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Battle Report – Warmachine Mk III – A Whole New War Ep 05

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Hordes Releases

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As I couldn’t decide which order to do these in I have put them both in the same post, so fresh from Privateer Press we have Ghetorix, a Warpwolf Heavy Warbeast for Circle, and Tiberion, a Skorne Titan Heavy Warbeast. Both of these Resin sculpts are pretty awesome, and to be honest if I had seen … Continue reading Hordes Releases

Stormsmith Grenadiers

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You may recall me speaking about the Black 13th a unit for the Cygnar force, we have another for you, The Stormsmith Grenadiers, As I am still short of the starter set I havent really got much in the way of referencing these guys to other Cygnar units, but they look great, its a shame they … Continue reading Stormsmith Grenadiers

Warmachine 1st build

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Right so with a load of new units ordered and on there way its time for me to look at list building for the current league that I am partaking in at Aftermath Gaming club in Norwich. This league will be using all the standard league rules (death clock etc, I will have to look … Continue reading Warmachine 1st build

A Shocking Attachment

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Next on the Privateer Press new releases pile I have managed to get to is the Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer. This unit attachment for Khadors Man-O-War Shocktroopers is limited to 3 per force and comes in at 4 points. This unit attachment looks to be a pretty hefty charactor, 8 hit poits with a ranged attack … Continue reading A Shocking Attachment

Healing the Retribution

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Next on the release pile for me to talk about is the Lys Healer for the Retribution This minature was so easy to put together it was unbelivable, and when painted up looks great as well. Lys healers embrace both spirituality and anatomical knowledge in equal parts. Before the Retribution drew Ios into conflict with … Continue reading Healing the Retribution

The Black 13th

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Last month saw two new releases for Cygnar players in Warmachine a resculpted Black 13th Blister pack and an Arcane Tempest Rifleman Solo. The Black 13th and Cygnar feature quite heavily in the latest issue on No Quarter as well. The Black 13th are the elite strike force of the Militant Order of the Arcane … Continue reading The Black 13th

On the Paint Table – 09/17/16 – Hordes Trollbloods, Battlefleet Gothic Space Marines

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Finished! Diretroll Blitzer

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He’s big, he’s burly, he’s the blitzer! Bringing some meat for the potatoes of troll army. I’ve always liked this troop concept, hopefully he gets a little more use in the new edition.

Finished! Trollbloods Stormtroll

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Rolling past the finish line first is the Stormtroll. I’ll spare the electricity puns running through my head right now and get on with the pictures.More finished Trolls in the future so stay tuned!

On the Paint Table – Warmachine Khador and Hordes Trollbloods

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Finished! Trollbloods Army

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Finally, the Kriel of Thao is completed. I’ll show more up close and individual shots in the future. It’s a massive amount of photos to level off, today I only had time for the group shots.Enjoy!

Lock & Load 2016 photo dump…

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Live vicariously once again through pics! Another one in the books.

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