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Visions of Confluence

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Last year I dove headlong into making terrain for Malifaux. As I’ve mentioned before, terrain is my favorite part of the hobby, so brining my vision of Malifaux to life has been great fun so far. While I’ve posted pictures here and there as I’ve completed pieces and  set up tables, I’ve not had the chance to talk about the design of what I’m working on or to share any tutorials. Over the next several blog posts, I hope to change that.
In fact, this is the first of several posts that will be much more than pictures of the terrain I’m working on. They will also be a chronicle of the world I’ve envisioned in which the terrain is placed. In this way, I hope to craft this blog into a record of all aspects of my hobby work with Malifaux, from terrain and painting all the way to playing and running campaigns.
But to start, I want to talk a bit about inspiration. When I started the terrain project, I spent hours looking through old photos on-line and documentaries to find the direction in which I wanted to head. My goal was to make the boards feel like real places. The pictures included here are those I kept as reference. I had visions of port cities, railway stations, mining camps and downtown blocks and quickly I decided I needed to focus on a single concept. I chose to create the mining town Confluence. This week’s post will conclude with an introduction to the town and one of its more colorful residents.

“Augustine Gale was dead. According to the Marshal, who admitted having no skill in medicine, the body had lain for hours, a twisted smile breaking over its cold face. The corpse was covered in blood and its pockets were filled with what must have been a dozen Soulstones, humming and gently glowing in the darkening evening. Normally unconcerned with something as routine as a suspicious death, the Marshal had been called in when the milky opalescent stones were discovered. As he collected them, he noted not a single wound on the old man’s body. Whether the blood was Augustine’s, the Marshal was not sure. Nor was he sure what was meant by the words on the floor beside the dead man’s head. He pocketed the Soulstones and scribbled in his notebook the strange words scrawled in blood ‘THE FLESH’.
“West of the Black Swamp, the town of Confluence hides in the thick forest along Silent Creek. It is believed there were once three rivers flanking the small town, but today there remain little more than dry creek beds meandering through the woods. The town was originally established after the opening of the first Breach, carved from the woods not in search of Soulstone, but a large gold vein deposited along the riverbeds. When the Breach re-opened, Confluence, like most settlements, was rediscovered, emptied of its inhabitants and silently waiting. Among those to resettle was Augustine Gale, an enterprising mine operator from Earthside who had tried to make a name for himself in Soulstones, but had been squeezed out by the iron fist of the Guild’s regulation. In Confluence, Augustine believed he had found a way to make money, a lot of money, without the Guild’s constant oversight. Now he was dead, the ambition little more than a drying glint in his gleeful, dead eyes.
“News of Augustine’s death has spread quickly over the frontier. Even more quickly have spread the stories of the Soulstones he possessed. Never before have Soulstones been mined out of Silent Creek, but Augustine’s death may be a sign that a vein has been discovered. Whispers in the mining camps have grown as brave men and women gather supplies and sneak into the west, eager to set up their own claim where Augustine met his fate. Surely it won’t be long before the powers of Malifaux turn their eyes towards the quiet streets of Confluence as well…”

In the coming weeks, we’ll take a closer look at the story of Confluence, as well as the Shifting Loyalties campaign I ran in my local group. And of course, there will be more painting and more terrain. As always, any thoughts are welcome. Thanks for the visit!

More to Come.


How to: Realistic Broken Pavement By Dragomir

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An amazing tutorial from one of my favorite painters (and a great friend) Dragomir Milanovic!

I’ve had a few requests on how I did the concrete on the PT Sturmgacruiser Fallout base. Hopefully I can fully explain it here.

I used dental plaster for the base. This is much harder than regular Plaster of Paris. Regular plaster has a hardness of about 3000 psi, dental plaster is 8000psi so you can be fairly rough with it, I’ll explain later. You can use regular plaster but you have to be a lot more delicate in your work.

Mix the plaster with sand and grit, just think of the scale and avoid larger particles which would be rocks in real like. I added pigment powder to the mix. Since this plaster is cream coloured ( beige ) The pigment used was called Industrial Dust (MIG Powders). You have a dry mixture ready to add water.

