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Salute 2017 – The Pics (A Looong Post!)

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Its Sunday night and my feet still hurt!
Yep I’ve got to admit it, it was bloody knackering walking around Salute all day!
Postie, Dave and myself left early, unlike last year I actually remembered the tickets this time!
So upon arrival to the Excel centre, me and Postie abandoned Dave to the Salute queue and if you’ve ever been to Salute you’ll know the pain of the Salute queue!
Yes, that does mean we had a press pass once again. yee haw! So we got in nice and early around 8.30ish. After an hour of wandering around I called BigLee to see where he was. He wasn’t best pleased when I told him we were already spending our hard earned dosh and had been for an hour or so. He called me a few names, none of which I can repeat here, but he did include a photo
see below!
Displaying IMG-20170422-WA0000.jpg
he he!
Anyway on with the SHOW!

Dalauppror – Fort Mosquito 1654
Sweden v Dutch Wars in the New World
Top marks go to Michael and Gang, this was my favorite game of the show!

Col Bill, giving it large!!!
 Warbases and Col Bill still setting up.
My first purchase of the day was at Midlam Miniatures
Some very nice lit torches……what the hells he talking about, I hear you say.
All will be explained another day.
The ddddreaded queue…..

Warlord – Inverlochy 1645

Still setting up…..

WI – Celebratory Deathmatch

Society of Ancients

Gatehouse Gamers – Encounter at Pearson’s Farm ACW

Barry & Toggy looking all glam!

Herts Volunteers Gamers Club – Sword Beach 6th June 1944

Hornchurch Wargames Club – WotR

A bit blurry, but these ship were bloody awesome!!

£70 for this ship which I thought was a bargain

I had a chat with Graham & son from Crann Tara

Essex Warriors – 7YW Battle of Prague 1757

The Old Guard – Raab 1809

A beautiful castle for sale at Rendra.


2 Fat Lardies – Sharpe’s Practice
Had a quick chat with Sidney Roundwood!

Bit blurry but……….


Peter Pig – Vietnam

Shattered Void

The Walking Dead

More 7TV

Crewe and Nantwich Wargames – Fall of Philippines Battle of Marong 1942



Scareb Miniature – Italy 1917-1918

Tunbridge Wells Wargames Society – Soviet counter-attack near Rogochev 1942

Wyre Forest Gamers – Battle of Kalisz 1706 

Pike & Shot Society – King Philips War 1675

Pedion Terrian – Operation Uranus WWII
Beautifully made terrain tiles!

Bexley Wargames – Jurassic Park 

Muskets & Tomahawks

Simon Miller – Raphia 217BC

 The Continental Wargames Society – Meet me at the Trocadero


Real Time Wargames – 

Learn to Paint the Army Painter way

Battle for Neustadt 6mm

The river that never was……

League of Gentlemen Anti-Alchemists – Carry on up the Volga, Russian Civil War

ACW – ??



Gripping Beast

Pirates – ??


                                              Von Jrinkenessen Chronicles – Italian Wars

North London Wargames Group – 

I found this reprobate fast asleep in a chair.
Of course I riffled through his bag and ate his sandwiches!

Bet they were hot!

Not at hot as him though! 

Ard Hamma Pinhail – 2nd Sino-Japanese War


Friday Night in Crawley – Palestro 1859 – Franco Prussian War

Love the town!

Fran woulda loved this one!
Oshiro Terrain – Shiro O Kogeki

??? -The Battle of Lodi Vecchio 1239

Kallistra – Battle of Cambrai 1917

And that’s about it
hope I didn’t bore you too much?
If anyone can fill in any of the club or game names I’d appreciate it?

Reject John – Raid on Sandwich 991

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Reject John has up and left the Rejects!At the start of the year he buggered off back up north, close to where he was born.He now resides in the Lake District in Cumbria.He can’t find any clubs locally, so he’s settling down for the life of a solo game…

Salute 2017 – Blogger Meet up???

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With Salute 2017 just around the corner on Saturday April 22nd, its time to drum up some support for the Annual Blogger meet up.Strangely enough it’ll be at that big red spot again at 1pm.So if you fancy meeting up for a quick chat please come along.It…

Battle of the Rocks 1793 – Sacré bleu!

