned out nice on this one, hey?These guys were from the original base set and painted up nicely enough. I will vary the tunic colours as I…

Dark Angels – Tactical Squad ‘pushing through Vs go with the flow’

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I’ve been advocating ‘going with the flow’ for a long time now. When the muse strikes it is always much easier and more productive to go with it than to force yourself to do things less appealing or more difficult. Quite often you can harness s this power of procrastination to deliver something else and that’s perfectly valid and worthwhile.

The one on the left is a completed AoBR marine for comparison

However, it’s worth noting that ‘pushing through’ is something we shouldn’t always shy away from. Case in point I finally painted the second set of highlights on just three Tactical marines the other night. This has been a task I’ve been avoiding, in fact I’ve a number of those that are all vying to be ignored and when it was a toss up between containment spikes on the Tyranid VSG or paint a few Dark Angels I had to give the First a little attention. There were perfectly sensible reasons for making this decision, afterall the VSG is just a vanity project, it’s not something I need to do or is particularly urgent. The Dark Angels are needed, long overdue and as I could run 750pts of them at Alex’s Double Touble event I really should have some options. And, I don’t want them half-finished as I’ve been playing with them like this for a while.

Now I often envisage this ‘pushing through’ as wading through treacle or quicksand, it’s a mental picture that just helps me to overcome the creative inertia. You can feel it’s a chore, it’s not coming easy, every step forward needs to fought for and pushed kicking and screaming into existence. But three figures down I felt such a relief, such a sense of achievement. Hopefully I can do another three then finish the last four, or do the four and it’s the easy finish? I could even switch to a 3, 2, 2, it doesn’t really matter it’ll progress slowly but eventually the drag that is holding me back will loosen, the project will advance and eventually you’re no longer up to your waist in the thick of it – you’ve reached solid ground.

Two nights later it was a 4, 3 finish

With all that in mind I can look at the remaining 7 models and not be completely disheartened by the bulk of the work that still remains. It’s far from easy and often the effort to push through just isn’t worth it, not when a quick side-trip to something familiar will result in more progress [my recent Termagants for instance] but these detours are useful for morale. The ultimate driver for your own progress is your state of mind – the tougher the slog the easier it is for your mind to just want to give it up. For most of us this isn’t a job it’s a hobby, it’s supposed to be fun, there are some tasks that feel more like a chore but if you can find a balance to overcome them it can be just as rewarding, if not moreso than those quick wins.

Now to darken it down…

Keep on painting, while I have this left to do…

The Baddies

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On watching me put the finishing touches to my latest figures my granddaughter asked if they were the goodies or baddies, I myself like a good baddie but no matter how charismatic they are I always kind of hanker for the guys in the white hats to come …

The plan for April.

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Now then,I have been very quiet around here recently, what with sorting my house out and moving in etc, but now im here I think its time to start getting some proper painting done (figures not walls……)James over on the the mad tin hatter blog …

Battlelore Goblins

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I started on the Battlelore goblins this week and finished a couple of batches. The fellows with the scimitars are from the original boxed set and are about 18mm tall.I have painted a lot of goblins green over the years and I decided to use a muted fle…

A Rebel Fleet to Call My Own

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Just when I thought I’d be able to put food on the table for my family, Star Wars Armada sucked me in with its tight rule set, great theme, and outstanding miniatures. Having amassed modest Rebel and
Imperial fleets, I was at a loss over what exactly to do with these models between games. Past miniature games that I’ve played have required players to assemble and paint their miniatures as part of the hobby process.

Original photo courtesy of Reinholt, the cropped and slightly blurry image above courtesy of yours truly

Well, even though Armada doesn’t require players to paint their figures (in fact, that’s a huge selling point of the game) I felt a desire to personalize my forces. Although originally drawn to the Imperials – I tend to pick the “bad guy” in most games – the Rebel fleet offered the most opportunity for artistic license.

I’m going to take you on a rough step-by-step guide on how I took my nascent Rebel fleet from the default color scheme to something else entirely.

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