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Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Twenty

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ merce…

New Year…New Games

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It has been roughly 6 months since Games Workshop stabbed me in the heart. The Old World is dead. In its place, a new “game” and setting called Age of Sigmar was introduced. I played it. I hated it. If you played…

Privateer Press: New Warmachine Hand of Judgment Released

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Privateer Press: Hand of Judgment exists for a single purpose: to execute the will of Feora, Priestess and Protector of the Flame. 
Armed with an immolator cannon and a massive mace, this mighty warjack brings Menoth’s cleansing fire against those arrayed against the Protectorate. Zealous in smiting its enemies, it has demonstrated a dangerous temper only Feora can keep in check. Wherever she treads, Hand of Judgment follows, eager to slip its leash to destroy those who displease its master.
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Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Nineteen

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ mercenary companies NPC’s backgrounds can be found here.

This session was going to be a little bit different. I decided to have a bit of a change and give every-one some pre-built characters that would be potential new recruits for the Brotherhood and use them to re-introduce the mercenary company in it’s new independent form through their eyes. I had each player roll 2d6 and then allow them to select a character from a list (highest score to lowest of course) however the only information they had to inform their decision was name, sex and career.

Their choices were,,,

Cecily Bradner - Female – Aristocrat/Pistoleer
Gale Graydon - Female – Artillerist/Trencher
Icabod Barton - Male – Mechanik/Soldier
Leto Dumas - Male – Pathfinder/Scout
Jonas Brocker - Male – Cutthroat/Highwayman

This weeks attendees were Tom who rolled highest and selected the aristocratic Cecily Bradner, Andrew who decided upon the dubious Jonas Brocker, Phil who opted for Icabod Barton, Martin went for Leto Dumas and Steve who with the lowest roll ended up with the remaining Gale Graydon. In order to prompt a bit of role-playing the characters were somewhat flawed and I’ll put the full character profiles at the bottom of this session for those of you who were interested.

Note – As I was GMing and obviously had notes and intro bits written down I’ve just pasted them into this article directly so they’ll be in a ‘reading to the group‘ style. This’ll save me a lot of time writing out everything again and hopefully wont effect your reading enjoyment too much bouncing between the two styles of writing.

Mission Nineteen – ‘New Recruits

Attracted to the Brotherhood for a variety of reasons and after a period of indoctrination including a thorough interview by their priestess Danika, several tests from officers to ascertain the level of your military skills and fitness you are now probationary Brotherhood members awaiting your first assignment. As untested members currently your pay consists only of rations and a place to sleep so you are obviously quite keen to be assigned your first job and so greet the news that you’re to report to the main meeting room for a mission briefing with a mixture of relief and for some of you a measure of trepidation.

Act One – ‘First Impressions’

After a nights sleep of varying quality you all awake early and head to the Brotherhood rank and files meeting room on the outer wall of the central complex. Other than a few people leaving an early service at the Morrowan Temple and a few scouts apparently recently returned from a night patrol including one wearing a wildly inappropriate hat for some reason there is little activity this early. A pair of Ogrun men at arms are stationed at the entrance to the central keep and wave each of you in without anything more than casual visual inspection as their primary duty is deterring uninvited civilian guests and ensuring that Sebastian’s ‘visitors’ don’t bump into one another rather than preventing access for actual Brotherhood members.

There is little going on at this early hour and even the now legendary ‘Innout’ inn where most meetings are taken is fairly quiet. The meeting room is fairly spacious with a large, heavy rectangular table in it’s centre surrounded by seating of various sizes as befits the somewhat eclectic set of races that the mercenary company consists of. A large board on one wall contains a selection of notes somewhat haphazardly pinned to it containing information on current deployments, various logistical information and a few random wanted posters. A jug of water is sitting on top of a locked cabinet against one wall and a number of glasses, cups and goblets seemingly selected at random are piled up next to it.

As soon as it became apparent that either they were early or their superior was late the recruits began to chat amongst themselves though much of this was Icabod complaining about pretty much everything and Cecily flirting with any-one who she thought might be of use to her at some point in the future though the others at least introduced themselves to one another. The only other input was the occasional groan from Leto who was seemingly nursing a hang-over of epic proportions.

After some time you are joined by Corporal Loronzo a veteran rifleman from the Brotherhoods first forming who was unfortunately severely injured during the collapse of the keeps then outer wall during a clash with a rival mercenary company not long after the fort was first constructed. Unable to continue service in a direct military role he is now responsible for the more routine of mission assignments deemed unnecessary of oversight by a senior officer. He takes a vacant seat, drops a folder onto the table and finally seems to notice of you all.

Right then…” “This is your first official job so I’ve selected something that even you lot can’t bollox up” “One of Rafaldo’s shipping contacts one Mr Blake Mallory apparently spends his spare time collecting military rarities and has been in contact with a fellow collector who has something of interest for him

It seems that he’s not happy traipsing off to this gentlemen’s estate in the mountains with several hundred gold crowns on his person so has requested an armed guard and I’ve given him you lot” He slides the top one of the folders across the table into roughly the centre of where you are currently sitting. “There’s a requisition form in there for your equipment that you’ll need to collect from the quartermaster. he’ll issue you some transport as well…I’m hoping at least one of you can drive a cart…well?

After a slight pause Gale volunteered for the task once it became obvious that no-one else was going to…

Fine…you get the job then…” “He’s arriving at the dockyard mid morning some time. You can’t miss him, even if everything he owns didn’t have his name on it he’s…well…lets just say he enjoys the good things in life and leave it at that” “From there take him and any entourage to his meeting, make sure he doesn’t die on the way…or the way back for that matter and that’s it. Should take about four days all in, maybe five at the most

Also…and this is important…don’t get involved in the negotiation part of the deal at all outside of being present during it. Rafaldo has people who do that sort of thing and they cost a lot more than you do and their services have been declined

Any questions?

A few pertinent enquiries were put forward but further information on both the client and specifics about the job were limited. As far as the Corporal was concerned this was a standard escort job (or ‘Babysitting’ as Icobod insisted on referring to it as) and should provide no problems.

Fine then” “Go fetch your equipment and transport” 

He gave each of the soldiers five gold crowns as payment for their first week of actual work and this was greeted by varying degrees of gratitude. Leto also helped himself to various bottles of beverages that were unguarded in the Inn at this early hour as they passed from the meeting room to the storage areas of the fortress ‘for the journey’.

The fortress has awakened somewhat during your meeting and you can see groups of soldiers attending their various duties. The engineering block is emitting it’s usual clouds of steam, clanging noises and disconcerting clouds of strange coloured smoke with both the civilian and military sections seemingly busy with their respective projects and one of the new Rhulic warjacks of Thorsten’s is dry cycling various weapons and between each test the dwarf Sergeant is himself making minor adjustments while several interested members of his staff look on.

On noticing the dwarf sergeant outside the workshops Icabod began to mutter about the unfairness of outsiders being brought in and promptly being put in charge over far more worthy candidates such as himself and further began to whine about being given a tedious babysitting job when there were far more important projects that those of his skill should be involved in. Noting their companions tendencies for delusions of victimisation both Leto and Dumas had began to wind him up at every available opportunity.

Pistol fire can be heard from the shooting ranges out of sight in the complex’s rear no doubt Sebastians own Pistoleers competing with one another as usual. The parade ground is largely empty as you cross to the stores and armoury as Bosh and his Ogrun and Trollkin Men at Arms are currently on an assignment supplementing a Cygnaran military unit…or more likely committing some violent massacre in a manner that Cygnar can plausibly deny responsibility for.

The fortresses stores block stands next to the stables which has been by necessity split into two halves after it was discovered just how incompatible human and Trollkin mounts were. Inside the entrance to the stores is a heavy duty counter behind which the quartermaster Hagen Brenn and a surprisingly muscular looking Gobber are playing a card game of some description and don’t seem to have noticed you at all.

Fortunately Jonas had remembered to pick up the requisition forms given to them by Corporal Loronzo and distributed them to the rest of the team. Standard issue Repeating Pistols and Military Rifles were distributed as well as standard packs containing bed-rolls, military rations and the other mundane bits and pieces required by soldiers in the field. Gale who had been trained as part of the artillery teams was allowed to take a more heavy duty weapon in the form of the somewhat inaccurately described ‘Mini’ Slugger and Cecily had utilised some casual flirtation in order to obtain a second pistol and extra ammunition. This process was periodically interrupted by the male members of the party bickering…or more specifically Leto and Jonas bickering with Icabod. Once it became obvious to the quartermaster that no-one was going to leave without prompting he decided to move things forward himself.

There are some carts already prepared and with horses harnessed. Just pick one and make sure you look after it

Gale noted that of the three available carts two were identical and seem structurally sound though the third though with the most comfortable seating for the driver looked like it might be very uncomfortable indeed for any passengers in the rear. Having no feelings one way or another for the rest of the guard team she opted for the one that she presumed would give her the most pleasant travel experience. She also discovered that the cart had a basic medical kit underneath the drivers seat.

Before they could get started Corporal Loronzo re-appeared in order to ensure that everything was moving along as planned as the earlier meeting and subsequent bickering hadn’t exactly filled him with confidence. “I suppose I should put one of you in charge” he stated somewhat reluctantly and after some thought decided upon Icabod as he seemed to be the only one making any effort to manage the others…not particularly successfully but at least he looked like he was trying.

Editors Note – I gave any-one who wanted to be in command the option to take a command test and Phil’s player Icabod won with the assistance of his ‘Genius’ archetype benefit boosting his roll.

Leto assisted Cecily into the carriage once it became apparent that she was just going to stand there until some-one did so.

Act Two – ‘Off to Work’

Outside the fortress the markets have already began to set up and salesman are already touting their wares, the smell of cooking is wafting from several food stalls and the sellers of various local beverages are making wild claims about the potency of their products.

After a really uncomfortable ride through town you arrive at the newly rebuilt docks built to accommodate the river traffic along the Black River and taking advantage of the new trade routes established by the Brotherhood. The facility is quite expansive for a riverside dock and has spaces for a surprising number of vessels as well as laborjacks to assist with unloading, warehouse space and offices for the civilian administrative staff as well as one utilised by Rafaldo when he deems his presence necessary for important visitors or particularly valuable cargo’s.

A man so fat that you’re all surprised his legs can actually support his weight is berating several dock workers as well as another gentlemen who is presumably his assistant and from the logo on the crates around him and the description from Loronzo you can only presume is your client.

Icabod decided to take the lead and introduced himself and the rest of what he had now decided were ‘his’ team to the merchant Mallory. Noting that his own cart was considerably more comfortable than their own Cecily immediately defaulted to her seemingly standard strategy of flirting until she got her own way. After an extended session of arguing about who went on which cart it was eventually decided that Icabod would ride with the merchant along with Cecily who the merchant Mallory now insisted accompany them with the others staying on their current transport.

Editors Note – Amusingly this was an actual extended in character debate that I eventually had to have them decide with a command test or they’d still be debating it now…

Mr Mallory is exactly as obnoxious as your first impressions led you to believe and every statement is a complaint of some description. Fortunately the roads are fairly clear and maps provided for you are more than adequately detailed courtesy of the fortresses scout teams though you’re not sure why a particular village store that sells hats has been highlighted as a point of interest.

As it begins to get dark the important business of establishing a campsite for the night becomes an issue for you all. None of you are familiar enough with the area to make travelling through the night a viable option and time isn’t currently an issue.

Leto realised he could actually navigate through the night if he wanted to given his familiarity with the area due to training excursions with the Trollkin scouting parties but he decided to not point this out as it seemed like a lot of unnecessary work that would considerably eat into any spare drinking and relaxing time. Also several of the party had the distinct impression that they were being watched so night-time travel seemed a risky proposition though this may have just been their imaginations running away with them. Jonas Brocker on the other hand was sure it wasn’t his imagination…They were definitely being followed.  There was more than enough experience between them to set up a more than adequate camp for the night while Leto decided to supplement their military rations with some real food and after a successful bit of hunting rustled them up a particularly nice ‘wilderness stew’ and acquired themselves a nice hog to roast after a particular bit of skill combined with some good fortune.

A rotation for guard duties was arranged and despite both Jonas and Leto’s suspicions the night passed relatively undisturbed. The hearty meal from the night before in conjunction with Cecilys company had lightened the merchants mood considerably and he hardly complained at all for the remainder of the journey.

Act Three – ‘A Deal to be Done’
After another uneventful days travel you arrive at your destination which is a well constructed stone building in a small valley surrounded by forest. The small estate consists of the aforementioned stone building, a small stable area containing a horse drawn carriage, several storehouses and a surprisingly well maintained garden for such a location. It is obviously owned by a man of leisure and financial security.

Icabod elected to stay outside with the cart containing the merchants gold as the merchants assistant had accompanied his master into the house while Leto gave the area itself a quick patrol in order to make sure the perimeter was as secure as possible. Cecily accompanied the merchant to the door while Jonas and Gale flanked them in their capacities as bodyguards.

