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Age of Sigmar – Khorne Bloodbound – whole army

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Blood for the Blood God – welcome on my blog after a long break. I noticed that my folder with pictures of painted minis is way too big. It`s time for changes. I have a plan to write minimum two posts per week ;] So what`s the main theme today? I decided to show you one[…]

Gremlins Strike Again

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Once more my main PC is away getting fixed, it worked for ten minutes with the guy up the road, then it didn’t once I got it back, it was returned to him only for him to bring it back and mumble something about the graphic card. I ordered up a new graphic card and it arrived the next day. Taking the stairs two at a time I ran up and took the offending card out, it took a while as the power lead points were designed to keep the cables locked in until the Zombie Apocalypse, brute force won in the end. Two hours later the machine was still kaput, at times the monitors came up and then died, I phoned Scan up and oh so matter of factly they said the graphics card might be duff, now I paid £250 for that card and it was as nothing to them, it’s a lot of money to lay out for something which they cannot guarantee will work first time. It might not be a big deal for them but it’s a big deal for me.

The upshot was that still being under warranty it has gone back, it might not have been the graphic card after all, perhaps it is the motherboard, if they tell me it is fine and it comes back and doesn’t work because my study is bang in the middle of a wormhole or whatever I am getting a new one, my nerves can’t take it and I need to work upstairs as well as downstairs. The fallout is that the missus will get a week off until the PC comes back, because there is no need for two people in the PO and although we have worked together for almost a decade I can’t draw maps with her six feet away, it also annoys her when people come in and say ‘hello George’ while ignoring that she is behind the counter.

Anyway up earlyish this morning and hoping that one of the pub managers comes up with some cash otherwise we will be out of money around lunchtime on Monday, he should bring enough to get us through to Tuesday when our cash is delivered, fingers crossed. This is how the modern, slimline, efficient PO works.

Anyway to get down to important matters, I gave my Huns a gloss coat this morning having completed all the horse furniture last night and sorted out the next unit for the tray, 32 Goth Nobles on foot, sounds like a lot but they are mainly covered in armour so it is no big deal, although I have run out of transfers so will order more up this morning, I am still tempted to get one more Roman unit. I have decided to have a commanders tent guarded by a couple of sentries for my rally point, I will have some shields and weapons scattered about and maybe a standing horse if I can find one suitable.

The rush map job is finished, a wee bit of touching up this morning and then I will have to move on to the lesser important one, I should have trench foot by the end of the month.

Links of Interest, 24 Feb 2017

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Last time I mentioned a couple of YouTube painters that had good series of to-the-point, well-edited painting videos. Victor Ques is another I should mention; his ongoing “Weekly Painting Tips” series just hit episode 100 and has lots of good content. For his 100th episode he did a really nice 15 minute video talking about … Continue reading Links of Interest, 24 Feb 2017

Toggy’s Cossacks – a splash of colour

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Nothing quite like polish on the Polish! – Toggy’s winter work.A splash of colour in a dull world, no. I am not talking about Toggy Bob I am talking about his lovely unit of Cossacks!.. although, Toggy has his moments!In an effort to persuade him to sp…

Chibi submitted

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Hi All,Made it in to Imperial Outpost today and submitted my figure in the Intermediate division.Of course I had not one, but two dead camera batteries so these cellphone pictures will suffice. It does take decent pictures when you clean the lens. The …

Things are being painted!

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I haven’t posted for a while. In my defence, this is mainly because I haven’t done anything worth posting about, but I’ve also just not got around to writing anything.But I’ve now turned that around, by both painting some models and also turning up her…

Half A Million Views! Contest!!!!!

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Holy Moly!I looked at my view count today and realized I am likely to cross the half million mark in the next couple days!This calls for a small Contest and Prizes!!!!!So I’m going to make it simple.  Comment on this post on my blog (if you are re…

Chasing the Dragon: Is GW’s Release Schedule Ruining the Hobby?

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Yesterday, while wandering BoLS, I encountered an editorial, The Real Ugly Side of 40k. The author’s fundamental assertion: that the competitive landscape is beset by ugly and unpainted armies, and at […]

Tactica 2017 – Back to the future?

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Our bare-naked tableAnd.. with the troops – The Swedish viewAnd the RussianWell, Toggy and I made it back to Wilhelmsburg this year via Bremen although we lost Mrs H missing in action with melted credit card in hand and crushed under an avalanche of sh…

Dismounted 54mm dragoons

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I had a bit of time to do some painting this week and I finished of a bunch of dismounted British dragoons in order to complete the mounted units I’ll need for Tricorne.I had four guys from A Call to Arms. I needed two more so I borrowed two fellows fr…

Things to do with carts.. creativity with mundane items

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Cart convoy – moving the army the hard wayI like all that nonsense you can create for the table which is not about men with weapons killing each other. I have made it a bit of an LoA trademark  over the years with battery positions, wagons, civili…

ADF in Afghanistan section complete in 20mm

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Finally!A few years ago I bought some ADF troops in 20mm from Wartime.I got to work on them researching the paints I needed to depict troops in Afghanistan and painted a few dozen.Then they sat. And sat. For a long time.This month 2 things happened.1. …

Winged Hussars – a joy to behold

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Ooh – look at that! Lovely work by Rob GA little more detail about the fine unit of Winged Hussars commissioned for our 2017 show season.The models are from Warlord. Nice sculpts with my only criticism being the fragility of the horses ankles which wil…

