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ZONA: The Chistoysk run.

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Playing ZONA last night, our STALKER-flavored skirmish rules. Four STALKERs visited the town of Chistoysk near the Black Woods. The Fat Man wanted a cell tower in town repaired and was offering a wad of rubles to get it done. “Plus,” he said. “I hear one of the RMUs stashed a bit of gear in … Continue reading “ZONA: The Chistoysk run.”

New Terrain and ZP pictures

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Coming off the holiday break, last night’s game session was more shooting the breeze than miniature foes. Everyone was more intent on hanging out and chatting than getting serious about a game. That said we did a quick brawl that let me put two new terrain pieces on the table: a ruined apartment building and … Continue reading “New Terrain and ZP pictures”

Games that stick.

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I’ve been thinking about games that have durability, replay-ability, longevity. As anyone familiar with hobbyists and the hobby industry knows, “Shiny” comes and goes. Indeed the hobby industry is built on ‘shiny’ and every gamer worth his salt has a lead/plastic pile that bears mute witness to the fickle siren song of new figs, a … Continue reading “Games that stick.”

Crew of the Astropolis, Shanspire and More

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Earlier this year I backed the Astropolis II Kickstarter from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I’d passed on the first Astropolis Kickstarter and had been kicking myself ever since, so when the second one came up, I went all in for the megaload – Hypers…

A Prayer to Saint Strelok

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Now available for pre-order at Amazon. Release date: 16 December.
St. Strelok at Amazon


A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 5

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Turned into a Five Act. What can I say?   Half the lights were out in the stairway. “The radio thing is down there?” Yuri tried to keep the reluctance out of his voice. Iosif switched his flashlight on. “Bottom floor.” The stark purple-white light carved his face in hard shadows, made him look ghoulish. … Continue reading “A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 5”

A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 4

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Iosif rummaged through the musty cardboard boxes lining the plywood shelves. “Special Project 57,” he said distractedly. “I was a Junior Researcher.” Yuri swigged from his canteen and nodded like he knew what the hell that meant. He spat tepid water and motioned for Iosif to continue, trying for the ‘strong, silent’ attitude – not … Continue reading “A Prayer to Saint Strelok – Part 4”

A Prayer to St. Strelok – part 3

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At first Yuri thought Sasha had given him the headache; a clip and a half of her painful chatter followed by his mad dash through the swamp, gulping down bog stench and terror. But that was almost an hour ago and the throb was only getting worse. Every step deeper into the Chernya was like … Continue reading “A Prayer to St. Strelok – part 3”

A Prayer to St. Strelok, Part 2

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  It was worse than he feared, the Wet Valley. Clouds of bugs, calf-deep mud, and the rotten, low tide stink… Gah! It was so rank it burned the hairs in his nose. Yuri pulled his scarf up so as to not puke breakfast. Visibility was crap in the tall grass and the hiss of … Continue reading “A Prayer to St. Strelok, Part 2”

A Prayer to St. Strelok. Part 1

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A bit of STALKER fiction: A PRAYER TO ST. STRELOK. The tourists were whining again. Not even fifteen kilometers in and the eggheads are complaining: they are out of breath –  their feet hurt – the packs are heavy – when is the next stop so we can rest? Hadn’t he, Yuri Bonyev, always the … Continue reading “A Prayer to St. Strelok. Part 1”


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As the setting for a skirmish wargame setting? Are you kidding? If you have ever played any of the STALKER PC games, you shouldn’t be asking that question. And if you haven’t played STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Call of Pripyat, or Clear Sky, you need to get on that. Right now. Dark, brooding, creeping dread … Continue reading “Why STALKER?”