You are greeted at the door by an elderly gentleman of military bearing who introduces himself as Colonel Anson Ashborne of the 79th Cygnaran Heavy Infantry Regiment (Retired). As you would expect of a military veteran he dispenses with unnecessary pleasantries and states his desire to get straight into the negotiation and subsequently leads you through a well decorated living room with well upholstered chairs and several expensive rugs on the floor and into a back room whose walls are filled with various military memorabilia. Suits of armour are on stands along one wall, a selection of antique rifles graces one shelf with another opposite contains bladed weapons from a variety of cultures. Laid out on a heavy table at the rooms centre is a suit of exquisitely designed heavy armour though it seems to have been designed for a tall yet slightly built individual and you find it difficult to imagine of a human with such proportions. Next to the armour is a long, slightly curved sword designed to be wielded in two hands and this is even more elaborately decorated than the armour. The previous owner must have been of impressively high status indeed.

Those in the room with a familiarity with items of a military nature noted that the weapons and armour appear to be of Nyss origin.

Anson’s opening demand is a staggering fifteen hundred gold crowns which Mallory counters with an insulting low one of a mere hundred. This opening gambit to obtain a bargain is unfortunately somewhat undermined by Mallory’s constant compliments about the piece and statements about how he’s told all his friends about the find and that he “Must have it” and therefore you are somewhat surprised that Anson allows himself to be haggled down to a relatively mere six hundred crowns.

Cecily, Gale and Jonas noted that Anson didn’t seem to be trying very hard and it was almost like he wanted rid of the items as soon as possible. However such musings were interrupted as with the deal settled Anson send his assistant Baincroft to fetch the chest from the cart. Icabod helped Baincroft to remove the chest of gold from the cart and they had almost reached the door when several arrows appeared in the centre of the servants chest and he stumbled forward unbalancing Icabod. This unpredictable motion was to serve to Icabod’s advantage as the arrow aimed at him struck him in the shoulder rather than the throat, Leto was more fortunate as he had noticed movement in the woods and was therefore prepared when the hail of arrows were sent in his direction and avoided them all. Zig-zagging as he ran he burst through the rear door of the home just as Icabod dived through the front yelling warnings as they both did. Icabod had perhaps foolishly decided to rescue the chest of gold as well which had slowed him down a bit. Events had just become…complicated…

A number of elven figures have appeared seemingly from nowhere and are taking up positions surrounding the house you’re currently in. From their midst another appears wearing armour that’s almost identical to the one being negotiated over mere minutes ago and faint glowing runes can be seen in the air around him. In his right hand is a scabbarded two handed sword that’s a mirror image of the one next to the suit of armour currently in the house. He advances to just outside optimum range for your weapons, pauses briefly and then begins to speak. The voice is strangely accented yet is perfectly understandable to you all.

You in the house” “You have something that belongs to my family and I wish it returned. Send out the corpulent fool who seeks to turn the relics of my people into mere ornaments and the thief who profits from them and I promise” he pauses briefly “to kill the rest of you quickly and painlessly” “If however you resist then I promise you all a death that even your your foolish companies bloodthirsty priestess would consider unnecessarily excessive in it’s brutality

You have one minute to decide

With negotiation seemingly not an option a plan was quickly agreed upon. Cecily ushered their merchant charge into a side room where she discovered many signs that the Colonel was planning a move. Icabod was patched up enough so he didn’t bleed to death while they started to barricade the windows and doors using whatever they had to hand and the others sorted through the Colonels weapon collection for ammunition and began to load spare rifles. With her charge safe Cecily returned to the main room though she made no attempt to assist with any of the manual labour going on. Seeing that the Colonel was edging towards the rear door she drew one of her pistols and made it clear that staying exactly where he was would be his best course of action. Their ambushers were seemingly in no hurry to storm the building and could be observed moving into strategic positions around the perimeter. Detailed observation was difficult however as any significant movement was followed by a hail of arrows towards the offending part of the building. What could be ascertained though was that their carriages horses had been shot dead.

With the immediate area at least marginally secured the bodyguards had some questions to ask the Colonel. He claimed that he had bought the weapons and armour in good faith from a rival collector and had no idea that they were being sought after by their original owners though it took very little prompting to cause this lie to unravel. With further prompting and some creative threats he revealed that word had reached him of the brutal murder and dismemberment of the collector from which he had obtained the items and he’d came to the easy decision to offload them on some-one else which would draw attention away from himself for long enough for him to get as far away as possible. Some consideration was given to shooting him for such underhand and dishonourable actions but it was decided that every man was needed for the houses defence so his life was spared…for now…

Tables were overturned in order to create barricades in anticipation of the inevitable assault and the now patched up Icabod continued to reinforce the windows wherever possible using what little materials that were available. The rest had pre-loaded a number of extra pistols and rifles so time need not be wasted re-loading their single shot rifles. The journey to the house had taken two days so they would not be missed for at least four, possibly five days and it was unlikely they could hold out for that long against a foe of significant numbers. The fact that no attempt had been made to storm their location was if anything more worrying than a direct assault would have been as they had no idea what their enemies were up to outside. A rota for watch duty was decided and those not on guard got what sleep they could on the rugs on the homes floor. Icabod had taken a turn on watch despite his injuries though he was very tired indeed. It’s possible that this was why the Colonel chose his watch to make a run for it. Before anything could be done to stop him the Colonel ran for the back door, quickly unlocked it and ran outside into the night. or would have done not a patrol had not been waiting silently by the rear entrance waiting for just such an eventuality.

Arterial spray filled the room as the colonels severed head bounced back into it and his body slumped into the gap. Showing unusual bravery considering his apparent persecution complex Icabod hurled himself at the door in an attempt to close it before the elves could gain entry but the combination of the body in the way and the surprising strength of the elven attackers made this impossible and he could only partially bar their entry. Shouting for assistance he could only hope that the others could ready themselves before the enemies gained entry.

The rest of the guards were roused from their slumber by the shouts of Icabod and the sounds of battering against the rear door. Cecily stayed back to protect their charge while Leto and Jonas tried to help close the door but encountered the same difficulties as Icabod was encountering and these were further compounded by the slick layer of blood coating the floor. Needing a new strategy gale who had readied her Slugger shouted for them to let go of the door and as the ambushers stumbled inside she opened fire with the weapon on full automatic fire. The closest Nyss attacker was torn to pieces by high calibre projectiles with the second saved only by the intervening body of his comrade. Leto and Jonas readied their own weapons and fired through the doorway while Icabod attempted the unenviable task of retrieving the key from what was left of the Colonels blood-stained corpse upon the floor as he dragged it from the doorway. More attackers could be seen charging towards this newly created breach and it was only moments before the quickly advancing foe would be at the door.

Realising that their agile enemies were avoiding precise shots they defenders instead relied on weight of fire, unloading shot after shot though the doorway reducing another pair of approaching Nyss to pulverised corpses. Despite their successes each enemy killed attempting entry created more problems as the pile of bodies and body parts were causing more issues for both the defenders attempts to shut the door though fortunately were also causing the attackers issues with the pile of corpses in their way. A brief gap in the assault happened by amazing good fortune to coincide with the finding of the door key and they all dropped their weapons and threw their full weight into closing the rear door and with a heroic effort they managed to keep the door shut long enough to lock the door. The area around the entrance had all the appearance of a charnel house and many of the defenders bled from small wounds incurred during the surprise attack but the enemy had been repelled…for now…

Act Four – ‘A Chance For Escape…’
The watch had been doubled in order to prevent any new surprises though sleep was hard to come by. Jonas had managed to find a singularly uncomfortable location in which to sleep as something was digging into his back through the rug under him. Upon further investigation he discovered this was the handle to a trapdoor concealed beneath the rugs. Alerting the others to his discovery he carefully opened it up and had a look inside and in the darkness he could discern a ladder leading down to a tunnel leading off in the direction of the stable outside. As the scout amongst them Leto was given the task of seeing where the passage led.

After following the tunnel for several dozen yards he reached a second ladder leading up to another identical trapdoor. He opened it as carefully as he could as a quantity of straw fell into the tunnel and through the smallest crack he could see the inside of the small barn area across from the house. The Colonels carriage and horses were completely unharmed inside. Lurking nearby he could also discern the backs of two attackers waiting in ambush. It seems that the carriage had been left intact in order to lure out the defenders though these would be ambushers were about to get a surprise of their own.

Returning back down the tunnel he reported his findings to the rest of his team and they quickly formed a plan of action. Their plan was to make a ruckus in the building including several gunshots in order to create the impression of a falling out amongst themselves followed by setting fire to the building. They would then make their way down the tunnel and hope to eliminate the guards in the barn and escape while the enemies attention was drawn on the besieged and burning building. Jonas had suggested that he himself attack the two guards with Leto as back-up as he claimed that he had some experience eliminating enemy sentries during his career as a ‘soldier’ as admitting a career as a bandit didn’t seem like a particularly good one in the unlikely event that they survived the encounter. They also as an after thought moved the gold into the tunnel in case they could retrieve it later though they left the armour and sword in the house it having caused them more than enough trouble already. The merchant had little choice but to agree with the plan as his other option was to be left behind to deal with the attackers himself.

In a legendary act of stealth Jonas opened up the trapdoor and advanced upon the Nyss with Leto behind. In a single action Jonas slit the throat of the fist guard before driving the springblade concealed at his forearm into the neck of the second and lowered their dead bodies slowly and quietly to the ground.

Editors Note – I did not make this easy at all to accomplish but apparently the dice gods prefer this character to Andrews normal one by a significant margin…

With the guards removed they loaded up the wagon with the merchant and the other members of the party and waited silently while the main building began to catch fire and as the enemies drew closer Gale spurred the horses into life and they barrelled towards the road at breakneck speed lighting the barn on fire as they left to further increase the chaos. Gale had missed a vocation as a carriage driver as she expertly controlled the wagon while the now alerted enemy rained arrows upon them. Several of them took glancing wounds with both Icabod and Leto taking severe ones as the hail of arrows become more and more severe.

As Gale directed the horses down the path a group of Nyss and their leader could be seen blocking their escape route, Having no better idea she continued her high speed advance. One of the horses took an arrow to it’s side and the other took one to the flank and the carriage now resembled a pincushion. The Nyss leapt aside and avoided the stampeding horses with their leader moving out of the way at the last minute. Their elation at their escape was shortlived as a bolt of magical energy from the enemies commander blasted into Leto’s already wounded body causing him to pass out from the pain…but at least they were away from danger…for now at least…

The battered and bruised group of mercenaries pushed both themselves and the horses to their limits and made the journey back to the fortress with barely any rest and not a single stop. Jonas skill with a blade was apparently only equalled by his knowledge of animals as he managed to keep their wounded horses moving despite their hear terminal levels of exhaustion with the driving duties been shared between those with any knowledge of driving whatsoever.

On arrival at the fortress the merchant immediately called for any-one with any authority and despite their saving of his life began a heavily distorted version of events blaming the Brotherhood and their incompetent guards for all his troubles as well as implying that the knowledge of the meeting must have came to their enemies by way of the Brotherhoods lax security despite having admitting to telling all his friends about it in earshot of the guards. Unfortunately for him the recipient of this tirade was the Brotherhoods Lieutenant Danika who took such impugning of the groups reputation extremely badly especially when it became apparent that he had cost them a cart, several horses and possibly the life of one of their guards due to an inability to keep his own affairs to himself and instead of satisfaction found himself with a bill for the resources he’d cost the company…

Editors Note – Rather conveniently Danika was Martins normal character and as the one he was using for this adventure was currently bleeding out in a cart I let him roleplay his reaction to a fat merchant getting in her face, lol.

Back to Reality.
That session went remarkably well everyone embracing their characters quirks and flaws with significant gusto. I also discovered that people are also far more ‘heroic’ with character that they don’t care about the death of…

The next session will be back to the players normal characters and will involve some waterbound action and perhaps the reappearance of an old adversary…or two…

Here are the profiles for the characters that the players used this session. They were created using the standard Iron Kingdoms methods with only 2XP worth of upgrades in order to add a couple of appropriate occupational skills that I thought they might need.

Cecily Bradner

As the youngest member of your family and the only daughter it was inevitable that your future would be both uneventful and most likely followed by a marriage of convenience to suit your families needs rather than your own. Unfortunately the collapse of your families holdings that were rather inconveniently mostly in what is now Khadoran Llael has reduced them to pauper status. You have inconvenienced your families plan to regain their fortune by marrying you off by running away and seeking a life of adventure. For obvious reasons this loss of status has been kept quiet so most presume you are just a spoilt débutante seeking a distraction…

Race - Human
Level – Hero, XP - 2
Height - 62 inches, Weight – 120 pounds
Careers - Aristocrat/Pistoleer
Archetype - Skilled
Languages – Cygnaran, Five Cant, Llaelese, Ordic
Connections - Mercenary Company (The Brotherhood), Nobility (You’re family is now destitute but no-one actually knows that…)

Quote – “I used to..I mean…do…have people who…that kind of thing for me, actually!!!”

