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Painting Moonraker & Spearmen

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Work has been as busy as ever and so has home life so I have not been able to break out the paints as often as I would like to relax. However I have slowly made some improvements to the miniatures mentioned in the previous post, as well as another unit…

Grand Designs

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To all intents and purposes that’s the need to keep going with the Patricians over, I can now field a very decent 2500 point force with choices to push it towards 3,000. I have however got some more on the go, Legio Quinta Macedonica which I may use as…

Dormur finished

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Hi All,I finished the Reaper 25th Anniversary figure from February, 01601 sculpted by Julie Guthrie. The photos are more quick snaps with my cellphone. The lighting was not great. I need to tidy me hobby area so that I can set up for more studio qualit…

Bolt Action: Australian Commandos Review & Painting Guide

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By Bryan

G’day fellas! Warlord Games has finally released the first of it’s Australian range in the form of the Independent Company Commandos. The miniatures are fantastic sculpts, very accurate and a pleasure to paint. Read on and I’ll go over the boxed set in a little more detail, as well as a step by step painting guide you can follow to paint your own Aussies. 

The boxed set contains a full strength section of Australian Independent Company Commandos, being 10 men. They are equipped in a historically typical fashion with 6 sub machine guns, 1 Bren light machine gun and 4 Lee Enfield rifles. One of those rifles has a scope and the sub machine guns are the iconic, Australian designed and made Owen Gun. These really help to give the models that Australian look.

The sculptor, the talented Steve Saleh, has taken this further by really paying close attention to period photos of the men he is representing in miniature. Take a look at this photo on the left and you’ll see what I mean. He has managed to capture the rugged look of the men of these units. They often sported beards as they would be out on 12 day long patrols in the jungle, behind Japanese lines.

The style of beret worn by the Australian Commando units is also slightly different to their more well known British counterparts. Less a sign of elite status and more a practical piece of jungle head gear, the miniatures again capture that individualistic approach to uniform regulations in the Australian Independent Companies.

The sculpting is fantastic, and the equipment and uniforms are accurate, so I give these 5 out of 5 Owen Guns. Okay, onto how to paint your Pacific Australians.

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Pulp Alley and 54mm Highlanders

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I actually made it out to a club night this past week! Bruce kindly hosted Terry and me in a game of Pulp Alley. A game mechanic are plot points and these figures below were placed about the table to indicate where these were.Players contact a plot poi…

You wait ages for a Roman building then ……

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A whole town comes along. I started on my Warbases Roman Villa the other day trying to be patient and not rush things, I have managed so far as this is now day three. I am also still waiting for the base material I ordered so I think it will be next week before it is complete, I want to add some little bits and pieces but hey can be ordered and scattered whenever, they are not essential. I decided as my villa would be around at the end of the period I like wargaming that it would not have the slabbed courtyard or pool, it would more likely be a working villa rather than something for a local absentee landlord. I also had to make my mind up whether to sand it up for the East or leave it with greenery for Europe, I decided it would get more use being European, so Europe is good for something, it’s a joke.

I did fail to notice that there is a build your villa .pdf on the Warbases site, it should have been mentioned on the one piece of paper in the pack, but I managed to make only two mistakes with the build and one with the lovely mosaics supplied by David Bickley. Although you won’t see the inside of the villa much in the large games I play it really is a treat to know the inside looks so good and of course I shall point this out when using it. I went overboard and ordered up Pantiles from a railway modelling shop, I needed three packs and they came to just short of £12, but they are a huge improvement over the flat mdf.

The next stage will be to paint the walls, I might get around to that on Sunday, I do not use thick plaster for my walls as most of it would probably end up over me rather than on the building, so I use a thickish paint and dip the brush into some sand, I like the finish, just enough stubble to hint at a coat of plaster.

I am hoping for some goodies from Royal Mail today, those extra figures I ‘needed’ and the bases for my buildings as I am also tarting up my WWII stuff, I know the troops are on the way but I am not so  sure about the bases.

Now, the town. I was directed to Warbases last night by a Facebook post, and lo and behold you can now build up a complete garrison town for your Roman army, there are barracks, shops, mansions and a gorgeous late Roman church, the only thing missing is the fortifications, a wall and towers. I of course wanted to buy several of the buildings, but uncharacteristicly I did wonder where I would put them, the villa is bigger than I thought and if you do garrison your cohorts you will need a big table. The mansion does however remain a possibility.

