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Macroscope Review

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MacroscopeGames that require an outside knowledge or skill to be successful are ultimately hit or miss for players. If you are not packed full of useless information or are an awful drawer, like me, your enjoyment of a certain game can be limited. While I love guessing what others were drawing in Pictionary or Telestrations, […]

Magic Maze Review

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In our Magic Maze review, we look at a cooperative real-time game in which you are trying to help characters steal some equipment from a shopping mall.
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America Review

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AmericaVeteran game designer Friedemann Friese normally has a thing. He names all his games with the first letter F. However, when veteran game designer Ted Alspach joins in, some exceptions follow. The real exception in this case is actually a trivia party game. This, like its predecessor games Fauna and Terra, presents players with a […]

That’s a Question! Party Game Review

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That’s a Question! is a party game in which you ask friends questions then vote on how they’ll answer.

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Best Play Recommends: Obama Llama

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TL;DR What is it? A clue-giving and guessing game made sillier, funnier and easier to play. How many people? 4+ How long does it take? 30 minutes Who is it for? Parties and groups that want to break the ice and flex their competitive spirit. Buy it: Available on Amazon The Gist Why we recommend it One of the […]

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The Champion of the Wild Kickstarter Review

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Champion of the Wild Kickstarter Review
It’s a board game review cliché to say “if you like this kind of game, you’ll like this game”. It’s a tired and lazy get-out clause for a reviewer, they can thoroughly dislike a game and then issue this kind of statement completely admonishing any form of reviewer responsibility while remaining pretty, positive and ever so cuddly. It is a phrase I detest, but trying to write a review of The Champion of the Wild while avoiding this statement is turning into the literal equivalent of a daytime charge across the minefield.

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