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‘nids part 202 – Acid spray and weapon options

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As I’m planning to run a Tyrannofex with Acid Spray at Caledonian I thought it worthwhile finishing up this little conversion. With the Tervigon’s birthing sac glued in place the normal feed cannot reach around it’s gravid womb so I needed to extend t…

A new project!

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As a man in possession of approximately 4 tonnes of unpainted models in his garage, the last thing I need is a new project that adds more stuff to the pile.So, of course, that’s exactly what I’ve got.Last year I, along with the rest of our little gamin…

Painting Cloaks

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As my time seems to be ever in short supply these days I’m having a push at finishing some of those models that I have sitting around part painted (will then have more shelf space to fill with more half … Continue reading

Tutorial & Review: Snow Effect – Citadel texture Valhallan Blizzard

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bought Citadel texture Valhallan Blizzard during Armies on Parade 2016
(on Saturday) and tried it as soon as I got back home. I was very lucky to
have a perfect miniature to show the snow effect – Chaos Space Marines
Cultist of Tzeentch fr…

Warfare Miniatures R11 GNW Russian pikemen at the charge

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R11 Pikemen at the chargeThese chaps are wonderful. With their pistols tucked into the waist belt and looks of determination on their faces I enjoyed painting them very much.They will fit into a firing line and an attacking battalion equally well. Exam…

Angel Giraldez: Masterclass Vol. 2 – Ready for preorder

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Corvus Belli: Imperial Agent Crane Rank
I think I mentioned it in one of my older posts: I got my hands on the Masterclass Volume 1 from Angel Giraldez (a review following soon). If you followed him on Facebook, you could see that he is working on a Volume 2 and since today it is ready for preorder!

For those who don’t know what this book is about, a short teaser video from Covus Belli:

So is this book something for someone who doesn’t play Infinity? Sure!
Is it something for me? It depends. But not on your preference of the game but more on your skill level. Some of the recipes shown in the book are no step-by-step guide (although Angel calls them that) but are more like chaining previously shown techniques together (even if they were only shown briefly).
If Volume 2 continues to be like that (which I think it will, if not directed more to pro-painters) and you are an absolute beginner, then there are better fitting books/tutorials out there. If you want to look at awesomely painted miniatures and need something to improve your basic skills, than you should think about getting it.

This time the limited miniature will also be only available when preordering the book, so think about it until November 14th 😉

What you will get:

Painting miniatures from A to Z, Ángel Giráldez Masterclass Volume 2
Recommended retail price: 45,00 €
Number of pages: 152
Format: A4
Cover: Paperback
Language: English

So long,

Terrain Corner – Display Board

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With my other Terrain articles I’ve been aiming for an end product that has some use when gaming.  So the Trees and Asteroids have a purpose, the piece this time doesn’t really have a purpose in any game and it’s all for show. When your out doing demo’s it’s really nice to have something for the … Continue reading Terrain Corner – Display Board

Blood Angel Terminator Assault Squad

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Well since the Angel’s Blade really only gave me one great thing in the form of the Archangels Orbital Intervention Force, I figured I should paint up some of my Terminators.Here is squad Gideon. The Sergeant is from the game Space Hulk, but the rest a…

Necromunda Repainted: Ratskins and Scum

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I loved the idea of the hired scum in Necromunda. A basic scummer with dual pistols went down very well for me long term with my Orlocks and a pit slave with some nasty weapons also chopped a fair few Van Saar heads off. I always thought the Bounty Hun…

Necromunda Repainted: All varnished up

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Now strange as it might seem in all my years of playing and painting I have NEVER varnished a model! Partly it was because I never really painted any good before so it was not worth it and partly it was because of an element of cowardice in terms of po…

Armies on Parade: Bury St Edmunds

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With today’s excitement about armies on parade I thought I’d join in so took a jaunt along to my local Warhammer store for a gander… The first thing I’d like to say is that this is a great idea to build community and get people excited to finish projects and generally try to up their hobby-skills.  One … Continue reading Armies on Parade: Bury St Edmunds

Swedish Command S11 and S12 – painted after 18 months

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Swedish Command Marching S11Well, yes the models have been available for 18 months and maybe they have not sold as fast as other codes because I never got round to painting them and putting these nice versions in the shop!Senior officer – possibly the …

Bolt Action: Japanese Army painting guide

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By Bryan
Hi guys, welcome to a step-by-step painting tutorial for the Imperial Japanese Army of WW2. This guide and the techniques within are designed to get your Japanese army painted quickly, but also ‘pop’ on the tabletop. The two pronged attack of using a coloured spray primer and Army Painters Quickshade product will mean that you win that battle against your lead pile that all of us time poor hobbyists face.