Oh, and I sat down to the Last Kingdom the other night while building the villa, and even though I am prepared to watch all sorts while painting or building I switched it off after about twenty minutes, the breaking point for me was the soppy, pathetic, “hope of the north” character. And another thing, there is a nunnery on the edge of the village and none of them look like Uhtred’s religious lady.

I am really impressed with the camera on this iPad Mini, it manages to eliminate my need to take several pictures until I get one which is not blurred.

A very happy Guild Ball Birthday to me

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So earlier this month it was my Birthday and the lovley Mrs and Miss Tabletop Games UK brought me a few Guild Ball bits, as […]

Guild Ball Kick Off! Project: The Masons

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The Masons are finished and that makes two guilds painted in three months. It was a challenge.

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The end of the tunnel gets further away

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I have managed to finish my nomad Nobles a few days early and I am very pleased with the way they have turned out, when they were 90% complete I revisited them and started to stick on some of those extra bits that seemed a pain at the beginning but which now enhance the models.

Hun Nobles.

As the basing was sitting drying I dug out the warbands I wanted to re-arrrange and to my delight found that I did not need to buy any new figures as I had spares already painted and based on a nearby shelf, I have no idea why. I also had the bases for them, so within an hour I had the four warbands enlarged, based and ready to go. I am hoping the the re-basing might give the Franks a new lease of life.

Back, Franks and Welsh, front, Picts and Saxons.

This of course means I now have a lot of spare hobby time, so I went online today to order up some MDF bases for my terrain, six quid for half a dozen sheets but fifty-four pounds for postage! The next outfit took £5.45 for postage, I wonder if that was a mistake, however I did not want to take the chance. I then jumped in and ordered up another two Roman units, one infantry and one cavalry along with their shield transfers, I already have the infantry movement tray and can make one up for the cavalry. These units are extra in order to field 3,000+ points if needed and also to give me a bit more of a choice when constructing a force depending on the enemy, I hesitate to say that is it as I would also like to add a unit of Roman mounted bowmen, they are not required but I do like the look of them.

It looks like I might get around to building that Roman Villa in the next week or so. I have been inspired by some of the terrain pieces I saw at Snaith, instead of just plonking down a bit of carpet or whatever there were nice areas with small huts and pieces of fencing for broken or uneven terrain, they had enough room to move troops but visually the were very appealing. This will all happen soon if I can keep my hands off these new figures.

Polish Panzers – Pancerni

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Pancerni Green BannerAs part of the Eastern Expansion initiated by Toggy I received a large box containing 47 painted Polish cavalry from the brush of talented Rob Goodyer.Pancerni Red BannerPerry Brothers’ sculpting has come a long way form the 1990s …

A slight complication with Dormur

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Hi All,So a little wrinkle in my plans to paint the Reaper 25th Anniversary figure of Dormur for the Imperial Outpost painting competition.I found out yesterday that we were only allowed to use 8 colors. At first I freaked out. I had already put three …

Quantum Leaping old paint jobs – part 2

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Quick recap: I term the process of renovating old minis with ropey paint jobs as “Quantum Leaping”.  It is “putting right what once went wrong” […]

Bolt Action – Painting Guide for US Airborne

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By Patch,
Welcome to another painting guide to add to our collection, this time I will look at the very iconic US Airborne. Before reading on though please be aware that while I have themed my force on historical US Airborne I have adapted the colours and general look to suit my style and how I like my wargaming miniatures to look. If you are after a totally accurate historical representation this guide may not appeal to you.

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Learning Curve: Blood Bowl Dark Elves, Clear Bases and Magnets

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G’day!  Welcome back to see the finish of the Dark Elf project started a few weeks back.  If you need a recap then head over here […]

54mm Hessian Jaegers

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With life starting to return to normal, I found some time to paint this week. The only thing I finished were four Hessian Jaegers to round out the Hessian forces for Tricorne.Despite a lot of work, these guys turned out quite plain! I had to lighten th…

W40K – Crimson Fists Forces I

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Today some old table top works – two Tactical Squads, Assault Squad (which you can see in previous posts), Land Speeders and heavy Stormraven – flying Land Raider. And yes, I drilled heavy bolter barrels after photo sesion 🙂 I know that there are no longer texts here – I`ll try to do something with[…]

Tenting Tonight

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The only camping I have ever done was on some American Civil War re-enactments as an historical necessity, I have never had the urge to do it for pleasure nor travel the wide open spaces in a camper van, I need a turn down service and a chocolate left …

