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Completed Necromunda Arbite Enforcer Gang

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SO I finished my Necromunda Arbites/Enforcers a day early! Woo Hoo! That means I started working on my Contemptor dread tonight, hope to have done by Thursday (Wednesday if I can keep the ground gained by getting ahead!).These guys were a blast to buil…

Bolt Action – Indiana Jones Objective marker set

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By Bryan

Normally you create objective markers for your army…but in this case, I had an idea for a set of objective markers I wanted to do so badly that I made an army to go with them! A couple of weeks ago I took you through my initial 1000pts of Afrika Korp, now I will show you the Indiana Jones themed objective markers for the army, and how you can go about doing this yourself.

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Boromir’s Struggle – Part 4 – NEW Metallics, Shield, Hair & Leather

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With the biggest scariest steps out of the way, my first bust (Knight Models Boromir) was really coming together – but there was still a great deal to do.

 I have long been an advocate for aiming to use different surface finishes and contrast of luster across a model (inspired by David Rodriquez and his slayer sword winning tyranids way back in 2007!) and while I was pleased with the effects and surfaces so far, I thought it was time to really push this with my metallic areas. I had actually acquired a new range of metallic paint for this project because I saw a sample of one golden tone that I felt filled a gap in the ones I already owned, and if you are going to order one paint, well it would be churlish not to try a couple more at the same time – helps make the shipping seem more reasonable right? ;P

Am I ever glad I did.

Dark Star Metals makes some of the most beautiful metallic paints I have ever worked with. They have exquisite colours – great coverage, superior lustre and they intermix like magic. When finished I gave them a quick polish with a soft cloth and wow do they shine like genuine metal. Just. So. Good. Find them on Facebook as Dark Star Miniatures or on their website.

 I used several of the paints and mixed them together in varying amounts. The results were these:

I also began to clean up the leather strap and painted it in a flat black (AMMO of Mig Jimenez   A.MIG-0033 Rubber and Tires) Mixed with a drop of P3 Coal Black. I then highlighted this in a textural way with additional coal black and some small amounts of ScaleColor Nacar (a warm grey/brown tone) working to make it look like a real worn/well used leather finish – again inspired by something that Fernando Ruiz of FER miniatures showed me last spring :) (Thanks Fernando!).
In between drying times I also started into the shield. I was inspired to try something though I’m not 100% sure why – perhaps I was just feeling brave seeing as how well everything else had gone and that it was just the shield – more easily stripped if it all went very poorly! I took three of my Scale 75 Scalecolour paints and began to layer them in random patterns with sponges and stippling with old brushes. The resulting pattern was an incredible texture and provided a beautiful warm base over which I glazed several filters of SC54 Navy Blue and a touch of P3 Coal Black. The result was very pleasing to me and I have received more compliments on how cool that part looks than maybe any other lol!
With the metal and leather taken care of and the shield in progress, I began to work in earnest on the hair and small details like the ropes – as well as fine tuning the colours in the face. On a sunny day I sat it on the rail of my deck and shot these pics.  
While it can be seen in the first one above, I think the one of the back does the best job of illustrating the break between the two sides of this bust and the transition of warm and cool tone.
I am really pleased that it is genuinely present in the figure – especially the face – without overwhelming the model and making it look like a strange OSL glow. I knew going into this piece that it could be a potentially confusing and polarizing choice for viewers, but I am still very pleased.
With a bit more cleanup and some painting of the fur trim around the bottom this paintjob could be called done…… But a great bust is not presented as paintjob alone. It requires something special to bring it head and shoulders above the competition (pun intended!). Boromir was going to require a great base – and I cant think of ANYONE who makes finer display bases than Wayne  Rogers of Waynes Bases.  In this case I had bought one from him several years ago not even sure as to what I would put on it – but it was so absolutely incredible I couldn’t resist!
Ebony in the center with a laser engraved golden oak replica of the one ring surrounding it. This base was a work of art in and of itself. Here was a plinth that would add to the story element, the beauty and not just compliment but enhance the craftsmanship element of this presentation.
Thank you Wayne. You are the absolute pinnacle.
NEXT WEEK – The project completed with a GALLERY OF FINISHED PICTURES!!!!!