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GNW Early period Russian musketeer

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nice pose and elegant, slender sculptI like this figure. I like its slender upright look and the detail on it is fantastic. It was a test sculpt and has not gone into production. I have no idea what the demand would be for it nevertheless, I am paintin…

Gobber Tinker Part 3 Final Pics

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So in an interesting twist of fate – I have been invited to be a part of the Putty&Paint online community. An excellent gathering of incredible talent and inspiration – I am honoured to be a part of it! What is more, I have now posted this tin…

Almost Done

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Very quiet day yesterday so I got on with my M3 for my British forces, I had primed it the day before so it was ready to go. The kit was from Rubicon and if you are making it as a British version because you cannot find a decent M5 then you have to lea…

Project: Tzeentch Familiars #2 – Tweak

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The second (after Slop) Familiar of Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch is done. His name is Tweak – a birdlike  denizen of the Silver Tower, who thinks that he is the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. He is also a megalomaniac and makes very evil and devio…

Sunday Colour: Night Lords on Parade

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Hi all!  I’ve been seeing an awful lot of crazily good paint jobs for this Armies on Parade malarkey and figured I’d get in on the act in a slightly worse fashion! So I went back to painting some Night Lords, and also made the mistake of counting how many I still have to do.  55 … Continue reading Sunday Colour: Night Lords on Parade

Project: Tzeentch Familiars #1 – Slop

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The first Familiar of Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch is done. His name is Slop and he is the most annoying denizen of the Silver Tower. He can appear out of nowhere and stinks. His moronic wriggling and high-pitched gibbering can drive anybody…

Job Done

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Home alone tonight and of course I couldn’t help but get on with the latest recruit to my German forces, so just a quick update.I decided to try and put the number decals on the sides where I should have put them before putting on the rocket frame, the…

Team Yankee West German Tips & Tricks #3 – Rolands (TGBX08)

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Roland, Roland, Roland…keeps those Rolands firing…ROLAND!

For those that recognize that terrible riff on the classic Rawhide theme song….you’re old.  Like me  😉

This time we look at the Roland AA (GBX08) kit from Battlefront supporting the West German forces in Team Yankee.  These bad boys are a Brigade level support for all the lists and you can get up to 1 Batterie of up to 6 launchers of these guys. Look out Soviet Airpower!

Battlefront continues to rock on these kits. The kits I have for prepared are pre-release versions. This is another old-school resin hull and turret with metal bits. Lots of detail everywhere. I know these are from newer molds/castings, but that only accounts from the cleanness of the models.  There appears to be more little “grubbins” molded into the resin and metal than I have seen in older resin kits…this is a common theme so far in the West German kits. It makes be very happy for the future releases.


– Very simple build.  Glue the tracks to the hull and the missile launchers and radar to the turret.  When you glue the missile launchers make sure the missile pods hang under the launcher.

– You have an option with the side skirts. You can leave them off as in the cover art (and like I did) or you can put them on.  You have the POWER!!!!!!
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I decided I needed more linear features for my Bolt Action table and had a look around the internet, I settled eventually on Warlord’s box of stone walls, although I have stuck to my guns and bought them from someone else, thus saving a few quid and ke…

GNW Russian – an advanced Guard!

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careful of this chap!We are still working on the production moulds for this set R10 Russian Infantry defending however, I was able to grab some time to paint what I consider to be one of the finest sculpts yet from Clib. superb detail on the back – sho…

A Spot of Armour…

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Why hello there! It’s Tuesday night, so clearly it’s time for six German tanks. That’s convenient, because that’s what I’ve painted.Command StuG!Even though I have no immediate plan to play Flames of War, I decided to finish of the Germans I’ve had sit…

Ah.. Ghar on

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So, I finished my first Ghar Assault squad for Beyond the Gates of Antares.As with the Concord, I wasn’t too keen on the official colour scheme. In the case of the Ghar, it looked good enough but didn’t fit my idea of Ghar technology. The Ghar are a hi…