W40K – Deathwatch Squads with Drop Pods

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Deathwatch – elite forces, veterans from all SM chapters, conquerors of hundreds battlefields. Background of this chapter is epic and really interesting (in my opinion one of the best!). Today I`d like to show you two Kill Teams and three Drop Pods with Deathwatch scheme. During the assembling process I used some alternative weapons from[…]

Medieval Scots for L’Art de la Guerre – an army in 15mm

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Medieval Scots is not a subtle army – lots of poor quality pikemen, but one had successfully caused me a lot of problems in The Worlds in Belgium in 2016 so I had then quite fancied creating one myself.I had also rebased a lot of Museum Miniatures Medi…

Airbrush basics and how to get going with one

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News: Before we get started, a quick announcement.  I’ve recently become a contributing blogger at, a group based in Iowa City.  For an international community, that’s pretty local for me, being in Omaha, and I’m happy to join these guys. For you MWWG followers that are seeing me here for the first time, a little bit about me.  I’ve been wargaming for nine years, and my articles focus on hobby and painting.  Batreps are a possibility, but since I’m no longer playing Warmachine, and Guildball doesn’t batrep very well, I doubt I’ll do many of them.  My local Horus Heresy Meta is spinning out of control though, with a well planned Isstvan event in our future, so that will

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Liar, Liar

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I said I was taking a week off from painting, well I haven’t. After I had got the Hun cavalry cleaned and primed I couldn’t help but start the horses, I got on so well with them I am now going to start on the riders. While I was sitting there the thoug…

54mm British and Lego Star Wars

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Life continues to conspire to keep me from the club but I did some painting this week. First up were four 54mm British light infantry to round out the figures I need for Tricorne.I think the original I used as a guide is on the right. More or less clos…

Project: Tzeentch Familiars #4 – Pug

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Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug

Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug

The fourth and the last (after Slop, Tweak and Blot) Familiar of Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch is done. His name is Pug – the asquisitive and pilferer imp with a moonlike visage. He’s a very light-fingered critter who won’t stop at nothing to get all shiny things that catch his evil eyes. He is always lurking for unwary creatures and heroes trapped inside the Silver Tower corridors. His latest trophy is absolutely unique and his Master the Gaunt Summoner will generously reward him for it…
In my opinion Pug miniature has the worst sculpture of all Familiars (mainly the moonlike face) so I painted him last. I’ve tried to give his face a milder expression and to distract the attention towards the checkers, the mask and the blade. I hope you like him =) Now I’m going to make bases and the family photo for all of them =)

Czwarty i ostatni (po Slopie, Tweaku i Blocie) z Familiarsów Gaunt Summonera Tzeentcha jest gotowy. Przed Wami Pug –  wiecznie zachłanny chcochlikowaty złodziejaszek o księżycowym obliczu. To stworzenie o wyjątkowo lepkich palcach nie cofnie się przed niczym, by zdobyć świecidełka, które wpadną mu w jego złośliwe oczka. Przemierza on korytarze Srebrnej Wieży, czyhając na chwilę nieuwagi uwięzionych w niej stworzeń i poszukiwaczy przygód. Jego najnowsza zdobycz to prawdziwy unikat, za którą jego Pan Gaunt Summoner na pewno go hojnie wynagrodzi… 
Figurka Puga jest moim zdaniem najsłabsza z Familiarsów, dlatego też malowałem go na końcu. Wszystko przez moim zdaniem nieudaną rzeźbę księżycowej twarzy. Dlatego też postarałem się nadać jej nieco łagodniejszego wyrazu i dodatkami (szachownica, maska, ostrze) odciągnąć od niej uwagę. Mam nadzieję, że Wam się podoba =) Teraz zabieram się za podstawki i zdjęcie grupowe =)

Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug
 Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch Familiars - Pug

Another Spaceship

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The title says it all really.Yes, I’ve added another ship to my Shaltari fleet for Dropfleet Commander.To make it even less interesting, it’s a repeat of a model I’ve already done!Here it is. I can only apologise.It’s an emerald mothership. The Shaltar…

Up and Running(ish)

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I was told yesterday, Wednesday, that my computer was ready and could I pay the invoice, I duly rang Scan up and paid, it was only the carraige as the parts were still under warranty, so I got a new motherboard, new graphic card along with a new proces…