PHY – 5, SPD – 6, STR – 4, AGL – 4, PRW – 4, POI – 5, INT – 4, ARC – 0, PER – 4
Willpower – 9, Initiative – 14
Defence – 13, Armour – 10
Command Range – 5
Abilities and Benefits
Fast Draw, Good Breeding, Gunfighter, Privilege, Return Fire, Virtuoso (Pistol)
Military Skills
Hand Weapon (1), Pistol (2)
Occupational Skills
Command (1), Deception (2), Detection (1),Etiquette (1), Intimidation (1), Sneak (1)
Armoured Greatcoat – SPD (0), DEF (-1), ARM (5)
Melee Weapons
Dagger – MAT (6), P + S (5)
Ranged Weapons
Pistol, Repeating – RNG (8), RAT (7), POW (10)
Pistol, Repeating – RNG (8), RAT (7), POW (10)
Ammo Wheel x2, Light Rounds x20
Ammo Bandolier, Brotherhood Uniform, Pocket Watch

Gale Graydon

As one of the few women who have chosen to pick a career as a artillerist in the ordic military you faced the inevitable prejudices from your male counterparts. Hearing rumours of a new mercenary company that had no apparent requirements of either sex or race you sought them out and were pleasantly surprised to find that not only were the rumours true but that they already had several female soldiers as part of their artillery teams. This change of culture has instilled in you a feeling of great loyalty to your new comrades and you will allow nothing to jeopardise this new and satisfying career…

Race - Human
Level – Hero, XP - 2
Height - 69 inches, Weight – 175 pounds
Careers - Artillerist, Trencher
Archetype - Mighty
Languages – Cygnaran, Five Cant, Ordic
Connections - Cygnaran Military, Mercenary Company (The Brotherhood)

Quote – “We probably need to shoot it some more…”

PHY – 6, SPD – 6, STR – 6, AGL – 3, PRW – 4, POI – 5, INT – 3, ARC – 0, PER – 4
Willpower – 9, Initiative – 14
Defence – 13, Armour – 11
Command Range – 5
Abilities and Benefits
Battle Plan (Close Fire), Bayonet Charge, Dig-In, Righteous Anger, Scorched Earth
Military Skills
Great Weapon (1), Heavy Artillery (1), Light Artillery (1), Pistol (1), Rifle (2), Thrown Weapon (1)
Occupational Skills
Command (2), Detection (2), Driving (1), Sneak (1), Survival (1)
Leather Armour – SPD (0), DEF (-1), ARM (5)
Melee Weapons
Axe – MAT (6), P + S (9)
Ranged Weapons
Military Rifle – RNG (10), RAT (7), POW (11) or
Mini-Slugger – RNG (10), RAT (6 – On Stand, 5 – Fired Standing), POW (11)
Heavy Rounds x10 or
Ammo Belt – Heavy Rounds x30
Ammo Bandolier, Bayonet, Brotherhood Uniform, Entrenching Spade

Icabod Barton

Though competent enough in your chosen careers you have an unfortunate habit of being incapable of accepting the blame for any mistakes that you might make and invariably look for some-one else to blame for any issues that occur. You are aware that you are not well liked by your peers as is indicated by the fact that they are constantly looking for ways to undermine you presumably due to jealousy over your superior intelligence and obvious talent. You therefore see no reason why these people who are obviously out to get you are not made to suffer for that fact and though you wouldn’t put them in any significant danger you have no objections to making everyone except yourself as miserable as possible. Now to make matters worse they’ve bought in some irritating dwarf and put him in charge of the military engineers almost instantly and no doubt he’ll have it in for you in some way…every-one does…

Race - Human
Level – Hero, XP - 2
Height - 72 inches, Weight – 190 pounds
Careers - Field Mechanik, Soldier
Archetype - Intellectual
Languages – Cygnaran, Five Cant, Ordic
Connections – Mercenary Company (The Brotherhood)

Quote – “Well the problem is obviously something stupid that YOU’VE done to it”

PHY – 5, SPD – 6, STR – 5, AGL – 3, PRW – 5, POI – 4, INT – 5, ARC – 0, PER – 3
Willpower – 10, Initiative – 14
Defence – 11, Armour – 10
Command Range – 7
Abilities and Benefits
‘Jack Marshal, Bodge, Find Cover, Genius, Hit the Deck, Sentry
Military Skills
Hand Weapon (2), Pistol (1)
Occupational Skills
Command (2), Craft – Metalworking (2), Detection (1), Driving (1), Mechanikal Engineering (2), Medicine (1), Survival (1)
Leather Armour – SPD (0), DEF (-1), ARM (5)
Melee Weapons
‘Jack Wrench – MAT (5), P + S (8)
Ranged Weapons
Pistol, Repeating – RNG (8), RAT (5), POW (10)
Ammo Wheel x1, Light Rounds x10
Brotherhood Uniform, Mechanik’s Tool Kit

Leto Dumas

You were somewhat surprised when joining the Brotherhood mercenary company to find yourself one of only a handful of human scouts with the majority being Trollkin of various shapes and sizes. The time you have spent with them has resulted in a high level of respect for their scouting abilities, resilience and even their odd hat wearing leader is somewhat amusing and rather unfortunately you also have developed a taste for their strong beverages and you are one of only a handful of humans who can actually keep up with them when it comes to food and drink…much to their amusement. The one downside to this is that you are definitely not what one would call a ‘morning’ person as you generally awake somewhat worse for wear…

Race - Human
Level – Hero, XP - 2
Height - 70 inches, Weight – 180 pounds
Careers - Explorer/Ranger
Archetype - Skilled
Languages – Cygnaran, Five Cant, Khadoran, Ordic
Connections – Mercenary Company (The Brotherhood)

Quote – “Is it to early for a drink?” “Can every-one stop breathing so loudly please?”

PHY – 5, SPD – 6, STR – 4, AGL – 5, PRW – 4, POI – 4, INT – 3, ARC – 0, PER – 5
Willpower – 8, Initiative – 15
Defence – 16, Armour – 11
Command Range – 3
Abilities and Benefits
Big Game Hunter, Camouflage, Pathfinder, Port of Call (Ternon Crag and surrounding areas of significance), Preternatural Awareness
Military Skills
Hand Weapon (2), Rifle (2)
Occupational Skills
Detection (2), Medicine (1), Navigation (2), Sneak (1), Survival (2), Tracking (2)
Leather Armour – SPD (0), DEF (-1), ARM (5)
Melee Weapons
Dagger – MAT (6), P + S (5)
Ranged Weapons
Military Rifle – RNG (10), RAT (6), POW (11)
Heavy Rounds x10
Brotherhood Uniform, Map Case, Spyglass

Jonas Brocker

The small but effective gang of masked robbers to which you belonged made a fair living preying on rich travellers and traders around Ternon Crag and prided yourself that your attacks were so well planned that actual violence was rarely needed though you were more than adequately prepared on the rare occasions that it become necessary. This came to an end when a vicious new leader and their associate appeared and took command of all the local bandit elements by murdering their leaders and offering the remainder the choice of either membership or execution and given these equally unappealing options you reluctantly joined up. It was therefore some relief when these leaders were assassinated by a new mercenary company based just outside Ternon Crag who also ironically became the best option for employment for those with…useful skills…

Race - Human
Level – Hero, XP - 2
Height - 71 inches, Weight – 180 pounds
Careers - Cutthroat/Highwayman
Archetype - Skilled
Languages – Cygnaran, Five Cant, Ordic
Connections - Mercenary Company (The Brotherhood)

Quote – “You must be thinking of some-one else…” “That’s a nice coat…”

PHY – 5, SPD – 6, STR – 5, AGL – 4, PRW – 5, POI – 5, INT – 3, ARC – 0, PER – 4
Willpower – 8, Initiative – 15
Defence – 14, Armour – 10
Command Range – 3
Abilities and Benefits
Anatomical Precision, Ambush, Backstab, Prowl, Saddleshot, Virtuoso (Hand Weapon)
Military Skills
Hand Weapon (2), Thrown Weapon (2)
Occupational Skills
Animal Handling (1), Deception (1), Detection (1), Intimidation (2), Riding (1), Sneak (2), Streetwise (1)
Armoured Greatcoat – SPD (0), DEF (-1), ARM (5)
Melee Weapons
Dagger, Large – MAT (7), P + S (7)
Sap – MAT (5), P + S (5) (Urban Combat p24)
Springblade – MAT (7), P + S (5)
Ranged Weapons
Knife, Throwing x6 – RNG (6), RAT (7), POW (7)
Pistol, Repeating – RNG (8), RAT (5), POW (10)
Ammo Wheel x1, Light Rounds x10
Brotherhood Uniform, Somnolence Elixir (Bottle contains 6 doses, p295 core)

Privateer Press: Privateer Press Holiday Sale Ending Soon!

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Privateer Press: Don’t forget about the Privateer Press Holiday Sale! Running through December 28th.This wargame news feed is kindly supplied by Wargame News and Terrain.

Wargame News and Terrain is a growing wargame news blog featuring new miniature…

Privateer Press: New Hordes Blighted Nyss Grotesque Banshees and Raiders

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Privateer Press released these new Hordes Raiders and BansheesThis wargame news feed is kindly supplied by Wargame News and Terrain.

Wargame News and Terrain is a growing wargame news blog featuring new miniature releases, wargame promotions, miniatu…

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Interlude (Part One)

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Those of you following our Iron Kingdoms campaign will have noticed that we’re outgrowing our role as glorified train guards and have during our travels gained quite a reputation for success in a number of different missions types. We’ve gained a number of recruits in the form of hired soldiers, rescued prisoners of war, grateful recipients of our aid and the occasional orphan that have either joined us on our journey or been sent to our fort on the outskirts of Ternon Crag which we’ve also out grown.

During our last few sessions Tom’s missions have given us a way out of our old job and transitioned us into a more traditional mercenary company albeit one with a lot of civilian operations under its influence and now he’s handed that over to me I had to wrap up eighteen missions worth of acquired allies, favours owed and about a hundred and fifty recruits once I’d added them up, lol.

I decided to do this as a two-parter with the first being a re-introduction of the PC’s and then a second part being a mission with ‘new’ characters so I could introduce our base of operations and a few other things through the eyes of some new recruits so most of this first part is in a ‘reading to the group’ style.

Here we go with part one then…

The Brotherhood – An Introduction.
Many months have passed since the Brotherhood of the Rail parted company with the Transcontinental Rail Company and the split has largely been amicable as with the line established the Brotherhood were rapidly becoming an un-necessary expense and the TRC had already made plans to convert the train to something more aesthetically suited to their desired class of customer and this has become any even higher priority for them given the massive boost in trade and prestige that the deal with Rhul has bought about. As is usual in such matters the Searforge’s trade council have presumed that as the agents of negotiation that the Brotherhood is entitled to some financial compensation for their part in the the transactions though have unsurprisingly taken it from the Transcontinental Rail Companies share.

‘Frontiers Hold’

Noting the logistical considerations of their current customer base Sebastian has acquired the functional sections of the train that was once your place of employment and several promissory notes for preferential terms and conditions with a wide variety of the train companies suppliers and subsidiaries have been generously provided as a personal thank-you from Marcus Darling for your work over the last year and especially this your final task. Given their history with him it’s also quite likely that Sebastian earned these perks in some clandestine manner best left to the imagination.

This combined with your share of the trade revenues from Draegyn, the ‘Old Thorn’ and the continuing passing trade via the railway and new docks has enabled you to continue with rates of pay that are still on the generous side even without the allowance the Rail Company used to supplement your pay with and has enabled Sebastian to considerably expand the fortress now that it’s effectively required to provide for all your needs.

‘Trollkin Kriel’

The Brotherhood having access to a flexible and grateful Trollkin workforce has also reopened the quarry they discovered when scouting out the bandit camp in order to minimise their reliance on others as well as taking over the mining facility previously occupied by the aforementioned bandits. Though this mine is simply a moderate source of coal with some newly discovered small quantities of copper and tin it is still an important resource and deemed worthy of the work necessary to maintain it and combined with the continuing influx of minerals acquired from the Rhulic deal this has made the Brotherhood far more self sufficient than many other mercenary groups of their type. The quarry of course has greatly increased the viability of expanding the fortress and at a significantly reduced cost than normal. And indeed the fortress has been expanded into a formidable and well equipped edifice that could more accurately be described as a castle than a fort. The farms depopulated by both the Skorne incursion and the bandit raids have also been absorbed by the Brotherhoods civilian operations though the official line is that they are being ‘held in trust’ should any family members wish to claim them.

