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Words With J.R. from Privateer Press @ Origins 2016

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I was happy to meet J.R from Privateer Press at Origins 2016.  We talked about the newest edition of Warmachine and Hordes.  We focused on some of the key changes and the metagame.  I’m really impressed with the new starters/battlegroups, each reflects the importance of playing the warmachines and beasts. I am pretty stoked to […]

Finished! Dhuna Knot

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Continuing right along the path of the Trollbloods, this time it’s the Dhunia Knot. This unit also includes what has to be one of my favorite troll sculpts, which I had to add a “table” of scrying cards to. The symbols include a snake, an eye, and…

Finished! Grissel Bloodsong

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It’s about time I start posting some of these Trollbloods I’ve been wippin’ on.Enjoy!

Lock & Load 2016 photo dump…

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Live vicariously once again through pics! Another one in the books.

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For the Kriel! Chapter 4

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Moving right along, Troll by Troll. For the next piece of the army I chose the Dhunia Knot, which I’ve wanted to paint since they came out. The gypsy look is very characterful and adding a unique effect to each of their bases came naturally. I still ha…

For the Kriel! Chapter 3

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Now with the 16 Kriel warriors behind me I can concentrate on the smaller pieces of the pie. I decided to take a break on the units and paint a single, Grissel Bloodsong.I’m going to get back to it and finish her off tonight. Stay tuned!

Privateer Press In July

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Hordes: Circle of Orboros: Blackclad Stoneshaper Solo $12.99   Blackclad stoneshapers are tasked with building the arcane constructs that serve the Circle Orboros.   Fashioned from stone, wood, and carefully cut orbs of glowing crystal, their wold creations are animated through ancient rites and blood sacrifices.   Contains: 1 Blackclad Stoneshaper 1 Color stat card […]

Hordes/Warmachine new MKIII Battle Boxes

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As promised I continue to follow the Hype Train and collect more of the rumours and facts about the new edition for Hordes and Warmachine.
One big thing for me are the new Battle Boxes because they always help to draw in new people and normally should also provide older players to get into new editions by providing the rules and stuff for a reasonable price. Most of us will buy the MKIII rulebook nonetheless, but for testing it out those should be perfect.

So lets see what the new boxes will offer us:

  • MSRP $40 for a battle group (1 caster and at least 2 large or 3 medium models)
  • All necessary cards
  • Quick rules
  • A paper battlemap and terrain
  • A paper ruler, dice and tokens

Additional information to these boxes:

  • The caster will be Battle Box only (at least for the first time)
  • The material will be the same PVC as today (although precolored)
  • The paper battlemap is most likely 24×24″, which would perfectly fit for introduction games

My impression so far: 

The paper ruler is garbage (it was already in the current box), the battlemap and terrain I don’t need (but are nice for beginners). But still I hope that you get more than only this stupid wall, maybe some markers for woods or so.

The rest sounds awesome! If they really will stick to 40$ (which will most likely be 40€ because they always do it 1:1) sounds like a perfect price for a starter box. Also you get a hopefully useful battlegroup. For me the Legion one is somewhat 50:50 because I already have half of the stuff, but maybe I can convert some of the Shredders. For me, at this point, it is a must buy (and maybe I will also get a second faction now).

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More information about MKIII

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Nearly a week ago, Privateer Press anounced the new edition for Warmachine/Hordes. Slowly information is trickling into the public and to be honest: I am quite hyped about the bits and pieces that are made public now and are collected in the different …

Privateer Press launches new edition of Warmachine/Hordes

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So today when I read the tabletop news I first had to double check if it is not the 1st of April. But no…
Privateer Press anounced that on 29th of June 2016 they will release a new edition of Warmachine/Hordes!
It will come with new rules, new casters, new cards and new starter boxes. For us Warroom users there shall be a discount on the faction decks, because they will be incompatibel with the old MKII rules.

But first a promotional video from Privateer Press:

So what exactly did they tell us yet?

  • We have rebalanced every model in the game.
  • Each warcaster has a unique, flavorful spell/ability. Some casters already had, some had to be added.
  • Doubled the point scale.
  • Addresses difference between Focus and Fury.

New Mechanics:

  • Power Up: Warjack are allocated a focus for starting in the caster’s battlegroup.
  • Spirit Bonds: As warbeasts die, Warlocks can gain fury “from the grave”
  • Upped warjack/warbeast points. 28-30 points now.
  • Games are still similar sized.

Change with Huge-Base Models:

  • They feel like the monsters of the battlefield like they should.

Presentation of Story

  • Time-skip! Two-year jump.
  • Flash-Point. First installment in a trilogy.
  • Story line stuff. Resolutions and new things.
  • No favorite character is safe.
Let’s see with what they come up with in the future. Looking forward to it.
So long,

Iron Kingdoms Roleplay – Session Twenty Three

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For those of you who haven’t been keeping up you can find earlier sessions and background material in here. The stats of the player characters can be found here should you be interested and the rest of the ‘Brotherhood of the Rail’ merce…

Hordes: Blindwater Bog Trog Trawlers

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So I like the Bog Trog minis… and actually played a game of Hordes for the first time in about 6 years so that gave me a little inspiration to paint something. I actually painted my Shambler unit too but not enough light for me to take photos of them…