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Macbeth at the RSC

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Last night, Sue and I visited the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon to see the latest play; Macbeth with Christopher Christopher Eccleston and Niamh Cusack. This is the first time I’ve seen Macbeth at the RSC and was initially disappointed…

Fathers Day 2018 – part two

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Holly bought me this board game for Fathers Day (as well as two bottle of Cidre). We are looking forward to having a game later this week.Thank you.Tony

Fathers Day 2018

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Sue bought this booklet called Fifteen Shillings Change at the railway exhibition last week and packed it as a Fathers Day present for me, which I opened this morning. It is a reproduction of a sales leaflet published by Kerr Stuart for their range of …

7mm Narrow Gauge Association Model Railway Exhibition 2018

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Yesterday, Sue and I attended the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association Model Railway Exhibition in Burton upon Trent. We set off early and were in Burton by 10.00 but parking problems meant that we were a little late arriving at the show. On entry to the exhib…


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After the thunder and lightning storms of the last week (more than a months rain in just a single day)  I thought it best to re-felt the roof of the shed. I had been aware of a small leak in the roof and although I had repaired it, I completely re…

Kenilworth Castle, another away-day

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Another away-day – this time Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire. This was the first time Sue and I have visited this site and with glorious weather and another picnic on the green we had a great day out. For full details see this post.Tony

The New adventures of Monkey – Netfix

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Both Sue and I have been enjoying this latest Nexflix series – The New Adventures of Monkey that is a re-make of the original 1970’s series Monkey Magic.I can remember watching the original series never quite knowing what was going on. the new 2018 Net…

Shakespear’s Rose Theatre to be built in York

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I learnt of this ambitious project while reading a Tourist Information booklet for York. The plan is to build a reproduction of the The Rose Theatre. The building will be a copy of the 13 sided Rose Theatre first built in London over 400 years ago…

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty-five

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With the main buildings completed, it was time I worked on the back scene or back board. My initial plan was to find a coloured poster and after many visits to the local travel agents – they always have large spare posters of sunny blue sky, I unfortun…

Midlands Air Museum, Coventry

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I visited the Midlands Air Museum yesterday afternoon and took these photographs. As you can see it was another great day out with fantastic weather and a near perfect day for taking photos. For more information about this museum please see this l…

Amour at the Abbey – Tewkesbury Abbey May 2018

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Earlier today, Sue and I had an away-day at Tewkesbury Abbey. Over the Bank Holiday weekend there was an exhibition showing life in Plantagenet Tewkesbury, in anticipation of The Battle of Tewkesbury weekend to come in July. For details see this p…

Model Making Magazines – my guilty pleasure!

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I have made no secret of the fact that my hobby is all-encompassing taking inspiration from a wide range of different sources and firmly founded in a number of key family members and their support. Ever since I was a teenager I have loved reading model…

The RAF at 100 – The Jet Age Museum

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Last weekend, Sue and I visited The Jet Age Museum, Staverton Airport, Gloucester. This is not the first time we have had a day out at this museum, for more information and additional images see this post.We had a couple of hours walking around an…

May Day Treat – a new Airbrush and Compressor Kit

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At long last I have moved into the 21st Century and purchased a new Airbrush Compressor and Airbrush. Up until today I had been making do with this DeVilbiss foot operated antique which although great for small projects has become a bit of a chore when…

Shed Spring Clean

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Dry weather, not too warm and nothing planned. The perfect day to Spring Clean the Shed!In addition to taking some bags of rubbish to the tip, I re-painted the window surrounds and spent some time removing glue from the wooden floor. The hot glue gun t…

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty-four

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The latest update shows most of the painting done, the wooden strips holding the tar paper in place have been hand painted with acrylics and a fine brush, the sofit boards and roof panels have been finished and I have added some additional detailing to…

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty-three

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These latest images show the progression so far on this low-relief, back scene building for my small shelf layout. The model is built to the rather unusual scale of 1/27.7 or 11mm = 1 foot which represents 18 inch narrow gauge running on standard HO-OO…

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty-two

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Unlike the brick built base of the Salt Pan (see earlier posts) the brick wall on this part of the layout was impressed into pizza foam (the foam that you find as backing to frozen pizzas). The painting was done over a thin layer of cream and grey acry…

Malvern Flea Market

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Earlier this morning, Sue and I visited the Malvern Three Counties Showground Flea Market. This was the first time I had been to this event (I had previously attended the Toy Fair and Vintage Car Show). It is quite a big event filling most of the insid…

Happy Easter

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A very Happy Easter to all my followers and readers.Tony

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty-one

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In this update I have added the roof and barge boards plus some small detailing to the tar paper and supporting strips of wood. The next step will be painting…..The last two images show the low relief back scene against the office wall – which gives …

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part thirty

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The next stage in reproducing the low-relief back scene building was to add the wooden retaining strips that hold the tar paper in place. These were constructed from thin strips of scrap wood about 2 – 3mm wide and glued in place with superglue. Prior …

March 22nd 2018

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Yesterday Sue and I attended a wedding at Craig-Y-Nos in the Swansea Valley, The building complex was very impressive with loads of memorabilia of  Adelina Patti. For more details see this link.March 22nd is my birthday and this was a double …

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure – the layout part twenty-nine

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I have used a cheap sketch book (bought from The Works for just 99p) for the tar paper cladding. The paper is quite thick and takes PVA glue well. I have cut the paper into scale widths and torn the edges to simulate the wear and tear seen on the origi…

West Midlands Military Show, Alumwell

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Both Sue and I attended the West Midlands Military Show – Alumwell Wargamers show in Wolverhampton yesterday.At the outset we were aware that there was an Amber Weather Warning and as we drove up the M5, I can confirm that we had our doubts as to wheth…