MadMax34 Turning Templates from Things from the Basement

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I have been playing around with the Mad Maximillian 1934 car combat rules for a little bit now as the past two posts can attest to. I am enjoying the game very much. One thing I wanted to do was … Continue reading

More on Mad Maximillian 1934, an ongoing project

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In which I greatly expand on the Mad Maximillian 1934 material… Mad Maximillian 1934 (MadMax34) is a very small scale skirmish game set in a dystopic past– that’s right, the past, during the Depression.  The publisher, Mana Press, doesn’t flesh … Continue reading

Chechen Wars 28mm Kickstarter

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Kickstarter… Yeah I know. Great idea – not always the best experience. Incessant delays, poor communications, long-winded excuses, sub- par products, partial fulfillment… I’m 50/50 Good to Bad projects over the past five years. And lately, I’ve given up altogether. It’s just not worth the hassle. Sure, nice figs/game/terrain but I’ll wait until they’re available … Continue reading “Chechen Wars 28mm Kickstarter”

Eureka Miniatures’ Mad Maximillian 1934: A new Obsession & Frustrations

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So, yeah, this is a thing. I’ve been noticing these larger scale old timey racing and fighting vehicles at the Eureka booth the last few shows, and I’ve restrained myself.. until now.  Why? Because there’s a new set of rules … Continue reading

Wreck and Ruin Kickstarter Review

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Wreck and Ruin kickstarter review

Oh what a day! Oh what a lovely day, when a brand spanking new Kickstarter prototype arrives at my door. And it’s not for a micro card game, a fantasy dungeon crawler or some form of worker/dice placement, no it’s tearing around a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a diesel guzzling vehicle a la Mad Max. Oh what a lovely day indeed.

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Wreck and Ruin Kickstarter Review

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Wreck and Ruin kickstarter review

Oh what a day! Oh what a lovely day, when a brand spanking new Kickstarter prototype arrives at my door. And it’s not for a micro card game, a fantasy dungeon crawler or some form of worker/dice placement, no it’s tearing around a post-apocalyptic wasteland in a diesel guzzling vehicle a la Mad Max. Oh what a lovely day indeed.

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The Tribe of The Tsar in Yellow – OpFor for Metro 2033

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Here is a small nod to my Metro 2033 project. I desperately needed some opponents to pit against my Survivors and found the perfect solution in these figures from Pig Iron Productions.They are listed as ‘Kolony Ferals’ and are wonderfully chunky and ch…

Back with a Swagger

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Just when you think this blog has gone the way of most blogs, along comes an update! So, I’ve not really been in a painting phase lately but I do have a few things to show that I’ve been working on this past few (six?) months. First up is a lovely little resin piece from […]

The Father of Toxins: Skaard, Father Curwen

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Slow start this year, but I am shaking off the funk of holidays and winter in general to finally get some paint going on.First up this year is a Dark Age fig for the Skaard faction. Particularly the Toxic cult.  This is Father Curwen, who just so …

Dark Age: Jon Woe

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Well, you never saw WIP’s of this fig because he is not a paint job of mine. A couple of friends and I decided to do a fig swap and paint each others small based fig of choice. I picked Jon Woe for my buddy John to paint. I was super stoked when I got …

Dark Age: Blazon

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Found a few minutes to put the finishing touches on this one.  She can now go off to the new owner.I like how she turned out quite a bit, the little bones on the base(mouse bones) were sort of an afterthought, but I am glad I included them. Helps …

And back to the dip….

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The other week I noticed that my can of Minwax polyshades had dried up. It’s been so long since I used the dip method that it must not have been sealed properly. Any, so I bought a new can and decided to clear some stuff of my painting table that’s bee…

Lost Highway…

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So for a few years now I wanted a cheaper wrecked car option in 28mm than buying cars and smashing them with a hammer. A long while back I found this link: like a good idea but it also seemed me…

Lead Adventure Miniatures – Opinion needed!

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I also painted a Lead Adventure miniature these last few days. The range has some amazing characters and I especially like the dudes with the gas masks! This guy was painted using the Army Painter dip and then highlighting over the dipped miniature. I’…