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Make your own Vortex template

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I’ve nto really had a need for a Vortex template before, but then the Ravenwing Dark Talon’s Rift Cannon was upgraded to give the potential to create one so I suddenly had the urge to get one. Of course they’re quite difficult to get hold of and on ebay they’re going for about £15! So I wondered about alternative options. I still recall Ron From the Warp’s awesome ‘Wiffle ball’ tutorial but funnily enough it was Rob’s tutorial from warhammer 39999 that I remember most. But Wiffle balls don’t seem to be easily available in the UK so I got to thinking about other 3″ diameter objects

And I already had them! A while back I helped my son make a Neon atom for his physics class and the centre-piece containing the electrons, protons, neutrons [delete as appropriate science folk, I think the electrons are aound the outside?] was a clear plastic Christmas bauble. now I only needed one but my local art/craft store had a pack of 10 and they’re just 4mm wider than a standard small blast so I thought I’d have a crack at making my own, so first up I cut off the hanging tab.

Now the difference with these is you can spray them on the inside to retain a super high gloss finish. So I covered my hands in a plastic bag and sprayed above the bauble with white, trying to ensure spots of paints dropped onto the bauble y’know for that spacy look.

And it came out alright, but while I was taking the pictures I missed the opportunity to drag some of the bigger spots with a cocktail stick for some weird warp lightning.

And therefore I sprayed some on some cardboard and tried to paint it on, with limited success and actually picked up some of the Red Oxide undercoat when the solvents managed to melt the primer on the spray box I was using. Still it was a first draft so I didn’t mind so much.

I then did the same with the Red Oxide primer to add some nice colour tints to it, like gaseous nebulas and then it was a coat of black spray primer.

And I ended up with this! OK, it’s not perfect but Ron took 12 attempts to get happy with his and Rob did three. As I only had the one coloured spray can and paused to take pictures inbetween I was a bit limited but for practically zero cost I’m chuffed with the results especially the high gloss finish, which is the advantage of spraying inside the bauble. Of course you can paint the outside too if you want a matt finish but that’ll require a varnish to protect your handiwork.

I did actually put an LED candle inside to see if it would add an unearthly glow in the warp but it was a bit pants, and even worse in the dark as it shone through all the black spray like it wasn’t even there!

Anyway, for a 5-10 minutejob I’m pretty pleased with the results, so thought I’d share an alternative way to make the Vortex templates

Preparing for War II – Sunny

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I would like to explain what I expected when I played Kings of War for the first time. Now I am going to be absolutely truthful, my first impressions of the game were not great. Why, you might ask? Well, I thought the game looked far too simple and at first didn’t like the concept […]

My attempt at painting checks

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Hi All,I wanted to start painting some checked patterns on my goblins and hadn’t really done it in awhile.I wanted to do more of a lozenge than a square. after some attempts on paper that looked like 90 degree rotated squares, I found this youtube vide…

Summer Tournament Diet

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By Matt MacKenzie

With warmer weather, a growing list of things around the house that need your attention, do you have time for tournament war gaming?

Read on and find out how you can still get the most out of your competitive spirit during the summer!

There comes a point where sometimes you have to look at the busy life you lead and wonder if you have the time to fit it all in. Once the winter blahs are gone and the sun of Spring turns into Summer sweat, playing games indoors may not be on your radar. Playing tournaments present problems all on their own. Long weekends, vacation time, and spending time with family, it all plays a part in your ability to get away with your army and crush your opponent on the virtual felt.

Simple things in the winter, like painting and preparing your army might be a little harder to do once the warmer weather rolls around. Maybe you have a deck to stain or a tree fort to build instead!! Put down the brushes!

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Confessions of a Warmachine Noob: Painting the Khador Battlegroup

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Painted Privateer Press Warmachine Khador Juggernaut

Within the hobby there are few things that feel as good as arriving home with a new toy and diving right into it. I make it a rule to never buy more stuff for my hobby unless I’m ready for it so when I brought the Warmachine Khador Battlgroup home I was able to indulge myself […]

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Sick Day 6MMRPC projects for Ali

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Hello readers!   Alas, I have some bad news. I’m about to be down and out for several days recovering from surgery. Sure, it’s not the most extreme surgery in the world, but it will involve being unable to eat for a couple days, which means m…

Renaissance (ish) Chinese Musketeers for FoGR

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This painting project has been hanging around since – I suspect – late 2012 when I think I bought some Lamcashire Games Arab and Chinese musket-armed figures at Warfare. Some of the Arabs were done in time to appear as Maratha infantry at Clevedon 2013 but the Chinese have languished in the painting pile …. until now!