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Another Sunday and another game in the shed-o-war with Posties Rejects, but this time we had a couple of trainee Rejects in attendance. My own young Padawan joined me to see what a large wargame looked like, up to now she has only played 6mm wargames o…

Skirmish Wargame Show March 2017

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Last Sunday me and Postie made a long trip up the A2 to Sidcup for the first Skirmish Show of the year. There we met fellow Rejects BigLee and Clint. The show is run by Redcoat Models with a Zulu War theme and is a must for the Rejects. It is only…

Another Skirmish in Sidcup

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Skirmish is a small show but it always seems to attract my attention and if possible I try to make it across the river to Sidcup to attend. There is more of a Toy Soldier element to this event but that means there are different traders and a bit of var…

Cavalier 2017 Swag

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A couple of photos of my swag I managed to collect at Cavalier last weekend.
I picked up a few copies of Arquebusier from the Help the Heroes stand, and few packs of
tufts for Debris of War, and a few bases from Products of War.
Bob Cordery of Wargames Miscellany fame, gave Postie and myself a copy of his newly
published ruleset, “The Portable Wargame”.
I’ve only had a quick flick at the moment, but I like what I see!
If you’re interested in Bob’s rules, click this link!
Cavalier is always time to pick up a few paints…..although I forgot to get the
silver I needed!! Idiot!
I picked up a few different flesh colours, its a bit late now as I’ve already
painted most (a lie of course) of my Woodland Indians.
I did have a list of figures I wanted to buy from Redoubt, but somehow I lost it?
So I picked up these few packs to add to my collection, hoping they were the ones I
actually wanted, the plan is to get these painted
for the Challenge, but with only 15 days left, I’ve got no bloody chance!
Oh well, there’s always next year!
PS. When I got home I found the list I’d lost, in the bag I’d put my new
paints in………….sigh!

Cavalier 2017 – The Pics

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Last Sunday was Cavalier time, the Rejects first show of the year, so myself and Postie jumped in my Go-Cart and headed on down to Tonbridge. There we met BigLee, we were early so we popped up to the café for a quick cuppa and a bacon roll!
Me and Lee had a joint shopping list, we were looking for some bits and bobs for our joint
entry into the last bonus round of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. We did get a few bits, not quite what we wanted, but it still looks pretty good! More on that at a later date.
I bumped into a few blogger, Dave, Bob, ( I was given a pressie by  Bob, more on that later too?) Al and of course Clint, while taking the first pic in this post I had a chat with John Treadaway of Miniature Wargames fame, who was taking the same photo for his mag!

Society of Ancients – Punic War – Battle of Cannae – 28mm

The Anti-Alchemists – Calvados and Chips – 28mm WWII

Hailsham Wargames Club – German Civil War 1919 – 1929
Winner Best Demonstration Game

 North London Wargames – Black Horse Strike – 15mm Vietnam

 Rainham Wargames – Blood Bilge and Iron Balls – 1/2400 Naval  Game
I spy Clint playing with his Iron Balls!

 Maidstone Wargames Society – Fenris Decending

Not sure what they are, but they’re all hand made!!

 Southend Wargames – Four Days Battle 1666

 The Bring & Buy

Tonbridge Wargames – Age of Sigmar

Gravesend Gamers Guild – Star Wars X-Wing

Peter Pig – Men of B Company – 15mm Vietnam Game

Crawley Wargames D-Day Operation Overlord
Winner – Best Participation game

Deal Wargames Society – Holding up the Traffic – Prudka, Poland 1939

 SEEMS – The Restless Dead

Friday Nigh Firefight –  Starlingrad

Cavalier Wargames Show 2017

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Phew, we’ve made it through a long desolate empty winter to the first wargames show of the year, and for Posties Rejects that means Cavalier at Tonbridge in Kent. This is a relatively modest sized event but we never fail to enjoy the selection of Trade…

Franco-Prussian War Batrep – The Battle of Les Collines qui Bouge, August 1870

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Reject Richard umpired a 15mm Franco-Prussian game last weekend. Its the first Franco-Prussian game I’ve played for years, in pre-blog days they were a staple game in the shed, but they’ve been sitting on the backburner for years, so it was great to get them out again.
That’s not to say that they’re not gamed with, Richard plays regular games with his nipper James, who came along to the game and actually challenged myself and Ian!!!
I heard many a tale of woe from Richard over the past few years of how James is a
 Generalissimo dice god, so we accepted the Challenge with trepidation!!!

Now Richard is a clever ol’ chap and designed a pre-game deployment system, that was
for want of  better words “Bloody Good!”
Above is the table as we first saw it, placing a commander (representing brigade of troops) in any area of our side of the table, Ian and myself were the Prussians, while Lil Generalissimo James was the French.
Each side must place their commands, including any blinds.  Each side must then choose ten cards which are then shuffles and dealt to produce a hand of three.  From this the players can move, remove, add terrain, delay troops and advance.  This continues until the last card is added to the defending player’s hand.  This all represents initial manoeuvring and deployment to “kind of” simulate something more campaign-like.
The players then have a quiz to determine who controls the weather the night before.  Wet means that the Prussian artillery is disadvantaged for the first four turns – soft ground equals unreliable percussion fuses.