James K. Craig AKA TKKultist 

Dwarf pikemen

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To mix things up some, I pulled out some of the Battlelore dwarves to paint. These were from the Scottish Wars expansion, I think, and are pike men.Nice enough sculpts, although the demands of casting a robust plastic figure seems to mean the dwarf pik…

Custom Captain Karlaen- Converted Blood Angel Terminator Captain

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So I finished my 1HourANight (check out that facebook group! Well worth it) January commitment. I had to get the terminators I shared last week done and a Captain. Well here is the Captain!So I just don’t like the Karlaen model that much and I had plan…

Paint your wagon.. WLOA944.. lovely job!

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beautiful effect with the wood grainI wanted to share this fantastic version of WLOA944 painted by Nick Armiger in New Zealand. He has used the Foundry triad combinations to get an amazing effect on the piece.great contrast between wood and canvasNick …

More medium foot (sigh)

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I turned my attention back to the pile of medium foot in the Battlelore set. These are boring as hell to paint and there are a lot of them!I production-lined these with varying pant and shirt colours but overall similar looks. The result is okay.Again,…

Lilith, Yes I’m Restarting Her Yet Again

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Restarting my painting on the lovely Lilith miniature by Nocturna.

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Dragon’s Fury Aka Bruce Lee.

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I am sure you all may have thought that since my Minion I have not touched a brush. The truth is I have and but time of the year and also other reasons I thought I would delay the Wips and bring it all to you after the holidays and other…

Guild Ball: Butchers progress

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Just some painting progress, at the time of writing I’ve got 3 nights of painting left to get these guys done for Saturday’s tournament. Currently I have Ox, Princess, Boar, Brisket completed. Shank and Boiler are practically there too but they have a few last touch ups to be made. The more pressing issue is […]

Battlelore: First of the mounted

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I finished off the first of the mounted units for Battlelore. I picked three different poses and did a unit of each for a total of nine figures.These fellows with the long swords are from the Code of Chivalry expansion (I think). Overall, these are pro…

Frostgrave – Deadite Warband #2

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Here we have Deadite number two, Drugo Deadeye, who will serve in the warband with his enormous crossbow. He’s a Bob Olley sculpt. I’m using as many Olley undead as possible, as they work particularly well for Deadites I think. Look at the picture from…

Bloodbowl Ogre

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My random painting continues apace. This time I pulled out an Ogre from the depths of my lead pile. I recently brough two of my Bloodbowl teams to Germany as some mention of a league at the local club had been made. My humans are painted but I always l…

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Piers Butler, Lord Galmoy

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Piers Butler, Lord Galmoy was a character who polarized opinion. He is vilified in Protestant histories of the conflict as a brutal, duplicitous and arrogant man will little time for the niceties of war.
Hero or Villain? Piers Butler

He was feared and respected as a dashing if bloody cavalry commander and his regiment of Horse were hated by the enemy.

His equipment is commensurate with his status

In certain accounts aspects of his conduct have been highlighted including the hanging and beheading of prisoners after he went back on a prisoner exchange deal. How much myth and post war propaganda have been built around him is unclear.

Butler lived to the ripe old age of  83 having served long and hard as a cavalry general in the French Army. He was much respected and admired so I suspect some of his legacy reputation in Ireland at least is propaganda.

Where is my Regiment?

I have chosen a haughty and intimidating model to represent the formidable peer. It is the officer figure from WLOA50 and placed on a standing horse he seems to carry considerable authority.

I chose a rich purple for his horse furniture and he has turned out to be one of the more extravagant looking personalities in the set.

The Workbench This Week, 23 Jan 2016

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My Impudent Mortal order arrived last week, and I’ve assembled the new paint rack already. It’s an exact duplicate of the one I bought back in 2014 and should help keep the rest of my workbench relatively uncluttered, at least of paint, figures, and small projects that can go up onto the shelves of the … Continue reading The Workbench This Week, 23 Jan 2016

Battlelore: Last of the bow

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Okay, so aging in-laws sidetracked my plans this week. But I did manage to complete the last four units of bowmen among the Battlelore troops I have been painting. I decided to paint these as units with reasonably uniform duds.Up next: Gaming-wise, it …

Ireland book Vol 1 : Personalities: Captain Adam Murray

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Adam Murray – commander of Derry’s HorseAdam Murray is a character whose role in the Irish campaigns starts and finishes more or less with the Siege of Derry.He was a Presbyterian of Scots descent and lived near to the city. He provide to be a bold sol…

Railroad Terrain

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Railroad terrain looks great on a Warmachine or Malifaux board and despite the fact I don’t play those games offline anymore I still want to get these pieces painted up. These railway pieces have been lying around in my cabinet for a long time and so …