Additional barracks and the associated armouries and facilities, larger stables, training areas and the like have all been constructed and the dockyard has been rebuilt in order to accommodate the river trade negotiated by Rafaldo while in Llael which has also helped bring significant revenue into the area from which the Brotherhood takes an appropriate percentage due to their ownership of the facility that they rebuilt. Fortunately the difference in types of goods preferred by these large-scale traders has meant that the issue of priority has yet to become an issue. However it is only a matter of time before this becomes an issue for some-one. Sebastian has however put this into the ‘problems for another day’ column and his increased personal influence has made this less of a threat than it would have been a year ago. It’s also more than likely that any such problems would due to careful delegation become Rafaldo’s problems…

‘The Market’

The fortress is increasingly becoming the centre of activity in Ternon Crag with many local businesses and support industries appearing outside the fort in order to take advantage of both passing traders and the increasing needs of the expanding Brotherhood operations. With the many contacts gained in your travels through Immoren and spreading tales of your successes in a variety of less traditional examples of the mercenary trade the Brotherhood is rapidly becoming the go-to organisation for specialist requirements and though large scale mercenary actions are still sometimes undertaken it is your overall flexibility that makes you so attractive to employers with more interesting problems. The services you have provided for the locals have also ensured that any jobs that occur in the immediate area are invariably given to the Brotherhood. Expansion into employment areas rarely taken on by mercenary groups such as bounty hunting, exploration, hostage retrieval, negotiation (and if some of the more vicious rumours are to be believed) assassination has ensured that the Brotherhoods operatives are rarely idle and now number nearly two hundred and quadruple that in staff for the various civilian operations under your control including dock workers, miners, farmers, wagon drivers and the like.

The Brotherhood – Allies
The promised support from both the Fraternal Order of Wizardry and the Temple of Morrow in exchange for the Brotherhoods services in Corvis finally arrived with the former being granted a fairly substantial guild house in the fortress’s outer courtyard and a small military force courtesy of the Morrowan priesthood is now stationed at the forts own temple to Morrow. Those races that worship other deities such as the Dhunian faiths have their own modest shrine in the Trollkin and Ogrun barracks though they rarely congregate except for the occasional seasonal ritual which is overseen by a shaman from the local Trollkin Kriel.

Blythe Langworth of the ‘Dedicants of the Enigma Cabal’ 
Considered a radical amongst his peers for his attempts to push the boundaries of current knowledge in a wide variety of both mechanikal and magical fields through study of arcane formulae. He has made no secret to Rafaldo of the fact that he requested this assignment due to the somewhat remote location giving his less orthodox experiments a convenient place for testing. His entourage consists of four other full members of the order, five acolytes, two lab assistants and a gobber who has the unusual role of Blythe’s personal assistant.

Stianna Madrah Priestess of Morrow
A firm believer that the word of Morrow is best spread through stirring and inspirational speeches, acts of charity and other good works her magical talents are more inclined towards blessings, healing and defensive enhancements of those she deems worthy. Her speeches are a stark contrast to Danika’s own more militant ones but she has given no sign that she gives her own methods any less respect than hers. She has four acolytes of her own as well as a small bodyguard of Knights that she seems to treat with complete disdain though they themselves treat her with a deference bordering on the fanatical.

As is usual in such circumstances these reinforcements arrived about six months after they would have been really quite useful but their presence now has several benefits. Firstly they are both important information sources, secondly they are an additional source of manpower and thirdly any attack on the fortress is also an attack on both the wizards order and the church of Morrow. Making three enemies in one stroke is a risk few should be willing to take and both Rafaldo and Danika respectively have made special effort to cultivate these new friendships. Though not exactly ‘allies’ the relationship with the Steelheads has warmed somewhat with both mercenary companies passing appropriate work to one another and occasionally utilising each others personnel where appropriate. The fact that both groups have knowledge that the other would rather be kept secret has also no doubt helped.

It is becoming a running joke amongst many that it’s only a matter of time before ‘Captain LaCroix’ starts referring to himself as ‘Baron LaCroix’ and this increase in power has not gone unnoticed with the powers that be in the area. Fortunately with powerful allies and the support of the local populace it is unlikely (but not impossible) that any overt attempts at disruption will occur…at least not yet…


The Brotherhood – Roles and Responsibilities.
In honour of their service and taking into account the increased number of troops under Brotherhood control both Danika and Bosh have been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant with Rafaldo’s title being changed to senior Lieutenant in order to maintain the current chain of command. Several of the most senior Brotherhood soldiers have been made up to Sergeant to fill the gaps and a new title of Corporal has been introduced for those given squad level responsibilities.

Soldier – 5gc’s per week
Corporal – 10gc’s per week
Sergeant – 15gc’s per week
Lieutenant – 20gc’s per week
Senior Lieutenant – 25gc’s per week

Editors Note – Every-one got a point of Command. Any-one at their max of two got to go up to three as we’re nearly at Veteran level anyway. Any-one not entitled to take Command was still allowed to have the one point but may not increase it further without acquiring an appropriate career.


Rafaldo Scorgiani

The construction of the dockyard has enabled the contacts you made in Llael to bring trade through Ternon Crag and this has in turn bought in other new traders.  As the new dockyard is effectively the Brotherhoods property given that they constructed it the fees for using it are paid to them though it’s well known that if you want a preferential dockyard berth and handling of your cargo prioritised then a small fee paid to yourself is the best way to go about it. Much of this additional income however has been invested in finding information on your missing family and though you have little solid information yet you have now acquired yourself a rather effective information network with which your former allies Amelie and Christophe has been surprisingly useful in the organisation of. You have broached the subject of acquiring the dockyard operation from the Brotherhood with Sebastian and though his terms were not unreasonable the price is too high for you to consider at the moment.

The ‘Brotherhood’ Spy Network has contacts that though cultivated by yourself and your new resistance contacts are also available to any of the other officers who can be bothered to check. Your own Spy Network reports only to you and that information is yours to do with as you please…

Editors Note – Rafaldo’s player got to add ‘Connections (Brotherhood Spy Network)’ and ‘Connections (Personal Spy Network)’ to his character. I also had to quantify the abilities of his staff as Tom had allowed him to add an ‘Arcane Force’ runeplate to it which normally gives you plus two to the power of the weapon in melee but in this case would be allowed to add that to the damage of his spells. In the interest of game balance (a melee character would have to have one of those runeplates per weapon to get the benefits with them all) I decided that the Staff’s ‘Arcane Force’ ability is attuned to a particular spell and made him pick one though I did say that he could ‘attune’ it to further spells by purchasing additional ‘Arcane Force’ runeplates at the usual cost.

Danika Jansen

The human members of the Brotherhoods rank and file have quickly learned that regular attendance at Morrowan services and the odd church donation has a direct relationship to the type of assignments one is allocated. It also seems only reasonable to yourself that as the person responsible for maintaining the spiritual integrity of the company you should be in some small way be financially compensated for your efforts though the appearance of other church representatives has made this somewhat trickier. Your neophyte Dora has made some progress with her training though her natural aptitudes seem to be towards magic detection and spells that enhance deception rather than the more directly offensive capabilities you yourself favour. She has however shown a formidable talent for routing out the secrets of others which she then passes on to you…well…mostly passes on to you…

The newly arrived priestess Stianna was greatly impressed to learn of your destruction of the Thamarite cult in Tarna and to learn of the symbol of faith that you rescued from their corrupt temple and has offered to complete it’s reconsecration in Morrow’s name. She has dedicated several sermons to the subject and the story itself has now become somewhat exaggerated with each telling…

Editors Note – I decided to represent this ‘blessing’ in an in game practical sense so Danika’s Battle Staff as her symbol of office now counts as ‘Blessed’ as long as she follows the basic tenets of her Morrowan faith…or more accurately…as long as Stianna believes she is following the basic tenets of her faith. In mechanical game terms this means that when making an attack with a weapon with the Blessed ability you ignore spell effects that add to a character’s ARM or DEF.

‘Bosh’ Skullsplitter

With the Brotherhood Ogrun and Trollkin ‘Men at Arms’ fully trained Bosh has been spending more and more time expanding the Brotherhoods sidelines into the fields of Bounty Hunting and acquiring interesting specimens for Baron Helstrom’s hunts from a variety of locations. These new revenue streams are surprisingly profitable and have the added benefit of spreading knowledge of the Brotherhoods services to a wider customer base. However Sebastian has sensibly employed several mercenaries with more subtle investigative talents to complement the Ogrun’s more direct ones and at the moment Bosh is rarely utilised by them unless they need to track a target through the wilderness or if they are tracking a target who is very dangerous indeed though the department is still (at least on paper) his responsibility. Captain LaCroix is considering the expansion of this section in order to gain the maximum possible benefits from these revenue streams and possibly to report back should Bosh’s increasingly erratic behaviour become a problem that needs resolving. Bosh himself is now rarely seen out outside of training duties or combat missions leading the Ogrun and Trollkin men at arms though his growing reputation for victory against formidable enemies has attracted many new Ogrun to the Brotherhood.

Editors Note – Bosh has recently become ‘Blighted’ which is going to cause him some roleplaying issues. In practical terms I’ve changed his race from Ogrun to Blighted Ogrun and added the disadvantages that this inflicts on him to his character sheet. I decided not to give him any ‘rewards’ like I’d given the other PC’s as it’s difficult to be objective about your own character so I erred on the side of caution.

Toborg Lugosh

Your current duties primarily revolve around making sure that the surrounding area is scouted adequately for potential threats to the fortress and it’s associated assets and after a surprising level of success in the Rhulic missions have been given nominal command of the Brotherhoods scouting elements. You were however somewhat disappointed to find that the rank of Corporal doesn’t come with some kind of impressive hat.

This more flexible role suits you far better than the more rigid ones usually associated with rank and despite the fact that every-one is now sick to death of your ‘heroic mission into enemy territory’ story your inclusion in more important missions is now far more commonplace.

Editors Note – I gave him a ‘Hunting Ground’ ability from a choice of three out of Forest, Mountains or Swamp. I can’t remember which one he picked at the moment but I’m sure it’s in my notes somewhere.

Thorsten Dovur

Given the expansion of the Brotherhoods civilian operations it has been decided to split the engineering section into both civilian and military arms with Bragg taking on the civilian part of the operation and yourself being the logical candidate for leading the military arm and have been given the rank of Sergeant to reflect this. Your rapid elevation had resulted in some initial ill feeling amongst the other engineers now under your command though this has somewhat lessoned with several military successes bought about by the fire-power of the ‘jacks under your control and your mechanikal prowess has earned their begrudging respect but not necessarily their trust as yet. In typical dwarfish fashion you couldn’t care less about their friendship as long as they do their jobs to your exacting high standards.

Through hard work, sleepless nights and creative time management you have managed to create a few days of spare time for your own personal engineering projects.

Editors Note – I gave him 4d6 days of engineering time and specified that he may use this time for any project that he personally had the skills to create though he don’t necessarily need to complete them. Mundane raw materials would be freely available to him though anything more exotic will need to be acquired through his own personal funds or creative roleplaying.

Lyra Syalyss

As the bodyguard of an officer with rank you have gained some of the privileges that come with that including the rank of Corporal and it is your job to ensure that Thorsten is unmolested while carrying out his military duties as it is common knowledge amongst experienced soldiers that killing off a ‘jacks controller is often easier to accomplish than destroying the ‘jacks themselves. The Brotherhoods formidable material resources, expansive and exotic armoury and well maintained workshops has made equipping yourself far simpler than you have experienced in the past.

Editors Note – This is Tom’s new character to replace Sebastian and hasn’t really done much on which to base an in character bonus so I settled for allowing her to stock up on a reasonable number of ‘specialist’ arrows before each mission without purchasing them in the same way that other Brotherhood members get issued their ammunition free of charge. She’s fairly well optimised from a mechanical point of view anyway so probably doesn’t need much help.


Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Eighteen

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ merce…

Wayland Games: Privateer Press Warmachine Revenant Crew Discounted

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Wayland Games discounted the Privateer Press Revenant Crew of the Atramentous With Three Riflemen. Check them here.This wargame news feed is kindly supplied by Wargame News and Terrain.

Wargame News and Terrain is a growing wargame news blog featurin…

Privateer Press: Privateer Press Holiday Sale!

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Privateer Press: Don’t forget about the Privateer Press Holiday Sale! Running through December 28th.This wargame news feed is kindly supplied by Wargame News and Terrain.

Wargame News and Terrain is a growing wargame news blog featuring new miniature…

Privateer Press: Privateer Press Holiday Sale Launched

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Privateer Press: The Privateer Press Holiday Sale is here! Follow the link for Details.This wargame news feed is kindly supplied by Wargame News and Terrain.

Wargame News and Terrain is a growing wargame news blog featuring new miniature releases, wa…

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Seventeen

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ mercenary companies NPC’s backgrounds can be found here.