You can click on these images to get a bigger picture:

They are from Lancashire Games Boxer Rebellion range (what with me never being one to go for the obvious morph) and have the twin advantages of being a/ cheap, and b/ definitely not obviously belonging to any actual Renaissance Chinese historical era, which is my excuse for using them as generic musketeers or arquebusiers for any sort of Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian or other army from that FoGR army list book.

In an even more shameless morphing plan, they were painted to match a front rank of Essex Han-era Chinese spearmen, who you can see in the last picture. The Lancashire figures are stylistically very different, and a lot taller… but at wargaming ranges the difference is not too ridiculous. Sort of.

And given that they will only surface sporadically, getting 10 bases of interesting-looking infantry for under £7 is a pretty decent deal in anyone’s book.

The real upside would be if someone comes out with a set of rules covering the Boxer Rebellion using DBX basing conventions. When that happens I’ll be halfway to starting another period too!

Paint strip, part 1

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Getting my Reptus force into a decent paint job, as mentioned in my previous post, requires me to start over with a new coat of primer (black this time).  So, another round of paint stripping.  Previously, I have used Dettol as a paint stripper.  It…

1/76 Matchbox Wespe

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One of the kits I picked up from Terry this spring was an old 1/76 Matchbox Wespe. This was among the first kits I ever built and I was keen to try it again.The grey tracks the kit came with had degraded over the years making them unusable and leaving …

Dark Angels – Scout Camo cloaks colours

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Unfortunately [or fortunately depending on your point of view] I didn;t take anymore WiP pics after this. I actually did a few highlights on all the black polygons and then promptly painted all the black bits, green bits, metalics and eveything else bu…

In passing .. a Space Marine Company HQ

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Before I tackled the Defiler I came across four Space Marines (the last four from a previous second hand purchase), and thought I might as well paint them up. I thought 3 might serve as a company HQ to accompany a SM Captain, while the fourth was someo…

Heatwave Paralysis

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Heatwave Paralysis I don’t get along with high temperatures and right now I have around 29 degrees inside the apartment so I’m not at my most productive stage and could probably complain about that…

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Doh .. what next?

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Ever had one of those moments where you complete a model or project and then wonder .. um, what next? Aha … So many projects, such  a’pile of lead’ (figuratively speaking, of course) that you really don’t know what to start next.There’s a pile o…

What to do with your free Stormcast Eternal in White Dwarf as a 40k Player (TERRAIN!!)

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So I am not planning on buying the AoS core box. If I was a Khorne player I probably would, but looking at the free snap together Stormcast Sigmarine, they just aren’t worth converting to 40k yet. Maybe once they are a kit made of components vs snap to…

Preparing for War – Ronnie

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The Dwarfs march to War… I have always thought of the Dwarfs as a race who prefer a beer with their mates after a good day’s work – rather like me I suppose ;). However, if you treat them badly they get cross – and the last thing you want is a cross dwarf – because […]

Dark Angels – Scout Camo cloak patterns

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This was quite laborious, and I really started ot think this was a mistake part way through. Painting all these polygons took quite a while made more time consuming by making the shapes so small. The titan carapace shapes were about twice the size.I di…

Cloth and Color theory

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Another thing I have been learning about is a little bit more about Color theory and how to really paint Cloth/cloaks.I am not going to get deep into Color theory for two reasons, one with what I know you might be able to fill half a postage stamp…

Preparing for War: Dave

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  So, like any wargamer, I jumped at the chance to start a new army – without thinking. If I’m honest, the favourite army that I always default to is goblins. I can’t get enough of the diminutive creatures. For this project, they were a ‘no-go’ area because of sheer numbers. We were planning to […]

Preparing for War – Rich

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I picked Ogres for the simplest of reasons, I am not the fastest painter and I do not particularly enjoy painting lots of models, so when the time came to choose an army I quickly bagged these large, brutish chaps. Generally I’ve always been more interested in armies that fit a background or a story […]

Dark Angels – Scout Camo cloaks

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I spent most of last week on the scouts, you’ll be pleased to know they’re finished now, I’ll get chance to do their completed pics this weekend. In the mean time most of my WiP pictures are of their camo cloaks I’ll be posting these over the next few …

The Zombie of the Month- June 2015- USX Modern Day Heroes: Zombie Horde by RAFM Miniatures

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Apparently, even Lovecraft fanatics need some zombies every once in a while…

