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American G.I.S Progress + fancy Flower Basing 

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This last few days i have been powering through the G.I.S, i have painted 34 of 64 so i am getting there pretty quickly and these guys just take paint so easily!  The photo above is the Brown and green contingent of the unit. For this box i have gone with the troop look with the addition of a skin tone highlight and also i shall be basing them which is something i do if the customer asks but is not included in the price usually. I wanted their bases to be a bit special as i beli […]

Zombie of the Month- March 2015- Zombie Horde (Male) by Wargames Factory

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   Okay, so, I have this beautiful population of awesome female zombies from the Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens set, but now I have a problem, because now the gender population balance of my zombie apocalypse is off. I know, who worries about these things? Hey, it’s good to at least be able to create a realistic population if you want to, right? So, what’s a necromancer to do?
   The solution is obvious, of course, go back and buy the Wargames Factory Male zombies. So here they are!
The Zombie of the Month- March 2015- Zombie Horde (Male) by Wargames Factory

   What’s so great about these Zombies? I think their best feature is how generically modern they are. I mean really, when building a horde representing the entire population, let’s face it, most of your zombies should be sporting jeans, t-shirts, business suits, and the like. And that’s what these guys are- a set of multi-part zombies with totally mundane clothes, so you can have the nauseating wave of normal people turned zombie, with the capability of varying them just a little bit in pose and clothing combinations.

   Don’t get me wrong. These guys do not have the unmitigated awesome of the Zombie Vixens. They are much older sculpts, and unfortunately, it shows… quite a bit, actually. I know how expensive it is to get new sculpts, especially for something as inconsequential as zombies, but with how awesome the Vixens are, I’d LOVE to see what the same sculptor would do with the male box.
   Still, the box is highly customizable (within the confines of boring men’s clothes), boasting 28 unique parts per sprue. 936 unique combinations! (Over 1800 if you don’t care whether the arm is bare or sleeved!)” At less than a dollar a zombie for that kind of “normal folk” variety, I can’t call this a “do not buy.” I certainly don’t regret getting it.

The Basics:

Scale- Wargames Factory refers to their stuff as 1/56 scale, which is roughly 28mm.

Genre- Modern, although some of the pieces you could get away with using in a medieval setting, if you paint them accordingly and are not that picky about your anachronisms.

Material- Hard Plastic

Parts ‘N’ Bits- Right from the website, just to show you the variety you get:
The package includes 5 sprues that each contain:
1 x Dr. Zed (and/or duster/raincoat Zed)
1 x Fat guy torso
1 x Bare chested surfer-dude torso
1 x rotted shirt torso
1 x suit torso
1 x button down shirt torso
1 x drawstring short legs
1 x rotted long pant legs
1 x suit pants
1 x mailman shorts
1 x cargo pants
4 x sleeve right arms
4 x bare right arms
9 x heads

Assembly- Most of the joints are ball-and socket style, except for the arms, which match up flat. This allows for greater versatility posing the figures, but occasionally makes the connection points look a little awkward.

Bases- Alas, they do not come with any bases. But odds are, if you’re building a horde, you have some lying around, so no big deal.


Sculpt- 2 brains out of 5- Judging by the comments on their website, these were really impressive when they came out in 2009. Unfortunately, with the huge advances that have been made in sculpting in the last few years, They are really showing their age. Still, since they are intended to be mundane characters, you should be fine if you are blending them into an entire horde.

Affordability- 4 brains out of 5- With 30 zombies for $21.95, you’re getting them really cheap. If you need a large horde, this really ups their viability as a purchase. And you can probably find a better price for the box if you shop around a little.

Value- 4 brains out of 5- If you only need a small horde, this might only be a 3. But if you want to shoot the city scene in the first episode of The Walking Dead, you can’t do better for the combination of cost and representing mundane, hideous masses of undead city slickers. And, at those numbers, no one is going to care if it unbalances the genders in your population a little- the sexes are equal with their… rotted out.

Availability- 4 brains out of 5- Even though the box is several years old, it is one of the go-to boxes for horde building, and it looks like Wargames Factory sells their stuff a lot of places. I even got lucky enough to pick it up in person in a large hobby shop. So you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it. Do yourself a favor and shop around a little bit and save a few bucks.

Pros: Multi-part figures cause less figure repitition, very good for modern “regular folk” horde building

Cons: Outdated sculpts and only one gender limits their value for smaller hordes

AQ – Martian Drone Unit Finished

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Slowly, but surely…Two more drones finished off the first pod (unit) of Martians. These were quick and fun to do. I even found a bit of red weed to add to the bases of one drone. I used the paper technique to affix the legs of the second and third dr…

Enchantment WIP – Part 4 Criticism Wanted

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Enchantment WIP – Part 4 Criticism Wanted So I’m getting sick of painted her but need to finish her up. She’s starting close in to being finished but I would like to see if…

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Mantic Monday: Deadzone Hobbysplosion!

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With all the excitement the current Deadzone Infestation Kickstater has created, people have been going Deadzone crazy! So here’s a round up of everything that’s been going off in the world of Deadzone. Christian Schlumpberger has started ‘Project Gunslinger’. Using green stuff to repose his Enforcer Street Agents! I don’t know about you guys, but […]

Enchantment WIP – Part 3

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Enchantment WIP – Part 3 A quick update with the progress on Enchantment. I’ve started on the hair, the metal and the gems and after those are done, she’ll be close to finished. My…

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WW100 – Great War Exhibition Miniatures

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I finished my last 33 Turk and Fernleaf soldiers this evening, just before the deadline. It was a huge privilege to be involved in the project.If you need catching up on what all this is about, Sir Peter Jackson has commissioned a diorama to be constru…

Finished Wind Maiden and Dettol

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Hi All,Well since the response to my last post was so underwhelming, I’ll bore you with another. Here’s that figure from the Caeser fantasy adventurer set that I’ve used for a sorceress and a wind maiden of late in my games of Rally Round the King (RRt…

Psyche of a Gamer: Fluff, is it important?