This weeks attendees would be Lieutenant Rafaldo Scorgiani (Steve’s character), Martin’s Priestess and ‘Spiritual Advisor’ Danika Jansen, Andrews Pygmy Troll character Toborg Lugosh and my Ogrun ‘Bosh’ Skullsplitter. Captain Sebastian LaCroix (Toms character) will be becoming an NPC for a bit as Tom is GMing for this session and the next and Phil’s ‘Gunmage’ Christophe Mayeux will unfortunately be absent this session and is probably going to be being retired in favour of a new character to be introduced soon. Sometimes your concept just doesn’t inspire you when you actually use them in game and this has apparently been the case with Phil’s character but we’ll let him off as he’s new to this particular RPG system…as long as he doesn’t do it every time, lol.

Note – Tom has sent me his notes so I’ve copied them out to include in this write up so they’ll obviously be in a ‘reading to the group‘ style. This’ll save me a lot of time trying to remember everything as he said it during the session and hopefully wont effect your reading enjoyment too much bouncing between the two styles of writing.

Mission Seventeen – ‘Searforge’

After your guilt as traitors has been assuaged, you spend a few days enjoying the delights of free Llael with Sebastian acting as a guide to all the pleasures the city has to offer.

While you rest the the other staff of the TCRC are hard at work. The line north to Rhul has been built at quite a rate, taxing the companies limits. A few days into your break you are summoned to a meeting with Marcus. The designated meeting place is far from his usual back rooms and shady bars. Le Cafe du Marche is an open and well lit establishment surrounded by well kept gardens and swarming with diners and revellers.

Little attention is paid to the group in the bustling crowds, although Bosh draws a few second and third glances. Marcus smiles as you take your seats, “I have taken the liberty of ordering some food. I hope you don’t mind.

The meal arrived and is as decadent as the cafe’s décor suggests. Once the waiters move away Marcus takes a sip of watered wine and continues, “You have done amazingly well up to this point, the company judges you to be a  fine investment in our security. This time however I must ask you to use another set of skills.” Marcus reaches into his coat and pulls out a roll of fine vellum. Unrolled in the little space available on the table it shows a finely detailed map of Immoren.  Rhul is important to us,” His finger stabs into the map, “ It is our only neutral route into Khador and it is the heart of all commerce in Immoren. I have arranged for you to meet a contact of mine in Gerhil, you are to negotiate our ability to trade in Rhul with the full backing of the company.” Marcus reaches into another inside pocket, and pulls another roll of paper, “This will let you speak to our authority.” He hands the parchment to Sebastian who promptly delegates the scroll to Rafaldo.

Very well, gentlemen, madam. You leave in the morning.” Marcus gets up to leave but turns back at the last moment. “LaCroix leave the gunmage, the locals will need leadership and the last thing you need is a new pet.

Bosh points out that several of the guns and bits of equipment that the gunmage Christophe Mayeux currently possesses were Brotherhood salvage and that if he’s not going to be joining them that they still belong to them. Sebastian however decides to let him keep them as having a contact in Llael whose indebted to them may come in useful in the future and besides which the weapons are only useful in the hands of a gifted gunmage and the Brotherhood has no such employees.

The papers indicate that the Transcontinental Rail Company has three primary goals that it wants achieved through this diplomatic mission, Firstly they want the rights to build a rail line into Rhul and secondly they require another connecting to it that will travel through Rhul into Khador bypassing any potential border issues that may arise from their other line that travels through the disputed territories of Llael, thirdly they also want rights to a certain mine in Rhul that has recently been found to contain a wide variety of rare minerals. Sebastian however adds a fourth goal to recruit an Arcane Mechanik for the Brotherhood themselves in order to supplement both their technical capabilities and potential armour and weapons options.

The rest of the group enjoy their last might in Llael though Bosh doesn’t join them. In anticipation of the trip to Rhul and having some knowledge of the culture and sensibilities he’ll encounter there he begins the task of cleaning and repairing his weapons and armour and removing the many trophies attached to it. He also removes his necklace of teeth and replaces it with a Dhunian symbol as the teeth imply worship of an entirely different deity.

Editors Note – Younger Ogrun do take trophies but older ones are expected to be able to list their various battle honours and victories without trophy related reminders. Also Ogrun culture takes great store over the leader they follow and quality of armour and equipment also is a great indicator of status. So basically Bosh is trying to make as good an impression as possible and additionally avoid looking like he worships The Devourer Wurm…because that’s how vicious rumours start…

Interlude – A Brief History of Rhul
If you already know about Rhulic culture then you can skip this bit but it’s here so I don’t have to do an ‘Editors Note’ every paragraph to explain what’s going on…..
Modern Rhulic history begins in 604 AR with the Khadoran invasion of Llael and Cygnar’s declaration of war on Khador. Rhul’s relationships with the nations of man are becoming difficult. Dwarven enclaves in all three nations make the safety of foreign Rhulic nationals tenuous, particularly considering the strength of the commercial relationships between Cygnar and Rhul as well Cygnaran resentment towards Rhulfolk from the reason that they are “providing a safe haven to a race refusing to assist them”. Travel throughout Immoren has become difficult for Rhulfolk shipping goods and supplies to their foreign enclaves. Khador has clamped down on the Black River, a main highway for Rhulic trade, and Cygnaran patrols and checkpoints police trade routes with extreme prejudice (IKWG p. 346, Superiority p. 196). In 605 AR, these difficulties lead Clan Searforge to create the Searforge Commission, a group that is dedicated to hiring Rhulic mercenaries throughout Western Immoren to protect Rhulic trade and shipping that serves the interests of Clan Searforge, but also accepts contracts from Clans Ghordson, Grundback, Serric, and Stone House Dhurg (Prime Remix p. 63).

Due to the recent liberation of Leryn by the Protectorate’s Northern Crusade and a cease in hostilities in Southern Khador, trade routes are more open, but there is no guarantee of safety. The presence of Skorne armies in eastern Cygnar, the occupation of Llael by the less-than-tolerant Protectorate of Menoth, the threat of Cygnaran and Khadoran patrols, and the ever-present threat of Cryx continue to make trade and shipping difficult for the clans. Even now Rhul is threatened from within by an incursion of dragonspawn. These are busy times for mercenary Rhulfolk living abroad. As long as war continues to ravage the nations of man, the Commission will enthusiastically band together forces to maintain their interests.

Act One – ‘Deals Within Deals…
The journey North is a long one and tensions build on the cramped train, suddenly claustrophobic after your time in Llael. The mountainous terrain of Rhul causes the train to struggle to climb the steep tracks, the engineers are pushed to their limit just to keep the lumbering engine moving. 

The tension and stress are completely forgotten as you crest a rise and catch a glimpse of a Rhulic hold. The great stone fortress dominates the landscape.

Gerhil is unlike anything else in Immoren. The buildings all bear a uniform style and look as if they were grown from the land, so perfectly do they fit. The wide street bustle with trade and citizens yet they are perfectly clean and maintained.

With the resources of the company at their disposal and in such circumstances impressions being everything the Brotherhood acquired a suite of rooms at what Bosh assured them was one of the more expensive and exclusive levels of the city and frequented by the more influential of foreign dignitaries planning on visiting for the purposes of trade. Being designed with this exact purpose in mind their suite had meeting rooms, a whole host of servants and they had been additionally provided with a concierge to facilitate any requests they might have. As no firm date had been set for any of their meetings they had enough time to adequately prepare and Bosh had been relaying as much of his knowledge of Rhulic culture and etiquette to the rest of the Brotherhood as he could. Deciding that the whole activity would no doubt be tedious in the extreme Sebastian delegated the negotiations to Rafaldo and retired to the nicest quarters he could find leaving instructions that he was only to be disturbed in the direst of circumstances.

Editors Note – When GMing in situations where your own character would realistically also be talking it’s wise to remove them from the session in as plausible manner as possible…unless you want to spend half an hour talking to yourself that is…

Though Bosh himself was fluent in both Rhulic and of course the Ogrun’s own language it was decided to also employ a translator experienced in business negotiations who could relay the more subtle nuances of any debates to them all. While this and some other basic preparations were being arranged Bosh was summoned by Lieutenant Rafaldo to accompany him on a task covertly delegated to him by Sebastian before he had retired to his rooms as he needed both a guide and possibly protection should there be an issue that required a none magical solution.

This covert meeting was taken at a small and discrete eating place in one of the quieter business districts. While Rafaldo sat down with the contact Bosh scanned the surrounding area for any potential threats but could discern nothing unusual. Their contact revealed himself as an agent of Magnus who had come to discuss their previously negotiated arrangement.

Editors Note – It’s a long story…we may have cut a deal with the Skorne at some point…and executed the only person who objected to the plan…in our defence we didn’t have many other options at the time…details can be found here.

Apparently the situation within the Skorne empire and their human allies had become complicated. Vinter had seemingly abandoned the Skorne leaving Magnus in charge of the human elements of their forces and the Skorne themselves no longer trusted their allies at all. Unless something significant occurred to change the rapidly destabilising situation the whole thing was going to break down sooner rather than later. As the Brotherhood had to all intents and purposes kept their part of the bargain the contact had been instructed to pay them the balance of their financial retainer before severing their relationship for the foreseeable future. He then handed over a large heavy satchel that quite obviously contained a considerable quantity of coin. With their business complete the two groups parted company and returned to their suite of rooms where the money was distributed. Each member of the Brotherhood was given their share separately with instructions to keep the transaction to themselves making it entirely possible that the distribution may not have been exactly even.

Editors Note – Rafaldo’s player Steve was given a note with the quantity of money written on it and he then handed out similar notes with our share on it. I still have no idea if Bosh got cheated or not but the five hundred crowns he did get was enough combined with his existing savings for a certain piece of meckanica he wished made to be completed so he had no reason to complain.

With one of their unofficial tasks completed it was time to get back into the job they were actually meant officially to be doing.

Act Two – ‘Knowledge is Power…’
The Brotherhood spent the time before going to meet their Rhulic contact doing as much research as possible on the culture, customs, etiquette and any local events that might have a bearing on the upcoming meeting. Apparently there was some disruption to trade with the wars on all sides causing issues of transportation and greatly increasing the likelihood of unforeseen problems which in turn impacted on profitability which was a concern to the Searforge traders which controlled most of the trade into and out of Rhul. Some of these warzones were also directly impacting upon Rhulic territory including problems with strange stone beasts attacking from the east and even stranger twisted creations causing issues to the South.

This southern conflict had required significant resources to be diverted from the strongholds internal security and large numbers of Ogrun had been sent to help resolve the situation. The Dwarves strong Ogrun forces, plentiful Warjacks and advanced weapons and armour meant that such threats rarely troubled them for long and the general consensus in the cities was that the conflict would be over any day soon.

Editors Note – There’s not a massive amount in the background material on Rhulic culture other than a basic overview so some of the customs we mention are by necessity extrapolated along the lines of what makes sense and also no doubt what suited our GM in order to make our lives as difficult as possible…

Rafaldo, Danika, Bosh, their Dwarven translator and (for some reason) Toborg headed to the main area that trade was negotiated in as that was the location that they were told it would be best to locate this elusive contact. Trade was being discussed in groups of various sizes and there were many nooks and crannies, alcoves and side-rooms where business conversations could be made with a little more privacy. After some time they were pointed in the appropriate direction and after the appropriate formal introductions the beginnings of a negotiation were started.

Bosh had gone on at some length about how precise they’d need to be as the Rhulfolk were notorious for holding traders to their word even if they had spoken in error and also of the importance of titles and appropriately important sounding ones at that. Rafaldo introduced themselves as the senior officers of the Brotherhood of the Rail acting on behalf of the Transcontinental Rail Company and after some lengthy introductions on both sides outlined their own requirements. The contact listened intently to these requirements and was seemingly quite impressed that these foreign traders hadn’t made any major breaches of etiquette though it’s possible that their translator had helped in that regard with an occasional ‘tidying-up’ of the language used. He informed them that his employer Jerard Stonehold’s emissary would be in contact with them as soon as was convenient and that they shouldn’t be offended if this took a while as he was no doubt very busy.

While they still had the attention of this representative they made enquiries about the Stonehold family and Jerard himself in order to find out anything that could be used to ingratiate themselves with him when and if he deigned to talk with them. They discovered that much of the families business interests lay in architecture and mining and that they were heavily involved in the northern areas of Rhulic territory. Jerard himself it was said was a fan of Llaelese culture in general and their food and drink in particular and shared one of his venerable ancestors love of anthropology though on a more theoretical level than his great grandfathers more hands-on approach to hunting interesting specimens. One final useful piece of information they picked up was that a common gift to ingratiate ones-self with a potential business partner was something of a mechanikal nature.

After some discussion it was decided to purchase a spyglass with some form of mechanikal aspect to it as this would be both a practical item for his use in his various interests and to decorate it in a manner that would invoke memories of the great grandfather that had shared his interests. They also thought that it might be worth seeing if their Captain had taken any food and wine with him from their recent trip to Llael that they could take as an additional gift. Sebastian was initially reluctant to part with any of his own stock but once the situation was explained to him he generously donated a particular rare Llaelese vintage bottle of wine from his personal stock though he sent Rafaldo to fetch it personally as he was apparently far too busy to go back to the train himself.

