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Howdy y’all!I did some super quick paintjobs on a couple of the MK3 Battle Boxes to encourage the kids in my after school club to get excited for Warmahordes. Nothing fancy but they look good from arms length!More Play It Paitned tabletop level stuff c…

Figurkowy Karnawał Blogowy XXV – Obrońca Carnival of Blog’s Minis XXV – The Guardian

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For non polish visitors I hasten to explain that Carnival of Blog’s Minis is the initiative of polish miniatures bloggers. The idea is based
on monthly challenges on various topics about miniatures etc. This
month’s theme is The Guar…

1st French Foot Artillery Battery Complete

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To go with my 1st division of French Infantry for 1815 I have purchased some guns and crew from eBay and once again added some final touches and rebased them for Empire V.Below is the pic of the guns and crew upon receipt:BeforeThe blue was updated wit…

Time to Paint the Walking Scrap! – Gobber Tinker Part 2

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My painting buddy :) Full disclosure: This Gobber tinker is the first serious effort I have made to paint anything in nearly a year.  As the incredible Jessica Rich said in last weeks post, you use it or you lose it. The Warjack won’t be the …

Terrain Corner

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The big thing about wargaming is its a huge hobby.  Its not just spending time painting the amazing armies that we use, its also the field of battle we choose to fight on. I have to say I actually find painting the terrain to be a lot more fun that the miniatures.  I think its … Continue reading Terrain Corner

Sunday Colour 17 Afterlife

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Welcome back!  This week I have finally managed to finish a project that I started way back in the beginning of this column… This has been a true labour of love.  I started out the project and was doing some of my best ever work on them but then several things got in the way … Continue reading Sunday Colour 17 Afterlife

Progress Report – Beyond the Gates of Antares

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Since I finished my Siege Campaign I haven’t been entirely idle. I have been working on the models from the Beyond the Gates of Antares starter set that I got back in November of last year. It’s been less than a year since I got them which, for me, is …

1/32-scale plastic AWI troops

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Work and aging in-laws have curtailed my gaming these days’ apologies for the lack of posts. I have been doing a bit of gaming with Jessica when we find a few minutes.Last week we managed to narrowly lose a game of Pandemic. We then played a game of Sm…

40K Hobby Starter Sets

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In news from elsewhere on the internet ICv2 have confirmed the impending arrival of six new introductory kits for the Warhammer 40’000 universe. Designed with the very beginner most beginners these kits are designed to encourage people into the hobby at a very low skill level.  Each kit contains the basic paints, a brush and … Continue reading 40K Hobby Starter Sets

TTGUK Paints Update 3

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Well here we go 6 weeks into what should really have been a pretty easy painting challenge, the guys are doing really well except one, but he shall remain nameless unless he doesnt get any work done this weekend but as he is running a Guild Ball tournament its highly likely he will be the … Continue reading TTGUK Paints Update 3

Team Yankee West German Tips and Tricks #2: Fuchs (TGBX06)

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What does the Fuchs say….

Sorry ’bout that  :-)

Round 2 with the West Germans in Team Yankee from Battlefront.  This time we look at the Fuchs (TGBX06) and this Fuchs say va-va-va-voom!

A hefty little 6 wheeled all terrain troop transport to move those Panzergrenadiers around the battlefield.  Yes please!  You can find these bad boys in the Panzer Aufklarungs Kompanie list and can you can get 2 zugs of them with 3 Fuchs in each.

On to the models!

This is another very sweet kit. The kits I have for prepared are pre-release versions. This is an old-school resin hull with metal bits. These are chock full of detail and are VERY clean. The metal wheels had just a few metal whiskers and no flash or mold lines.

The fit of the wheels here is a very simple peg on the hull and hole in the wheel, but is very well designed. They are a different style than the Luchs wheels, but fit just as snug.

Build:  Since this was a pre-release kit, I didn’t have the instructions that are up on Battlefront now. But that didn’t matter! The kit is super easy; very intuitive…put all the wheels on one side of the hull.  Let those dry a little so that they don’t wiggle any more, then do the other side.
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Red Hunters Vanguard Squad

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My last post was about a Red Hunters Tactical Squad. For more on how these guys were painted, go check it out! The rest of the Death Masque Box was Vanguard Marines! These guys may or may not be for Adepticon as well. We shall see. However, they still …

Bolt Action: German ‘Aufklärungs’ army project (part 1)

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This is the start of a my latest army project for Bolt Action, ‘late war’ Germans. After doing many of the more obscure armies of the Second World War (Free French, Hungarians and Australians) I have finally decided to do a German army for the ETO. Being a fan of scouting forces I have decided on making mine an Aufklärungsabteilung. For those who don’t speak German, that basically means a recon detachment. Let’s take a look at the lovely miniatures from Warlord Games that I have started the project with; some Kradschützen and a Schwimmwagen.

