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Ghost Archipelago – Rope Bridge and Swamps.

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After a bit of a clear out in the man cave, I came across several items tucked away in the cupboard of shame, odds and ends from long gone projects, loose change purchases from shows, because you have to buy something right?Or simply ideas that jus…

Ghost Archipelago – #3 Crustacean Graveyard.

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Back in the 80’s when I was at school, Giant Rats, Slugs and Crabs were all the rage, all craving human flesh….. A bunch of us used to seek out these cheap paper backs and swap them every Friday in the play ground… A firm favourite of mine was Guy …

Walls from Empress Miniatures

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To complement my Caribbean pirate town I recently painted up a set of walls that I ordered together with the Spanish Church from Empress Miniatures.Simple walls like these can be used in a variety of settings. With the pantile roof of the gateway these…

British Unrated Cutter from Games of War

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The British Unrated Cutter “Fly” 1763 from Games of War is the latest addition to my shipyard. In this blog post I describe the painting and building process of the vessel, its sails and other accessories.1. The ModelThe Fly is a medium sized ship from…

Ghost Archipelago – Heritor and Storm Warden..

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A few hours to quickly push a few figures off the production line. These have been knocking around since the Nickstarter several months back. The Heritor will blend in well with the eastern crewmen, whilst I figured the Storm Warden would complime…

The River. Rzeka.

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Last Thursday we should have some Napoleonic game, however because of some health issues of the main participant we had to arrange something different instead. I asked Angus for another Pikeman’s Lament game with his Pirate collection. This time we pla…

Spanish Style Church from Empress Miniatures

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No village is complete without a church. To complement my Caribbean pirate buildings I got the Spanish style church from Empress Miniatures.I had been tempted to buy the Church from Empress Miniatures for quite some time. Then, while I was painting the…


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A nice image detailing the golden age of piracy. Found on Pinterest.

Spanish Pirate Buildings from Games of War

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A pirate gaming table for the Caribbean is made up of more than jungle and a beach. Interesting games require buildings so I got me some Spanish-style pirate buildings for my Caribbean pirate table.Captain Blackbeard raids a Caribbean townThe pirate bu…

The wagons with gold. Wozy ze złotem.

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It is time to stop the silent and post something on my blog. I did not have time for blogging, but I kept myself busy with figure paintings (soon I will show you my new army) and gaming (I had 4 games during that time). Today the game we had last Thurs…

Fantastic new 3D-printed pirate ships!

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Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum! At last I’m able to mention a project I’ve been working on for the last month, which has been shrouded in secrecy. I was helping out my mates at Printable Scenery to … Continue reading

de Seguiran, a lady, a silly kid… and more Dux troops

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Continuing with a project I started in the past bonus round, I`ll be trying to paint up one of the Crisis limited edition entrance figures for all of the remaining weeks of this challenge.And of course, some regular forces as well to go along with the …

More Navy Marines

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These final four should finish off all the British Navy Marines I need for a crew. I need to do some more able seamen at some stage, dressed in Navy White rather than pirate looking chaps, will have to google some appropriate colour schemes. Advertisements

Aquarium Decoration Jungle Ruins

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Decor Brick Gate from Europet Bernina (234-105382)In preparation of some upcoming pirate gaming on tropical treasure islands I purchased a few aquarium decoration pieces to enhance my jungle gaming board.I bought the first aquarium deco piece years ago…

‘Blood and Plunder’ French faction

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I’ve finally finished painting my French faction for the pirate game Blood and Plunder.  Despite the undoubted beauty of these sculpts, this project has been a long one by even my usual slow painting standards. My initial enthusiasm wore off … Continue reading

Ghost Archipelago – #2 Boiling Point.

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Atmir was concerned, last week their were scattered reports of musket fire in the swamp lands to the north of Atlantis and now one of his guardians was missing, judging by the markings it looked like Terrorpids, but they had never ventured this close t…

Whats On The Table?

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Before I allow myself the time to put together any of the new West Wind models received this week, I must clear some of the painting back log. There are four extra British Navy Marines from Black Scorpion, these should give me enough to make two full squads and plenty to crew the British Navy … Continue reading Whats On The Table?

Black Powder Ghost Archipelago….

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The beauty of Frostgrave and Ghost Archipelago is that the rules are very simple, quick to pick up,  which opens them up to be adapted to various settings, having read through the rules over a number of weeks they did not need to many tweaks to ma…

Ghost Archipelago Crewmen – Ready for Action.

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With the Ghost Archipelago treasures completed recently, time to get some crewmen on the table, whilst the plan is to move the encounters on to the Black Powder era, these will come in handy for alternative factions adventuring across the islands. Besi…

Rigging a 28mm Sloop for Blood and Plunder

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One of my reasons for backing the Blood and Plunder Kickstarter was the chance to build and rig a tall ship, complete with sails and rigging. I’ve built plenty of model planes, tanks and vehicles as stand alone kits or wargame models, but I’ve always b…

Ghost Archipelago – Treasure tokens

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A couple of months of doing very little, have turned into a flood of projects on the go. All of which I am tempted to dive into. The mojo is definately back for January. I could do with a couple of weeks off and a lottery win to get them all to a …

15mm Sharp Practice Pirates

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Another very interesting article and set of scenarios popped up in the TFL Xmas Special this year, focussing on Sharp Practice and pirates. The rules adaptations and army lists are by Chris Stoesen, who has also written material for Bag the Hun, amongs…

Building A Stairway To Heaven

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Well, maybe not quite heaven, just the 8cm up to the cobbled harbour level.
This is the first attempt, 1cm high steps with each step being 3cm wide, enough for most bases. It is now wallpapering time.
I have some plans for more stairways that are a bit…

What I did during the last weeks…

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Life has been busy, but in a good way. I’ve got a new job and still have to settle into the new routines. I haven’t actually neglected playing games and painting (though it’s going slower), but I didn’t find time…

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Blood and Plunder Ship’s Boat

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For my sins I have discovered Firelock Games wonderful pirate game Blood and Plunder and I have fallen in love with the game. The rules are simple to learn but a bugger to learn all the nice little touches that make this game great. Oh yes there are Pi…