Editors Note – When Tom’s GMing it pays to be thorough…he has an uncanny knack of throwing a spanner in the works at the first sign of some-one looking smug…

Having the Transcontinental Rail Companies money at it’s disposal they located the finest manufacturer of mechanikal curiosities and commissioned the spyglass that they’d discussed with some additional work as suggested by the Dwarven arcane mechanik himself. He also pointed out to them that his workshop did a fine line in mechanikal arms and armour that after a few enquiries about pricing turned out to be somewhat less expensive than they would be if bought in the places they’d travelled through so far. Danika, Rafaldo and Bosh all decided to take advantage of the offer as their recent adventures had left them with a significant quantity of gold that the Dwarf was quite happy to relieve them of. Rafaldo had a staff commissioned…

…Danika placed an order for some armour and an upgrade to her signature weapon and Bosh rather worryingly had some extensive modifications made to a Khadoran Man-O-War shield cannon they had acquired some time ago which would ensure that the best place to be in any conflict involving him would be several feet behind him. Toborg was interested in some more mundane ranged weapons and was directed to an appropriate vendor who supplied him with an excellent quality rifle and a similarly well constructed carbine though he had to ask for an advance on his wages from Rafaldo to afford them.

With gifts acquired, new armament ordered and as much information as possible acquired they now had to wait to be contacted by the Stonehold family. Having little else to do they all spent the evening at various local eateries and drinking establishments though Bosh journeyed a bit further out in order to find an area where he could associate with some Ogrun and perhaps pick up some gossip about the war while he was there.

The information he picked up from the Ogrun with which he was drinking was significantly at odds with what they’d been hearing from the dwarves they’d spoke to previously. The amounts of Ogrun troops being sent to this allegedly minor border skirmish were significant in number and as yet none had returned from the conflict at all only dwarves. He also heard that Ogrun units sent to the front recently were now being pulled back before they had been given any chance to engage the enemy at all and no reason had been given for this unprecedented move though some of the better connected Ogrun had heard rumours that some of the missing Ogrun had been seen again…changed…With no more information forthcoming Bosh finished his meal, had a few more drinks and then returned to the Brotherhoods hotel suite.

Act Three – ‘Fashionably Late…’
Word reached the Brotherhood via messenger that Jerard Stonehold and his representatives had agreed to a meeting at Grunbacks hotel which was apparently a popular location for business meetings and one of the best and most expensive places of it’s type in the entire city. The meeting had been arranged for one in the afternoon but Bosh pointed out that their contact would probably be late as previous employers of his had the same habit. Apparently being on time subtly implied that you weren’t very busy, which in turn created doubts about your business credentials and this fact was confirmed by their translator. It was decided to turn up at a quarter past the appointed hour though their translator pointed out that as an important person in his field they more than likely wouldn’t see Jerard until at least half past. Bosh also reminded every-one about the importance of correct etiquette and briefly outlined some of what would be expected of them and this information was supplemented by what they themselves had picked up from various people they had spoken to over the last few days. With all the documentation and information at their disposal it was time to head off.

As expected Jerard was half an hour late for the meeting and had bought with him a considerable entourage of scribes, business associates and assistants who all seated themselves in the supplied meeting room without fuss. As soon as the Brotherhood officers joined them an extended formal set of introductions were made and seemingly every companion of Jerards had a tedious number of titles that they felt were of vital importance to relay. After what seemed like an eternity during which the officers managed to at least give the impression that they were paying attention there was a pause which was seemingly the signal for themselves to begin their own introductions. With only minor exaggerations Rafaldo introduced himself as the senior Lieutenant of the Brotherhood of the Rail and made suitable apology’s on behalf of their leader Sebastian claiming military commitments regarding the Transcontinental Rail Companies security as reason for his inability to attend. Danika as a representative of the Morrowan church and also a Knightly order fortunately had several impressive titles to list. Bosh as is expected of an Ogrun gave a list of battle honours both before and during his stint with the Brotherhood though several of these ‘battles’ were somewhat exaggerated in scope. Toborg was somewhat inaccurately described as their chief scout and after some prompting from his companions managed to string together a vaguely plausible set of seemingly heroic encounters in which he’d been involved as well as his experiences with the Skorne.

Editors Note – Rafaldo’s player Steve is notoriously lucky with any dice roll used for negotiation tests so to get around this our GM Tom made us actually verbally go through the introduction process…I personally thought this was a stroke of genius…

It hadn’t escaped the officers notice that Jerard was paying quite a lot of attention to the Pygmy Troll Toborg even to the point of asking one of his scribes to sketch a picture of him and his attention had also been grabbed by both Bosh and Toborgs mentioning of their encounters with the Skorne presumably due to his anthropological inclinations. After this lengthy process was complete the Brotherhood presented them with the gifts and both were well received with the wine by a stroke of luck being of a Llaelese vintage no longer available due to the war. Despite their attempts to keep the meeting on track Jarold kept getting distracted by musings on both the troll and tales of the Skorne so Bosh, Toborg and Danika kept this part of the conversation going while Rafaldo continued the actual intended negotiation with the rest of the Stonehold family representatives. It became apparent that they were used to their boss’s meanderings and having to do deals on his behalf was a major part of their job and after much back and forth agreements were reached on the issues of mineral rights and the basics of the rail-line agreement.

At this point Jerard rejoined the conversation indicating that the planned rail-line route would need to go through the lands of many different clans and so agreement on such a large-scale building project would need to be put before the entire Searforge council. He did however assure them that he would be giving the project his most enthusiastic support due to his tremendous enjoyment of this initial meeting. Having little to do until a subsequent meeting could be arranged the officers returned to their lodgings after a status report was sent to their Captain. Another pleasant evening was spent enjoying the sites and entertainments of the town before some thought was put into achieving their fourth goal of recruiting an Arcane Mechanik.

Their local contacts pointed them towards an academy for mechaniks to the north that was renowned for the quality of it’s recruits. The academy itself was unusually ran by a human Mechanik rather than a Dwarven one who was named Leopold Garren and they were informed he was from a noble Khadoran lineage which raised some eyebrows amongst amongst those Brotherhood officers who weren’t fond of Khadorans. Regardless of their personal views they made the journey to this school for mechaniks and spoke to Leopold who gave them a short-list of his most promising recruits though his most enthusiastic recommendation was for a student who was currently assisting in the Rhulic military campaign, Not having the time to make the journey immediately they decided to conclude their business with the Searforge council first and if he was still occupied they’d then make the trip to assess him in the field before possibly offering him employment with the Brotherhood. This turned out to be the correct decision as they arrived back via a carriage provided by the academy to find that they had been granted a meeting in front of the entire Searforge council and there were many rumours that they had an interesting counter proposal to make.

Given the importance of the occasion Captain LaCroix decided to join his officers for this important meeting and also Marcus Darling would need to accompany them. Fortunately every person involved wasn’t required to give a list of titles though the most important ones did with the officers being yet again obliged to list their own including their Captain. Once this was out of the way the real point of the meeting was reached. The Rhulic clans were concerned that the many wars raging around Immoran were having a significant effect on trade in a number of area’s and had decided that the Transcontinental Rail Companies extensive and continent spanning rail-lines would enable them to more easily send emissaries and trade delegations far and wide in relative safety and comfort. Also as the hard work of obtaining rights to cross the various contested borders had already been done by the company this would be one less concern for themselves to deal with. In return for these rights the Dwarven clans would approve the completion of the railway through Rhulic territory into Khador and deals would be arranged for appropriate and fair percentages of the profits to be shared between them both though it was immediately obvious that these would be in the favour of Rhul. The company itself would of course need to greatly expand the number of trains it had available as well as provide transport more befitting the quality of it’s passengers than the armoured and now somewhat battered one currently being utilised.

After the meeting their initial contact Jerard took them all out for an impressive meal as thanks for the considerable increase in status that the arrangement had given his own clan and spoke in length about the improvements that would be needed to the soon to be greatly expanded train service. It began to occur to Sebastian and his officers that their success may well have also put them out of work…

Back to Reality.
Over to Tom for his session round-up…

“My preference as a GM is either a location with loads of in depth background to build round or a complete blank slate. I’ve been lucky so far with the locations I’ve GM’d as they have all been the former, Rhul however is a little sparse when it comes to information but not so sparse as to give me free reign. This presented a few problems but I just took the little information there is on Rhul to its natural conclusion.”

“The group reacted well to a non combat mission especially so as I forced them out of their comfort zones.”

“Next mission will test them once more as we introduce a new concept to the team and also a few new characters.”

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Wayland Games: Warmachine Revenant Crew of the Atramentous With Three Riflemen Discounted

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Wayland Games: Revenant Crew of the Atramentous With Three Riflemen discounted. Grab them here time-limited deal.This wargame news feed is kindly supplied by Wargame News and Terrain.

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Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Sixteen (Part Two)

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ mercenary companies NPC’s backgrounds can be found here.

This weeks attendees would be Lieutenant Rafaldo Scorgiani (Steve’s character), Martin’s Priestess and ‘Spiritual Advisor’ Danika Jansen, Phil’s ‘Gunmage’ Christophe Mayeux, Andrews Pygmy Troll character Toborg Lugosh and my Ogrun ‘Bosh’ Skullsplitter. Captain Sebastian LaCroix (Toms character) will be becoming an NPC for a bit as Tom is GMing for the next few sessions.

Mission Sixteen – ‘Hunters and Hunted
Part Two – ‘…Hunted’
The traitors in the Llaelese resistance have been dealt with but unfortunately the Brotherhood are now themselves mistakenly the ones being hunted down…

Part one containing the introduction and acts one and two can be found here.

Act Three – ‘How Safe is this Safe House?’
The ‘house’ turned out to be a block of four buildings with a single access road in and out with open terrain all around making observing incoming enemies fairly easy during daylight hours though the lack of ambient light would make the area pitch black during the night. Hopefully this would cause as many problems for their enemies and besides which it seemed unlikely that any-one other than themselves would know of it’s location. Hadrik was given the promised medical care and left in a room to rest after agreeing to help them in any way he could in exchange for the sparing of his life. After feeding themselves with supplies left at the house presumably left for those utilising the facilities Bosh volunteered for first watch and after an uneventful couple of hours woke up Tuborg to take his turn before finding a place to sleep where he could still be quickly alerted by whomever was on watch should danger occur. Toborgs shift was equally uneventful and thinking better of awaking another Brotherhood officer he instead awoke Christophe. Christophe’s watch was rudely interrupted as an arrow thudded into the wall inches from his throat. Before he could move a second punched through his armoured greatcoat and deep into his shoulder…

…with the wound bleeding profusely he shouted for help while diving into cover. Bosh awoke to the sound of Christophe’s shouting and immediately moved towards the spot where the noise was coming from and on the way a strange blur could be discerned moving across one of the buildings upper floors and he changed direction to intercept. Meanwhile Toborg had emerged from where he was sleeping and spotting the wounded Gunmage asked what was going on and was quickly appraised of the situation as both Rafaldo and Danika now awake also began to investigate the commotion outside.

Editors Note – All new player characters can speak a number of languages and there’s always one left open so a group can select a single language that they can all communicate with. Unfortunately new player characters appearing over time during our sessions have created a bit of a language barrier and now there is no longer one universal language that we all speak. This periodically creates some interesting role-playing moments when some-one shouts a warning and the GM responds with “Everyone gets to duck…except YOU…”

Bosh quickly pulled himself onto up onto the first floor balcony and then onto the roof at the far end hoping to intercept the strange blur he’d seen earlier but it had reached the edge before he could stop it. He charged towards it and as he came closer the shape of an Iosan archer could be discerned but unfortunately just as his Warcleaver was about to strike it down it agilely back flipped over the edge to the ground much to his frustration. Christophe delved into his portable alchemist kit and quickly threw together the ingredients to make some flares and threw the first into the midst of the complex of buildings in the vague hope that the illumination would somehow negate the obviously magical camouflage of their attackers.

Danika and Rafaldo noted a second blur of motion moving towards them and as Danika readied her weapons Rafaldo cast a spell towards it. Much to his surprise not only did the spell fail to cast but he himself instantly felt weaker as some disruptive enchantment interfered with his own abilities. Toborg fired several shots at the indistinct blur but his rounds hit nothing but air…

Seeing no quick way to get to the ground to pursue the Iosan Bosh decided upon the unorthodox strategy of simply stepping off the edge and trying to crush it with his bulk before it could evade him. Even this surprise tactic only caught the attacker slightly off guard and the plummeting Ogrun only glanced it as he landed but given his bulk this was enough to knock it to the ground along with Bosh himself. On the other side of the safe-house Danika found herself in combat with the second of the pair of Iosan’s and despite her considerable combat prowess was unable to strike it down and had taken several vicious wounds in return.