And here’s the table after the Pregame deployment.
Note the hill in the centre of the French lines has gone and been replaced by walling (not too sure what’s worse?) And a town has moved from the centre French side to our deployment zone. The other main change was a bigger wood on the French centre right.
Generalissimo James’ plan was easy…..defend!
We decided to attack both flanks and try and pin the centre, forcing James to reinforce the flanks
then maybe attack the centre.
The troops
Prussian Army
1 cavalry division consisting of 1 cuirassier, 1 uhlan and 1 dragoon
4 brigades of 4 units and one artillery piece each
1 reserve brigade consisting of 4 Bavarian units and an artillery battery
1 corps artillery reserve of 2 4pdr batteries
400 infantry figures
French Army
1 cavalry division consisting of 2 cuirassier and 1 hussar
3 brigades of 4 units and one artillery piece each (1 had a mitrailleuse)
1 reserve brigade consisting of 4 guard units and a 12 pounder battery (never arrived)
192 infantry figures

The French right.

The French centre and left

Prussian Cavalry on our extreme left flank.

Its a long way around that flank?

We pushed forward in the first move and were hit by small arms fire immediately.
The French had hidden troops in all the villages, James’ dice rolling was ridiculous!!
My Leib Guard unit was down a 1/4 already and they hadn’t even seen the French yet!

The same happend to Ian on the left, although not so damning, French sniper fire from
 the farmhouse stopped him in his tracks. Also the French started to bring their Cavalry forward?

Ian redeployed his line to counter the Farmhouse and the Cavalry.

I moved around the wood, it would have been more direct to go through but a lot slower.

Generalissimo James photobombing!

Prussian Dragoons, lead from the front.

Followed by the heavier Lancers and Cuirassiers.

James bought his Cavalry forward again.

While I moved up to take the farmhouse and unsettle the French right flank.

Ian moved up his second line, his front line fired at the horse and…….

some died, and some ran away!

All’s looking good for the Prussians…….but I’ve still got to attack Zouves, in a wood 
behind a wall…..Hmm?

I was stuck in the centre, my artillery couldn’t hit a barn door, while James’ could!
So I had to just sit and wait and take it.

Ian pushed forward, following the French Horse.

Ah! Re-inforcements!
The Bavarians!

James moved troops onto the back hill to defend against my Cavalry, which weakend his lines.

So I pushed forward in the centre.

And on the left flank. I decided to aim my attack at the unit at the edge of the wood,
Hence the two coloumns.

Ian pushed forward again, while James formed a defensive line with his Mitrailleuse
in the centre.

Ian’s artillery pounded James’ lines

I pushed forward in the centre, taking heavy casualties.

James regained control of his last Cavalry unit and charged Ian’s infantry.
It was close, but the Prussians won the fight and sent the French fleeing back.

Getting closer!!


My Dragoons were blown away by musket fire, so to were
half of my Cuirassier unit!

One Prussian line unit fails its morale and flees back.

Going for the artistic shot here, shame about the plastic box!

Combined artillery……poor French!

Got him!
James’ Zouves flee, leaving a large gap in the French lines.

Getting messy down the right flank.

James had to move another unit from the centre to his right.

To try and counter me on the flank.

Some disastrous morale throws from Ian.
Thins out his lines….here we go again!!

The Cavalry were doing their job. Both units charged…

Only the Lancers made it in..

I also just managed to charge the French line at the wall, although I hit the flank,
I had no bonus’s as we were in the woods.

James’ lines stared to thin out.

So did both our centres
We both must be close to leaving the field soon….surly?

Ian pushed forward, pushing back 1 French line unit.

I went into skirmish line, a much safer formation!?!

I lost both melees, my dice let me down again, while James’ didn’t
Jammy little Generlissimo!!

A very weak looking centre for both sides.

Our artillery started to tell in the end.

At the end of the turn, the French had just reached their casualty marker so after a very brave fight retreated from the field with honour! 
That made two very relived Prussians, we would never live it down, getting our butt kicked by
a 9 year old. Poor Richard has this problem daily!
Hopefully Generalissimo James carries on wargaming and one day will
become a full blown Reject!
Losses by end of game
French 53 infantry figures, all three cavalry regiments
Prussians 87 infantry figures, half of all cavalry figures
Recalculated points score was Prussian 10 French 8