Next, you will need to make a mould. You can glue plastic strips to a sheet of styrene. You have to remember that the surface you will work on is on the bottom of the mould so you have to build the mould in reverse. The mould about 1/4 inch deep which makes a bit difficult to pull it out with out cracking but in this case it’s ok. If you want a more solid concrete pad with less cracks just make it thicker.

The trick used here to keep the plaster pad from falling apart is to cut strips of drywall mesh tape and embed it into the plaster when pouring. Mix the plaster to a thick creme consistency and pour about half of the mould and embed the stripes of drywall mesh, any nylon mesh will do but drywall mesh if exposed will look like the steel rebar reinforcement which you can see in the above  photo. Pour the rest of the mould and shake and vibrate the mould to get rid of air bubbles. Place the mould on a level surface and take a straight edge, level the plaster to the top of the mould sides and remove excess plaster. Make sure the mesh doesn’t touch the bottom or it will be visible when you remove the plaster when viewing the working surface (Bottom surface of the mould).

When dry, remove the plaster base from the mould and have the bottom surface face up, this is your working surface. It should be smooth but it’s too smooth now. Place the pad on a surface with some give ( rubber surface ) and start pressing the plaster to form crack patterns. Once happy with the cracks, I mentioned that you will be rough with the plaster, well… will need a wire brush, the ones welders use to scrape metal. They can be found at any Hardware store, and a small wire brush which can be found at most Dollar stores in a set. Start brushing the surface in small circular motion. Mix the areas used between the two brushes to give a random patterns. This will roughen up the surface and also expose the grit particles you embedded. You can add water when brushing, this changes the effect the brush is doing because you are making the plaster a tough softer. You can also hammer the surface with the brush to make pock marks and divots. You can see the scratches in the picture .

Once you finished brushing the surface and happy with the effect, you are on to the next violent phase. You will need a small hobby hammer. Yes….. a hammer. That’s why I use dental plaster. 😉

If you want old large open crack, start tapping ( Whacking ) along the crack. This will start to shatter the edges and will open up and become wider the more you hammer. It’s up to you how far you go. Vary the widths of the cracks, from no tapping to a much as you want. Just keep it looking natural and random.

Once happy, you can apply sand and scale aggregate to some of the large open cracks and use Future as a glue and let dry. I didn’t want to use glue because if you have glue residue or smears it will show when you seal the plaster. Seal the plaster with Future Floor wax, either brush it on or airbrush, there is no real difference. Let the Future dry completely.

Above the base has been assembled and basecoated. The lettering has been stenciled but not before coarse salt was added to the area. this way once the yellow paint dried it would be chipped and abraded away in a natural looking way by the removal of the salt mask as below.

 You can do an oil paint wash at this point. You can either apply it just to the cracks or as I did, over the whole surface. Wait till the wash goes from a wet look to a matte finish, about 30-45 minutes and take cotton swabs and start removing the dried wash from the large surface but leave it on near the cracks and in the cracks. That’s how you will get some tonal changes and give the concrete an old earthy tone. Colour is up your preference. If you remove too much, reapply the wash, let dry and do the clean up again till you are happy. Let it dry at least a day and seal it with matte varnish. This should be applied with an airbrush or spray can, I found that brushing can lift the oil pigment and you will end up losing the effects and streak the oil pigments.

Now it is just in need of some natural groundwork, vegetation, details and debris!
(JAMES RECCOMENDS: Check out the documentary Life After People if you want some cool inspiration!)

Birch seeds make excellent leaf litter and there are many types of static grass in both prepared clumps and loose formats. 

James would like to add that there is also the sweet new leaf punch system available from Green Stuff World – I don’t have these yet but REALLY want them so that I can punch real looking leaves out of actual leaves!

Hope this was helpful.
Feel free to ask any questions!