Bosh managed to get to his feet while keeping the Iosan assassin pinned under one foot. Even inconvenienced as it was it still managed to find gaps in the Ogruns armour with it’s wickedly sharp daggers and he was bleeding profusely from a number of deep cuts in his legs. Giving them no time to wriggle free Bosh raised his warcleaver and drove it downwards through it’s chest and into the ground beneath twisting the blade deep as he did so before ripping it free and lopping the Iosan’s head from their shoulders. Christophe meanwhile had been busy seeding the area with enough flares to illuminate the entire central square.

A scream of rage came from Danika’s opponent as it sensed the death of it’s partner and the air filled with a thick obscuring smoke as it hurled a grenade to the ground before disengaging from the assault to seek it’s vengeance. Firing expertly on the move the remaining elven assassin impaled Bosh with several arrows and yet still had enough skill to avoid the shots aimed at it by the rest of the Brotherhood and it successfully engaged the killer of it’s fellow Iosan. Christophe loaded his Magelocks with rounds enchanted especially to seek out enemies engaged with his allies and unloaded both into the combat and with magical accuracy struck the Iosan without hitting it’s Ogrun opponent. Bosh on the other hand was having no success as the last of their attackers constantly avoided every blow aimed at it with only inches to spare. Already bleeding from several new wounds even Bosh’s legendary resilience was coming to it’s limit and the next significant blow would no doubt be the end of him but before this could happen Christophe’s next volley of shots killed it dead. Bosh removed the head from the bullet ridden corpse and offered it to the Gunmage as a trophy of the battle but the gesture was politely declined. Hurling the unwanted head to one side he returned to the site of his own victory and retrieved it’s head so as to add it to his own collection of trophies along with several of their daggers.

Act Four – ‘Misplaced Trust’
Now having a far better idea of the quality of opponents being sent against them it is decided that a plan needs to be implemented that gives them the most advantages in a confrontation. After some debate about his trustfulness it is decided to utilise Hadrik to bring Freya to them as she sounds like the most dangerous of their known enemies. It is decided to leave the safe-house in it’s current blood-stained state and for Hadrik to lure Freya to them with the story that the group has been seriously wounded by the Iosan assassins and that together they should be able to finish them off. Hopefully this should put her off guard or at the very least bring her to their location at a time of their choosing. Danika added several dire threats of the potential consequences for betraying them including an explicit description of the tortures she’d recently inflicted on the traitors discovered in the resistance.

Concerned that even ‘motivated’ as he was Hadrik might just abandon them completely and not arrange the meeting it as decided by Sebastian to send the Pygmy Troll Tuborg to follow him to ensure he headed back into the city. Though the trolls tracking skills were very much improved this had seemingly occurred at the expense of his ability to move stealthily and Hadrick lost his pursuer at the earliest opportunity. Not wanting to admit that he had lost the target due to his own clumsiness he returned with an elaborate tale of Hadriks shiftiness and obvious attempts to avoid being followed despite his spectacularly stealthy and efficient following of his trail. Given the circumstances the story was plausible enough to be believed.

Editors Note – Toborg’s player Andrews excellent tracking rolls were unfortunate enough to be countered by some of the worst ‘Stealth’ rolls that I’d ever seen.

Meanwhile the rest decided to take the risk that Hadrik was still following the plan and continued to give the safe-house the appearance that the Brotherhood had been badly hurt by the Iosan assassins and were now easy targets. Bosh waited in position to attack Freya as she entered the complex and the officers not pretending to be wounded were on watch waiting for Hadrik to return with her.

The first sign that something was awry with the plan was the fact that not two but four horses and riders were approaching the safe-house. Hearing that there was something wrong and concluding that the plan had already fallen apart in some manner Rafaldo used his spy-glass to get a closer look at the approaching riders. They consisted of the sniper Hadrik, a strange pair on a large horse consisting of a Troll with some unusual projectile weapon with a Gobber actually controlling the horse’s reigns, a sorceress who from her scarred face must be Freya and a second woman in strange dark armour whose close combat weapons were giving off an unhealthy looking green glow as she moved. Either Hadrik had been forced by circumstances to use the ruse on all of their enemies or had simply betrayed them. Such considerations had to be put to one side however as the light reflected from the spy-glasses lens and alerted the approaching five that they had been observed.

Hadrik galloped off to the right, the unusual Trollkin and Gobber pair charged towards the entrance to the complex while the pair of women veered around to the left presumably looking for an alternate approach. Before the Brotherhood could react the air and ground around them was rocked by multiple explosions from a wide spread of grenades launched from the Trollkins unusual launcher and every-one of them was riddled with shrapnel before the majority were knocked off their feet though the Mechanikal enchantments and bulk of the Ogrun Bosh allowed him to keep his footing. Knowing that another volley of explosives would undoubtedly finish them off Bosh charged towards the strange pairing in order to prevent this from occurring if at all possible. The rest of the officers not now injured or spitting blood moved into better positions and fired at the now spread out hunters but the extreme range made effective shots nearly impossible for the pistol armed Sebastian and Christophe and the unpredictable movement also ruined Toborgs aim.

Bosh reached Grush and Dalli’s mount and cleaved the unfortunate creature in half with a scything blow from his Warcleaver. Both the Trollkin and Gobber managed to keep their balance after their impromptu dismounting and perceiving the Trollkin to be the greatest threat Bosh gutted him with a low swinging blow before finishing him off with a vicious back-swing. As was becoming an increasing problem for the Ogrun the killing spree triggered a Berserker rage and he turned his attentions to the Gobber.

During this brief respite Rafaldo used his magic to stabilise Toborg and Christophe’s critical injuries and those with more mundane medical knowledge quickly patched each other up with whatever they had to hand. Observing that Bosh’s frenzied attacks were missing the Gobber by a considerable margin the now stabilised Christophe opened fire but even his shells enchantments couldn’t pick out the elusive Gobber and he instead shot the enraged Ogrun several glancing blows in the back.

Editors Note – We decided that as Bosh was in full on Berserk mode at the time that he probably didn’t notice the damage until later by which point the source would more than likely be impossible to discern…as long as nobody did anything stupid like tell an unstable Ogrun killing machine that they’d shot him in the back…

The Gobber Dalli had seemingly realised that even though the Ogrun was currently unable to hit him he was equally unable to hurt him in return with his own melee attacks and came to a startling decision in order to gain his vengeance upon the killers of his friend and acquaintance Grush. Ducking under the latest wild swing he stopped momentarily to pull the pins on several of the grenades from his bandolier and after tucking one into a convenient location on Bosh’s chest armour charged towards the freshly regrouped officers. The resulting explosions tore the Gobber to pieces as well as undoing most of the improvised battlefield medicine used to bring Christophe, Danika, Rafaldo and Toborg back into the fight a moment ago. By a stroke of luck the grenade attached to Bosh exploded in a lacklustre blast and caused only superficial shrapnel wounds rather than tearing him to pieces as was no doubt the doomed creatures intention.

Sebastian’s shots towards the pair of sorceresses were uncharacteristically ineffective but the extreme range had made success somewhat unlikely and now they were obscured by their positions behind the buildings to the rear. Hadrik seemed unwilling to enter the combat and was keeping himself and his mount at extreme weapon range with his intentions being unable to discern currently though his earlier return shot at Toborg made it unlikely that he was going to be helpful towards the Brotherhoods officer core. The intentions of the arcane pair however became instantly apparent as an explosion tore apart the point where two of the rear buildings met enabling them to enter the complex from the rear.

Shrugging off as much of the damage to himself as he could manage Bosh charged passed his wounded colleagues in the direction of this new threat while they patched themselves up for the third time that day. Having seen the damage that a proficient spell-caster could inflict and noting that the explosion that tore the building apart would have reduced him or any other mortal being to a fine bloody mist the Ogrun hoped to engage these formidable threats before they could bring their talents to bear against them. Much to every-ones relief they were unprepared to see an Ogrun berserker emerging from the dust and rubble and they were hacked into bloody chunks before they could react with any of their magical arsenal.

Though battered, bloody and riddled with shrapnel wounds the Brotherhood emerged victorious in time to observe Hadrik’s hasty retreat from danger with both the Ogrun Bosh and the Priestess Danika vowing bloody reprisals against this latest in a long line of enemies who had attempted to murder them via ambush. With only the poisoner Varrig still to be dealt with it as deemed safe to re-enter the city in order to protest their innocence with the Llaelese leaders as long as they were very, very careful about what they ate and drank along the way…..

With all the significant obstacles removed and other hunters somewhat reticent to take up the contract (what with six of the eight best ones in the area having failed to collect the considerable bounty on their heads and one of the others gone into hiding) the journey into town was as uneventful as expected and a meeting was arranged where the true situation with Gregor was outlined. With the bounties removed from their heads the Brotherhood officers were now free to explore the city and recover from their wounds. Danika and Bosh had begun a search of the city using their usual less than subtle methods to attempt to find the elusive opportunist traitor Hadrik but their quest had so far been fruitless. Several members of the Brotherhood expressed a desire to stay in town long enough to see the military parade as the guest of honour was no less than Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet herself who Danika was very keen to witness in person.

Then the Brotherhood of the Rail’s journey would continue onwards to Rhul…

Back to Reality.
This session was GM’d by Tom so it seems only fair that the session overview should be written by him…

This session was a strange one to GM. It’s always hard to transition between GM’s but this time I had a few hostile feelings outstanding that needed to be addressed. The betrayal storyline was the only way I could see the resistance having been so lacklustre in their war on the occupying forces, and why we had been ambushed so much.

The first draft of the mission had the group travelling to Menoth held North Llael. However it felt a little too much like I was leading the players especially as my character was a central part to it all it became thirty minutes of me talking to myself.

At this point I decided to build a ‘stepping stone’ mission, where I had key events and characters but would let the players decide most of the mission. As such if Gregor had not been so hated by the PC’s the traitor would have been Amelie and they would have been off to North Llael. I’ve kept a lot of the Menoth parts secret so I can use them later.

I was glad with how the assassins played out. A little inspired by Arkham Origins I wanted credible threats that could take down the party. I designed six possible groups and where an attack would occur and left the rest to chance. Some of them worked better than others, the elf couple were more effective than I considered and my two spell casters were a little lacklustre.

The players made some great decisions and reacted almost completely in character, that meant I went a little easier on them in some places as a reward for this.

My next two sessions take us to Rhul, where we’ll see a little from the past crop back up and a lot of development for the party to accommodate.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

Hordes: Trollbloods: Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet: Epic Trollkin Warlock Unit (2)

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Hordes: Trollbloods: Hoarluk Doomshaper, Dire Prophet: Epic Trollkin Warlock Unit (2) $34.99 Hoarluk Doomshaper has cemented himself by word and deed as an essential pillar of the United Kriels, preaching a violent rhetoric embracing aggression and the annihilation of all foes. He has proven that victory cannot be attained through peace, but instead requires strength […]

Hordes: Trollbloods: Glacier King: Gargantuan

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Hordes: Trollbloods: Glacier King: Gargantuan $134.99   Unearthed by Hoarluk Doomshaper, the glacier kings walk the world again as embodiments of winter and the frozen north. Localized storms laden with ice and snow swirl about their towering forms. Streams and lakes ice over at their passing, and the moisture in the air crackles as it […]

Sunday Round-up

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Not quite as productive as I was the week before but you can’t expect miracles every week…I did however get a few more Malifaux unboxings done including Mr Coopers ‘Dark Carnival’, the Coryphee and some lamps from Wyrd Games Accessory range. I also a…

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Sixteen (Part One)

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ mercenary companies NPC’s backgrounds can be found here.

This weeks attendees would be Lieutenant Rafaldo Scorgiani (Steve’s character), Martin’s Priestess and ‘Spiritual Advisor’ Danika Jansen, Phil’s ‘Gunmage’ Christophe Mayeux, Andrews Pygmy Troll character Toborg Lugosh and my Ogrun ‘Bosh’ Skullsplitter. Captain Sebastian LaCroix (Toms character) will be becoming an NPC for a bit as Tom is GMing for the next few sessions.

Editors Note – Phil’s character isn’t with us at the start of the mission and is introduced at an appropriate point early on…just so you don’t think I’m ignoring him at the start…

Note – Tom has sent me his notes so I’ve copied them out to include in this write up so they’ll obviously be in a ‘reading to the group‘ style. This’ll save me a lot of time trying to remember everything as he said it during the session and hopefully wont effect your reading enjoyment too much bouncing between the two styles of writing.

Mission Sixteen – ‘Hunters and Hunted
Part One – ‘Hunters…’
After the third disastrous encounter resulting from Llaelese resistance’s ‘intelligence’ Sebastian has vowed to find out once and for all what’s going wrong…

Upon returning to Merwyn Sebastian is in a rage, barking orders to house the POW’s, get the “cargo” to the train and for the officers to come with him. By a roundabout route and ensuring you aren’t followed Sebastian brings you to a small nondescript bar.

Pausing only to re-order his clothes and light a cheroot, Sebastian walks in.