   What’s so great about these Zombies? I’ll be honest, I mainly picked them up because they were on decent clearance at FRP. However, once I opened the box I was delighted to discover that there were some characters in there that you are not likely to run into anywhere else. You’ve got a skateboarder, a kid with a Mohawk and boombox, a crossing guard, and what looks to be the butler with a cleaver. If you don’t like your zombies holding things, you might not like how often that happens in this box, but if you don’t mind that, it gives you some interesting figures. Oh, and, by the way, the crossing guard is holding something… he’s holding his other arm which is still holding the stop sign. Pretty cool.
   There are a couple of weird things about this box, but they are probably not deal breakers for most people. First, there are some duplicates. No, I mean some. Not all. In the box of 12 I got 2 skateboarders, 2 “preppy” kids, and 7 other uniques. Okay, no big deal.
   Also, they don’t look like they were all sculpted by the same person, which doesn’t really matter when you’re building a horde, but I figured I’d mention it. I read somewhere that they were sculpted by James Van Schaik, but I’m not sure they ALL were. It looks like this was actually several different groups of zombies originally sold separately, then put together into a bigger box. For the record, according to my research, I think the Von Schaik set is the kid with a backpack, the dead hooker (yay, more dead hookers!), the crossing guard, and the guy I painted like a disco dancer. While they may look like they may be earlier pieces in terms of the sculpts themselves, they certainly show Mr. Von Schaik’s ability to present interesting personalities. They also are the most obviously undead, each having some pretty grievous injuries. Some of the other sculpts you might want to paint in a really undead flesh tone and add some blood dripping from their mouths, because they could get mistaken for lethargic living folk. Or, you could just take a couple of them and paint them as living civilians, if you’re into that sort of thing.


The Basics: 

Scale- I’ve seen them listed as both 28mm and 32mm. The reason is again that it’s a composite of different models.  Some are as small as 26mm to the eye, some are as big as 31mm to the eye (28mm to 33mm overall height).

Genre- Modern, unless they had school crossing guards and skateboards in the middle ages.

Material- White Metal

Parts ‘N’ Bits- None… well, none that aren’t part of the miniatures. I mean, there are definitely
some extra body parts on the models, ’cause, zombies.

Assembly- These are all one-piece minis, which is only a shame because there are duplicates in
the box, and them being one piece leaves you no easy way to make them different.

Bases- Yeah, about that… they come on, uh, assorted bases? Some are square slotted, some
round. Some have those small, sculpted, integrated bases. Just more evidence that they were not
originally intended to be released together in one box set.


Sculpt- 3 brains out of 5- I couldn’t find an official release date on the big box or any of the smaller
boxes that these figures must have originally come in, but I get the feeling that these figures are a few years old. They are certainly decent sculpts and fun to work with, but nothing mind-blowing (aside from the crossing guard holding his own arm holding the stop sign- can you tell I love that?)

Affordability- 3 brains out of 5- If you’re lucky, this might come in at a 4. I have seen this box sell for anything from $12.99 – $35, for 12 figures. So, at 1 to 3 dollars plus shipping, they are never a bad price, and sometimes a really good one.

Value- 3 brains out of 5- Decent sculpts plus decent price equals decent value, plain and simple.

Availability- 3 brains out of 5- These guys aren’t rampantly oozing out of the internet, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. You also might find smaller boxes of some of the figures in the set, if you look around.

Pros: Some nice unique characters at a decent price

Cons: Disjointed sculpts and bases, not all of the figures are classic, unarmed, decaying zombies

Preparing for War – Sunny

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Hey all, this is Sunny from the Mantic team, I’ve joined in this event to make sure the undead don’t go unnoticed! Well I have pretty much spilled the beans on what I have brought, I am bringing the undead to the table! You may ask why, well the reason is easy I love all […]

Throne of Skulls Painting Challenge: Week 5

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This week I finished off the other soulgrinder and my plan was to finish off the medusa and its crew. Unfortunately plans don’t always come together. But at least something got done.The second soul grinder was painted in a very different way to the fir…

Judgement Day Post 10 – Senior Judge Gogol

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Senior Judge Gogol is my latest submission for Judgement Day. He gives my merry band of invaders a leader to order them about. Gogol is actually named for a character featured during the Apocalypse War series in 2000AD, albeit one with a very brief app…

Painting challenge.. cue dramatic music .. ta daaaaaa

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Yep, I’m done with this year’s painting challenge, the GW Chaos Defiler. I chose the Night Lord’ colour scheme to fit with the theme I’d used for the Chaos Space Marines, although I didn’t do the ‘lightning bolts across the armour’ thing.I’ve always qu…