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Just Paint. AKA: The Mad Rambles Of Jessica Rich

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Jessica Rich is someone whom I thoroughly enjoy. Though geographically distant, her love of great contemporary art, her sense of humor,

and the kindness she has shown me whenever our paths have crossed, marks her as a friend.

Her skill with the brush, daring sense of composition and wondrous ability to think outside the box are what make her an inspiration.

Lost In The Warp was always meant to be not only a vehicle for my work but also a space for friends who do not maintain their own sites to share their own thought, ideas and work.
In the past LITW has featured articles by Vince Hudon, Chris Borer, Dragomir Milanovic, and others. We will see more of this in the coming months with incoming articles from the incredible Chris Suhre and more – But lets focus on this one for now 😉

Something very special here today – Jessica Rich – Brushmistress extraordinaire wrote some of her thoughts about painting a while ago and gave me permission to share it on LostInTheWarp.

Jess is currently taking aim at making some major changes and moving further into the fine arts to pursue her passions. To be quite frank, she could use a hand. 
Please consider checking out this link and giving some thought as to whether you can get behind this incredible artist in any way :) 

Just Paint by Jessica Rich


This is about painting. This is about beginning. This is the mad ramble of a painter who lost their marbles many many years ago. If only I could get back to Neverland.
Last month I was part of a google hangout with fellow painters, and the question of “What advice do we have for beginning painters?” came up. I didn’t have a lot to say then, as it’s a subject that requires more than just a simple line of dialogue. There is no magical answer that will lead you down the path of success, no great secret that award winning artists keep to themselves.
 I’ve met hundreds of painters, some great, and some truly awful. I know that sounds harsh to say, but an honest critique of someone’s work is what I can give you. My word isn’t law, and shouldn’t be taken as canon, but in my semi-­educated opinion, there are enthusiastic painters out there who want to win awards that don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Competition is a bitch.


Why do you want to win them? Why do I still take pleasure in winning them? From my perspective, I feel a little warm and fuzzy, a momentary blip of “I did something right”. But then it’s gone. My award goes on the shelf to be seldom looked at, and rarely dusted. They are things I have to posses, like an ugly sweater your grandmother gives you that you’re obligated to wear at least once a year. I’m not unappreciative of these awards, but they are not necessary. I know this. You should know it as well. The boost of confidence you receive from public validation of your skill will slip away like a dream upon waking. Don’t judge yourself by them, and don’t allow them to become all that you, as a painter, are.


The question I’m most often asked (by my admittedly infrequent interviewers) is “How long have you been painting?”. An honest answer would be “for as long as I remember”, because I count those childhood years, when I was giddy with excitement to paint with tempera on a piece of newspaper rag using only my fingers and imagination. Professionally, I’ve been painting miniatures for a little over 7 years now. I count “professionally” as hired work from studios or avid collectors. I don’t count “I shittily painted this model and sold it on eBay, so I’m a professional”. There, said it, ­ that kind of “pro­painter” hubris is laughable. Many top level painters are making fun of you in closed door conversations. Does this viewpoint make me an asshole? It might in your eyes, and I don’t care. And here’s why…

To be a “great” painter (Great is in dick fingers because I still don’t see myself as great)­  you need to put in the hours. I’m not talking about “I spend a couple of hours twice a week working on my minis”. I’m saying thousands upon thousands of hours – a rough estimate for me over 75,000 to get me where I am.

That is how dedicated I am to what I’m doing.

That is how dedicated you most likely need to be to land the studio gigs and high end commissions (There are a few painters that I’ve met over the years that take to painting competition winning minis like a fish to water, but they’re exceptionally rare). But I would caution, strongly, against this kind of maniacal drive, unless you’re 100% sure it’s what you want. Because…
Studio work killed my passion. After endless “Ermagerd I need this NOW!!!” deadlines, picky customers, and countless unpaid hours trying to get things just right because “the client hates it as it is”, I started to look at my table in disgust.  It was work. It may wind up being work for you too, and if you’re very very lucky, you won’t fall out of love with this industry. I’m still painting miniatures, but it’s down to 20­-30 hours a week these days, and sometimes it’s a Sisyphus level uphill climb even though it’s a mini I thought I wanted to paint.


Remember those 75,000 hours of time invested? Over the course of that time, my hands and eyes became trained to do what I wanted them to. I didn’t start out with smooth blends, nor was I a freehand wizard. NMM? Sorcery I couldn’t wrap my brain around. But I kept pushing myself further. You have to attempt something before you can fail at it. And you will. I certainly did, and sometimes still do. But it’s ok that’s why I have acetone.

