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Adding some colour to the Ghar

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It has been a slightly busy week but I managed to get some more paint on my Ghar Rebel troops. The models are all wearing some sort of reptilian scales over their cloaks. I decided to do these in blue to fit into the blue undertone of the armour and the colours I drybrushed them […]

Lions Rampant and some cultists

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Bruce was back in town so I swung by Tuesday night for a quick game. Bruce hauled out some 15mm Lions Rampant and ran a scenario I hadn’t played. The Sheriff of Nottingham had lured Robin Hood into a trap. Robin set up on the far side of the table…

On the Painting Desk 51

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As you will see in tomorrow’s Haul report, I got a serious humongous lot of Chaos Space Marines for next to no money at the TSA Bring and Sell last weekend.And that also means that I will be painting a LOT of pink in the coming months, so you’ll see mo…

Tallarn Regiment.

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The Tallarn regiment has always been my favorite and I picked some up when they were initially released. Of course back then I didn’t have enough money to actually buy a full army so now I’m left with just enough models to field a pair of squads and so…

Starting to paint my Ghar Rebels

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So I managed to get a start on the first 500 points of my Ghar Rebel army. I did a base coat with the Army Painter Medium Grey primer and then washed all the of armour and metal on the models with Nuln Oil. It looks exceptionally good on the Troopers. After that I did […]

The First of Many?

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I finished basing up Griffin’s 33rd Regiment of Foot last night and here they are. I am happy with them for my first attempt, I do need to get better at the lace of which there is a lot on British uniforms, there can be just as much on some of the fore…

Siege Studios Essentials Masterclass

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We all have different parts of our hobby that we may enjoy more than others. Some of us are budding generals who love the tactical […]

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Mordheim Witch

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it seems I’m on a roll with blogging having had more than one post in the last month. Let’s see if I can keep it up…. I doubt it. Anyway painting has continued and this time I’m back to Age of Sigmar via Mordheim. I picked up this fantastic model whe…

The Myceneans are done..

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Only 6 months after buying them in the Museum Miniatures January sale (for only around £50) a full L’Art de la Guerre army of Myceneans (including units I will probably never use) is now finished and on the tabletop already!There are plenty of pictures…


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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.This week has been one of household chores, a few social gatherings and a bit of hobby stuff.Chores wise, I have had to get the gardens sorted for my missus’ peace of mind so now the grass is all mowed, the weeds…

On the Painting Desk 50

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Another week gone by, and some decent progress has been made these past days.As I said last week, I had a paint time weekend, and the results where achieved that I aimed for.I finished the final ACW regiment for my Irish Brigade, as the 88th NY joins m…


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A mushroom, or toadstool, is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. As a survival resource in the wild, normal mushrooms are much like cabbage in that they are a fat-burning f…

What you can do with the new Swedish cavalry

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I’ll let the pictures do the talking in this post. I have now had a bit of a chance to play around with the new Swedish cavalry. Although I have not painted all 20 different models, nor put the various arms in the different positions, I did manage to g…

Let’s roll!

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Hello and welcome to Inso’s World again.This week has more or less revolved around chores, shaking off this bloody virus and continuing the tank company.This is a short, sharp blog post revolving around the assembling and painting of tanks.To start wit…

Slowly does it

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I have started on the 33rd Regiment of Foot, my first Seven Years War unit, I am completely new to this period and chose the 33rd as it was one of the small number of British units fighting in Europe, the SYW for us was mainly about taking Canada, Indi…

On the Painting Desk 49

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Another week gone by, and one deadline looming incredibly close…Because I have like one week, consisting of two painting sessions, to complete the ACW regiment seen.This 5th regiment for the Irish Brigade, the 88th New York, has to be put on the tabl…

What I painted in May 2018

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It`s been a good month as I settle in more in the new regime, and I got a decent amount of figures finished as such.With the deadlines for some “mega battles” on the horizon, I needed to cranck it up a notch, and I must say it looks like I`m right on s…

Terrain is everything – 40k future container scatter terrain – Big Build To Done!

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You know the deal by now – I set a number of tasks and targets for myself and go about sabotaging it by taking on yet more projects but the muse compels me. Having completed 2 of these containers earlier this year I had found the last three Mentos Cube…

Oops, I did it again.

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Hello and welcome to a rather tardy Inso’s World.Not to put too fine a point on it, I have had a nagging virus that has kicked the arse out of any motivation that I may have had… so I have been doing rather a lot of not very much at all.That said… …

A few thoughts on Warhammer Adventures

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I think it’s fair to say that the announcement that Games Workshop would be publishing a range of novels aimed at children has had a mixed response. So far, there have been basically two categories of negative response. The first is that the Warhammer …

On the Painting Desk 48

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With the Lacerators, Noise Marines and Kerns finished, there has been some very fine progress this week on the desk.But that also means it’s time to move on, and I started work on the fifth and final regiment for my ACW Irish brigade.I hope to finish t…


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I bought a Mycenean (and Assyrian) army earlier this year in the Museum Miniatures sale (25% off every January!), and after spraying most of them in a flesh-coloured undercoat I finally got round to doing a couple of test bases to see how the planned c…

On the Painting Desk 47

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Okay, so I failed this weeks target of having finished the Noise Marines, but it’s basically just the basing and the final layers to go, so they will definitly be done this week.Right on time for next weekend, which is a bit to close to my liking but h…

Terrain is everything – New display board – ‘bloody marbleous’

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I really didn’t expect to progress so quickly with my new display board but I had a puncture last week which meant I had to take a day off to get it replaced. This afforded me some time during the day to work on the board. In the hobby for me, some job…

Circus of Corruption – Jim Carter and Coilin Brown

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Finishing my triumvirate of Circus of Corruption sample minis we have two more of the players, Jim Carter and Coilin Brown, a puppeteer and acrobat from Old School Miniatures recent Kickstarter. You can still order the Circus from the website at K…