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Red Planet Basing pt2.

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Over the course of the last few months I’ve done a lot of basing of miniatures and thought it was an opportunity to show some the process from start to finish. I’ve made referrence to my Red Planet Basing tutorial many times but that tutorial didn’t fe…

Forest Goblin Test

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Here is my test Forest Goblin, I even managed to do the base. I am not 100% convinced yet on the basing. It is more or less what I usually do but so far so good, eh? As for the model itself I am happy. The green is the same as the Night Goblins. With s…


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Daemonettes=Done   Yesterday I finished the last of my Daemonettes, well besides the one I can’t find. I think the cat decided that it was his toy or something.       40k, Daemons...

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The Spawn of Cthulhu and a Facebook Page

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I finally got myself a new workshop after some home repairs and moving, which allowed me to resume the work on some of the projects I have abandoned over the last few months. Here’s the first one of the finished miniatures – a Spawn of Cthulhu:I’ve als…

Painting Challange July 14: Update

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It’s getting close to the end of the month so I thought I would show you all where about I am up to with the painting. My aims for this month was 10 vets, a chimera and start a heavy weapons team so click and I will show you how I have got on.First o…

Another disgusting hobby habit

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Well I finally figured out the secret to working with green stuff. Apparently the simplest thing to do is keep your tool “slick” by putting water on it or, as you would expect with painters, licking it. Is it possible to have a hobby that d…

Weekend Gaming Event

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Weekend Gaming Event   This weekend we had our club gaming event. We didn’t get as many visitors as we usually do but we still had a good time as a couple of old...

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Rebel Grot Vehicles Paint in Progress

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Hello all, Since my last post I’ve unpacked my airbrushes and started working on painting all those vehicles I built for my Rebel Grots.  As many of you know the airbrush is a huge time saver when it comes to painting vehicles.  It is much easi…

Adventures in Airbrushing V – Jedi Starships

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The results of more airbrush practise this week. A couple of converted Jedi Starfighters and some Ainsty containers.Read more »

Dark Angels – Watcher in the Dark

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A lot of my hesitancy about painting some of the more fun characters is my problem with cloaks. So far anything cloth has come out a bit pants. I really wanted to do dark cloaks but given my lack of success I decided to just go with the prescribed GW c…

Snakes on a Plane

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Hey, This is not a movie review (nor a love song if you remeber the PIL song), more a lamentation, then a renewal. My point? Well, I suppose I do need one after all. The lamentation..My good mate and fellow blogger Ross borrowed my HS 129 for the mid war GT, and it got scratched. […]

Steam Tanks Roll Out

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More progress on the All Quiet on the Martian Front starter set. Got all the tanks done. I need three more MkII’s to make a company. Also finished my test stand of infantry. Now to get those done and then paint the Tripods!

Thor’s Showcase: Maulerfiend & Forgefiend

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I had completed the Maulerfiend a few months ago now but finally got around to getting the Forgefiend parts painted. Now that both versions are done (it’s magnetized), I figured I’d get some shots. You’ll have to pardon the flash. I c…

Dark Angels – Watcher in the Dark and his mates

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Micro blog alert – this is my Watcher in the Dark conversion for Azrael, holding the Lion Helm.All the Tactical Marines from Dark Vengeance, plus Rogue Trader Devastators and some assorted characters.In particular my Azrael conversion from the Dark Ven…

A tale of “X” Gamers – Space Marines 012.

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    Hello folks!   Finally, we get to the last article in this series! I admit I am a little late, but that’s not without reason. My studies, mostly, demanded a great share of my time and I couldn’t leave this aside. When the texts a…

Painting supplies and a Welcome

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Well… my back is pretty jacked up. I finally went in to the chiropractor and he said I had strained the Psoas, Quadratus Lumborum and Gluteus Medius as well as caused some disc irritation. You haven’t lived until you’ve had someone dig their fingers …

Forgin’ On

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Faction Focus: Forge Guard The armour worn by the elite warriors known as the Forge Guard epitomises the qualities that set the Forge Fathers apart from other races. Fully enclosing its wearer, the armour provides a complete suite of life support, targeting and environmental data systems and combines them with the strength and protection of […]

Painting my goblin bust #1

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Not so long ago, I made my first castings of a personal sculpture as you can read it here. Now, I’m trying to put some colours on it. Il n’y a pas si longtemps, j’ai fait mes premiers tirages d’une sculpture personnelle comme vous pouvez le lire ici. Maintenant, j’essaye de lui donner un peu […]

Tutorial: Space Marine Plasma Coils

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Another tutorial. This time, the subject is Space Marine Plasma Coil Glow. I have seen plenty of tutorials on this, but they all seem pretty involved to me, having many steps and gradient highlighting. If you’re a lazy painter like me, you want somethi…

Airbrush Tip: Pre-Mixing Paints

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 Vallejo Model Air is a nice product as it’s a smaller sized pigment and comes in a handy dropper bottle so you only have to put into your airbrush what you need. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the colors you might need. So I set out to make m…

Horrible Spiders

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I think the weirdest thing about the Forest Goblin Spider Rider’s mount is that at a distance of two or so feet in a darkened room they look all too convincing.However I managed to get forty of these models I don’t know. Even though it would look aweso…

Space Hulk: Genestealers

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As you may recall, I recently painted up some Blood Angel  Terminators, and to go along with them, I ‘m happy to present the Tyranid Genestealers. As far as inspiration goes, I wanted to get the same look and feel as the box art. Something […]

The Painting Continues- Hell Dorado Saracen Starter

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I’m still working on that Saracen starter for Hell Dorado slowly but surely.  Below you’ll find some pictures of the leader, Nazir  Ibn Hamid Ibn Hajjad and his trusty sidekick Youssaff. I’ve been painting the entire starter up now …

Relic Knights: How to paint Noh Part 1

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I decided to stream the painting of some of my figures from the Relic Knights Kickstarted.
Watch as we get started on the Noh and I explain how to paint them.

M26 Pershing/Super Pershing Build & Paint

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By Sean "Throckmorton" SarahHistorically, the M26 Pershing is a fascinating tank. It's development cycle was rife with internal dog fights between Army generals. Some, like Leslie McNair, were convinced the M4A3 variant of the Sherman wa…