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The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 43 – The Great UK Game Expo Caper 2018

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We have returned from three days at the biggest tabletop gaming convention in the UK.  The UK Games Expo was yet again another amazing and exciting event so we talk about all the board games, card games, tabletop roleplaying games and miniatures games …

Episode 31

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Episode 31 of the MBS podcast has arrived! This episode, Greg and Andy discuss the pros and cons of “defined” movement systems (i.e. using a grid of hexes or other shapes) in naval games. Later, they talk about some of … Continue reading

Huzzah 2018 – Wargaming Recon #209

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Another Year, another HUZZAH! The boys hit up the best historical con in Maine! GAMES PLAYED Operation Jupiter, Hill 112 Rapid Fire rules Peter Dalton GM Omelet du Fromage Lion Rampant (affiliate link) rules GM Ken Eckhardt Battle of Cedar Creek ACW Fi…

Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 10- Deathwatch, Drukhari, Harlequins and Titanicus

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This month we cover our hobby progress as Chris and Evan build up for NOVA (with a slight detour into AoS factions). Ian then discusses the Deathwatch codex with us, followed by Chris covering Drukhari and Harlequins. We close the episode by discussing…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 42 – The UK Games Expo 2018 Preview

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It’s that time of the year again; it’s time for our favourite tabletop gaming convention, the UK Games Expo.  From the 1st to the 3rd June we will be seeing all kinds of board games, card games, miniature games and roleplaying games as we descend on th…

Star Wars Armada – Wargaming Recon #208

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Star Wars Armada is the not entirely new starship battle game set in the Star Wars universe.  We compare and contrast it with the Star Wars X-wing Miniatures game.  You’ll also discover our recommendation for if YOU should play Armada. HUZZAH Adr…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 41 – Hard City, Darwin’s Choice and Stuffed Fables

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Get the air horn ready, because it’s another episode of the Polyhedron Collider Cast. We start by comparing board game collection sizes with the Secret Cabal before we get excited by the new X-Wing games (well Steve does anyway). We then review Kicksta…

Choosing What Convention Games to Play – Wargaming Recon #207

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Choosing what games to play at a convention, game day, trade, show etc can be difficult. But here we can help make your decision easier! Here are some tips! HUZZAH Adrian and I will be at Huzzah May 18-20, 2018. We will be doing a live recording there …

Episode 30

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It’s time for Episode 30 of the MBS podcast! This episode, Greg and Andy interview the “Two Johns,” the fine gentlemen behind Topside Minis, and discuss all of the neat things they have planned over the next year. Later, Greg … Continue reading

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 40 – Vadoran Gardens, Rise to Nobility and Dungeons and Dragons

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We are back with another helping of tabletop gaming chat, board game reviews and all kinds of nonsense about everything else.  In this week’s podcast episode we talk about cutesy pie card laying game Vadoran Gardens, novelty wine glasses, dice placemen…

Allies of Inconvenience: Episode 9- The Big FAQ Discussion and Review

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The BIG FAQ for Warhammer 40,000 has dropped, and there are A LOT of changes. Join us as we ramble and rant about anything and everything released, from the “rule of 3” to reserve and deep strike limitations, and every little change in between (includ…

Small Game Companies We Love – Wargaming Recon #205

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Everyone talks about the big game companies. But, what about some of the smaller ones you’ve yet to discover? Stay tuned while we share some of the smaller game companies we love. Small Game Companies We Love Cigar Box Battle Wargamers’ Ter…

Episode 29

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In Episode 29 of the MBS podcast, Greg and Andy are updating a couple of topics they last examined a year ago! First, the do an update on “Class B” games, and add a couple to the list as well. … Continue reading

Allies of Inconvenience: BONUS Adepticon Roadshow Special

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Join Chris and myself in our mad ramblings on our Journey to Adepticon 2018!Listen to us babble on about such things as-Adepticon Lists-Codex: Kroot-Necron Previews-Big Guys that need to come back to the game-Tau and their Magic School BusAND MORE!This…

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 39 – Lords of Hellas, The Grimm Forest and Pictomania

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Back from Airecon, the boys from Polyhedron Collider discuss the latest batch of tabletop games they have been playing.  They kick off the board game chat with Lords of Hellas from Awaken Realms, discuss The Grimm Forest from Druid City Games and have …

When You Can’t Game With Friends – Wargaming Recon #204

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Sometimes life gets so busy that you can’t game with your buddies like you used to.  What do you do when that happens?  We share 5 tips to help you manage. 5 Tips Game remotely Find a new group of gamers Play a different game Use other aspects of…

Ruckdog’s Report Episode 6

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Dale is back on Ruckdog’s Report to discuss The Expanse, an awesome book and TV series! They first do a spoiler-free discussion of the setting as a whole, and why you might want to check it out if you haven’t … Continue reading

Airecon 2018 – On the Couch with Polyhedron Collider

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At Airecon 2018, the Polyhedron Collider Cast were joined by representatives of No Pun Included, JTR Podcast, Board Game Opinions, Unlucky Frog Gaming, Creaking Shelves, The Broken Meeple, I Play Red and the Game Pit.  In front of a live audience we po…

Allies of Inconvenience- Episode 8: Tau Fluff & Rules + Adepticon Preshow!

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After losing my computer for a few months due to some hardware issues, we are back with Episode 8 of Allies of Inconvenience.Listen/Subscribe with iTunes This month we cover our hobby progress per the norm, though with special emphasis on Adeptico…

TotalCon 2018 Crossover – Wargaming Recon #203

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In this weeks exciting episode Picard meets Obi Wan Kenobi in this wondrous cross over of the Mythwits and Wargaming Recon! This all takes place at TotalCon 2018! The lads talk about all that is wargaming at the con! Also a little bit about Cosplay! Wa…

Episode 28

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For this month’s episode of the MBS Podcast, Greg and Andy take their first ever in-depth look at a video game, BSG Deadlock from Slitherine Games. Later, they discuss the ways that stealth mechanics work in various naval games. BSG … Continue reading

Polyhedron Collider will be at Airecon and we need your help!

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Ever wondered what the best Euro Game is? Which publisher makes the best Meeples? Or what Jon’s favourite cheese is? On Saturday the 10th March 2018, the Polyhedron Collider team will be at Airecon in Harrogate, and at 4:30 pm in the King’s Suite we …

The Polyhedron Collider Cast Episode 38 – The Tuesday of the Year

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Welcome to February, the Tuesday of the year (as Andy calls it) as the Polyhedron Collider team recount their adventures from the City of Games convention.  We talk about mega Kickstarter Nemesis, melting Jon’s brain with Viticulture and Alchemists, ge…

Ruckdog’s Report Episode 5

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Andy is back with Ruckdog’s Report #5! The big discussion point this time around is on the trend of digital rule books. Do they make gaming experiences better? Pictures of Andy’s Ice Maiden: YouTube Video version: Checkout the Latest … Continue reading

Cube of Death Kickstarter – Wargaming Recon #202

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Cube of Death is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  It’s a trivia game.  No wait.  It’s a roleplaying game.  Wait, its a card game.  Actually…it is all three of those things. The Kickstarter Cube of Death will launch to Kickstar…