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The rest of the 54mm Woodland Indians

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This week I finished off the rest of the 54mm Woodland Indians that will provide the AWI British will some support.These are plastic figures from Armies in Plastic. I basically mirrored the painting I saw on the ATKM’s website. The red came out a bit m…

Rob’s New Skaven Characters

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So I painted these guys up in the fall and just haven’t posted any pics yet. The Grey Seer is a Necromancer with the head from the Bell Seer. The green Engineer is an IoB Engineer with a staff from…

Tallarn Valkyrie/Vendetta

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Well, here’s a great big photo dump showing the start to finish WIP on the Valkyrie/Vendetta I built for my Tallarn. The cockpit was fully painted before being put into the fuselage and then masked off, to prime the rest of the model. I also painted the interior of the passenger compartment. You can’t see […]

Shattered Sword figures completed

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My lethargic painting progress continues as I have now managed to finish the figures in the starter set for my Shattered Sword figures. Aside from the usual issues that limit my painting time, I also spent a fair bit of hobby time assembling the rest of my Relic Knights figs. Now that they are all […]

Post Apocalyptic Terrain Modelling Part 2

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In my last post I ran through the development and construction of the Fuel Storage Tank terrain piece.This time I am going to go through the painting and finishing process.I mentioned in the previous article that I had already given the model a coat of…

How to get started painting miniatures & Imperial assault

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Once we get started in the hobby it’s easy to forget that it was quite a challenge to get information on how and where to start in the distant beginning. I’ve always been on the look out for decent tutorials to recommend to new comers to painting. So I…

Faun Woman WIP – Part 3

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Faun Woman WIP – Part 3   Today has been spent watching bad movies and painting. I’m still working on the Faun woman and I’m trying to get her finished this week (and actually…

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Genestealer Cult – Brother Char

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After a hideously long time on my painting desk, the next hybrid is done. A meltagun toting 2nd generation, or brother Char to his fellows. The base model is a Mantic Games Plague model from Deadzone. I added a masked head to give him a little adeptus …

Lighting Upgrade: Normande Daylight Clamp Lamp

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Lighting the Area #2

I was reading an article by Dave from Wargaming Tradecraft on House of Paincakes about Color Theory. In that article he links to his website where he did this article on Lighting Your Hobby Area. That article is one I read a long time ago, back when it came out on 2011. At the time […]

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Faun Woman WIP – Part 2

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Faun Woman WIP – Part 2   Two days of working more or less only on the lovely Faun Woman and she’s coming along quite well this far in. I’ve almost finished her skin,…

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Shadows of Brimstone: Hellbat

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Just a short shot from my workbench: My first Hellbat from Shadows of Brimstone. I tried out a color scheme which I may use for my Legion of Everblight if they arrive finally. And I also tried out some wetblending (the tongue) just to get a feel for pa…

Steven’s 2014 Painted Models

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It’s that time of year again where we all look back and see how much lead we painted (or, more appropriately, how much we left unpainted!). My 2013 haul was pretty solid, though 2014 was less productive. A trans-global move, discovery of  a game that was most certainly designed for me, and a new gaming console have pretty much done me in! I did, however, add an airbrush to my painting table, and that’s been great fun!

Anyhow, here’s the list of what I got done for all of the world to see. Here’s to a productive 2015!

Soviet BT7As (6x) (2nd Jan)
10x Soviet IS-2s + Tank Escorts (25th Jan)
10x Soviet SU-100
6x Soviet SU-85M
3x German SU-85s
1x German SU-100
3x Captured Soviet Halftracks (March 2)
7x German Panzer III L (March 15)
8x German Panzer III N (March 15)
German: 2x Recce Patrols from DM (sd kfz 231/1 & 231/4 with puma turret options) (March 25)
German: 6x 234/22 Pak 40 halftracks (March 25)
German: 2x 8 Rads (March 25)
Martians: 3x Assault Tripods (May 27)
All Quiet 6x US Mk II Steam Tanks (June 2)
3x US Mk IIb Steam Tanks (June 2)
1x US Mk III Steam Tank (June 2)
3x Martian Assault Tripods redo (July 24)
6x German King Tigers w/ turret options
Bolt Action Soviet Valentine
4x 2cm Flak38 Guns

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P3 Grandmaster Diorama – "Contract Renegotiation" Part 1

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So I competed last summer in the Privateer Press P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition and placed first in diorama. (YAY!) This was a pretty big moment for me as, despite my past golden demons etc,. this was my first outing with the P3 and to place on my first time out – especially against such amazing competition – was very exciting. It really motivates me to get back into competitive work and pursuing aspects of the hobby I love the most – notably in making dioramas and vignettes. (my Forgeworld best in show was a diorama, my first golden demon was in battle scene, as was my first silver demon etc, etc. – story telling with models is always a priority for me!)

