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Build Report: 8396 Soldier’s Arsenal

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Today’s build report is a small boxed set from the 2009 Pirates II line, and one I bought rather a lot of to boost my Imperial force.While at 12 parts and a minifigure, this would be a polybag nowadays, shortly under a decade ago they came in small lit…

Arkanaut Frigate

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This is the first GW model I have seen in ages that I could be persuaded to purchase, especially with my steampunk fixation still running high. I say “could”, as at £50 (US$80) it is a significant amount of cash. It should be available with 10% off from an independent reseller, which would make it … Continue reading Arkanaut Frigate

Cutlass! – 4 Way Prisoner Hunt.

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Easter Sunday and a simple low key affair. Four warring factions looking to bag themselves a bunch of prisoners who hold valuable information. But with Four factions and only three Prisoners some one is bound to lose.The three Prisoners are chained up …

Black Sails season 4

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And so one of the finest television shows of the past years has come full cycle.Now, ever since they announced that this would be the last season, everyone a bit familiar with the setting and the story would know it would all be about “character clean …

Legends Of The High Seas

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The third of our recent pirate games was with Games Workshop’s Legends Of The High Seas rules. We had found over the last few weeks that Osprey’s On The Seven Seas was way too slow and not quite what we were looking for. Cutlass was much better with a nice dice mechanism but an activation … Continue reading Legends Of The High Seas

On The Seven Seas

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So, we tried out On The Seven Seas last night for the first time. It was disappointing. It is a game that I do not think we will be returning to. The basic concept of Greed versus Fear sounded quite good, the side with the higher Greed value goes first and if a crews Fear … Continue reading On The Seven Seas

Marching to Quinnsville

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A build that originated from two very different origin points, my first complete Company for BoBS has been recruited and stationed in Quinnsville for the defence of the town.While I “bought” the troops for the game a week or two ago, I finally came rou…

Cutlass Games

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Finally got to have a couple of pirate games, the first of which was with the Cutlass rules. My first outing was with a Royal Navy crew, mostly armed with muskets and bayonets, but the second game was with a motley crew of swashbuckling rum swilling pirates. A Royal Navy crew is all well and … Continue reading Cutlass Games

Fighters, Lancers and Layabouts

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This post originally appeared on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.Like many of you, I jump from project to project and this week’s entries represent miniatures from three of my current projects.Star Wars ArmadaOne of my goals for the Challe…

Margert 2T Cog

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Another of the trading vessels I reeled in in the recent Eslandola auction, the Margert was the target of a true bid wars.  Seems no less then 21 bids where brought out for this small vessel’s license, but in the end she is joining the Junkya…

Black Scorpion – Pirates & Smugglers of the Devon coast.

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Another batch of Pirates and Smugglers complete from the chaps at Black Scorpion for use within their Cutlass! rules.Cast in resin I was a little concerned at first, but they take paint well and contained very little flash, it will be interesting to se…

Nino Grande 4T2 vessel

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This is a bit of a special build, as it is the very first thing I ever seriously build in the LDD program.I won the Nino Grande in an auction organised by Eslandola, and she is being put into service right on time to participate in the next MCRA and as…

Symphony of Destruction

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It’s been a while (well, from BM-Antwerp) that I got my “engines fired up” to immerse myself into BoBS fully again, but to restart the building I went to grab one of the MCRA captures I still had drydocked and build.The Symphony of Destruction was capt…

Blood and Plunder Pirates: Indios y Lanceros

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Just a handful of figures this week as I make the first dent into the Blood and Plunder Kickstarter package I received a few weeks ago.After visiting the fort at St. Augustine and watching the first season of Black Sails, I decided to go with a Spanish…

Dick Turpin

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All work and no play at the moment but a trip up north gave me the opportunity to mix in a little bit of historical fact with what’s on the paint table.
Recently the paint table has been filled with Marines and Gentlemen, so why not throw an outlaw into the mix?
I give you Dick Turpin. 
Another find casting from Black Scorpion.

Our Dick wasn’t from York, was not dashing and did not even own a horse called Black Bess.
His grave in York is hidden in a back street alongside a housing estate and is pretty unremarkable. You really would not know it was here unless you were looking for it.
I was probably the only visitor recently apart from what looks like the markings of a drunk after a Friday night. The York sight seeing bus passes by his burial site but does not stop.
Turpin was tried and executed in York, most of his Highwayman crimes were commited in Essex. Whilst on the run he fled to Yorkshire. Where he continued he criminal adventures stealing horses under the guise of John Palmer.
He was unmasked whilst holed upon in York when he wrote to his brother asking for help.  His brother refused to pay the sixpence due on the letter and it was returned to the local post office – where Turpin’s old schoolmaster recognised his handwriting.
Unmasked he was caught and sentenced to death – All for the price of a stamp.
At his hanging at Tyburn, it is said that Turpin hired five professional mourners to follow him up the scaffold and he put on a show for the large crowd. His body was dug up by a labourer and taken to the garden of a surgeon, who paid for corpses for illegal medical dissection.  But the people of York people discovered what had happened and marched on the surgeon’s house and Turpin was laid to rest for good. 
The man very different from the myth a rather unimpressive criminal, much like his final resting place. 
But thanks to the Author Harrison Ainsworth and his 1834 novel Rookwood – Turpin became a legend after his death. Ainsworth inventing Black Bess and his ride to York.
Let’s see if he can live up to the legend on the table top.

Until next time….

Saturday Paint Table – Gentlemen and Revenue Men.

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Limited paint table action this week, but I did manage to finish off a couple of characters for Cutlass!.With the Marines finished recently, I figured these two characters would be great for potential heroes or officer types.My daughter has stepped in …

Black Scorpion Miniatures – Royal Marines

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Over recent months I have picked up at the occasional show the odd pack of Black Scorpion’s Pirate range. Sculpted by Adam Clarke they are some of the finest looking miniatures around, cast in resin they were a touch lighter than what I was used to, bu…