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UK Games Expo 2018: Ragusa Preview

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UK Games Expo 2018: Ragusa Preview

Apparently, Ragusa is the name of a port city now called Dubrovnik. I’ve learnt something new today and hopefully so have you. We’ll at the UK Games Expo 2018 I had the chance to play Ragusa with the game’s designer and a lovely little euro game it was too.

The aim of Ragusa is to build the titular city and you’ll do this in true euro fashion by gathering resources and exploiting locations. But instead of this game being the rather common worker placement game, this is a house placement game. Each turn you’ll claim a location on the board and your little house will permanently remain in that location.  This house gives you access to a variety of resources, including your basic wood and stone for building but also including things like olive trees, silver or and grapes, all of which can be processed later in the game and sold for huge amounts of profit, or at least thats one of the aims of Ragusa.

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Big Book of Battle Mats – Hands On

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Creating dungeons and maps for role-playing game sessions can be exhausting. There’s so much to consider! Aesthetics, settings, balance, excitement, authenticity, it’s a minefield of […]

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So Long, My World Kickstarter Review

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There are but a few hours left, then, and then it’s all over.  Everything. No more light, or dark, or time.  Just the end.  No one knows why.  Or how.  So before all the questions are gone too, all we have left is “what”.  What are you going to do in t…

UK Games Expo 2018: Wildlands Preview

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UK Games Expo 2018: Wildlands Preview

I don’t know whether it’s cynicism brought on by an approaching mid-life crisis, or simply that I have a burgeoning board game collection that is taking up far too much space, but with every new game that is announced I ask myself, do I really need this.

And its these questions that come to mind as I go through Wildlands, the new board-based skirmish miniatures game that I went through at the UK Games Expo 2018.  Now at first glance this game would appear to be your run of the mill game that appears to adorn Kickstarter once every few weeks. It’s got a board, it’s got miniatures and it’s all card based, but like a racehorse or prize pig it’s important to look into Wildlands pedigree, because Wildlands is being brought to us by legendary designer Martin Wallace and publisher Osprey games and that in itself means that Wildlands deserves a second look.

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UK Games Expo 2018: Witless Wizards

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UK Games Expo 2018 - Witless Wizards

Old age comes to us all, I should know because as I fast approach my 40th year on this earth I’ve started to notice the unfortunate effects of ageing. While I am still in procession of a full head of hair, not one of which is going grey, my mind does appear on occasion to do stupid things and I am pretty sure my memory is not as good as it used to be. For me this effect appears to manifest itself in forgetting the name of an actor but if you’re a mighty wizard that has spent their life studying the arcane arts, this forgetfulness can be a spot of bother, especially when you can’t remember a particular spell during a magical battle with your peers.

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UK Games Expo 2018: The Gig – First Thoughts

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“First comes the bass.Then the drums.Then we bring in the keys, oh yeah.Followed by the sax.Then, and only then do we lay down the lyrics; it’s poetry really.  Now that, that’s Real Cool Jazz”MAD E. Upman – The Spirit and Soul of Real Cool JazzThe Gig …

UK Games Expo 2018: Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr – First Thoughts

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“He has moments of lucidity, but mostly, the things he says come in fragments, I don’t think he even knows where he is.  If we could piece together all these things he talks about, maybe he’d let go, and go peacefully.”Holding On: The Troubled Life of …

Resinarium building bridges on Kickstarter

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Launching today at 1400GMT (all going to plan) Resinarium will be opening their Kickstarter to launch their range of Bridges. Scenery is something that I […]

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UK Games Expo 2018: Detective – First Thoughts

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On Saturday 2nd June, at approximately 2 pm somewhere near Birmingham International airport, I liaised with a tall mysterious Polish man and three other rookie sleuths to find evidence to support the claim that when playing Portal’s Detective: A Modern…

Assembly Kickstarter Review

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Personal log: “I don’t know for certain what happened.  there was a meteor shower; fiercer than we anticipated.  It was carrying some kind of virus that somehow breached the station and killed the crew.  Well, almost.  There’s just …

Warhammer Champions Hands-On at UK Games Expo

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It’s uncomfortably warm here at Birmingham NEC, right now. It’s not even open to the public but it’s already amass with exhibitors setting up and […]

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UK Games Expo 2018 Preview

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UK Games Expo 2018, Birmingham NEC, Banner
Once a year, the nerds that form the UK Board Gaming Community start to get a little anxious. The reason for this anxiety is not because it’s time for their bath, but due to the annual gathering just outside Birmingham International Airport where they congregate in large numbers to ogle, drool over and mingle around new and upcoming tabletop games for the year ahead.
Yes, it’s time for UK Games Expo 2018 so fire up the hype machine, set it to maximum chat and put on your convention pants to see what’s got us at Polyhedron Collider more excited than a Jack Russell who’s been fed coffee powder and just been told it’s time for walkies.