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Recently Second Class Elitist, Ali Alcatraz and I were talking about a conversation he had had with a designer in the miniature wargaming industry.  The crux of the conversation was about whether gamers care about the story, or fluff.  2…

Where’s my head at?

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Well, as you can see I’m actually back on the Dark Angels but progress is incredibly slow. I’m observing a slight derivation of my lack of mojo in that I really, really want to paint these models but just don’t have the energy. In part it has to do wit…

Blood Angels Tactical Veteran Sergeant

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Just a quick post to share a my recently completed Veteran Sergeant. A bunch of bit mashing to build him.-BA Tactical Squad Legs and Shoulder Pads-Sternguard Torso and Backpack-DA Banner-FW Mk III squad upgrade communications head-Sanguinary Guard Arms…

Congrats on Crystal Brushes and a deal from Painting Buddha/Masterminis

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This past weekend saw the annual extravaganza known as the Crystal Brush painting competition. Hosted at Adepticon and advertising a hefty TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR first prize it really draws some of the finest painters from around the world. This year…

Malifaux Painting update: Punk Zombies

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Not having played malifaux for long I have started on my resurrectionist crew. With games using so few models compared to warhammer It really got me wanting to get my crew painted. So this is where I have started, the punk zombies.

 Back in October when I first bought the crew box, I painted up one of the punk zombies straight away without any though on how I wanted the  model to look. Now that I have come back and focusing on the models a bit more I decided that I wanted a different look for the undead aspect of the crew.
Old paint scheme

New paint scheme

In the original model you can see I have done for a kind of rotten flesh feel, which while I like the idea, it doesn’t come across very well and just looks odd when you look at it. Now I have gone for a rather more stylised way of showing that the model is dead. Using the pale green is in no way realistic, but I feel it gives off a better impression, and you instantly pick up it’s a zombie instead of some pinky/green mess.

In order to get the green to a stage I like, I based the skin with goblin green, and then went over with camo green leaving the goblin in the recessed. Then over a couple (4 or 5) different layers I mixed camo with rotting flesh., progressively adding in more flesh until I could just high light with rotten flesh and it not look out of place.
Another reason why I wanted to paint these models is that they are so different from 40k. In 40k you get a lot of rather similar models but with this they all are rather individual, and its a nice change for me.
Next up to paint for Malifaux Is a flesh construct and Toshiro. Here is a sneak peak at the work in progress.  

24 Green Creatures

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Twenty-four green creatures. The miniature is from the 2006 FU-UK sculpting contest. It took me eight years to paint these. Pathetic.

Eureka’s Tachanka, Part Two

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The Eureka tachanka itself (the wagon, that is) comes together fairly easily with a bit of patience and some test fitting. The main body is a single piece, which I had to bend very slightly to straighten as the back end had been pushed very slightly downward during shipping. The rear springs and axle are … Continue reading Eureka’s Tachanka, Part Two

‘nids part 167 – Malanthrope – TO DONE!

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Another model finished! It’s almost as if I have some mojo back! Well, almost. Anyway the Malanthrope is done.I actually lost my patience with this part way through, all those sacks and tentacles became a real chore so I splashed on the toxic glow effe…

The Helpful Hobby Guide – How to make a wet palette

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Probably the greatest tool in miniature painting history after the brush itself
Most of you must have heard of wet palettes before and many of you might already be using one or maybe some amongst you have tried and hated that.
If you haven’t heard of these or have but never got to try it, here’s how I made myself another one.
Now because I find my palette is my best friend, jus press play and see for yourself how life can be made so much easier :

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The Necrons are Coming!

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I know I have been radio silent for a while. Life intrudes. However, I finally had some time to hobby and I started on my loved, but put on the back burner, Necrons. With the dawn of the new book I got inspired to work on them. I haven’t played them si…

Enchantment WIP – Part 2

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Enchantment WIP – Part 2 After yet some more slow days fiddling around the apartment and watching an unhealthy amount of crappy movies I picked up my brushes again and got some work done…

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Finished Chaos Chosen Command

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Some GW Chaos Chosen figures I finished recently

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Painting MDF Buildings – The Easy Way

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By now most of us have probably bought an MDF building of some sort and there is a strong probability that it will need painting. If you’ve ever tried painting MDF before or have at least read a few posts … Continue reading

54mm AWI and 20mm Scenery

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A bit of a mixed bag this week as I transition from one project to the next. I have the last of the 54mm AWI figures finished. This fellow is a mounted British officer.Despite spending a lot of time dry brushing to create the effect of a coat, the damn…

Hobby: Scale Modelling Techniques

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My last couple of weeks have included minimal hobby time, so I still have no new models to share. I have also been held back by a desperate need for resupply; I have several paints and other modelling supplies on order from various stores that I’m waiting to receive before I can progress my Astra Militarum vehicles. I could, of course, be working on my infantry, but I honestly just haven’t found the motivation to grind my way through painting mass Guardsmen.
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Mr Lucky Painting Joins ToaTS

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A new Bat-fan is coming to join the ToaTS Blog.Mr Lucky from Mr Lucky Painting Studio will soon be here with painting tutorials and much more for the Batman range from Knight Models.You can check out some of the stunning work he has been…

‘nids part 166 – Dakkafex No.2 – TO DONE!

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With a bit of effort I made the final push on my ‘Beast of Phodia’, I will get round to his Stranglethorn Cannon at some point. I’d actually put a fair few extra highlights and stippled fleshy texture effects on the Fleshborer Hives/Devourers but the T…