I had a rough idea in mind for my “contract renegotiation” project centering around my spectacular Press Gang exclusive “Gorman Di Sea Wolf ” model (thank you Will Hungerford/Diane and all at Privateer Press!) having a less than civilized “discussion” with some five fingers low life types about his contract/pay. With the rough idea in mind I needed to hunt down some reference/inspiration for specific finishes and details. I started with some of my photos of the Fort on Citadel Hill in Halifax Nova Scotia.

I like the grey tones, the oxidation, the greenish cast to some areas – this I figured I could work with! (goes to show that having a file of reference pics can be some handy!)

I also liked this underground bunker picture that I kept from something that came across my facebook. I thought the door could be a good source of inspiration…

So, armed with a collection of parts, some reference pictures, a rough doodle and a vision in my head it was time to start building!! I actually started with the table my “criminal” types would be using for cover. 

I decided it  should be a metal table so that I could add rusting effects to it as well. I included a drawer with a wooden bottom, a brass handle and a “hold out” gun hidden underneath the table  with its barrel just poking through a tiny hole.

I used a brass strip to make the handle and balsa for the bottom of the drawer with plasticard and tubing and to make the rest of the table with a couple of Grandt Line plastic bolt heads for the feet of the table and a rifle from an Idrian with some brass and putty tie downs.

Once the Table was built I took many of the parts I planned to use as well as a few filler pieces from my bits box to do a rough layout on a sheet of plastic – this way I could better visualize my final size and model relationships.

Now that I was warmed up – the real building process was about to begin.

Stay Tuned!


First Pair of Savage Orcs

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Savage Orcs are next on the list to get painted. I bought these when I lived in England many years ago. There was a good second hand shop for miniatures where you could get some really great deals. A lot of my students paltry income was spent there on …

Reach for the Skies?

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Hello people,I’ve recently realised that it’s been quite a while since I racked up any Painting Points. In fact I haven’t  claimed any since early November. I have had brush-time since then I’ve just not posted about it!So, as I’ve just finished u…

Finished Alien Adventurers

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These were the final figures I painted in 2014 – some alien mercenary/adventurer types.

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54mm AWI light troops

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I finished six British light troops this week. Good weather drew me outside to ski and skate so I only spent a few hours in front of the painting table.Nice figures. I think I chose the wrong colour for the top of the plug bayonet (brown or black might…

Faun Woman WIP – Part 1

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Faun Woman WIP – Part 1   The other day I started working on the Faun Woman from Origen Arts that I got a while back. It’s both the first bust and the biggest,…

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Cygnar: Thorn Light Warjack WIP

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This is just a quick post to show a mini I have been painting for my Cygnar army for Warmachine. This is the character light warjack known as Thorn, which is designed to be used with the Victoria Haley warcaster.ThornThis is still a work in progress. I…

Night Goblins finished?

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Finally these sixty models are done. It was quite a slog towards the end but I managed to push through. I have refrained from finishing the bases as I may have to put them on round ones all too soon. Hopefully that doesn’t come to pass, it would just f…

Quick Hint #101

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As a figure painter I like to add various chemicals to my paints to enhance their flow or stop them drying as fast. These are usually added in small quantities and mixed with water. If you look at the various … Continue reading

Batman (painting) Begins! The Arkham Dozen!

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Just as I started to sort out some painting for my Batman minis from Knight Models, a challenge appeared.Drew in the Arkham City Limits Facebook group has started the Arkham Dozen challenge.A way for a group of people to keep each other motivated while…

Gokan, the Guardian Finished Painting

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Gokan, the Guardian Finished Painting   I finished the painting on Gokan, the Guardian earlier today, took about 1 month to get finished and now I just need to get the base done, unfortunately…

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I feel like I could take on…

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This is a bit of a last minute entry this week, after the massive upload of WotR figures earlier, but I couldn’t resist trying to squeeze them in as well.Shadows of Brimstone comes with 6 tentacles in each box and, as I got both boxes, this week I pr…

Hobbyzone Paint Hanger – Short Review

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Hobbyzone Paint Hanger – Short Review   A couple of days ago I got a package from PK-Pro, I haven’t used them before but I’ve only heard good things about them plus they have…

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