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Vadoran Gardens First Impressions

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Vadoran Gardens First Impressions

It’s a shame that Vadoran Gardens may not get the Kickstarter spotlight it so rightly deserves. They say that great things come in small packages and the first of City of Games’ small box games is testament that to have a fun game you don’t need 500 miniatures and a box that can be used as a raft during flooding. For reasons that make perfect financial sense, Vadoran Gardens is an add on in the current City of Kings second print run Kickstarter, but I believe it deserves to shine on its own.

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Battle Report – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – NEW Idoneth Deepkin vs. Free Peoples

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  The Idoneth Deepkin have arrived and to celebrate I’ve painted up 1000pts to take on Owen’s newly finished 1000pts of Free Peoples as the Sea Elves raid a the humans for their precious soul-matter. We play Battleplan: Duality of Death from General’s Handbook 2017! Check out the Rules review HERE: Advertisements

Grappling with a Goblin, while your king falls to an assassin

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Coming soon to kickstarter we have Goblin Grapple. This fun 2-4 player card game is deceptively simple and annoyingly addictive. The premise is simple be […]

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40 Thieves: Preview

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Coming to Kickstarter soon we have 40 Thieves, A card game of deduction and strategy, with a small amount of laughing at your opponents poor […]

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GMG Reviews – Battletome: Daughters of Khaine

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  Big thanks to GW for sending along the upcoming Battletome for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar… Daughters of Khaine! I’ll breakdown the new units, rules, artefacts, traits, spells and changes for this dark addition to the Grand Alliance of Order. Advertisements

Arkon Kickstarter Review

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Arkon Card Game Kickstarter Review

I was going to start this review by saying that Arkon is a bit like Ronseal, and then I realised that not everyone in the world will be familiar with a wood staining product and its advertising slogan. For those who haven’t got a nostalgic history of UK television commercials, Ronseal’s slogan was “it does what is says on the tin” and I feel that by describing Arkon as a take-that card game with set collection and bidding, you more or less know most of what you need to about the game, but we have been tasked with reviewing this product and so we are honour bound to tell you more.

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Nemesis Preview

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I’ve been following the development of Nemesis quite closely over the last couple of years. I first spoke to the game’s designer Adam Kwapiński way back in 2015 at Essen, when he explained the concept of a game he was developing where players wake from…

Awesome Games Coming in 2018: Part 2 Kickstarter Arrivals

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As the resident….well, I hesitate to use the term “junkie”, but it’s pretty much what the other two call me….“purchasing enthusiast” within the Polyhedron Collider walls, it seems that the majority of Kickstarters we collectively backed prior to 2018…

Good News Everyone – Las Vegas Open 2018 Studio Preview

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Hi everyone! Craig here and I bring you news from the Las Vegas Open that’s currently taking place and the Games Workshop team have given […]

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Awesome Games Coming in 2018: Part 1 Kickstarter

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Awesome Games Coming in 2018: Part 1 Kickstarter

Every year we like to put up a little preview of the games coming out over the coming twelve months. In a way this article has become easier, as companies have made an effort to start promoting their games far in advance of their release. But it’s also become more difficult, as the rise of Kickstarter has meant that games that are announced hit Kickstarter and don’t hit our tables for a few years, don’t fund and so have to relaunch or even don’t turn up on Kickstarter at all (it’s been 2 years since we mentioned Chronicles Origin and we still have no idea if that game is even coming out).

This year we’re going to do things a little different, breaking the 2018 preview into three lists, the first (this one) will cover games that are coming to Kickstarter over the coming year (or even this week!) The second will address those games have already funded on Kickstarter (that we here at Polyhedron Collider have backed) and should be releasing over the next twelve months, and the last will be those games that publishers have announced.

Of course we can’t mention every game, but here’s a slice of gaming action that everyone here at Polyhedron Collider is excited to get to the table.

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Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – NEW Daemons vs. Necrons

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It’s time for another new book review/Battle Report! The 2018 Chaos Daemons codex takes on the Necrons with their Chapter Approved updates!

Annual Review of 2017, Preview of 2018

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Wow, another year passed and what a year it was. Almost 60 updates on here, available in both English and German. A busy year for me and my family, both personal and hobby-wise. A lot of things happened. I got engaged early this year, went to New Zealand for a month in late summer and […]

Shots fired for D-Day Dice 2nd Edition

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D-Day Dice was of the most successfull Kickstarter game, before Kickstarter became the social norm. After several years of being out of print the new […]

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