Having come direct from their encounter outside the city gates the Brotherhood officers are equipped only with what items they had with them and both Danika and Bosh are covered in blood with Bosh looking very much like some kind of insane butcher. All are in significantly less than their best of moods…

The bar is well lit and looks clean, the few patrons are sat spread around the area in quiet conversation or engrossed in reading. The fare on offer appears to favour the Llaelesian preference for complex decadent flavours. Sebastian is undergoing hushed conversation with the bartender. He turns and nods at corner table, where a waiter hastily drags over a suitable Ogrun sized crate for use as a stool. A round of drinks is ordered, but uncharacteristically Sebastian’s drink remains untouched.

The fact that no-one in the establishment makes any comment on the fact that the two armoured members of the party are covered in blood and viscera indicates that the location is used to unorthodox visitors…

Act One – ‘A Reckoning’
As expected both Bosh and Danika favour a confrontation with Gregor and his fellow resistance operatives with Rafaldo being the only vague voice of reason though even he seems open to a…direct…approach if answers are not forthcoming. Tuborg who had seemingly invited himself along wisely keeps quiet as he’s not exactly in his Captain’s good books at the moment and has no desire to exasperate the situation. Sebastian himself seems content to let his officers debate amongst themselves and other than keeping a constant flow of alcohol to the table has only minimal input…it’s more than likely that he has already decided upon a course of action and is simply listening to the others in order to work out how best to push them into a set of actions that he’d already decided upon….

A few minutes pass before you are joined by a hooded figure. “La Croix this is most unorthodox, I assume you have good reason for this?” Sebastian downs his previously untouched drink in one then turns to the hooded figure “Not here Gregor, I think we’d like the private room.” Gregor leads you through to a backroom, then after some adjusting through a hidden back in a wardrobe to a well lit cellar.

The stairway downwards is obviously designed for those of human scale and it is with some discomfort that ‘Bosh’ scrapes his Ogrun frame down the narrow gap. This does nothing for his mood…

The air is thick with cheroot smoke and the table is strewn with maps and scribbled notes. A number of resistance members are pouring through the myriad pieces of paper with the only exits appearing to be the door you have entered through and a small interior door on the opposite side of the room.
Gregor secures the entrance, “Welcome to the heart of the resistance in occupied Lla…” Sebastian slaps the resistance officer “It is more like a den of snakes” The guns of the resistance member snap up to focus on the Captain. 

It is with some effort that Bosh resists the impulse to kill Gregor on the spot instead awaiting to see what his Captain has in mind.  Christophe who is working in the rear room of the basement hears a commotion in the next room. Unsure of what’s going on he decides to wait a few moments before doing something rash. Though loyal to the resistance he hasn’t survived as long as he has by rushing impulsively into the unknown.

Editors Note – ‘Bosh’ just scraped a pass on his Willpower test. I can hardly complain as I think I started the ‘pass a WP test or your character does something stupid’ thing when I was GMing…

Sebastian with the occasional pertinent input from one of his officers begins to lay out the events of the last few days. He points out the many instances of failed intelligence, conveniently timed ambushes, out of character instances of Khadoran cooperation and helpfulness allowing the Brotherhood and resistance operatives to easily reach locations that they are then assaulted at and extrapolates the common factor in all these events as being Gregor. Several of the resistance Gunmages begin to lower their weapons as the logic of Sebastian’s argument mirrors their own thoughts. A group of three however is unwavering in their aim and Bosh moves around to put himself between them and the Captain. Rafaldo, Danika and even Tuborg have moved themselves into attack positions should the inevitable escalation of tensions occur. Before this can happen the basement receives a surprise visitor…

The diplomat Amelie appointed to the Brotherhood by the Transcontinental Rail Company strides confidently into the midst of the chaos carrying a bundle of paperwork and is surprisingly recognised by several of the resistance members. She explains as succinctly as possible that the resistance leaders have been suspicious of the activity of this cell for some time and claims that she has evidence showing a myriad instances of Gregors involvement in undermining their activities over a vast and widespread number of failed operations. These aforementioned leaders had placed operatives to observe those they suspected as well as past allies of Gregor’s who may also be part of this traitors operations. Sebastian as one of Gregor’s closest friends (albeit many years ago) was inevitably also suspected and the fact that his inner circle consisted of at least three persons with Llaelese connections and an Ogrun with an extremely dubious employment history was cause for investigation. She had been chosen for the task in no small way due to her having a fairly simple way of staying close to Sebastian LaCroix what with him being a somewhat infamous womaniser.

In light of these additional revelations and with documentation confirming his guilt all but three of the resistance in the cellar have lowered their weapons and these three now find themselves within striking distance of a pair of heavily armed and armoured warriors still coated in the lifeblood of their last opponents as well as being on the wrong end of a number of ranged weapons from both the Brotherhood and their own allies.

The one-sided stand-off is interrupted as a shot rings out as Sebastian puts a bullet neatly through Gregor’s forehead before calmly walking away towards the exit to the bar knowing his officers well enough to know what would be happening next would probably get…messy…

Seeing that the game is now up the remaining traitors lower their weapons and are disarmed. Seeking additional confirmation of the infiltration the three are escorted into the back room for further interrogation. Christophe who had been sensibly listening in on all these events from the relative safety of the back room wisely vacated it as the prisoners were escorted in and making sure that his actual allegiances were known. Danika is a skilled interrogator with extensive knowledge of how best to extract confessions from recalcitrant subjects and between her ‘enhanced interrogations’ and Rafaldo’s skills at manipulation Gregor and their own collaborations were revealed and the information from both Amelie and the documents she had provided were confirmed. Of course Rafaldo being familiar with Danika’s methods made sure to be standing out of the range of and collateral damage from her inevitably brutal but effective methods. Many of those outside the room had moved to join Sebastian in the upstairs bar as the noises coming from the back room were enough to turn even the strongest of stomachs though both Christophe and Bosh had remained.

Editors Note – Danika has both the ‘Interrogation’ skills from her background and ‘Torture’ skills and appropriate equipment acquired in another mission. Rafaldo has to just rely on his Interrogation skills but that’s rarely an issue as he’s very good at it…

With their job done Danika indicted to ‘Bosh’ that the prisoners were no longer needed and that the crimes to which they’d confessed warranted their execution and he entered the rear room to oblige and with three swift halberd strokes the matter was resolved. As he emerged from the doorway Christophe enquired about what would be done with the now decapitated corpses equipment and having pre-empted the request Bosh handed over a pair of messy but still intact pistols and several bandoleers of ammunition having kept back the most intricately decorated one for Sebastian knowing his appreciation of pistols of all kinds.

With the now culled resistance cell left in the apparently capable hands of Amelie it seemed like an excellent time to leave the occupied half of Llael. Of course it was inevitably not going to be that simple…

Act Two – ‘Dead or Alive?…Dead Will be Just Fine…’
Amelie meets you on the train and informs you that the actions of the occupied Llael cell have reached the resistance higher ups. Bounties have been placed on all resistance members thought to be compromised – Llael cannot afford more intel to go awry. Unfortunately given their involvement and survival in all the most recent disastrous resistance events certain unfortunate conclusions have been made about the Brotherhoods officers…You are tasked with getting to Rhydden and correcting the mistake…

Four of the Bounty Hunters hired to eliminate all the threats (including apparently the officer core of the Brotherhood and Christophe who had apparently been found guilty by association) were a female Sorcerer and Alchemist named Freya with a distinctive scarred face, a pair of Iosan Archers named Rek and Jannel and a poisoner named Varrig. Though Bosh knew several by reputation he’d had no interactions with any of them personally so knew none of them by sight. It was also likely that should the bounty be high enough that others would also be on the way to intercept them. With their train repaired, documents provided and cargo loaded it was off to ‘Free’ Llael to get the bounties on their heads removed before…well…before their actual heads were removed…

After an uneventful journey across the border and through Free Llael facilitated by the paperwork and passes provided by Amelie the train and it’s cargo arrives in the Llaelese town of Rhydden. All the highest ranking members of the Llaelese military are supposedly in town for a military parade in a few days time and therefore those in charge of the resistance activities in Khadoran held Llael will also be there. While those Brotherhood members with resistance contacts and/or access to spies of their own were attempting to arrange to get their operatives to chair a meeting to appraise the leadership of the resolved situation with the traitor Gregor it as necessary to find somewhere to hold out so they were all alive long enough to get to such a meeting. Fortunately Christophe knew of several resistance and Amethyst Rose safe houses that might be appropriate. It was decided that one in a remote area outside of the main city would be most preferable as it would enable them to monitor an enemies approach as well as avoiding collateral damage that may draw additional attention. Christophe had a perfect location in mind though they’d need transport to get there before nightfall and so Sebastian went to acquire them some carriages. Before an further planning could be done a shot rang out missing Bosh’s head by mere inches…

Tuborg scanned the rooftop and spotted the sniper concealed on a nearby rooftop. Quickly taking aim with his rifle he pulled off an incredible shot threading the bullet through the rooftop cover and into the would-be assassins side. Bosh sprinted off in the direction indicated by Tuborg with Rafaldo close behind hoping to ensure that the Ogrun took the sniper alive for questioning rather than cutting him in half. Noting the quickest access to the roof was a nearby building the Ogrun charged through the door without bothering to open it first with Raflado stepping through the splintered remains in pursuit while shouting yet again that they needed the target alive and well…or at least well enough to interrogate…

Slowed by his wound the sniper hadn’t managed to escape anywhere near enough distance to elude his pursuers and was still making his way across to an adjacent roof when the Ogrun emerged and spotted him. Bosh recognised him as a fellow Bounty Hunter who he had worked with in the past named Hadrik and this familiarity and previous comradeship possibly explained why the shot had missed or at least that was what he hoped. Easily incapacitating the wounded rifleman he briefly considered throwing him off the roof before the persistent shouts from Rafaldo persuaded him to reconsider. Using the offer of medical assistance and the threat of a sudden, short and fatal journey off the roof Rafaldo gained some useful information.

Attracting hunters to take on a group with such a reputation for both success against impossible odds and who were also surrounded by rumours of hideous acts of violence and reprisal against their enemies had required a reward of unprecedented scale. Each of the Brotherhood officers had a bounty of five thousand gold crowns on their heads with fifty thousand being offered should all of them be brought in in one go. With such a ridiculous premium on their lives, the most experienced and formidable hunters and assassins in the entire area were no doubt ascending upon Rhydden as they spoke. Hadrik confirmed what they already knew about Freya the alchemist being on their trail as well as an unusual Trollkin and Gobber team named Grush and Dalli who were famed for their inventive use of explosives in a variety of forms.

The officers decided to take Hadrik with them to the safehouse as it was either that or kill him and it was decided that he night come in useful. After all…they could just kill him later if necessary…

Continued in Part Two…as soon as I’ve gotten around to writing it…

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Fifteen

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ merce…

Privateer Press: Warjack-O-Lantern Contest Launched

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Privateer Press: Do you have pumpkin-carving talents to rival those of Lord Carver? Can you see the Butcher’s face peering out at you from a ripened gourd? Then this is your time, because Privateer Press is hosting our first-ever Warjack-o-Lantern Contest!
To enter, carve your pumpkin with your best Warmachine, Hordes, or Iron Kingdoms-inspired concept, take a couple high-res photos, and send the files (.jpg or .png) of your finished jack-o-lantern to [email protected] with the subject line Warjack-o-Lantern!
The first 50 entries will receive a limited-edition Warjack-o-Lantern pin, available for purchase in our online store but free to you for entering early ($6.99 value!). This goes for both domestic and international—we’ve expanded beyond U.S. only as we announced in No Quarter #62. So, now the whole world is encouraged to carve those pumpkins!
All entries (domestic and international) are eligible to win one of three $50 (U.S. currency) shopping sprees in the Privateer Press Online Store, as voted on by the Privateer Press staff! Limit one entry per person. Submissions must be received by October 26th, 2015. Entries must include name and mailing address. We’re looking forward to your inspired carvings!
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Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III

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Here is my Lord Carver I painted recently. He was my entry into a local paint competition, in which he took second place in small fig category. I took tons of WIP photos along the way to get feedback from my buddies as I progressed.So, here is a photo …

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Fourteen

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ merce…

Privateer Press October Releases

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Warmachine: Cryx: Deneghra, the Soul Weaver: Epic Cavalry Battle Engine Warcaster $69.99   Deneghra, the Soul Weaver takes to the skies to terrorize her foes. Atop her nightmarish winged necromechanikal mount she blots out the sun, casting a long shadow over those destined to die by her command. She gathers the souls of those slain […]

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Thirteen

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ merce…

Privateer Press September Releases

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Warmachine: Khador: Iron Fang Uhlans: Cavalry Unit (5) $99.99 S   Serving as the forward fighting arm of an Iron Fang contingent, Iron Fang Uhlans are often the first to ride into the enemy. These mounted Iron Fangs fluidly ride together and meld classical horselord cavalry tactics with the shoulder-to-shoulder fighting formations customary of Iron […]