Upon reflection, I realized that the more time I put in to painting, the need to concentrate on the techniques I was using lessened, and what was required of my body to achieve a desired effect became second nature. I no longer constantly struggled to paint buttons on a coat, or eyes on faces. I didn’t have to think about it, because my hands understood the signals my brain sent out. Muscle memory. You won’t have to focus on what angle you’re holding a brush at, or what overall physical posture best suits a technique, because your brain and body will work in concert with each other.

There are 5 photos below (nope – I erased them somehow by accident – Ill add them back in as soon as I can ~ JC), showing the evolution of my freehand over 14 years, in sequential order. 14 years ago, 8 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago, and and few months ago. To put the pictures in perspective, the city on that skirt is a little over ¼” tall, which could fit inside one of the cogs on the Skaven banner. Via determination and practice, my skills advanced. Yours will too. Persevere, and don’t be afraid. I know it can feel intimidating. So you utterly bomb on a figure. It’s alright. But if you stop there, if you reach a point where you say “meh, that’ll do and I don’t need to try anything else”, you won’t get better.

This is also a use it or lose it venture folks. You can’t go full tilt for years, take a year off, and pick right back up. Most of the fundamentals will be there, but your body will have forgotten the precise control. I used to practice karate there’s no way in hell my body could fluidly perform a kata if I tried today. Because I didn’t keep at it.


Brushes: When I bought my first Windsor Newton Series 7 brush, I thought I had acquired the magic bean that would elevate me to the clouds. But then came DaVinci brushes, Raphael brushes, GW brushes you get the point it’s a long list of companies. And some work for some, and others work for others. My preference is Rosemary and Company Series 33, Size 0. But that’s because it fits my “style” of painting. I paint many glazed layers to achieve my blends. If you aren’t doing that, it won’t feel the same to you.

Paints: The same notion that there is no “one size fits all” is true for paint. I prefer Reaper Master Series, and Secret Weapon paints. Again, they fit my style. I’m not a huge airbrush user (because I apparently love doing shit the hard way), so I don’t have any need to find the perfect paints to push through one. Both of companies’ paints I use are perfectly suitable for airbrushing as long as you dilute them, but I know people that adore Minitaire paints, or Vallejo Air. It works for them. Buy a couple of paints from each of the major companies, and see what consistencies you like using. You’ll
probably find that some companies make your favorite reds, and another your favorite blues. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong if you’re not a brand loyalist. In closing on paints, please, don’t fall prey to labels on the bottles. Secret Weapon has a fabulous 6 paint series for rust. I’ve only used them for rust once.

Palettes: Find what works for you (I really hope you’re catching on to the trend here). I see so many eager painters buying the palettes their favorite painter uses, because their favorite painter uses it.That’s kind of a no-no. You don’t know “how” you paint yet, so don’t shoehorn yourself into something you are uncomfortable working with because your idol does. Marike uses a ceramic well palette, I use a wet palette. Neither of us are “right”. Give everything a try. Start with a
plastic well palette it’s a $1 investment. You might love it. My first Golden Demon awards were won using one of those suckers as my paint holder. My wet palette is a 50 cent plastic trading card box with a soaked paper towel and parchment paper.

*Beats head against wall*. I stay off of forums because of artistic terminology. I could crush skulls over this subject. The two biggest contenders in this arena of stupid arguments are “Glazing” and “Washing”.

Glazing: A thin, transparent layer of paint which allows the color beneath it to show through. ANY paint can be a glaze.JUST THIN IT WITH WATER. I don’t use mediums other than water because it messes with my consistency. Doesn’t mean you can’t. As long as it’s transparent, it’s a glaze. You can make a glaze with ink. You can make a glaze with oil paints and linseed oil (from which the artist term was originally pulled). You can glaze with metallic paint. Again, A GLAZE IS JUST A THIN LAYER OF TRANSPARENT PAINT.

Washing: This term doesn’t even belong in miniature painting. We rarely use solvents. But, at it’s core, it’s the same f’ing thing as glazing. Traditionally, inks are mixed with solvents, then controlled application is used by applying the ink with a loaded (read sopping wet) brush. But because you can wash with acrylics and oils, it’s still f’ing glazing.

Loaded Brush: Don’t get me started. It’s a long story.

Dipping: DON’T DO IT! “But what about Future Wax?” someone is crying. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re hoping to take away some useful tips from this mad ramble. If someone suggests Future Wax as an additive, run away.

What I’m trying to get across in this segment is that it’s all painting in one form or another (except Future Wax). We are artists. Would you like to art as well? You can art if start with a brush, paint, and a model. Try it. Throw the terms out the window, and see what you like to do.


Paint what you like to paint.

If you ask for a critique, be prepared to take what you’re told in a positive light (even if it sounds like someone is cutting your soul into tiny bitesized nibblets).

Listen to the people you are asking for advice, but don’t change everything you’re doing because of said advice.

Incorporate it into your style.

Painting competitions can hurt. Not everyone can win, but it doesn’t mean you should stop painting if you didn’t take home a thingy, especially if you enjoy painting.

