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A Shocking Attachment

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Next on the Privateer Press new releases pile I have managed to get to is the Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer. This unit attachment for Khadors Man-O-War Shocktroopers is limited to 3 per force and comes in at 4 points. This unit attachment looks to be a pretty hefty charactor, 8 hit poits with a ranged attack … Continue reading A Shocking Attachment

Healing the Retribution

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Next on the release pile for me to talk about is the Lys Healer for the Retribution This minature was so easy to put together it was unbelivable, and when painted up looks great as well. Lys healers embrace both spirituality and anatomical knowledge in equal parts. Before the Retribution drew Ios into conflict with … Continue reading Healing the Retribution

The Black 13th

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Last month saw two new releases for Cygnar players in Warmachine a resculpted Black 13th Blister pack and an Arcane Tempest Rifleman Solo. The Black 13th and Cygnar feature quite heavily in the latest issue on No Quarter as well. The Black 13th are the elite strike force of the Militant Order of the Arcane … Continue reading The Black 13th

On the Paint Table – 09/17/16 – Hordes Trollbloods, Battlefleet Gothic Space Marines

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Finished! Diretroll Blitzer

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He’s big, he’s burly, he’s the blitzer! Bringing some meat for the potatoes of troll army. I’ve always liked this troop concept, hopefully he gets a little more use in the new edition.

Finished! Trollbloods Stormtroll

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Rolling past the finish line first is the Stormtroll. I’ll spare the electricity puns running through my head right now and get on with the pictures.More finished Trolls in the future so stay tuned!

On the Paint Table – Warmachine Khador and Hordes Trollbloods

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Finished! Trollbloods Army

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Finally, the Kriel of Thao is completed. I’ll show more up close and individual shots in the future. It’s a massive amount of photos to level off, today I only had time for the group shots.Enjoy!

Khador Grolar, Redux

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Before entering this piece at Gencon this year I gave it another pass and added more detail. Mainly more time being spent on the banner. Which worked in my favor, I was happy to take the best in category prize in the Warjack/Warbeast category :) So her…

For The Kriel! Chapter 5!

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This will be the final lap before this whole project is finally done! Just onnnee more final WIP update of all that is Trolly.First, in need of some grass, the Sromtroll.And the final boss, the Diretroll Blitzer.Progress has been a little slowed but it…

Battle Report – Warmachine MkIII – A Whole New War Ep 03

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Finished! Captain Gunnbjorn

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I’ve always liked this model but never took the plunge when I was collecting Trollbloods. It’s a really cool sculpt and the posing is perfect. So it was a little added bonus when I was commissioned to paint him. I like his backstory and wanted to captu…

Undercity: Black River Irregulars: Heroes Expansion

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Undercity: Black River Irregulars: Heroes Expansion $34.99   The Undercity Black River Irregulars Heroes Expansion contains four new hero characters for players to use with their The Undercity Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game, as well as a new stand-alone scenario.   Expand the scope of your adventuring party with four new heroes ready to tackle […]

Finished! Cygnar Stormwall

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Big Blue in all his finished glory. Gallery viewI’ve blabbed enough about this guy in the numerous WIP posts I put up before Gencon. At this point, he’s safely on his way to Canada. Safe travels Blue, you’re my boy.Touch the sky!

WIP Captain Gunnbjorn

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Moving right along on the Kriel, the next piece too add was Captain Gunnbjorn. Below is the basecoat next to the colors involved.To get a quick start on the massive gun he’s toting I painted a basecoat of shadow grey and then airbrushed the shadows and…

Finished! Ragnar Skysplitter

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Like I said in the last post. Getting back on track. I’m a day behind but on the other hand, it takes what it takes. I proudly present the brand new, mark 3 warlock, Ragnar Skysplitter. A pretty cool sculpt and Privateer seems to have progressed in the…

Gen Con 2016 Coverage 24: Privateer Press the Pressganger Program

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James is the quartermaster for Privateer Press and he oversees the Press Gangers.  We discuss how he sees the program maturing in the next year or so. New rules for the game brings a refreshed vision for the Press Gangers.

For the Kriel! Chaper 5

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As the crazy train of Gencon begins to rattle back on to the tracks I find myself ready for more painting. There were a few days where I definetly slept out of sync with the rest of the world. 6pm? better take a three hour “nap”. I was nursing bit of a…

Return From Castle Gencon

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Gencon is always whirlwind and this year was no exception. The whole city changes and the sideshow blows through every year. Id like to hear what someone shoslived in Indianapolis for the last 10 years has to say about Gencon.All that prepping for the …

WarmaHordes Delayed

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Yesterday was supposed to be the first part of my adventures through Warmahordes but the postal service being what it is, this has been delayed a little bit. But thats the bad news, the good news is I have seen some new two player box sets. So here it is then the new releases. A … Continue reading WarmaHordes Delayed

Leading to Gencon

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At the end of this week, I’ll be heading down to Gencon. I can’t wait but need the time in between to polish off some projects. I took the weekend off (sorry for the delay in posting) in order to build the creative  juice back up. I’ve been painti…

Finished! Trollbloods Bouncer

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All finished and ready to complete the battlegroup. If you saw my last post, this guy was painted up to join a battlegroup with mulg and hoarluk. Those two are nearly fixed up and I’ll have to get some group shots but for now, here be the bouncer.I’m a…

Battlegroup Revival Part 1

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The final project to wrap up before Gencon is a Trollblood battelforce. Both Mulg and Hoarluk are commission pieces that were mailed back to me. The two of them have seem many battles and are in need of a touch up before the big show.Many, many battles…

Battle Report – Warmachine MkIII – A Whole New War Ep 02

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WIP Stormwall Part 4

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Finally! He’s standing on his own two legs. After keeping this project in pieces for so long, I could finally start assembling :) The base finally passed that awkward, bald state and now has a variety of foliage which brings it to life a little more. I…