Fear and Loathing in Nottingham

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It’s mid-October when a Gmail notification pops up on my white Galaxy s5 notifying the top eight members of the Northeast Warhammer players, congratulating us on qualifying for the annual Master’s tournament in the one and only sin city, Las…

Battlelore light and heavy foot

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A cold a snowy weekend gave me some time to make progress on my Battlelore painting project. Today I finished off the light foot as well as some of the heavies.There were 16 light foot so I painted them in a batch.The Little Big Man shield decals reall…

Finished Giant

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Before Throne of skulls I attempted I paint my giant and in the photos I showed that my giant was a W.I.P. But I did manage to finish painting the big ol’ bugger and though I would share it with you all as i’m quite happy with out it came out, not Gold…

Boromir’s Struggle Part 3 – Damask & Filters AKA the Scary Part.

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Today we will continue with the log for painting my first ever Bust/large scale model – the awesome sculpt of Boromir by Knight Models.

SO this is more or less where we left off –

1. Colours blocked in with the airbrush

2. Preshading on the cloak, hair and face and face.

3. Skin tones made of brownsand, black red, pale flesh and a touch of ivory

4. Bluish tones added to skin tones on left side of face, hair and into left side of cloak.

5. Unmasked it as we are finished with the airbrush for now…

So what is next, and why do I refer to it as the scary part? Well that is because If I screwed up on the next segment I would have to strip the whole model and start again. Yep. All or nothing – and it wasn’t going to be easy! But man, was it exciting :)

So I took a picture of Boromir and used the computer to recreate it in black and white with full transparency – this way I could lay it over a variety of patterns and get a rough idea of what each would look like and what scale I wanted to paint it at! I tried a LOT of different patterns before deciding on one. That being said, I honestly believe it was worth the effort and planning.

So with a rough plan and a pattern to work with I grabbed my newest paintbrush obsession – a 3/0 by Broken Toad (SO GOOD and HALF the price of Series 7 – Full review Soon!), my Vallejo White grey and with a combination of flow aid and unicorn tears started to paint this pattern. I would love to tell you there is some sort of trick or super slick technique to doing this…. but there isn’t. This was good old fashioned time, sweat and swearing until it all came together! I kept it as clean as I could and really used the beautiful line control that the Broken toad brush allows for to lay it in. I did it in 2-3 layers so that I could sketch it super translucent first – removing and mistakes before the paint had time to bite in and then set it with a hairdryer as soon as I had a section I was pleased with. then I re-layered to give greater opacity and smoothness. eventually I worked all the way around the figure.

 This was good – the pattern looked great…… But now was the point where I had to hold my breath and hope for the best! I knew it was coming. I knew that I wanted to do this, BUT (like pretty much everything else in this project thus far) I was about to step into territory that I had not actually tried before. I was trusting in my skill and understanding of my techniques and tools to carry my through.
The next step was to paint completely over the top of all the damask, the shading, the transitions that I had created in that cloak. I was going to cover ALL of it with a burgundy filter.. When I did so I had to count on my contrasts and transitions to be strong enough, my filter to be translucent enough and my brushwork to be clean enough because once layered there was no going back. All in.

I used P3 Sanguine base, Model Air Maroon and some black red with a tiny bit of Badger Ghost tint blue in the left hand shadows….. And by golly it worked ;)
The pattern held, the shadows held, the transitions held. It was beautiful and I was so relieved.
Next up leather, new metallics, the shield, hair…. all the things!
James K. Craig AKA TKKultist

Bolt Action – Afrika Korp platoon

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By Bryan
Hey guys, welcome to North Africa! I’ll be taking you through my latest platoon for Bolt Action. Rommel’s much vaunted veterans, the Afrika Korp. What you see is the initial 1000pts or so, a kind of minimum standard size for games. I began painting this army in November with the intention of taking it to Australia’s largest Bolt Action event, Cancon, in late January 2016. I’ve managed to avoid painting in the hotel room the night before the event so I am happy. This was mainly due to my method of painting the infantry.

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Custom Blood Angels Assault Terrminators! Completed for the 500TH SEPULCHRE POST!!!!

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So this post is my 500th post on Sepulchre of Heroes. I thought long and hard about what to deliver (to the point I have delayed posts over a week), but in the end I settled on just sharing beautiful models with you all!!! These guys will be going to A…

Celestial Vindicators Liberators

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There is nothing as good as a bunch of finished miniatures. I am pretty happy with how these Stormcast came out and I think the colour scheme of the Celestial Vindicators was a good choice to base mine upon. I think the more muted tones suit the models…