Remember that opinions are like assholes.

The very best advice I can give is to simply “start”.

My Best Regards,


Jess is awesome. Please help if you can.

Next week back to the Gobber Tinker!

The Workbench This Weekend, 18 Sept 2016

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I’ve been back to painting Infinity figures recently, after being distracted by some scenery for a bit. Over on the Official Infinity Forums there’s been a Painting Pledge/Support Group thread every month for a while now. I tend to be a bit of a scattershot distracted painter, so pledging a few figures to get properly … Continue reading The Workbench This Weekend, 18 Sept 2016

Sunday Colour #16

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For a little change this week I have assembled and painted some scenery.  I’ve never really owned any to call mine before because I’m lucky enough to be a member of a very good club that provides a great deal.  But just in case I want to play a few small games at home and in … Continue reading Sunday Colour #16

The Sassanids are Coming!

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For what might well be the first time in almost a decade I’ve just ordered myself a whole “new” 15mm Ancients army – Sassanid Persian – for ADLG.To be honest I thought for a short while about just getting some Levy Spearmen, as I have plenty of “Arab” …

Links of Interest, 15 September 2016

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I’ve been spending some more time on YouTube recently, rummaging around the wargaming-related channels. I don’t have the time or the patience for the long rambling unedited vlog-format stuff, but there’s some good, properly edited, to-the-point stuff out there. Two channels I particularly like are Kujo Painting, who did the great “How To Paint Tartan” … Continue reading Links of Interest, 15 September 2016

Warcolor Paint Brush Test, How do they compare?

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Warcolor Paint Brush Test, How do they compare? I’ve been quite interested in checking out the paint brushes sold by Warcolors and their paints as well. I was part of the beta testing of…

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So I did a thing…. Gobber Tinker Part 1

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So Im going to start by giving away the end of the story… I built a Privateer Press Gobber Tinker model and took it to the always AMAZING Sword And Brush competition in Toronto this past weekend and won this year’s theme award “Best Orc or Goblin” sp…

Late Summer Painting

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Spent the weekend off on what might be our last camping trip of the season and I’ve been busy doing lots of other non-wargaming things, as one tends to when the weather is good, but I’m still getting some painting done. I’ve just finished a couple of figures for my Haqqislam forces for Infinity, but … Continue reading Late Summer Painting

Ugly Ducklings?

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So, I’ve actually painted something ;)Though in honesty these are re-paints of re-paints ad I’ve been rather unhappy with the original re-paints or more accurately the overdone transfers applied to them.I’m MUCH happier with these versions. Painting as…

Sunday Colour #15

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Oh man!  I have been on fire this week!  Figuratively at least.  Within the last week I have assembled, primed and fully painted a starter army (1000 points) of Concord for Beyond the Gates of Antares.  Total painting time?  7 hours (that’s mad fast for me at least) so how did I do it… Well … Continue reading Sunday Colour #15


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I think I got this idea from a picture on Facebook of some guys table, ever since I have been on the look out for an old model car which I could ‘tart’ up. I got this one at a junk stall in Lancaster, it cost the princely sum of £1.50, I have seen other period cars online for ten times that but of course it would have been madness to wreck them.

This particular model was a British delivery van, I sprayed it with some reddish brown primer, tore the tyre’s off and then set too with watered down black paint. Once it looked suitably bad I dry brushed it with steel, I had some other bits and pieces laying around so added some of these to the base.

The idea is either to pop it beside a house as having been abandoned by the owner or as an objective marker, I have an idea if I get some more to possibly build up a hasty barricade with them.

I now really have reached the end of the line with my wargaming projects, and am struggling to come up with some ideas to while away a few hours of an evening. I could do some more terrain pieces i.e. gardens etc. to make the houses blend in on the battlefield a bit better rather than standing about fairly starkly.

I was hoping to have my Bolt Action V2.0 to read this weekend, however despite the newsletter informing me they were being shipped last Wednesday night and having paid express delivery I still do not have my copy, no one does seemingly, so I don’t have a clue about the announcement.

I have a mate coming up from London in October for a weekends gaming, he is trying his best to kick start some Warhammer Ancient Battles and has offered to introduce me to WAB. I am very much a fan of War and Conquest and have regretted never getting into WAB when it was at its height, so I have ordered a copy of the rules from eBay, it is the least I can do as he is leaving the comfort of his soft Southern climes to venture to these Northern wilds to be defeated.

Heavy Gear Blitz! – NuCoal Paratrooper and Strike Squads

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Heavy Gear Blitz! – NuCoal Paratrooper Squad (4 minis: 2xChasseurParatrooper, 2xand NuCoal Strike Squad (4 minis: 4xCuirassier)   These are the last lot of small MECHs I’ve obtained toaugment the unit I bought from Dan.  These will …