Also to see more of Dragomir’s work check the tags on the side of the blog page you will see one that links to several postings I have made about his projects :)

Cya Soon!
 James “TKKultist” Craig


Battlelore standards

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Jess and I spared over a game of Epic Battlelore last night as I finally finished up most of the major.Jessica handily beat me (I could not roll worth a damn) but it was nice to play and see my boys out on the table. I think I used the first Epic scena…

SCW Republicans, part 3

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The Spanish Civil War is occupying some time here on my painting table:

More slow progress on my Republicans – working on skin and webbing.  Next will be weapons and helmets.

I am surprised at how easy these 1/72 figures are to paint, although th…

An Update at Last!

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I have not, in fact, died!I’m aware that it’s been quite a while since I posted anything. In my defence, that’s just because I haven’t painted anything for quite a while.Wait, that doesn’t sound so good.Well, anyway. I’ve had a lot of “real life” stuff…

Russian Big Wigs of the GNW #2 The General

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This vignette feature three figures. The hat waving general from WLOA48 a senior officer from WLOA54 and a Russian musketeer from R01.I use some interesting pieces of dead wood to create the fallen tree effect. You may also notice the two cannon balls …

2nd 15mm Naps Prototype Paint

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Just finished my 2nd sample 15mm figure.This time it is an AB Saxon Fusilier. I chose the von Anton regiment and its also the 1st figure painted with my new 2x reading glasses. It helps focus my brush pointer on the work at hand and actually relaxes my…

And now for something completely different ..

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After quite some time painting and assembling aircraft and AFV’s it was time for something completely different. A wee while agi I found a cute Matchbox aircraft that I thought would make an ideal flyer for a HotT Orc army.It was a good plan, but with …

The more things change, the more they stay the same

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Back in 2015… Approximately a year ago, I was driving through West Virginia, when I chanced upon a diner with an old fashioned look to it. In my experience, that’s the kind of place to visit when you are on … Continue reading

Battle Wear- Part 1

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Well it’s been a while since I’ve painted a vehicle of any sort but I’ve got this Bauhaus Grizzly tank from Warzone Resurrection sitting on my shelf waiting for some paint so I thought I’d show a few techniques I … Continue reading

Bolt Action – US Infantry Painting Guide

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By Bryan

Hi guys, welcome to another step-by-step WW2 painting guide. This time for US infantry. I know these miniatures look a little off… They are in fact my Free French which were equipped by the Americans, so apart from some head gear they are exactly the same. This guide presents a method which is designed to get your US army painted quickly with the minimum amount of steps but the maximum ‘punch’ in the depth of the shading. Key to this is the use of Army Painters Quickshade ‘dip’. Read on and I’ll show you how to get the above result in 6 steps.

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Guardsmen A Plenty – Quick Hobby Update

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Just quickly, first, I’m on Instagram! Guardsmen go follow me, the Emperor commands you to! :-) This is just a quick post to log my recent progress in painting, which for me, has been significant! Even though its really not that much. Guardsmen Form Up! I’ve been getting back into the swing of things recently and completed 31 Guardsmen! These guys have been on the production line for some time now so it feels great to finally complete them, put them in a case and leave them be. I’ve moved onto a Chimera now which I started with my Airbrush last […]

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Recent Project: Blood Angels

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I’ve been working on my 30k Blood Angels for an upcoming event. Here are some Work in Progress shots.

Last of the goblins

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I finished off the goblins from the various Battlelore expansions I have. These included a bunch of hyena-riders (I think–or maybe dogs?).There were six models which makes them about the perfect size for a mounted unit in Dragon Rampant.There were als…

Derry’s walls part 8 -tragedy,triumph and the use of interior lighting

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Well, with one serious piece of real estate to complete I ran into the long grass. I have been keeping my options open all the way through this project but with the last building I had several make or break decisions to take. These included whether to …

The Workbench This Weekend, 7 May 2016

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My girlfriend is out of town with friends so I’ve had a bachelor/wargamer weekend and gotten a lot done on my Infinity figures. The planters are foamed PVC sheet and mat board offcuts, and the trees are from Games Workshop — at one point they produced a rather nice set of modular plastic “tropical trees” … Continue reading The Workbench This Weekend, 7 May 2016