Review of GreenstuffWorld Textured Rolling Pins

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I first saw these textured rolling pins last year on the prize support table at MuseOnMinis Wargaming Convention. GreenStuffWorld donated a bunch of stuff for prize support and these glass cylinders were part of their donation. They look like unlike any other wargaming accessory I’ve ever seen before; I wasn’t sure if they were supposed to help my bases look cool or if they were going to power my time-machine. However, after being reassured that they would improve my bases I decided to take the leap of faith and ordered myself a sampler platter of rolling pins. There are multiple varieties of sets but the order I placed included the following:   – 1 rolling pin plain (no texture) – used for initially flattening the putty to smoothen

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Moonraker Miniatures

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So for Christmas my wife also bought me some miniatures from Moonraker Miniatures.

Moonraker Miniatures

The one on the left I can see as being a governor or official. The second one in I can see as being a security bod. Third one across is an adventure, or inquisitorial henchman. The last one has to be a guards(wo)man.

Left to right we have an inquisitorial henchman, commander/governor, tech guy, civilian, crewman.

The moulds are very good, hardly any flash at all anywhere, crisp detail and quite a complicated model in places.

They took my new Vallejo primer very well and I am now in the process of painting them up. For £1.50 each you cannot fault them in any way and they do not really look out of place next to my other models (pics to follow once painted so you can see them in scale).

To be honest I am not even sure what I wanted to do with them. I think now that I am getting old, and now that I have less disposable income, I am really thinking hard about my hobby purchases. I still am tempted by an awful lot and I still have a mountain of unpainted stuff, but I look through various companies now and I am no longer a GW only person.

GW seem to be getting back on track and I still have thousands of their models… but at today’s prices it becomes very hard to justify my meagre hobby spend on their models. At the moment I am really only using birthday and christmas presents as a way to acquire hobby material. I simply cannot afford to outline the average £20, £30 or £40 on a single unit or tank like I might have done when I was younger.

Companies like this offer an awful lot of bang for your buck. I am also of an age and a mind now that the odd non-GW model slipped in among my units and characters adds to their appeal rather than stands out as an eyesore. Some of these models just here are excellent character pieces or special pieces for a unit (or even scenary or background).

This, the aether pirate (see post below) and artillerist (see earlier post) really are in the same spirit of the original GW models and lines. They fit in lovely, the scale difference is no real problem and it gives a big boost (I think) to the look and feel of the army on the table.

Pirate – arrrgggggghhhh

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So my lovely wife knew exactly what to buy me for Christmas (well… ok… I made a list and she clicked randomly) Pirate Captain I am looking to paint this one up as another ‘advisor’ – an officer of the fleet – to go with my extensive command models

Instant Army…. well almost

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Magnificent Polish Winged Hussar unit by Rob – a joy to base and flag.Our return visit to TACTICA in 2017 merited a little extra effort and so sticking with the GNW theme that we’ve been developing we decided to add some Eastern spice to the mixture.To…

Warfare R06 Russian Musketeer ready in kartuz

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Having scoured the sources for different uniform colour combinations I plumped for this off white and cherry red as an interpretation of Regiment Troitski as listed on the Tacitus website, It was merely an attempt to get away from the green-red combo t…

Tutorial: Painting a Galaxy Cloak

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Painting a galaxy cloak, or night sky, is something I have been wanting to do for awhile now, but never thought I could achieve with decent results. I put this mental block up around this technique by telling myself “You aren’t quite there yet as a painter,” but the truth is you can’t make progress as a painter unless you push your limits. With the release of the Traitor Legions supplement and the new Alpha Legion rules I decided it was time to get over that mental block and give painting a galaxy on a cloak a shot. One of the Alpha Legion relics is called “The Mindveil,” which allows the bearer and his unit move 3d6″ in their movement phase.

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The Hessians are coming!

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I’m continuing to paint 54mm troops to fill out the orbat for Richard Borg’s Tricorne game. This week, I took on the Hessians. I decided to go with plastics to save a bit of money.The troops I ended up with come from a children’s playset (actually two …

Normal Service (as such).. resumed

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too much of this leads to….This.. clearly what colleagues with iPhones are for!Apologies for my invisibility over the past few days. Work and travel combined to make for very long and jet lagged days which kept me away from the laptop other than to d…

Tutorial: Non Metallic Metal (NMM) Sword

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You can find many painting  Non Metallic Metal turials on the web, but since I managed to take photos of each step of painting the sword wielded by my Wood Elves Higborn (Wanderers Waystrider), I made a small tutorial, which may prove to be hel…

15mm AB Command reporting for painting

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So here’s a pic of the command figures all sorted and glued to tops for painting.They will fit in to fill the gaps in this Division made up of 2nd hand figures rebased.

On the Painting Table

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Not only am I a lazy painter, I’m also conservative and don’t normally change a technique if it works. Nonetheless, I have recently become a bit dissatisfied with my very limited set of skills. Basically, what I do is apply two layers of basecoat, paint the details, apply a wash, varnish. That’s it. This works … Continue reading On the Painting Table

Saving Brother Victor – The Last Wolf

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What’s this? A space marine? A space wolf at that. What’s going on here then?Well, I have almost no interest in space wolves, but brother Victor here, he’s special. He was rescued from the edge, this one. About a year ago, I was trawling the Warga…