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The Atlantic on WW1

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The Atlantic magazine is running a ten-part World War One in Photos series with some very interesting images I’ve not seen before. They’re doing a post every Sunday for ten weeks. The most recent post, WW1 in Photos: Technology has … Continue reading

Martin’s Trumpeter Salute 2013 Photos

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Martin, an long-time friend who now lives in Vancouver, has been slowly posting his photos from the recent Trumpeter Salute gaming convention. As I mentioned in my writeup, he’s got a significantly fancier camera than mine, a fairly recent Canon … Continue reading

Links of Interest, 1 May 2012

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A few things to start your month off right! Paul of Paul’s Bods has a rather clever nearly-math-free method of getting a perfectly fitting roofs. It would need a bit of adaption to work with the removable roofs I usually … Continue reading