Busy Bee

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What am I like, a veritable machine, PO this morning and completing an Eastern Front map, lunch, build Cromwell tank, prime said tank, clean house, iron clothes, do another map, build and prime Humber armoured car which had just arrived, put wash on, a…

Adeptus Mechanicus – Techpriest Samdai

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I recently finished this mini for a Rogue Trader game at KnaveCon 7. Myself and some pals have been running a Rogue Trader roleplaying campaign over Facebook for several months, and the climax of chapter one became the game on the day. It was very cine…

Frostgrave – Deadite Warband #6

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I’ve not been on the blogosphere too much lately, but now I’m back with a finished Frostgrave warband. My deadites are done and have seen battle in several games already. I’ll be posting on the huge Frostgrave day we had at KnaveCon 7 soon. The warband…

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities : King James II

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I have a bit of a soft spot for old Seamus of the Dung. I think over the years he has suffered from some smearing (pun intended). Perhaps it was a mid life crisis. Perhaps it was the pig headed stubbornness of the Stuarts. Whatever it was all his good …

No MOAR tears! A public information message

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You are welcome, should you feel the need blue tack affixed to the spill pot [or is it a moat, or a bund, or a berm?] will help guarantee you can knock neither over. Belt and braces!

Trials and Tribulations

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Hello people,I’ve got rather out of the habit here. I shall make amends, to myself at the very least. You have been warned :)Yesterday was the X-Wing Regional up at Milton Keynes run by the eve excellent Gaurdians of Tyr. As previously mentioned this o…

On the painting table

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So now that the Orc fleet is finished I have added some new models to the painting table. I have two new Orc vessels to paint, an Uncharted Seas giant, an Iron Dwarf Bellows airship as well as two units of Skorne infantry (Cetrati and Praetorian Swordsmen) that I am working on assembling. To that […]

Dark Angels – Ravenwing update

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Painting the feathers on the Ravenwing should not be my priority. I seem to be saying that a lot actually. The bikes themselves are but the wings should really be done after I’ve finished the metals and the black because I’m clearly going to screw it u…

Wallet Takes a Hit

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I am forging ahead getting things ready for Tuesday night, I received my little extras from Colin at Charlie Foxtrot Models so I managed to roof my last building along with completing the little outbuildings which I hope will enhance my wargaming experience. I swapped the roofs which came with the models for some corrugated tin from 4Ground, this stuff is great and looks even better with a rust wash, I think you will agree.

Shed, log store and WC’s.

Out building and those telegraph poles along with the extras.

That is it for my buildings at the moment, I do want to eventually get the beautiful school building from Colin and maybe get enough others to put a ‘street’ together but that is for the future. I want to concentrate on finishing off my British and German forces now, the plan being to get up to around 1000 – 1500 points for both. I now have the basic starting force for both sides, a platoon of three squads along with HMG, mortar, sniper and anti-tank support, I had forgotten the spotters for the mortars but have painted them up this morning, I also have a choice of recce vehicles for both sides although I am still waiting for the British armoured car from Blitzkrieg.

I now have to turn my attention to all the lovely vehicles I can get before beefing my infantry squads up to ten men and maybe adding one more. I am going to give my troops the choice of transport vehicles so that means mainly trucks with maybe one halftrack for each, M5 or M3 or SdKfz 251/1, now this sounds easy but the price of these things is frankly expensive. The cheapest truck I could find was £18, I eventually went with two at £21 because along with a couple of other things this got me free postage, £42 for two bog standard trucks!

Nearly all the motorised stuff comes in at these prices, even the tiny jeep is £15 on average. OK you don’t have to get all this for Bolt Action but being a wargamer you pretty much will want it to complete your forces. I am looking at up to three jeeps, three trucks/halftracks, an anti-tank gun and tow and a choice of tanks/SP guns or AA vehicles or maybe an SP howitzer or tank killer, and all this for both sides. Four hundred of your English quids at least. This suddenly looks like a long term project, birthdays, Father’s days and Christmas’ are now all sorted.

On the bright side I have the beginnings of two decent forces already and they can only be improved upon as time passes.