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Jo6 Preview #4 – Ostfront

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As well as our 6mm ranges, we also take the Small Scale Scenery range to Joy of Six. It’s used by some 6mm gamers who prefer their scenery to be nearer to ground scale than figure scale, and we’ve seen it done very effectively. After the bu…

Jo6 Preview #3 – Air Support

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Our Squadron Commander range of starfighters stand as a range (and game – you can download the rules for free) in their own right, but also do double duty as air support for our 6mm SF range. It’s been a while since the last release, but we…

Jo6 Preview #2 – Guido’s Boys

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Number two in our short series of Joy of Six previews is a new set of 6mm infantry for Hammer’s Slammers, Fasolini’s Company. We already have these available in 15mm, and sculptor Martin Baker has done a fantastic job of scaling down the la…

Jo6 Preview #1 – The Nightmare Bridge

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Before I start – this is the last call for Joy of Six pre-orders, I’m at Brigade Towers tomorrow casting stock and it’ll be my final chance to put any orders together. We have a few new 6mm SF items ready for the show this coming Sund…

Battle Report and GMG Reviews – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – NEW Nighthaunts vs. NEW Stormcast Eternals!

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It’s that time again (Honestly, what was the last time it wasn’t that time? This has been a busy summer!… and it’s only JUNE!)… A NEW BATTLETOME DOUBLE-HEADER! Battletome: Nighthaunt take on Battletome: Stormcast Eternals in this Battlehost level game from GHB2018! Check out the Nighthaunts Battletome review HERE:   Check out the Stormcast Eternals […]

Let’s Play! – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition by Games Workshop

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Back to your regularly scheduled #TBT Next week; It’s time for anther Let’s Play! Today I’m joined by Chris from Lords of War Games and Hobbies for a Matched Play game between the new Stormcast Sacrosanct Chamber and the Nighthaunts, featuring Malign Sorcery and the General’s Handbook 2018! Check out the top 5 things you […]

Battle Report – Warhammer 40k – NEW Imperial Knights vs. Tyranids

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House Metallum strides to war, lead by their newest addition; the Knight Valiant ‘Slayer’! Their Forge has been invaded by monstrous Tyranids and they walk to slay this ancient Foe. I’m joined by Owen from Gaming with the Cooler to check out the latest codex for Warhammer 40,000 from Games Workshop. See the Top Things […]

GMG Reviews – NEW Codex Imperial Knights

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It’s time for another 40k Codex Review, this time one of my favourite armies, the Imperial Knights stride to war!
Check out the newest Imperial Knight Dominus Class kit: the Knight Valiant On the Paint Table HERE:

The Rise of the Centurion

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John Treadaway has added a new page on the Hammer’s Slammers website covering the history and use of our new Centurion Large Transport Vehicle family, from the C400 utility truck up to the huge C4H6 Hog. Click on the C204 below to be taken to the…

GMG Reviews – Codex: Harlequins

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To see the new Codex in action watch the Battle Report HERE:
It’s time for another Rulebook Review from GW; this time the legendary Troupes and Guardians of the Black Library have been unleashed on the Battlefield wit…

GMG Reviews – NEW Codex: Deathwatch

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It’s time for another GMG Rulebook review. This time we take a look at the upcoming Codex: Deathwatch for Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000.
Check out today’s Battle Report featuring the new rules HERE:

GMG Reviews: Order Battletome – Idoneth Deepkin

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  The newest Faction for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is up for Pre-Order today; Order Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin. I was lucky enough to get a preview copy to run through for you all and here’s the second part on the Rules, Traits and Warscrolls! Check out the Idoneth Deepkin Lore Summary HERE: Check out […]

No, wait – there’s more !

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And you thought we’d finished the Salute releases … actually so did we. I shall be brief here, as I still have a thousand and one jobs to do and writing long blog posts isn’t one of them ! Painting display models is, but I suspect tha…

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels #3

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The title of this post is a bit of a misnomer, as there are no wheels visible in the photos below – they’re off being painted separately (which I discovered is so much easier…). We present the last two models in the Centurion series &…

Hat Trick

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Stuff is coming online very late here, but Phil delivered a couple of crucial moulds at the start of this week. Amongst other things, they contained a series of 15mm turrets for the various new vehicles that we’ll have on Saturday. There are some…

Tracks, Tracks, Tracks

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After two lots of wheeled vehicles, it’s time for the treadheads to get in on the action. I posted a picture of a hybrid Lightning Division tank that I’d created by combining the turret and hull from two different Neo-Soviet models along wi…

Stalin’s General

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Revealed at the latest Victory Day fly-past, the Neo-Soviet Union have unveiled their latest starship, the Marshal Zhukov. Armed with the same standard Mass Accelerator turrets as other Neo-Soviet capital ships, the Zhukov also has a heavier Mass Drive…

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels #2

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Following on from the vehicles previewed earlier today, we have more wheels (lots and lots of wheels !). This time it’s the large Centurion family of heavy transporter vehicles, which range from the rather dumpy Centurion 400 to the huge 4H6 arti…

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels #1

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We previewed a number of new wheeled vehicles a few days ago, and I’ve now had a chance to paint some. This first batch of three vehicles form the core of several mercenary units including the Apex Dragoons (in whose colours I’ve painted th…

Dyb Dyb Dyb*

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We do some odd stuff – along with the flying Victorian battleships, if you haven’t found it yet, there’s a hamster with an assault rifle on our website. So this next item should be relatively normal – after all, it’s at le…

Baby Viking

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Following on from the 15mm Thunderbolt Vikings, we’re adding the 6mm versions to our Salute release list. It’s exactly the same list, two versions of the Viking half-track and three trailers. This will be it for 6mm at Salute, unfortunately…

The Salute 2018 Page

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So, with exactly two weeks to go until the doors to Salute are thrown open, it’s high time we set up our Salute releases page for this year. This page is where you’ll find the definitive list of confirmed releases at the show, including pri…

Viking Thunderbolt

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Today we’re unveiling a new 15mm model for the Thunderbolt Division, a mercenary unit from the Slammerverse that relies mainly on half-tracked vehicles (and you thought half-tracks were obsolete …). This is the Viking, a smaller recce vehic…

Britannia Rules the Air !

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The final phase of our British Aeronef replacement programme is a new fighter carrier model. This is the Furious, a two-deck vessel which carries up to 18 fighters. The model is resin hulled with a separate full-length metal flight deck and other bits….

The New Stone Age

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Something missing from our Small Scale Range has always been bridges. We started to put this right last year with the Girder Bridges pack, and part of our Salute line-up this year should be this set of four stone bridges. Each is 40mm long (to match th…