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Dark Angels – 5th Company Ferron Task Force Deployment

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I now have 760pts of Dark Angels complete and despite the creative problems from the beginning with Dark Angels green I think I’ve managed to create a cohesive force. There’s all sorts going on colour wise but I think overall they’ve managed to at leas…

After all of that….Burning cows?

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No, we’re not having a BBQ to celebrate the successful end of our Kickstarter.  And what a Kickstarter, huh? May I take a moment to say thank you to those that took part and unlocked all of the amazing pieces we have gotten.  It’s going to be an epic game – roll on next summer! […]

Epic Space Marine – Miscellany

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Just a few odds and ends from my Epic Space Marine collection.Read more »

Gruntz 15mm: D.E.A.T.H. Teams cyborg army

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Ok so I managed to finish off the middle sized cyborgs for the army. They are the Synod’s highly skilled shock troops and commandos. They drop from orbit using a combo grav pack/ shield generator which is used up during the jump. The empty packs are b…

Khorne Berzerkers: Paint in Progress #2

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Progress continues on the children of the Blood God. At this stage I need to pick out the black parts, get the bare head base coated, pick out some details, do some cleanup and then get to shading and highlighting. That sounds like a lot more written o…

Quick Hint #84

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One of the most useful (and cheap) tools that and modeller or painter can have in their box of tricks is a pack of toothpicks. These great little pieces of wood can be used for all manner of things, here … Continue reading →

Dark Angels – Devastator Squad – TO DONE!

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Well that was a surprise, to finish these ahead of the new hobby season, still I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Of course the reason this happened is because I can’t really get on with anything else but it’s a win nontheless.Funnily enough I act…

Basing Saga Arabs for Cross & Crescent

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I’ve posted a video showing how I used wood stain and builders sand to create a pretty decent looking basing system for my Saga figures – its online now and can be seen on Youtube or also on the blogger part of my site.The video also has some photos of…

Scratch Built Devil Dog Painted

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This entry is part 8 of 10 in the series Scratch Building TanksHello all, I have finished painting my Rebel Grots Devil Dog.  This is the same tank I used for my tutorial series on scratch building tanks so you can see it from start to finish by readi…

Blowing up the House

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Hello people,Something of busy week elsewhere has meant that not a lot of hobby-love has come my way with only a couple of games of Boss Monster to keep me going (cue smallest violin in the world).I have however previously finished off a scenery projec…

Khorne Berzerkers (PIP #1)

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My lists lately have encorporatd my Khorne Berzerkers so I wanted to get the unit painted. This is yet another unit I began painting a long time ago and stopped. When you could no longer assault out of a Rhino I put these guys on the shelf for a while….

Finnish BA-10s

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Hey Guys I finished painting up some whitewashed Finnish BA-10s last night.  These guys will feature in my MW and LW Finnish lists. The painting process was relatively simple with these. (for ease all colours referenced below are Vallejo Model Colour) Step 1- Basecoat of Russian Green Step 2 – Wash of black ink Step […]

Dark Angels – Devastator squad marking

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Day 1 of the loft conversion [last Thursday] brings with it all the scaffolding and having taken the day off to be ‘on site’ I do get to spend the rest of the day painting. I don’t think I’ll be able to justify that every day I’m home but it’s nice to …

All Quiet on the Martian Front…but not for long!

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I have finished painting all the minis in the AQotMF starter set! Yay! The Tripods came out pretty nice. I just need to hit them with the semi-gloss. As you can see , the Tripods can switch weapons, so I can equip the Black Dust launcher and the Green Gas grenades to flush the pesky […]

Terrain is everything – Hail the Omnissiah a new Print & Play building

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It’s been a good few months since my last ‘Print & Play’ terrain template and as the loft conversion is beginning my hobby and blogging exploits will take a back seat. Therefore, to tide you over I thought I’d release a new building skin. This tim…

Finishing up a few items

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I finished up the basing on my Engineering elements for Chain of Command with my Early War Germans. I have a Medic, a minesweeper team and a wire demolition team. I did not have enough for a demolition team. I also had two spare Russians that I just…

Dark Angels – Land’s Speeder Typhoon Pattern

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I mentioned how I was struggling to paint my Ravenwingand thought I’d shared the pics of why but can’t seem to find them so forgive me if this is a repost. As you can see the highlights are by no means neat, or subtle. As I’ve maintained ‘nids by their…

East of Scotland Model Show

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On Saturday I took a trip down to Dundee to visit the East of Scotland Model Show. This was a gathering of various model building clubs. Although I don’t build plastic kits very often now, I used to build a lot when I was young and I like to support an…

Legion of Ever Present Glory, part 17

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El Grego

The slightly cooler temps of late have seen me return to the painting table, if briefly:

These are the archers from the First Legion of Ever Present Glory.  After a base coat of Ceramcoat Ocean Reef Blue, they received a heavy wash of dilute Ceram…

Finished Kroot

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I've just finished the latest group of science fiction figures. The Kroot enter the fray…Read more »

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Havocs (PIP #2)

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I was really hoping to already have these guys done, my Chaos Havocs, but it wasn’t in the cards. However, they are very close and I’m working on the basing now. Once the basing is done I’ll check them over to make sure I didn’t…

Week Ending 17 August 2014 – 1 task down

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My next task from my projects list was to complete an ADF fireteam and Bushmaster vehicle in 6mm. Figures are from GHQ and vehicle from Heroics and Ros.Here it is. I scrapped the idea of converting a riflement to a machine gunner in each fireteam as in…

Painting British armour

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Hi All   I’ve recently completed painting a platoon of British Stuarts and Sherman objective marker.  Below is a run through of how i’ve painted my British armour. To start with I applied a basecoat of VMC russian uniform using my airbrush (for more details read here   I then applied a black was thinned […]

GenCon Rerun! – Tutorials!

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We have over 1200 articles published, and it is very hard to pick just a few favorites.  But, you guys know I love a good tutorial!  So, while I am running around at GenCon, take a look back at some our best!Painting and Modeling Tidbits&nbsp…

Dark Angels – Watcher in the Dark – TO DONE!

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Aah, this wee little fella got done. Not sure why I was so keen to get him finished, he’s little to nothing in my army but I guess it just feels good to complete something.I went a little OTT on the yellow weed, just a tad more than I should have done …